Listening To Pain

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Listening To Pain Finding Words Compassion And Relief

Author : David Biro
ISBN : 9780393077919
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 44.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“A journey through art and literature as well as medical experience, seeking ways of understanding, articulating, and relieving pain.”—Perri Klass, Washington Post In this impassioned and hopeful book, David Biro reveals how to break through the silent wall of suffering—physical and psychological—that all too often accompanies pain and illness. Drawing together compelling stories from patients and insights from some of our greatest thinkers, writers, and artists, Listening to Pain eloquently demonstrates how lan- guage can alleviate the loneliness of pain, paving the way for empathy and effective treatment. Originally published in hardcover under the title The Language of Pain.
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Listening To Pain

Author : Scott M. Fishman
ISBN : 9780199930531
Genre : Medical
File Size : 47.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Fishman shows how communicating better with patients about their pain can help physicians create safer and more effective treatment strategies. Listening to Pain offers physicians a wealth of practical guidance about asking the right questions and assessing patient responses, including: -What questions to ask pain patients when they first present with pain -Using functional goals as outcome measures -Educating patients about the risks and benefits of treatment -Documenting patient consent and compliance with treatment regimens -How to manage difficult patients
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Listening To Depression

Author : Lara Honos-Webb
ISBN : 9781572244436
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 31.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Discusses different aspects of depression in each chapter of a guide that is designed to help readers see periods of depression as opportunities for growth and introspection. Original.
Category: Self-Help

Practical Pain Management

Author : C. David Tollison
ISBN : 0781731607
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61.12 MB
Format : PDF
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Thoroughly revised to reflect contemporary diagnostics and treatment, this Third Edition is a comprehensive and practical reference on the assessment and management of acute and chronic pain. This edition features 14 new chapters and is filled with new information on invasive procedures...pharmacologic interventions...neuraxial pharmacotherapy...physical and occupational therapies...diagnostic techniques...pain in terminally ill patients...cancer pain...visceral pain...rheumatologic disorders...managed care...and medicolegal issues. Reorganized with two new sections focusing on diagnostics and cancer pain. A Brandon-Hill recommended title.
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Inside Chronic Pain

Author : Lous Heshusius
ISBN : 9780801457548
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 32.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"With Lous Heshusius as a guide, pain patients can learn much about the perils of a modern health-care odyssey. Health professionals can learn how an articulate middle-class female white patient thinks (with all that thinking entails) when her world is irreversibly altered by pain. She does not promise happy endings. Chronic pain is like that. From the rare intersection in this text between patient narrative and physician response, however, readers may construct a dialogue on pain in our time that cannot fail to bring plentiful opportunities for personal insight and professional enlightenment."—from the Foreword by David B. Morris Chronic pain, which affects 70 million people in the United States alone—more than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease combined—is a major public health issue that remains poorly understood both within the health care system and by those closest to the people it afflicts. This book examines the experience of pain in ways that could significantly improve how patients and practitioners deal with pain. It is the first volume of a new collection of titles within the acclaimed Culture and Politics of Health Care Work series called How Patients Think, intended to give voice to the concerns of patients about their own medical care and the formulation of health policy. Since surviving a near-fatal car accident, Lous Heshusius has suffered from chronic pain for more than a decade, forcing her to give up her career as a professor of education. Inside Chronic Pain, based in part on the pain journal Heshusius keeps, is a stunning memoir of a life lived in constant pain as well as an insightful and often critical account of the inadequacies of the health care system—from physicians to hospitals and health insurance companies—to understand chronic pain and treat those who suffer from it. Through her own frequently frustrating experiences, she shows how health care providers often ignore, deny, or incorrectly treat chronic pain at immense cost to both the patient and the health care system. She also offers cogent suggestions on improving the quality and outcome of chronic pain care and management, using her encounters with exceptional medical professionals as models. Inside Chronic Pain deals with pain's dramatic and destructive effects on one's sense of self and identity. It chronicles the chaos that takes place, the paralyzing effect of severe pain, the changes in personality that ensue, and the corrosive effects of severe pain on the ability to attend to day-to-day tasks. It describes how one's social life falls apart and isolation takes over. It also relates moments of happiness and beauty and describes how rooting the self in the present is crucial in managing pain. A unique feature of Inside Chronic Pain is the clinical commentary by Dr. Scott M. Fishman, president of the American Pain Foundation. Fishman has long tried to improve the lives of patients like Heshusius. His medical perspective on her very human narrative will help physicians and other clinicians better understand and treat patients with chronic pain.
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Author : Hubert van Griensven
ISBN : 9780702059247
Genre : Medical
File Size : 47.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The highly anticipated new edition of Pain: a textbook for health professionals (previous subtitle a textbook for therapists) has undergone a major rewrite in order to reflect the rapid developments in the field of pain management. It highlights an effective and evidence-based method, providing the theoretical basis to help with the assessment and management of persistent pain, while also discussing in depth a range of specific approaches. Pain: a textbook for health professionals is written emphatically from a biopsychosocial perspective. In order to set the scene, the introductory section includes chapters on the patient’s voice and social determinants of pain. This ensures that the deeply personal and social aspects of pain are not lost among the more technical and biological commentary. These aspects provide an overall context, and are revisited in chapters on participation of life roles, work rehabilitation and psychology. The basic science section includes key chapters on the psychology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of pain. This provides a basis for subsequent chapters on specific approaches such as pharmacology, physical therapy and complementary medicine. Pain in specific patient groups, including children, the elderly and those with cancer, are dealt with in separate chapters, as are pain problems such as complex regional pain syndrome and chronic spinal pain. Although the emphasis of the book is on long term pain, acute pain is discussed as a possible precursor and determinant of chronicity. Patient-centred approach to care – advocates listening to the patient’s voice Covers social determinants of pain Guides the reader from pain psychology to the practical application of psychological interventions Learning aids – chapter objectives, reflective exercises, case examples, and revision questions Emphasizes an evidence-based perspective Written by an international team of experts topics such as pain in children and the elderly, pain education for professionals, disability and medico-legal aspects expanded focus on complex regional pain syndrome, acupuncture and psychology improved layout for a better learning and studying experience
Category: Medical

Feel My Pain

Author : David A. Morton
ISBN : 9781469150734
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 37.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a memoir about my life experiences, my addiction, and my recovery. This is not just a book of poems, but a book that explains the life experiences that inspired me to write the stories and poems. This book is about the pain and the path that my addiction has taken me along the way to my recovery.
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A Time For Listening And Caring

Author : Christina M. Puchalski
ISBN : 0195146824
Genre : Medical
File Size : 45.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written by both medical and religious professionals, as well as those who study exclusively the interaction between the two worlds, this text deals with the spiritual and religious care of the chronically ill and dying. Case studies are included throughout.
Category: Medical

Manage Your Stress And Pain Through Music

Author : Suzanne B. Hanser, Ed.D., MT-BC
ISBN : 9781480351912
Genre : Music
File Size : 37.7 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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(Berklee Guide). Heal your body, mind and spirit using the profound power found in music. This research-based approach to wellness will help you to feel better. Learn to use music to manage your stress and reduce your physical suffering, whether due to the everyday stresses of life or emotional and physical pain. Dr. Hanser and Dr. Mandel share uniquely effective music therapy strategies, learned from many years of research, clinical practice, and personal experience. The accompanying audio provides musical selections with guided relaxation and imagery to enhance your well-being. Includes a foreword, introduction and index.
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Core Curriculum For Holistic Nursing

Author : Track Coordinator for Dnp and Msn Programs Professor of Nursing Quinnipiac University School of Nursing Hamden Connecticut Mary Blaszko Helming
ISBN : 9781284031027
Genre : Medical
File Size : 62.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Published in partnership with the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing, Second Edition is an excellent resource for nurses preparing to become certified in holistic nursing. The first study guide of its kind, it features more than 380 questions and a Foreword written by Barbara Montgomery Dossey. In addition, it covers all major holistic nursing areas with the most current AHNA/ANA Holistic Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice. Topics include principles of holistic nursing leadership, educational strategies for teaching students about the relationship between quality improvement and patient-centered care, holistic research, evidence-based holistic nursing practice, appropriate theory to guide holistic nursing practice, and information about common herbs and supplements. With both basic and advanced questions and answers in each chapter, Core Curriculum for Holistic Nursing, Second Edition gives nurses the opportunity to test their knowledge while gaining valuable test taking experience. New chapters include: * Nursing: Integral, Integrative and Holistic: Local to Global * Holistic Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice * Holistic Leadership * Nurse Coaching * Facilitating Change: Motivational Interviewing and Appreciative Inquiry * Evidence-Based Practice * Teaching Future Holistic Nurses: Integration of Holistic and Quality Safety Education (QSEN) Concepts For nurses who want a detailed study guide to holistic nursing, it is a natural companion to Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, Sixth Edition by Barbara Montgomery Dossey and Lynn Keegan. Included with each new print book is an online Access Code for Navigate TestPrep, a dynamic online assessment tool designed to help nurses prepare for certification examinations. * Randomized questions from the book create new exams on each attempt * Monitors results on practice examinations with score and time tracking * Reporting tools evaluate progress and results
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The Wisdom Of Listening

Author : Mark Brady
ISBN : 9780861719860
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The benefits of practicing true listening are very real. Through refining our listening skills, we not only understand just what to say; we also understand when not to say anything at all. We become more open, present, and responsive. In turn, we renew the sense of peace within ourselves. And the effects on our romantic, family, and professional relationships are undeniable. In The Wisdom of Listening, award-winning author, teacher, and trainer Dr. Mark Brady and contributors that include Ram Dass and A.H. Almaas, help us to develop the "listening warrior" inside us all. Inspiring and easy to follow, the lessons here can transform the ways that we interact with others, whether in a large meeting or in a face-to-face encounter. Listening is almost a lost art: some of us may have forgotten how to do it; some of us may have never quite learned. The Wisdom of Listening gives readers the skills to overcome our culture's tendency towards distraction and reaction, and to be more fully in the world.
Category: Religion

Cognitive Therapy With Chronic Pain Patients

Author : Carrie Winterowd, PhD
ISBN : 0826145965
Genre : Medical
File Size : 65.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This manual begins with an introduction to chronic, nonmalignant pain treatment and some of the main pain theories, as well as approaches to pain management . The core of the book delineates the application of Beck's cognitive therapy assessment and intervention strategies with this client population, and offers an easy-to-follow structured approach. The book provides case examples and therapist-patient dialogues to demonstrate cognitive therapy in action and illustrate ways to improve collaborative efforts between practitioners and patients.
Category: Medical

Silence Of Pain

Author : Cheryl Tolliver
ISBN : 9781477213117
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Entitled "Silence Of Pain" the manuscript is about an African American girl from Louisiana endures abuse at the hands of her schizophrenic mother, an absent father and the torment it brought into their family lives. At the age of five-years old and born the first of three children in Jonesville, La; this young girl was forced to endure pain, loneliness, loss and self-worth. This young girl's family was poor and had to raise their own cattle and crops in order to make a living. After the murder of a daughter, being drugged and hit in the head with an axe; her mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. At the age of sixteen years old, she entrapped a young man by getting pregnant. After moving out of her grandparents' home, she moved with her baby daddy only to find herself in an abusive relationship. At the age of two years old, her son thigh was mysteriously broken, therefore, she finds herself under an investigation and accused of child abuse. At the age of twenty-years old, she continued to go through the torment of her mother and the effect it had on their family lives. At the age of twenty one, she enrolled in a community college. Upon completion of her college courses and finding a job working in a Nursing Facility, she left her son's dad to live on her own. At the age of twenty four, she had worked at the Nursing Facility for two years; she was charged with a crime that she didn't perpetrate. By the age of twenty eight years old, her mother had recover from her illness, so she moved to Houston, Texas to escape any future episodes of her mother's torments and nightmare of being charged with a crime that she didn't perpetrate. Thinking that she would have a better life living in Texas; she was stalked, drugged, escaped death, and got caught up in an on the job scheme that cost her career which led her to become depressed and wanting to kill herself. Throughout her hard times, she regained her health and strength through prayer, friends, and self-motivation that allowed her to succeed in her daily life. Finally, she established a stronger bond with Christ to find solutions for both the physical and mental problems that she was facing.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Gift Of Pain

Author : Philip Yancey
ISBN : 9780310221449
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The author recounts his fifty-five year career as a doctor and his work with leprosy patients and looks at what pain is and why we need it.
Category: Religion

Healing Back Pain Naturally

Author : Art Brownstein
ISBN : 9780743424646
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 39.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A holistic approach to dealing with back pain explains how to use an all-natural program that combines mind-body techniques, specific stretching exercises, breathing techniques, diet and nutrition, and mental pain-coping strategies. Reprint.
Category: Family & Relationships

Listening To Gynaecological Patients Problems

Author : David Jenkins
ISBN : 9781447105534
Genre : Medical
File Size : 82.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gynaecological textbooks are divided into sections according to pathological diagnoses, not according to symptoms or symptom complexes. Students of gynaecology, because they initially acquire information from textbooks are conditioned by the organisation of these texts to think of gynaecology in terms of pathological entities rather than symptom complexes. Gynaecological patients, however, do not present complaining of endometriosis or endometrial malignancy or hypophyseal-ovarian dysfunction; rather, they present with symptoms such as 'pain low down in the tummy', 'bleeding from the front passage', or 'irregular periods'. This book attempts to help students of gynaecology (including everyone from students learning the subject for the first time, through family doctors, to doctors of all grades) to approach their patients as people as distinct from pathological entities, to listen to them, and to communicate with them. In order to help achieve this, the text is divided according to symptoms or related groups of symptoms. Within each division, pertinent questions are listed in the words that might be used in addressing a patient, followed by a key explaining the significance of the questions and a brief discussion of the problems under consideration. It is hoped that this apPfQach will facilitate the taking and interpretation of case histories, thus aiding differential diagnosis and clinical management, and will initiate the process of self-teaching. The book tries to emphasise that, especially in gynaecology, the same symptom (e. g. , heavy periods) may have a very different significance in different patients in terms of diagnosis and management.
Category: Medical


Author : Beatrice Sofaer
ISBN : 0748733299
Genre : Medical
File Size : 22.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Providing an introduction for nurses to pain and its management, this third edition has been extended to address the science and physiology of pain, and presents recent research evidence, including psychological and cultural factors in the pain experience. New material covers the assessment and management of acute and chronic pain, and discusses the experiences of patients who have suffered pain.
Category: Medical

A Physician S Guide To Pain And Symptom Management In Cancer Patients

Author : Janet L. Abrahm
ISBN : 9781421414041
Genre : Medical
File Size : 78.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 290
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This comprehensive guide to managing pain and other symptoms for people with cancer has helped tens of thousands of patients and families. Designed for busy practicing clinicians, A Physician's Guide to Pain and Symptom Management in Cancer Patients provides primary care physicians, advanced practice nurses, internists, and oncologists with detailed information and advice for alleviating the stress and pain of patients and family members alike. Drawing on the work of experts who have developed revolutionary approaches to symptom management and palliative care, as well as on the lessons learned from patients and their families during her thirty years as a teacher and clinician, Dr. Janet L. Abrahm shows how physicians and other caregivers can help patients and families heal emotionally even as the disease progresses. The third edition includes updates to medications and clinical stories, and features two new chapters: "Working with Patients’ Families" and "Sexuality, Intimacy, and Cancer." New lessons from palliative care and hospice care can help patients, their professional caregivers, and their families support each other every step of the way.
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Chronic Pain Management

Author : Michael E. Schatman
ISBN : 142004513X
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 52.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Chronic Pain Management: Guidelines for Multidisciplinary Program Development is the most comprehensive textbook to date on the multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain management. Written by an illustrious group of contributors, this volume serves as a must-have armamentarium of guidelines for the development of a successful pain management program within the context of current medical and insurance reimbursement climates. Backed by the American Academy of Pain Management, the book enables readers to understand the benefits of multidisciplinary chronic pain management and helps them apply these techniques to their clinic for effective, consistent, and financially viable patient care. An essential how-to manual for anyone in the field, the book: Emphasizes multidisciplinary chronic pain management as an alternative to surgery, chronic opioid therapy, and interventional approaches Contains best practices for the maintenance of a high-quality cost-effective chronic pain management center Discusses suggestions to enhance cooperation between the numerous groups involved in the care of chronic pain patients Offers strategies for clinician-insurer collaboration resulting in clinically-effective, cost-efficient treatment Describes how to achieve accreditation, and how to develop policies and procedures Helps insurance industry and government agencies recognize the importance of the multidisciplinary approach to pain management
Category: Health & Fitness