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Life With Lacan

Author : Catherine Millot
ISBN : 9781509525058
Genre : Psychology
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‘There was a time when I felt that I had grasped Lacan’s essential being from within – that I had gained, as it were, an apperception of his relation to the world, a mysterious access to that intimate place from which sprang his relation to people and things, and even to himself. It was as if I had slipped within him.’ In this short book, Catherine Millot offers a richly evocative reflection on her life as analysand and lover of the greatest psychoanalyst since Freud. Dwelling on their time together in Paris and in Lacan’s country house in Guitrancourt, as well as describing their many travels, Millot provides unparalleled insights into Lacan’s character as well as his encounters with other major European thinkers of the time. She also sheds new light on key themes, including Lacan’s obsession with the Borromean knot and gradual descent into silence, all enlivened by her unique perspective. This beautifully written memoir, awarded the André Gide Prize for Literature, will be of interest to anyone wishing to understand the life and character of a thinker who continues to exert a wide influence in psychoanalysis and across the humanities and social sciences.
Category: Psychology

Self And Emotional Life

Author : Adrian Johnston
ISBN : 9780231535182
Genre : Psychology
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Adrian Johnston and Catherine Malabou defy theoretical humanities' deeply-entrenched resistance to engagements with the life sciences. Rather than treat biology and its branches as hopelessly reductive and politically suspect, they view recent advances in neurobiology and its adjacent scientific fields as providing crucial catalysts to a radical rethinking of subjectivity. Merging three distinct disciplines—European philosophy from Descartes to the present, Freudian-Lacanian psychoanalysis, and affective neuroscience—Johnston and Malabou triangulate the emotional life of affective subjects as conceptualized in philosophy and psychoanalysis with neuroscience. Their experiments yield different outcomes. Johnston finds psychoanalysis and neurobiology have the potential to enrich each other, though affective neuroscience demands a reconsideration of whether affects can be unconscious. Investigating this vexed issue has profound implications for theoretical and practical analysis, as well as philosophical understandings of the emotions. Malabou believes scientific explorations of the brain seriously problematize established notions of affective subjectivity in Continental philosophy and Freudian-Lacanian analysis. She confronts philosophy and psychoanalysis with something neither field has seriously considered: the concept of wonder and the cold, disturbing visage of those who have been affected by disease or injury, such that they are no longer affected emotionally. At stake in this exchange are some of philosophy's most important claims concerning the relationship between the subjective mind and the objective body, the structures and dynamics of the unconscious dimensions of mental life, the role emotion plays in making us human, and the functional differences between philosophy and science.
Category: Psychology

The Cambridge Companion To Lacan

Author : Professor of English & Comparative Literature Jean-Michel Rabate
ISBN : 0521002036
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 61.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This collection of specially commissioned essays, first published in 2003, explores key dimensions of Lacan's life and works.
Category: Literary Criticism

Lacan And Theological Discourse

Author : Edith Wyschogrod
ISBN : 0791401103
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 75.25 MB
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The authors examine implications of Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic theory of discourse for the understanding of theological language. Topics include self, desire, post-structuralism, the unconscious, the father's rule, dwelling (in Heidegger's sense), Anselm, ontological argument, alterity, utopia, signifiers/signifieds, God, reason, and text.
Category: Philosophy

Jacques Lacan

Author : Elisabeth Roudinesco
ISBN : 0231101465
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 76.29 MB
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Recounts the conflicts surrounding Lacan's break with the institutional framework of Freudian orthodoxy, the popularity of Lacanianism in the 1960s and 1970s, and its encounters with the women's movement
Category: Psychology

Subjectivity And Otherness

Author : Lorenzo Chiesa
ISBN : 9780262532945
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 28.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Countering the call by some "pro-Lacanians" for an end to the exegesis ofLacan's work--and the dismissal by "anti-Lacanians" of Lacan as impossiblyimpenetrable--Subjectivity and Otherness argues for Lacan as a "paradoxically systematic"thinker, and for the necessity of a close analysis of his texts. Lorenzo Chiesa examines, from aphilosophical perspective, the evolution of the concept of subjectivity in Lacan's work, carryingout a detailed reading of the Lacanian subject in its necessary relation to otherness according toLacan's orders of the Imaginary, the Symbolic, and the Real. Chiesa emphasizes the continuityunderlying apparently incompatible phases of Lacan's examination of the subject, describing Lacan'stheory as a consistent philosophical system--but one that is constantly revised and thereforeproblematic. Chiesa analyzes each "old" theory of the subject within the framework of a"new" elaboration and reassesses its fundamental tenets from the perspective of a generalpsychoanalytic discourse that becomes increasingly complex. From the 1960s on, writes Chiesa, theLacanian subject amounts to an irreducible lack that must be actively confronted and assumed; this"subjectivized lack," Chiesa argues further, offers an escape from the contemporaryimpasse between the "death of the subject" alleged by postmodernism and a return to atraditional "substantialist" notion of the subject. An original treatment ofpsychoanalytic issues, Subjectivity and Otherness fills a significant gap in the existing literatureon Lacan, taking seriously the need for a philosophical investigation of Lacanian concepts.LorenzoChiesa is a Lecturer at the School of European Culture and Languages, University of Kent, UnitedKingdom. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on Lacanian theory.
Category: Literary Criticism

From Phenomenology To Thought Errancy And Desire

Author : B.E. Babich
ISBN : 9789401716246
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 85.92 MB
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For both continental and analytic styles of philosophy, the thought of Martin Heidegger must be counted as one of the most important influences in contemporary philosophy. In this book, essays by internationally noted scholars, ranging from David B. Allison to Slavoj Zizek, honour the interpretive contributions of William J. Richardson's pathbreaking Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought. The essays move from traditional phenomenology to the idea of essential (another) thinking, the questions of translation and existential expressions of the turn of Heidegger's thought, the intersection of politics and language, the philosophic significance of Jacques Lacan, and several essays on science and technology. All show the influence of Richardson's first study. A valuable emphasis appears in Richardson's interpretation of Heidegger's conception of die Irre, interpreted as Errancy, set in its current locus in a discussion of Heidegger's debacle with the political in his involvement with National Socialism.
Category: Philosophy

Lacan And Klein Creation And Discovery

Author : Adam Rosen-Carole
ISBN : 9780739164587
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 43.62 MB
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This book reconstructs the metapsychological and clinical theories of Melanie Klein and Jacques Lacan in a manner designed to redress prevalent mischaracterizations of their works that are largely responsible for the deadlocked polemics between partisans of Kleinian and Lacanian camps.
Category: Philosophy

Having A Life

Author : Lewis A. Kirshner
ISBN : 9781135060800
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.71 MB
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What is it about "having a life"- which is to say, about having a sense of separate existence as a subject or self - that is usually taken for granted but is so fragilely maintained in certain patients and, indeed, in most of us at especially difficult times? In Having A Life: Self Pathology After Lacan, Lewis Kirshner takes this Lacanian question as the point of departure for a thoughtful meditation on the conceptual problems and clinical manifestations of pathologies of the self. Beginning with the case of Margaret Little, analyzed by D. W. Winnicott, and proceeding to extended case presentations from his own practice, Kirshner weaves together an avowedly American reading of Lacan with the approaches to self pathology of an influential coterie of theorists. By drawing out common threads in their respective discourses on the self, Kirshner achieves an original integration of Lacanian theory with other contemporary approaches to self pathology. Of special note is his ability to sustain a dialogue between Lacan and Kohut, whose shared clinical object, discernible through divergent vocabularies and conceptions, is the struggle of the subject to avoid fragmentation that would obliterate a sense of aliveness and preclude active engagement with the world. Kirshner's opening chapter on the gifted, troubled Margaret Little and his concluding chapter on the eminent political philosopher Louis Althusser, whose self pathology culminated in his strangling of his wife, Hélène Rytman, in 1980, frame a study that is brilliantly successful in bringing "self" issues down to the messy actualities of lived experience. Analytic therapists no less than students of the human sciences will be edified by this cogent, readable attempt to infuse Lacanian concepts with the conceptual rigor and clinical pragmatism of American psychoanalysis and to apply the resulting model of therapeutic action to a fascinating range of case material.
Category: Psychology