Lipoprotein Metabolism And Atherogenesis

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Drugs Lipid Metabolism And Atherosclerosis

Author : David Kritchevsky
ISBN : 9781468409673
Genre : Medical
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This volume comprises the proceedings of the sixth International Symposium on Drugs Affecting Lipid Meta bolism. Since the first of these symposia in 1960 these triennial meetings have been devoted to the exploration of new ideas, new data and new concepts related to lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis. The sixth Meeting was particularly stimulating in this regard. The concept of the "protective" action of HDL was thoroughly explored within the framework of its molecular biology with data on its epidemiological as well as its in vitro mechan ism(s) of action being discussed. The action of drugs on arterial and HDL metabolism was also discussed as were newer aspects of platelet aggregation, especially as related to prostaglandins. New ground was also broken in discussions of lipid mobilization and mechan isms of hypocholesteremia. We are indebted to the many organizations who con tributed generously to the support of this meeting. Among the sponsors, the assistance of the Lorenzini Foundation was especially helpful. As in all meetings of this type, the hard work of the local organizing committee was instrumental in its success. We are grateful to Mrs. Caroline Hyatt and Mr. Ralph Hollerorth for their invaluable help in the secretariat. We are also deeply indebted to Miss Jane T. Kolimaga for her expert assistance in the preparation of this volume. David Kritchevsky Rodolfo Paoletti William L. Holmes vii Contents LIPOPROTEINS AND DRUGS Lipoprotein Metabolism - New Insights from Cell Biology. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 D. Steinberg Lipoprotein Metabolism in Man. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Lipoprotein Metabolism And Atherogenesis

Author : T. Kita
ISBN : 9784431684244
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Atherosclerosis leading to coronary heart disease and to cerebrovascular disorders is the number one cause of death in industrialized societies. For the last two decades, great ad vances have been made in understanding the pathogenesis of those disorders. Recent studies have revealed that the earliest event in atherogenesis is the adhesion of circulating leukocytes to the vascular endothelial cells and their migration into the subendothelial space. These cells are known to playa central role in the formation of a fatty streak consist ing of lipid-laden foam cells. As pathological events continue, the lesion is converted to a more fibrous lesion associated with vascular smooth muscle cells. To solve the enigma of this complicated process, intensive studies in molecular biology have disclosed the genes involved in those events. Some of the genes have been verified by creation of novel animal models, which have led to novel therapeutic strategies for subjects with atherosclerosis. This volume contains papers presented at the International Symposium on Lipoprotein Metabolism and Atherogenesis held in Kyoto December 5-8, 1998, supported in part by the Japan Intractable Diseases Research Foundation. The following three topics were the focus of the three-day program: I) The molecular approach to studying risk factors and prevention 2) The creation of novel animal models 3) Lipoprotein disorder as a cause of activation of vascular endothelial cells Thirty distinguished researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, Australia, and Japan were invited.
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Biochemistry Of Atherosclerosis

Author : Sukhinder C. Kaur
ISBN : 9780387362793
Genre : Medical
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This book covers many aspects of atherogenesis, with particular emphasis on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism. It includes all aspects of the regulation of cholesterol homeostasis and the importance of each pathway. Also explored are the roles of nuclear hormone receptors on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism and their complex roles in atherogenesis. The book further discusses how genetic studies can help understand the complexities that mediate these aspects of atherogenesis.
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Atlas Of Atherosclerosis And Metabolic Syndrome

Author : Scott M. Grundy
ISBN : 1441958398
Genre : Medical
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This new edition is an integral source of information on Atherosclerosis. It covers topics such as newer coronary risk factors, high-density lipoprotein metabolism, lipid-lowering drugs, endothelium and thrombosis in atherogenesis, and contributing risk factors. With over 500 exceptional photographs, diagrams, and charts, each chapter illustrates an important facet of diagnosing and treating this common and often fatal disease.
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Atlas Of Atherosclerosis

Author : Peter W.F Wilson
ISBN : 9781475793109
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This new edition is an integral source of information covering topics such as newer coronary risk factors, high-density lipoprotein metabolism, lipid-lowering drugs, endothelium and thrombosis in atherogenesis, and contributing risk factors. With over 500 exceptional photographs, diagrams, and charts, each chapter illustrates an important facet of diagnosing and treating this common and often fatal disease.
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Lipids And Atherosclerosis

Author : Chris J. Packard
ISBN : 9781135401320
Genre : Medical
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New discoveries in genetics, molecular, and cell biology are not only enhancing our understanding of the etiology and progression of disease, but are finding applications in the development of new drugs or the implementation of new kinds of therapy. This book provides an in-depth review of emerging areas in biomedical research at the interface of s
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The Cholesterol Wars

Author : Daniel Steinberg
ISBN : 0080556191
Genre : Science
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Today, in the era of the statins (cholesterol lowering drugs), there is no longer any doubt about the value of lowering blood cholesterol levels. The Cholesterol Wars chronicles the controversy that swirled around the 'lipid hypothesis' of atherosclerosis for so many years. In fact, 'the lower the better' is the position of many clinicians. However, getting to this point has been a long uphill battle marked by heated debate and sometimes violent disagreement. The history of this controversy is told here for its own sake and because remembering it may help us avoid similar mistakes in the future. Dr. Steinberg and his colleagues have published over 400 papers relating to lipid and lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis reflecting the prominence these authors have in the community Chronicles the miraculous power of the statins to prevent heart attacks and save lives, of great interest to the many manufacturers of these drugs Discusses new targets for intervention based on a better understanding of the molecular basis of atherosclerosis
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Research Awards Index

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105113763689
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01 Il 18 Binding Protein A Novel Biomarker In Obesity Related Atherosclerosis That Modulates Lipoprotein Metabolism

Author : Rinke Stienstra
ISBN : OCLC:1163814110
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Aims. Although obesity is a validated risk factor for metabolic complications and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases, a sizeable number of obese individuals do not develop these complications. It is unknown whether inter-individual variation of low-grade inflammation, may underlie atherosclerosis risk in obesity. We hypothesized that differences in inflammation contribute to the risk for atherosclerotic disease in obese individuals.Methods. We measured a panel of circulating inflammatory markers, some related to the IL-1 family of cytokines, and correlated them to indicators of carotid atherosclerosis and circulating lipoprotein particles in 302 individuals of European origin with a BMI>27 kg/m2 (300-Obesity cohort). Results. We identified IL-18 binding protein (IL-18BP) as a more accurate marker for the presence of carotid atherosclerosis than hsCRP or interleukin-6. IL-18BP correlated strongly with the lipoprotein particles from the very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) groups and with the number of atherogenic lipoprotein particles (measured by Apolipoprotein B levels). The role of IL-18/IL-18BP pathway in lipoprotein metabolism was validated in IL-18 deficient (IL-18-/-) mice: the absence of IL-18 led to higher plasma triglycerides levels and insulin resistance. The molecular mechanism responsible for the impact on VLDL in the IL-18-/- mice may involve a decreased expression of genes known to be involved in hepatic lipid metabolism including PPP1R3G and ENHO. Conclusions. These findings identify IL-18BP as a novel biomarker of atherosclerosis in obese individuals and the IL-18/IL-18BP pathway as functional modulator of VLDL metabolism and atherosclerosis. Future studies should explore the possible diagnostic and treatment approaches based on IL-18/IL-18BP pathway in atherosclerosis.