Live Long And Prosper

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Live Long And Prosper Spock Star Trek Movie Quotes Notebook Exercise Book Journal Happy Turtle Sci Fi Gifts

Author : Happy Turtle Notebook
ISBN : 1082526762
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This 'LIVE LONG AND PROSPER' Spock notebook is the perfect gift for Star Trek fans or Trekkies as they are known. Spock, the half Vulcan / half human character (played by the legendary Leonard Nimoy in the TV series) was the First Officer to James T Kirk on board the starship Enterprise. Renowned as the most intelligent and logical crew member on the ship, with a dry (or non-existent) sense of humour, Spock quickly became one of Star Trek's most loved characters and was synonymous with the catchphrase 'LIVE LONG AND PROSPER' which was all said as part of the Vulcan salute. Whether you are a Star Trek fan or you know someone else who is, this notebook will not disappoint. This trusty notebook is letter size 8.5 x 11 inch; 21.59 x 27.94cm. It's made from high quality papers and is ideal for any purpose, including notes, work, recipes, journaling or writing down notes from your favourite sci-fi showsNotebook features include: 118 white lined pages LIVE LONG AND PROSPER design on the front cover and Star Trek logo on the inside pages Large letter size 8.5 x 11 inch; 21.59 x 27.94 cm dimensions; the ideal large size for all purposes, fitting perfectly into your work backpack or school bag. The bold white paper is sturdy enough to be used with fountain pens. Reliable standards: Book industry perfect binding (the same standard binding as the books in your local library). Tough glossy paperback. Crisp white paper. Journals are the perfect gift for any occasion.

Live Long And Prosper

Author : Paul Lewis
ISBN : 9781408104231
Genre : Business & Economics
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Written by one of Britain's foremost experts on personal finance, this is the ultimate guide to the pensions minefield and provides all the information you need to plan now and avoid worry in the future. With an ageing population and shrinking state pensions, never has the question of how to prepare for retirement been more pressing. With practical, balanced advice that takes into account all the other demands on our pockets, Live Long and Prosper includes extensive FAQs, comprehensive and authoritative advice on where to get your pension and how to assess its quality, and help on what to do if you've been given bad advice.
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Brand Immortality

Author : Hamish Pringle
ISBN : IND:30000122572336
Genre : Business & Economics
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Properly managed no brand need decay and die - immortality is within the reach of all. If the right decisions, the right resources and the right imagination are brought to bear, brands can renew continuously and outlive their creators. Brand Immortality is a practical health manual for brands of all types and ages that seek immortality. Drawing on the renowned IPA Effectiveness Awards case histories, and full of examples including Nokia, Sony, Nike, Apple and Virgin, it examines how the nature of brands has changed over time and continues to evolve, and the implications this has for marketing. It identifies the factors that are essential to a brand's long term survival - especially those which defend and strengthen a brand's place in the hearts and minds of consumers. Enriched by comments from industry insiders who were directly involved with global brands, Brand Immortality identifies winning brand strategies. Full of experience and insight, it will help marketers and their agencies beat the odds in winning, retaining and satisfying customers - and thus help them achieve brand immortality.
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Live Long And Prosper

Author : Sandra L. Barnes
ISBN : 9780823249589
Genre : Religion
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This pioneering new study of the Black megachurch phenomenon brings nuance and depth to the question, Are Black megachurches more focused on prosperity than on people? Black megachurches and their pastors are often accused of failing to use their considerable resources to help the poor; focusing on prosperity theology rather than on social justice; requiring excessive monetary and time commitments of members; and pilfering church coffers for the their personal use. The debate rages on about whether these congregations are doing all they can to address specific challenges facing African American communities. Live Long and Prosper is a refreshing, innovative study that reaches beyond superficial understandings of the Black megachurch phenomenon in a piercing interrogation of how powerful megachurches address (or fail to address) two social crises in the Black community: HIV/AIDS and poverty. Live Long and Prosper offers an intriguing examination of sixteen representative Black megachurches and explores some of their motivations and subsequent programmatic efforts in light of prosperity or “health and wealth” theology. Professor Barnes makes the case that the Black megachurch is a complex, contemporary model of the historic Black church in response to globalism, consumerism, secularism, religious syncretism, and the realities of race. She contends that many of these megachurches hold unique characteristics of adaptability and innovation that position them well to tackle difficult social issues. Prosperity theology emphasizes two characteristics—physical health and economic wealth—as examples of godly living and faith. This book considers whether and how efforts to address HIV/AIDS (a “health” issue) and poverty (a “wealth” issue) are influenced by church and clergy profiles; theology, in general; and prosperity theology, in particular. Frame analysis informs this mixed-methodological study to compare and contrast experiences, theological beliefs, pastoral profiles, and programs. Live Long and Prosper is a must-read for general readers, academics, and students alike—indeed, anyone interested in the contemporary Black megachurch’s response to social problems and the link between theology and social action. It is at once a fascinating, readable narrative and a rich piece of scholarship complete with extensively documented endnotes, statistics, informative charts and tables, and an exhaustive bibliography.
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Live Long And Prosper

Author : Steve Vernon
ISBN : 9780471705154
Genre : Business & Economics
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GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE In Live Long and Prosper!, Steve Vernon unveils a new way ofthinking that will truly help you live a more happy, healthy, andprosperous life. Based on the latest research and planningstrategies typically reserved for large corporations, it will helpyou answer these important questions: * Do you have enough money to retire? * How can you manage your income and expenses so you don't outliveyour 401(k) balances? * How can you invest in your health, so that you won't be wiped outby large medical expenses and are able to live a long, comfortable,and productive life? * What can you expect from Social Security and Medicare? * What's the best work/life balance for prosperity andfulfillment? Live Long and Prosper! will help you move beyond the traditionalview of retirement and begin planning for the rest of your life.
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Live Long And Prosper

Author : World Bank
ISBN : 9781464804700
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.92 MB
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Aging is a challenge which countries in East Asia and Pacific (EAP) regions are grappling with or will soon confront. It raises many questions for policymakers ranging from potential macroeconomic impacts, to fiscal challenges of supporting pension, health and long-term care systems, and labor market implications as countries seek to promote productive aging. The urgency of the aging challenge varies across the region, but it will confront all EAP countries in time and early preparation is essential to avoid the missteps of other regions. Live Long and Prosper discusses the societal and public policy challenges and reform options for EAP countries as they address aging. It aims to strike a balance between aging optimists and pessimists. On the one hand, the impacts of aging on growth, labor markets and public spending are not the unavoidable catastrophe often feared. However, minimizing the downside risks of aging and ensuring healthy and productive aging will require proactive public policy, political leadership, and new mindsets across society. The report reviews the evidence on demographic transition in EAP and its potential macroeconomic impact. It addresses the current policy environment including pensions and social security, health, and long-term care and labor markets to assess the risks of 'business as usual'. It also suggests policy directions to promote healthy and productive aging in EAP, and emphasizes that aging is not just about older people, but requires policy and behavioral change across the life cycle.
Category: Social Science

Live Long And Prosper

Author : Margaret Bailey
ISBN : UCSC:32106002833660
Genre : Star Trek television programs
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Live Long And Prosper How Black Megachurches Address Hiv Aids And Poverty In The Age Of Prosperity Theology

Author : Sandra L. Barnes
ISBN : 9780823249565
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 57.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Are Black megachurches more focused on prosperity than people? Live Long and Prosper examines some of their motivations and programs in light of Prosperity or "Health and Wealth" Theology. It considers how Black megachurches address two pressing social problems among Blacks - HIV/AIDS (a "health" issue) and poverty (a "wealth" issue) - as well as influential church and clergy dynamics.
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Author : LiveQz Notebook
ISBN : 1706270658
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College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Live Long And Prosper. 157303048731

Managing Stress

Author : Derek Roger
ISBN : 0902130609
Genre : Job stress
File Size : 90.77 MB
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Author : Tonny Katz BT
ISBN : 9798651355297
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Live Long and Prosper Vintage notebook


Author : LivelTS Notebook
ISBN : 1709391340
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College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Live Long And Prosper Splatter Effect Artwork Inspired. 15738909472

People Parasites And Plowshares

Author : Dickson D. Despommier
ISBN : 9780231535267
Genre : Medical
File Size : 89.65 MB
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Dickson D. Despommier's vivid, visceral account of the biology, behavior, and history of parasites follows the interplay between these fascinating life forms and human society over thousands of years. Despommier focuses on long-term host-parasite associations, which have evolved to avoid or even subvert the human immune system. Some parasites do great damage to their hosts, while others have signed a kind of "peace treaty" in exchange for their long lives within them. Many parasites also practice clever survival strategies that medical scientists hope to mimic as they search for treatments for Crohn's disease, food allergies, type 1 diabetes, organ transplantation, and other medical challenges. Despommier concentrates on particularly remarkable and often highly pathogenic organisms, describing their lifecycles and the mechanisms they use to avoid elimination. He details their attack and survival plans and the nature of the illnesses they cause in general terms, enabling readers of all backgrounds to steal a glimpse into the secret work of such effective invaders. He also points to the cultural contexts in which these parasites thrive and reviews the current treatments available to defeat them. Encouraging scientists to continue to study these organisms even if their threat is largely contained, Despommier shows how closer dissection of the substances parasites produce to alter our response to them could help unravel some of our most complex medical conundrums.
Category: Medical

The Inner Life Of The Dying Person

Author : Allan Kellehear
ISBN : 9780231536936
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This unique book recounts the experience of facing one's death solely from the dying person's point of view rather than from the perspective of caregivers, survivors, or rescuers. Such unmediated access challenges assumptions about the emotional and spiritual dimensions of dying, showing readers that—along with suffering, loss, anger, sadness, and fear—we can also feel courage, love, hope, reminiscence, transcendence, transformation, and even happiness as we die. A work that is at once psychological, sociological, and philosophical, this book brings together testimonies of those dying from terminal illness, old age, sudden injury or trauma, acts of war, and the consequences of natural disasters and terrorism. It also includes statements from individuals who are on death row, in death camps, or planning suicide. Each form of dying addressed highlights an important set of emotions and narratives that often eclipses stereotypical renderings of dying and reflects the numerous contexts in which this journey can occur outside of hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices. Chapters focus on common emotional themes linked to dying, expanding and challenging them through first-person accounts and analyses of relevant academic and clinical literature in psycho-oncology, palliative care, gerontology, military history, anthropology, sociology, cultural and religious studies, poetry, and fiction. The result is an all-encompassing investigation into an experience that will eventually include us all and is more surprising and profound than anyone can imagine.
Category: Social Science

World Of Baby Names A Revised

Author : Teresa Norman
ISBN : 9781440625565
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 89.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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One of the most comprehensive baby name reference guides available, featuring more than 30,000 baby names, has been revised and expanded. Each chapter focuses on names from specific countries, regions, and ethnicities, including details about traditional naming customs. Each entry contains various spellings and pronunciations, as well as the name's meaning, history, etymology, and derivations.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Last Tortoise

Author : Craig Britton Stanford
ISBN : 0674049926
Genre : Nature
File Size : 84.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tortoises may be the first family of higher animals to become extinct in the coming decades. They are losing the survival race because of what distinguishes them, in particular their slow, steady pace of life and reproduction. The Last Tortoise offers an introduction to these remarkable animals and the extraordinary adaptations that have allowed them to successfully populate a diverse range of habitats—from deserts to islands to tropical forests. The shields that protect their shoulders and ribs have helped them evade predators. They are also safeguarded by their extreme longevity and long period of fertility. Craig Stanford details how human predation has overcome these evolutionary advantages, extinguishing several species and threatening the remaining forty-five. At the center of this beautifully written work is Stanford's own research in the Mascarene and Galapagos Islands, where the plight of giant tortoise populations illustrates the threat faced by all tortoises. He addresses unique survival problems, from genetic issues to the costs and benefits of different reproductive strategies. Though the picture Stanford draws is bleak, he offers reason for hope in the face of seemingly inevitable tragedy. Like many intractable environmental problems, extinction is not manifest destiny. Focusing on tortoise nurseries and breeding facilities, the substitution of proxy species for extinct tortoises, and the introduction of species to new environments, Stanford's work makes a persuasive case for the future of the tortoise in all its rich diversity.
Category: Nature

Live Long And Prosper Walking By Faith On Purpose Daily Planner Journal

Author : Inspirational Favors
ISBN : 109491472X
Genre :
File Size : 50.76 MB
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If you are looking for an unique cute party favor idea for women then this book will surely turn heads at your party. This extra cute journal notebook features: Daily planner pages for you to organize your tasks i.e. lunch with a friend, shop for birthday gift, wash clothes, doctor appointment, etc. Blank journal pages with positive affirmation quotes on each page so you can write down your thoughts and ideas from day to day to help de-stress your life.

He Ll Forgive Me Anyway

Author : Steve Halliday
ISBN : 080542752X
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 39.49 MB
Format : PDF
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Grace is free, but it is not cheap. Halliday shows teens what it means to pick up their cross and follow Jesus.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Know Yourself Forget Yourself

Author : Marc Lesser
ISBN : 9781608680825
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.1 MB
Format : PDF
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Our brains seek order and resist the unexpected, inconsistent, and counterintuitive. But life is more often paradoxical than predictable — which is why formulas for fulfillment and success often fail. Instead of fighting the tide of contradiction and confusion, Marc Lesser asserts, we can learn to understand and even embrace them using the simple tools he presents in these pages. Readers learn to master five core competencies: Know Yourself, Forget Yourself; Be Confident, Question Everything; Fight for Change, Accept What Is; Embrace Emotion, Embody Equanimity; and Benefit Others, Benefit Yourself. The result is balance, a version of Buddhism’s “middle way,” which prompts understanding of what is required in any given moment and actions through which we skillfully “dance” with paradox in enriching and joyful ways. Bolstered by the latest in neuroscience, this guide is nuanced and direct, profound and practical.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit