Long Shadows High Hopes

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Long Shadows High Hopes The Life And Times Of Matt Johnson The The

Author : Neil Fraser
ISBN : 9781787590854
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 50.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From life in an East End pub to fame on a global stage, Matt Johnson – founder, songwriter and visionary lynchpin of iconic band The The – created some of the most engaging, challenging and enduring music of his era. Then he walked away from it all. In this authorised biography Neil Fraser has drawn back the curtain on a brilliant enigma. Neil Fraser has gained unprecedented access to Matt Johnson and his The The archives. He has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with Johnson and those involved in his life and work, including Johnny Marr, Johanna St Michaels, JG Thirlwell and Tim Pope. Long Shadows, High Hopes reveals the whole story, from early days to glory days. It examines the man behind the iconic songs and the acclaimed albums – an outspoken political lyricist and visionary force who made a success of living on his own terms. With the announcement from Matt Johnson in in 2017 that The The would appear again, this book reveals what has prompted him to step out of the long shadows after so long.
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Long Shadows

Author : Erna Paris
ISBN : 9780345810083
Genre : History
File Size : 23.98 MB
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How do nations reinvent themselves after cataclysmic events? Who gets to decide what happened yesterday, then to propagate the tale, and what are the consequences of their choices? These are some of the questions author and historian Erna Paris carried with her through the United States, with its long-buried memory of slavery; to South Africa, to sit in on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's attempts to heal the divisions of apartheid; to Japan, France and Germany and the unresolved pain of Hiroshima and the Holocaust; and to the former Yugoslavia where she exposes the cynical shaping of historical memory, and the way the world community responded to the lethal outcome of that half-imagined history. Combining gripping storytelling with insight and sharp observation, Paris takes us to the places of reckoning—be they courtrooms or concentration camps—and finds hope in the way ordinary people grapple with the defining events of their lives. Evocatively written, her journey illuminates a crucial subject that straddles the 20th and 21st centuries.
Category: History

The Long Shadows

Author : Andrew Erlich
ISBN : 9780977408986
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Long Shadows: A True-Life Novel The Long Shadows is a fascinating true-life novel about Jacob Reuben Erlich, who, at 8 foot 6, was among the tallest men in the world. Best known by his stage name, Jack Earle, he would overcome crippling shyness, depression, temporary blindness and the physical challenges of a giant's frame to earn widespread acclaim during his career as a silent film star, circus performer, artist, poet and vaudevillian. Drawing on ten years of research culled from family lore, newspaper archives, historical documents and the recorded recollections of Earle's contemporaries, author Andrew Erlich weaves a fascinating bio-fictional account of a remarkable man and the cast of colorful characters who knew him. Along the way, we learn a great deal about courage, character, and one man's unique perspective on a broad sweep of history that encompassed the Great Depression, the immigrant experience in turn-of-the-century Texas, silent films, life in the circus, the modern art movement and the domestic anti-Semitism that accompanied the run-up to World War II.
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The Long Shadows Of Lambeth X

Author : James Beasley Simpson
ISBN : UCAL:$B785300
Genre : Anglican Communion
File Size : 26.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Alien Separation

Author : Gini Koch
ISBN : 9780698197084
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Life’s never easy... The Mastermind has finally been identified, but before Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini can take him down, they, their daughter Jamie, Charles Reynolds, Paul Gower, Christopher White, and several others are zapped out of their solar system and into another. Landing in scattered groups on various areas of Beta Eight in the Alpha Centauri system means getting the team back together will be a major issue. But it’s only one of the challenges they’ll face. Kitty and Company have to forge alliances with the wide variety of sentient natives on the planet while plotting to create a civil war and overthrow the king—who just may be a clone of one of their bitterest enemies, Ronaldo Al Dejahl. Of course, to do this, they have to overcome an assortment of dangerous obstacles, protect a group of refugees, take mind reading lessons, and seek out unexpected new allies as they journey to the CenterPoint of the World. And once they reach the All Seeing Mountain, new issues and surprises await. Because there’s more than a small war going on—they’re in the midst of the Alpha Centauri Civil War! From the Paperback edition.
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High Hopes

Author : Ronnie Corbett
ISBN : 9781448146543
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 62.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A true great of British comedy, Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Corbett, is hailed as one of the finest comedians of his generation. Son of an Edinburgh baker, Ronnie rose to fame as one half of the infamous Two Ronnies alongside Ronnie Barker. Known for his versatility, quick-wit, family-friendly dialogue, and meandering monologues, Corbett was a staple of British television for more than 50 years. In his autobiography, he tells the complete story, from his school technique of estimating the height of a girl before daring to ask her to dance, to his days as a night club barman in London, and finally, to his decades long career as a stand-up and sitcom star. Including tales of how he first met David Frost, John Cleese and Michael Palin, this book is written with all of Ronnie’s trademark warmth and wit. Celebrating his life and career, this is Ronnie’s own honest and definitive account of his truly dramatic journey.
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The Allure Of Order

Author : Jal Mehta
ISBN : 9780199323777
Genre : Education
File Size : 81.79 MB
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Ted Kennedy and George W. Bush agreed on little, but united behind the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Passed in late 2001, it was hailed as a dramatic new departure in school reform. It would make the states set high standards, measure student progress, and hold failing schools accountable. A decade later, NCLB has been repudiated on both sides of the aisle. According to Jal Mehta, we should have seen it coming. Far from new, it was the same approach to school reform that Americans have tried before. In The Allure of Order, Mehta recounts a century of attempts at revitalizing public education, and puts forward a truly new agenda to reach this elusive goal. Not once, not twice, but three separate times-in the Progressive Era, the 1960s and '70s, and NCLB-reformers have hit upon the same idea for remaking schools. Over and over again, outsiders have been fascinated by the promise of scientific management and have attempted to apply principles of rational administration from above. Each of these movements started with high hopes and ambitious promises, but each gradually discovered that schooling is not easy to "order" from afar: policymakers are too far from schools to know what they need; teachers are resistant to top-down mandates; and the practice of good teaching is too complex for simple external standardization. The larger problem, Mehta argues, is that reformers have it backwards: they are trying to do on the back-end, through external accountability, what they should have done on the front-end: build a strong, skilled and expert profession. Our current pattern is to draw less than our most talented people into teaching, equip them with little relevant knowledge, train them minimally, put them in a weak welfare state, and then hold them accountable when they predictably do not achieve what we seek. What we want, Mehta argues, is the opposite approach which characterizes top-performing educational nations: attract strong candidates into teaching, develop relevant and usable knowledge, train teachers extensively in that knowledge, and support these efforts through a strong welfare state. The Allure of Order boldly challenges conventional wisdom with a sweeping, empirically rich account of the last century of education reform, and offers a new path forward for the century to come.
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Long Shadows

Author : Camilla Hope
ISBN : OSU:32435067910695
Genre :
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Genius In The Shadows

Author : William Lanouette
ISBN : 9781628734775
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 80.70 MB
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Well-known names such as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Edward Teller are usually those that surround the creation of the atom bomb. One name that is rarely mentioned is Leo Szilard, known in scientific circles as “father of the atom bomb.” The man who first developed the idea of harnessing energy from nuclear chain reactions, he is curiously buried with barely a trace in the history of this well-known and controversial topic. Born in Hungary and educated in Berlin, he escaped Hitler’s Germany in 1933 and that first year developed his concept of nuclear chain reactions. In order to prevent Nazi scientists from stealing his ideas, he kept his theories secret, until he and Albert Einstein pressed the US government to research atomic reactions and designed the first nuclear reactor. Though he started his career out lobbying for civilian control of atomic energy, he concluded it with founding, in 1962, the first political action committee for arms control, the Council for a Livable World. Besides his career in atomic energy, he also studied biology and sparked ideas that won others the Nobel Prize. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, where Szilard spent his final days, was developed from his concepts to blend science and social issues.
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Giants Cast Long Shadows

Author : Sir Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart
ISBN : UOM:39015065829460
Genre : Biography
File Size : 26.96 MB
Format : PDF
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Dotyczy m.in. Polski.
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Long Shadows

Author : John Clive Hall
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113027291
Genre :
File Size : 82.95 MB
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'Wake up, Hall There'll be plenty of time After this lesson for your poetry stuff.' Sniggerings from the back. An urgent rhyme Jumps on my mind and drives old Euclid off. Those are the opening lines from one of J. C. Hall's later poems, "Curriculum Vitae, "recalling his boyhood stirrings as a poet. His first published outing could hardly have been more auspicious, it was in a volume he shared with Keith Douglas and Norman Nicholson. Those two poets have long been on the Faber list: after all these years it a pleasure to welcome J. C. Hall to the fold. "Long Shadows: Poems 1938-2002," in the author's words, 'is not a collected poems in the sense of containing everything I've written and published, but a comprehensive selection of poems which seem, in their various ways, worth preserving.' Don't be misled by his characteristic modesty, these poems are very much 'worth preserving'. When reviewing the first edition of this volume, Vernon Scannell referred to J. C. Hall's 'considerable gifts' going on to say, 'it is interesting to watch the development of a talent that has always been rooted firmly in the great tradition of English lyrical poetry' in a 'tone . . . rather like that of a more genial Philip Larkin . . .' In a nice apothegm, W. H. Auden once observed, 'formal verse frees one from the fetters of one's ego' and in the poems of J. C. Hall we see a craftsmanship that yields to the reader constant pleasure and enjoyment. J. C. Hall should be better known. 'Some of them are so very moving. I love the last lines of ''Juliot'' - just the sort of thing I should like to have done myself.' Philip Larkin (in a letter to the author) 'Hall writes movingly and often wittily about childhood, love and loss. These poems are the real thing.' Vernon Scannell, "Sunday Telegraph" "" 'Everything in Long Shadows has the mark of a distinct, individual talent. These poems are finely-calculated, technically adept, and sometimes they can prove moving in a sudden, unexpected way.' Alan Brownjohn, "London Magazine" "" 'The result is real poems - moving elegies, spirited epiphanies, wryly humorous observations. I read this book with growing admiration and then - with enormous pleasure - I immediately read it again.' Matt Simpson, "Stride"

America In The Sixties Right Left And Center

Author : Peter B. Levy
ISBN : 0313299366
Genre : History
File Size : 43.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unlike other works, America in the Sixties looks at the era from the perspective of new leftists, liberals, and conservatives, providing readers with the opportunity to see this seminal decade more fully and richly than they could before. It includes the manifestos of both the Students for a Democratic Society and the Young Americans for Freedom, the most prominent radical and conservative student groups of the time. Further, in addition to selections by such individuals as Jerry Rubin and Tom Hayden, it contains pieces by figures often associated with other times, such as Reverend Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan. Seeking to immerse readers in the decade's key issues in a balanced manner, the book covers the civil rights movement, Vietnam, the counterculture, and the women's movement and looks at some of the 1960's most memorable moments.
Category: History