Long Term Care Simplified

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Social Service Care Plans For Long Term Care

Author : Debra Collins, RN, RAC-CT
ISBN : 9781733247313
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82.19 MB
Format : PDF
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Psychosocial Care Plans. 2019 Eighth Edition, 223 pages and CD. Also includes Restraints Manual and 2019 MDS Assessment Scheduling Calendar. Includes PDPM changes and Trauma Informed Care. Current with all RAI Manual Updates, Surveyor Guidelines and Federal Regulatory Changes. Cognitive, Mood, Behavior, Medications. Simplified CAA Modules, MDS 3.0 Coding, Psychosocial Assessment forms, QA audits, Regulations, Instructions. This manual provides information and tools to improve Social Service assessments and interventions for meeting psychosocial needs. Regulations, survey protocols, and excerpts from the RAI User’s Manual give the basis of long term care industry standards and quality of care. Social Service care plans are provided for every possible problem generated from the MDS entries. Assessment forms and Quality Assurance audits are included, as well as a complete copy of the Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide. Social Service care plans and forms have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS version 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year. When the Psychosocial Outcome Severity Guide became effective in 2006, it became apparent that CMS expected Social Services to be much more involved in the care planning process. The Social Service care plans in this manual cover the possible psychosocial needs residents may have in response to issues, illnesses, medications, and/or other factors. Text, care plans, and forms specific to certain medications in the Psychotropic Medication section reflect changes to the State Operations Manual, Appendix P, Medication Pass and Pharmacy Services. The CD-ROM contains all of the forms and care plans from the book, and these can easily be made resident and facility specific using a word processor.
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Long Term Care

Author : John Pratt
ISBN : 0763764507
Genre : Business & Economics
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Long-Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum, Third Edition is an ideal introduction to management in this dynamic industry. Concise, yet complete, it defines the various segments of the system, describes how the system developed to its current state, compares it to an ideal system, and projects future trends. Adopted as a reference for the national licensing examination prepared by the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB), this book covers the full continuum of long-term care. The Third Edition is a comprehensive revision reflecting the changes in regulations, financing methods, forms of service delivery, and management methods in this dynamic field. The increasingly important topics of the aging of American society, the impact of the baby-boomers, consumer choice, and the growing diversity in long-term care are covered extensively and from a variety of perspectives. The final chapters address the future of long-term care and include recommendations for dealing with it proactively.
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Pratt S Long Term Care

Author : Steven Chies
ISBN : 9781284184334
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71.48 MB
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"Long-term care administrators have a strong influence on the quality of healthcare services available to America's aging population and others in need of long term care, providing quality leadership in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and similar environments where skilled nursing is required. These senior-level managers establish healthcare standards, make strategic policy decisions, and implement personnel management procedures so as to support their overall vision for quality long-term care. As the baby boomer population enters retirement, long-term care services and their associated costs must rise to meet the demand. As a result, long-term care administrators who can ensure quality patient care and efficient healthcare operations will be more important than ever. Additionally, a continued decline in occupancy of skilled nursing facilities (per National Investment Conference or NIC) and the explosive growth of assisted living and related non-institutional care settings has changed the sector's market and environment. This text is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the long-term care field as it exists today, of the changes taking place in the continuum now and in the near future, and of the skills managers need to survive and prosper"--
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J K Lasser S New Tax Law Simplified 2010

Author : Barbara Weltman
ISBN : 0470589906
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 70.24 MB
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Straightforward explanations of the new tax laws Things have changed radically in the world of housing, education, employment, and other areas where a firm understanding taxes can benefit you financially. While these changes can, and will, have a dramatic effect on taxpayers, all is not lost. J.K. Lasser provides the tips and tools needed to gain a better grip of what is going on and help you save money on your 2009 return as well as plan ahead for future tax savings. Written by the recognized authority in taxes, J.K. Lasser's New Tax Law Simplified 2010 transforms the complex new tax laws into simple English that any taxpayer can understand. Filled with up-to-the-minute facts and figures, this book makes it easier for you to learn about-and profit from-the laws that govern your taxes. Outlines various tax relief strategies Filled with numerous examples and tables Helps you understand and utilize the new tax programs and regulations that have been passed While you may be concerned with the current state of the economic and financial world, this can be a time of great opportunity-if you take advantage of the guidance found in J.K. Lasser's New Tax Laws Simplified 2010.
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Medicaid Long Term Care

Author : DIANE Publishing Company
ISBN : 0788118617
Genre :
File Size : 64.79 MB
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Analyzes how far the three states had gone in shifting their long-term care to home & community-based settings & what controls they had in place to manage the growth of home & community-based programs & what impact the shifts & controls have had on the ability to deliver long-term care services.

Health Care Reform Simplified

Author : David Parks
ISBN : 9781430248972
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Health Care Reform Simplified: What Professionals in Medicine, Government, Insurance, and Business Need to Know describes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the individual mandate and other key parts of the law—what must busy healthcare professionals, insurance industry professionals, business and HR managers, and policymakers do? First, read this book. It translates the law’s complex language into terms that are easy to understand, explaining what the new law does, when its provisions take effect, and how to implement it. This brand-new second edition also updates all the provisions and explains the myriad ways the ACA is already being put into practice. Health Care Reform Simplified, Second Edition, outlines the financial impact of the law and how it affects businesses, insurers, hospitals and doctors, and state and local governments. Most important, this book gives consumers and employers critical information for making informed choices about new options for private and public health insurance coverage. It also describes how the law interacts with Medicare and Medicaid. Finally, it looks at the potential roadblocks—political, judicial, and economic—that may yet derail some of the provisions. But with more than half of the Act's provisions in force already, and the Supreme Court's landmark decision upholding the law, there is no time to lose in understanding how the legislation affects you whether you are a consumer or deliverer of health care in the U.S. This book: Explains health reform in easy-to-understand terms Shows how the law is playing out in the real world Explains the ways the law or parts of it yet may be repealed by the 2012 election and the implications for readers Provides HR professionals and managers options for covering employees while explaining costs and benefits Details the impact on medical professionals and insurers and steps they must take now to comply with the law Shows policymakers the way forward now that legal challenges have abated This edition, completely updated to incorporate the newest regulations and the practices that have been put into place in various states, will prove an indispensable guide for those implementing the law, as well as those receiving health care, in the coming years.
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Federal And State Initiatives To Integrate Acute And Long Term Care

Author : Edward Alan Miller
ISBN : 1560729899
Genre : Political Science
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In exploring integration of acute and long-tern care, this book begins by characterising the dually eligible population, and describing problems associated with meeting their health and social service needs in an uncoordinated system. It continues by analysing the advantages of using capitation and care management as a vehicle for integrating those services, and by discussing concerns about care integration strategies. It concludes by profiling nine federal and state programs that to varying degrees, integrate the acute and long-term care services that people who are dually eligible for Medicare-Medicaid, often require. They are: Federal initiatives such as the Program for All-inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE), which capitates both Medicare and Medicaid acute and long-term care services for those who are dually eligible, and the Social/Health Maintenance Organization (S/HMO) and EverCare demonstrations, which capitate Medicare benefits only; Comprehensive state demonstrations such as Minnesota Senior Health Options, the Wisconsin Partnership Program, and the Continuing Care Network Demonstration of Monroe County, New York, which, like PACE, capitates both Medicare and Medicaid benefits; and Capitated state Medicaid demonstrations such as the Arizona Long-Term Care System, Oregon Health Plan, and Florida's Community-Based Diversion Pilot Project, which capitate Medicaid only, but actively pursue various Medicare co-ordination strategies. Proposals that explore using care management techniques to integrate Medicare and Medicaid services delivery, without capitation, are also discussed briefly. The book concludes with the observation that although federal and state initiatives to integrate acute and long-term care for those who are dually eligible, only serve a relatively small percentage of this population, they provide a set of options which Congress may want to examine when formulating long-term care policy in the future.
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Long Term Care

Author : John R. Pratt
ISBN : UOM:49015002457456
Genre : Long-term care facilities
File Size : 81.18 MB
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Even as you read this, the field of long-term care is undergoing a rapid redefinition of both its institutional and community-based providers. Public policy makers are working to add much-needed alternative modes of delivery to traditional long-term institutional care. New rules, new levels, and new kinds of care are constantly being created. As a result, tomorrow's long-term care administrators will have to be flexible enough to adapt to different management settings, and to oversee an ever-expanding variety of services. They will need the skills essential to managing larger organizations, likely to include multiple aspects of long-term care. Long-Term Care: Managing Across the Continuum provides a solid, realistic foundation on which to build your expertise. You will understand the differences and similarities among the many long-term care services... how the various segments of long-term care fit together to form an overall system...and the skills you will need to succeed in that system in the future.
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Forms For Long Term Care

Author : Debra Collins, RN, RAC-CT
ISBN : 9780983803898
Genre : Medical
File Size : 72.98 MB
Format : PDF
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October, 2016 Edition for MDS v1.14.1. Current with all RAI Manual Updates, Surveyor Guidelines and Federal Regulatory Changes. 127 Forms in the book and on CD: Skilled Charting Guidelines, Simplified CAA Modules, Assessments, Audits, Monitoring and Flow Sheets, and more. The form templates in this manual cover all the basic needs of long term care data collection, assessment, monitoring, and tracking. All the forms in the book are included on the CD-ROM, and can easily be made facility and resident specific with a word processor. Having the master forms on CD enables the user to change them as the facility policies evolve. It also assures clean copy. Forms have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year. The 20 Care Area Assessment Modules in this book are easy-to-use checklists of triggers, and include many other very pertinent MDS 3.0 items to help make the care-planning decision clearer. The applicable MDS 3.0 sections are listed on the left side of the form, and flow alphabetically in MDS order for fast reference. Ample space is at the bottom of the form for Care Area Assessment Summary documentation notes. The Skilled Charting Guidelines provide clear instructions for the supporting documentation required for Medicare reimbursement, and can also assist in determining what conditions may be considered skilled care. They are often placed in front of the nurses' notes in the resident's chart to clarify what must be charted on the Medicare resident. Forms for Long Term Care will benefit: Charge Nurses MDS Coordinators Directors of Nursing Restorative Nurses Quality Assurance departments Social Services departments
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Telehealth Telemedicine Or Electronic Health Simplified

Author : Dr. Joan Emeli-Komolafe
ISBN : 9781499027365
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 86.37 MB
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As we continue to debate the issues of health care in our nation, I began to explore some of the very funny moments I observed and not-so-funny consequences of the drama that is unfolding and is being played out on our national televisions, our political capital, our streets, our homes, and by our politicians and our citizens. Names and identities are often given for a reason. Without a name or identity, we are all beings roaming this earth. Let's imagine for a moment a world where no names or identities are attached to anything. Imagine waking up and all your family members, friends, pets, things, etc., have no names, no identity. Imagine how chaotic your day would start off. You walk into a hospital full of patients with no identities, no names, a nursery full of newborns with no names, no identities, a home-care setting full of home-care patients with no names, no identities. I am sure that you are getting the drift by now. Yes, chaos would ensue, to say the least. Now you get the gist as to why we are so attached to the idea of names and identities. Yes, we name and identify people and things for a reason. Identities are given to people and things for a very good reason. Depending on your culture, there are also meanings attached to naming and identifying people and things. Some cultures observe a child and choose a name that suits that child's personality. When Kate, the Duchess of England, and Prince William named their newborn child George the III, it was suggested that the name was chosen due to several reasons as reported below.
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Simplified Design For Building Fire Safety

Author : James Patterson
ISBN : 0471572365
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 44.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Organized into three sections, it begins with the phenomena of fire followed by the principles of design by which one develops a defense against fire disaster in buildings. Lastly, it deals with the hardware of fire control, communication and extinguishment. A thorough analysis of building code criteria regarding fire safety is included. Each chapter features study aids along with questions and answers.
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The Heart Of Long Term Care

Author : Rosalie A. Kane
ISBN : 0195122380
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Long-term care in the United States has taken the nursing home as its benchmark, but the monetary, social, and psychological costs of nursing home care are all too high. This book challenges the current dominance of nursing homes as the principal institution of long-term care. It offers a series of alternative models where both services and housing can be provided in a way that allows long-term consumers to enjoy dignified, "normal" lifestyles. It addresses the political and economic consequences of making this decision. The authors start with the premise that long-term care is designed to assist people who lack the capacity to function fully independently. They argue that no disabled person of any age should be required to forsake his/her humanity in exchange for care. The book rejects the artificial dichotomy between social and medical care, asserting that both play important roles in psychological and physical well-being of long-term care patients. The authors consider the need for competent and compassionate medicine and discuss the methods for improving both its coordination of care and its effectiveness. The book redefines the meaning of safety and protection in long-term care, and how this goal can be accomplished without sacrificing quality of living. As the new millennium and the aging of baby boomers approaches, more creative approaches to providing better long-term care are required. This volume outlines a useful framework for the provision of effective and humane community-based programs that are both feasible and affordable. It will be an invaluable guide for geriatricians, public health professionals, family physicians, nurses and others who care for elderly patients.
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Psychiatric Consultation In Long Term Care

Author : Abhilash K. Desai
ISBN : 9781421409214
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 26.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Studies show that residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities are at a substantial risk of having psychiatric disorders. This practical volume provides much-needed clinical guidance for the prevention and appropriate treatment of mental illness in long-term care settings. Abhilash K. Desai and George T. Grossberg offer a basic framework for a humanistic, team-based approach to meeting the needs of elder persons with mental disorders in long-term care facilities. Early chapters cover the demographics of residents, the epidemiology of their psychiatric symptoms, and the assessment process. Subsequent chapters focus on major disorders, including dementia, delirium, depression, psychosis, and anxiety. The authors discuss end-of-life issues and treatments and offer suggestions for improving care. Throughout, they highlight the importance of the relationship between staff and residents. Emphasizing creative engagement and hands-on care and featuring clinical vignettes and practical tips, this optimistic volume reinforces the potential for nursing homes and assisted living facilities to be communities where residents thrive.
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Long Term Care

Author : Sylvia Sherwood
ISBN : UOM:39015004418318
Genre : Chronically ill
File Size : 85.49 MB
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Values And Long Term Care

Author : Robert L. Kane
ISBN : UOM:49015000356999
Genre : Decision making
File Size : 83.33 MB
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Health Care Politics Policy And Services

Author : Gunnar Almgren, MSW, PhD
ISBN : 0826104797
Genre : Medical
File Size : 60.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Designated a Doody's Core Title! Winner of an AJN Book of the Year Award! Who Has a Right to Health Care? What Is the Government's Role in Providing Accessible Health Care? How Are Corporations, Insurance Companies, and Health Care Providers Affecting the Quality of Health Care? And, Most Importantly, Can We Reform the U.S. Health Care System? We often debate these issues in health care policy or public health courses, yet we do so without the proper knowledge of the underlying structure of the U.S. health care system--or a framework by which it can be judged. Many health care workers entering the system are ill-equipped to address the issues faced in direct health care practice, in part because they have no ability to evaluate it. In this innovative text, Gunnar Almgren provides all the tools necessary to understand and critique a health care policy in dire need of change. First, he describes the historical evolution of U.S. health care, explaining how the early roles of hospitals, doctors, and nurses still influence today's system. He explains the complex financial aspects of health care, including the concerns of all its major stakeholders. He looks at the government's role in regulating and funding health care, and how that role has expanded and contracted through various political administrations. An entire chapter describes the facilities and services available for the elderly--an issue that will continue to rise in importance as America ages. Finally, he examines the many causes of disparities in the U.S. health care system. In addition, Almgren offers a unique social justice analysis as a framework by which the current system--and proposed reforms--can be judged. By analyzing the health care system through various models of social justice, we can begin to understand and address the urgent issues of economic, racial, and geographic disparities that plague our current system. With its clear, thorough, and comprehensive coverage of U.S. health care, this unique text is accessible to all those in public health, nursing, social work, public policy, or public administration. No other book addresses the underlying issues of the U.S. health care system alongside a variety of social justice models that we can use to evaluate, and perhaps eventually, change it.
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Long Term Care News

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105017466017
Genre : Older people
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