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Live Courageously

Author : Terri Cadiente
ISBN : 9780768494594
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 36.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Those who fail to choose, choose to fail writes the author who encourages you to stop allowing fear to rule your life's decisions and instead to take charge and Live Courageously. As you read about Terri Cadiente's hard fought rise from the pit of fear to the pinnacle of personal freedom, you will realize that you too can overcome anything. Written by a successful Hollywood stunt woman, Love Courageously takes you step by step on an exciting journey of self-analysis and self discovery toward a victorious and empowered destination. Through personal testimony and proven effective techniques, you will receive the power to attack the roots of fear and shame. This approach is uniquely expressed by an author who confronts fear and converts it into positive action to achieve her professional and personal goals.
Category: Self-Help

Living Courageously

Author : Joyce Meyer
ISBN : 9781455517503
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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You have fear. And if you don't face your fear, it can paralyze you and hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, wants to show you that to break out of fear, you must face it head-on. The good news is God wants to give you the strength you need to beat fear and live courageously. That's why He tells you repeatedly throughout the Bible to "fear not" because He is with you. In LIVING COURAGEOUSLY, Joyce explains how you can overcome the debilitating power of fear by learning to confront and conquer any and every fear you have. Blending practical insights, her personal experiences, and inspiring Scripture, this book will teach you how to conquer any fear, reach your greatest potential, and start living life to the fullest. Whether you fear being inadequate, being rejected, or losing control, you can learn how to triumph over any obstacle-even when you feel fearful. You can face anything and just "do it afraid!" Chapter titles include: Say Good-bye to Fear The Source of Fear Cultivating Courage The Creative Power of Fear and Faith Do It Afraid!
Category: Religion

Kelly Tough

Author : Erin Kelly
ISBN : 9781424550197
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 48.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do not let the title Kelly Tough fool you. This is not a “be all you can be, no pain–no gain” story. Toughness is overrated. And being Kelly Tough, well, you are about to find out what that really means and why it just might matter to you. Kelly Tough is a story of love and hope: a love between a father and a daughter—Buffalo Bill’s former quarterback, Jim Kelly, and his oldest daughter Erin. Erin shares a deeply personal account of the love a family can have for each other during the darkest times, and a greater love that a heavenly Father has for you. Whatever circumstance or heartbreak you find yourself overwhelmed by right now, it is not the end of the story. In fact, it just might be one of the greatest chapters as you, like the Kelly’s, find strength in weakness, hope in the midst of heartache, and joy in spite of suffering.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Let Go Courageously And Live With Love

Author : Laura Staley
ISBN : 0997458410
Genre : Feng shui
File Size : 20.56 MB
Format : PDF
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The€essays in Let Go Courageously and Live with Love€are the stories of a feng shui consultant who has been a€daughter, mother, wife, and now single woman with adult children. They explore the theme of mustering the courage to€let go of belongings, thoughts, patterns, and relationships to live a€beloved life. Using insights gleaned from her feng shui training and€her work with clients for more than a decade, Laura Staley shares€inspiring ideas for you to consider for your home and life. You will€gain practical and profound ideas about creating a life you enjoy€inside a home you love.--"This.
Category: Feng shui

The Natural Life

Author : Matthew Minarik
ISBN : 9781617399671
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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So what is natural? Are you natural? Whose laws do you live by: man's laws, your neighbor's laws, or God's laws? How do you know if you're living by God's natural laws or by man's fear-based laws? Read the conversations at midnight of a husband and wife as they unravel the world of compromise and political correctness that we live in. Matthew and Margaret Minarik's enlightening guide,The Natural Lifewill challenge your core thoughts to their deepest roots, encouraging you to embrace the ultimate goal of life: changing the world one soul at a time. With subjects ranging from birth control, organic food, breastfeeding, education, and learning to turn off the TV,The Natural Lifewill teach you everything you need to know to live life as God intended.
Category: Philosophy

Now I Remember Who I Am

Author : Marilyn Vickrage
ISBN : 145250587X
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 29.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Through a process of channeling heartfelt messages daily from a higher source, author Marilyn Vickrage’s life was transformed. Now, she shares the intimate journey to peace. After experiencing many of life’s setbacks, she knew that she had to start changing the world—from within. Aligning her human self to her higher self provided the emotional, mental, and spiritual support needed to lift her to a more profound connection and consciousness with divinity. Marilyn awakened the giant within, enabling a flood of beautiful, caring messages to guide her through stormy waters. She used her life experience—balanced with inner wisdom—to create a personal guidance system, and now she lives a life centred in love, peace, and harmony, every moment of every day. You can know this love, peace, and harmony for yourself. Humanity is plagued with fear, upheaval, and uncertainty, and it’s easy to feel as if you are on your own. But once you realise that you are far from alone in this world, you can transform your reality. By taking stock of what you have created in your life, you can change your outer world by addressing your inner one through introspection. Marilyn’s message is simple yet profound, offering the potential to trigger memories and insights. You already know who you are and what your place is within the divine plan—you just need to remember! We each have the ability to awaken others in our sphere of influence, simply by expressing the love we each hold and transmitting it outwardly for all to feel.
Category: Self-Help

Everyday Brave

Author : Janet Thompson
ISBN : 9781684269716
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Be Your Own Kind of Brave! Bravery isn’t reserved for only women serving on international mission teams, or for women who serve in the military or on a police force. Every woman is brave, much braver than she might think. But feelings of doubt and inadequacy try to stop us from living up to our God-given potential to be courageous women of faith. In Everyday Brave, Janet explores the extraordinary actions of fifty ordinary women in the Bible, women who display bravery in usual and unusual circumstances. Thirty present-day women also give their testimony of realizing their strength and courage through God’s love. As Janet shares the stories of these women, she reminds us that the heart and substance of bravery, even in the face of fear, comes from unconditionally placing our hope in the only One who can give us the courage to stay the course.
Category: Religion

Courage Goes To Work

Author : Bill Treasurer
ISBN : 9781609944391
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The hardest part of a manager's job isn't staying organized, meeting deliverable dates, or staying on budget. It's dealing with people who are too comfortable doing things the way they've always been done and too afraid to do things differently—workers who are, as author Bill Treasurer puts it, too “comfeartable.” Such workers fail to exert themselves any more than they have to, equating “just enough” with good enough. By avoiding even mild challenges, these workers thwart forward progress and make their businesses dangerously safe. To combat this affliction, Treasurer proposes a bold antidote: courage. In Courage Goes to Work, he lays out a comprehensive, step-by-step process that treats courage as a skill that can be developed and strengthened. He Treasurer shows how managers can build workplace courage by modeling courageous behavior themselves, creating an environment where people feel safe taking chances and helping workers deal with fear. To make the concept of courage more concrete, Treasurer identifies what he calls the Three Buckets of Courage: Try Courage, having the guts to take initiative; Trust Courage, being willing to follow the lead of others; and Tell Courage, being honest and assertive with coworkers and bosses. He illustrates each with a variety of vivid real-world examples and offers proven practices for helping your workers keep each bucket full. Aristotle said that courage is the first virtue because it makes all other virtues possible. It's as true in business as it is in life. With more courage, workers gain the necessary confidence to take on harder projects, embrace company changes with more enthusiasm, and extend themselves in ways that will benefit their careers and their company. Courage Goes to Work is the first book to take a systematic approach to developing a vital but overlooked component of business success.
Category: Business & Economics

Highway Of Holiness

Author : Julie Hasling
ISBN : 9781300022282
Genre :
File Size : 88.85 MB
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Living Courageously

Author : Samuel Chiel
ISBN : UCAL:B3939980
Genre : Jewish sermons
File Size : 59.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Jewish sermons