Letters To A Young Farmer

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Letters To A Young Farmer

Author : Martha Hodgkins
ISBN : 9781616896034
Genre : Social Science
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An agricultural revolution is sweeping the land. Appreciation for high-quality food, often locally grown, an awareness of the fragility of our farmlands, and a new generation of young people interested in farming, animals, and respect for the earth have come together to create a new agrarian community. To this group of farmers, chefs, activists, and visionaries, Letters to a Young Farmer is addressed. Three dozen esteemed leaders of the changes that made this revolution possible speak to the highs and lows of farming life in vivid and personal letters specially written for this collaboration. Barbara Kingsolver speaks to the tribe of farmers—some born to it, many self-selected—with love, admiration, and regret. Dan Barber traces the rediscovery of lost grains and foodways. Michael Pollan bridges the chasm between agriculture and nature. Bill McKibben connects the early human quest for beer to the modern challenge of farming in a rapidly changing climate. Letters to a Young Farmer is a vital road map of how we eat and farm, and why now, more than ever before, we need farmers.
Category: Social Science

Letter To A Young Farmer

Author : Gene Logsdon
ISBN : 9781603587266
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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For more than four decades, the self-described “contrary farmer” and writer Gene Logsdon has commented on the state of American agriculture. In Letter to a Young Farmer, his final book of essays, Logsdon addresses the next generation—young people who are moving back to the land to enjoy a better way of life as small-scale “garden farmers.” It’s a lifestyle that isn’t defined by accumulating wealth or by the “get big or get out” agribusiness mindset. Instead, it’s one that recognizes the beauty of nature, cherishes the land, respects our fellow creatures, and values rural traditions. It’s one that also looks forward and embraces “right technologies,” including new and innovative ways of working smarter, not harder, and avoiding premature burnout. Completed only a few weeks before the author’s death, Letter to a Young Farmer is a remarkable testament to the life and wisdom of one of the greatest rural philosophers and writers of our time. Gene’s earthy wit and sometimes irreverent humor combines with his valuable perspectives on many wide-ranging subjects—everything from how to show a ram who’s boss to enjoying the almost churchlike calmness of a well-built livestock barn. Reading this book is like sitting down on the porch with a neighbor who has learned the ways of farming through years of long observation and practice. Someone, in short, who has “seen it all” and has much to say, and much to teach us, if we only take the time to listen and learn. And Gene Logsdon was the best kind of teacher: equal parts storyteller, idealist, and rabble-rouser. His vision of a nation filled with garden farmers, based in cities, towns, and countrysides, will resonate with many people, both young and old, who long to create a more sustainable, meaningful life for themselves and a better world for all of us.
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The Farmer S Magazine

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433007895687
Genre : Agriculture
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Category: Agriculture

The Future Of Family Farms

Author : Teresa Opheim
ISBN : 9781609384531
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.97 MB
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A monumental transfer of farmland is occurring in the United States. The average American farmer is fifty-eight years old, and the 40 percent of farmland owners who lease their land to others are even older: sixty-six on average. Five times as many farmers are over sixty-five as are under thirty-five. What will happen to this land? Who will own it? What if one child wants to farm but can't afford to buy out the nonfarming siblings? What if keeping the farm in the family means foregoing the significant profits that could be earned from selling it? These sometimes painful and divisive questions confront many farmers and farmland owners today. How they answer them will shape their families and the land for generations to come. The Farm Legacy Letters project, developed by the member-driven nonprofit Practical Farmers of Iowa, is designed to help farmers and farmland owners think about their farm’s future and talk about it with their families. An essential complement to handbooks on business succession, this book gathers the letters and stories of midwestern families about the land they cherish—how they acquired it, what they treasure most about it, and their hopes for its future. Some of the writers descend from families who have owned a particular patch of the earth since the 1800s, while others became farmland owners more recently—one as recently as 2015. Some are no longer farmland owners at all, because—after careful thought about what mattered most to them—they sold their land to the next generation of farmers. All of these writers hope that, by sharing their farmland legacies, they will encourage others to ponder and then write about the histories, accomplishments, challenges, and hopes for their farmland for the generations who come after they are gone.
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Letters From A Young Poet

Author : Rosinka Chaudhuri
ISBN : 9789351186366
Genre : Literary Collections
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As a young man, Rabindranath Tagore wrote a series of letters to his niece during what he described as the most productive period of his life. By turns contemplative and playful, gentle and impassioned, Tagore’s letters abound in incredible insights—from sharply comical portrayals of English sahibs to lively anecdotes about family life, from thoughts on the nature of poetry to spiritual contemplation and inner feeling. And coursing through all these letters, like a ceaseless heartbeat, is Tagore’s deep love for the natural splendour of Bengal. In this manner, this volume also serves as a prose companion to his magnificent work Gitanjali. Letters from a Young Poet shimmers with wit and warmth, and offers unforgettable vignettes of the young poet in those happy days before extraordinary fame found him.
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Young Farmer Seeks Wife

Author : Nicholas Furlong
ISBN : 9781913349585
Genre : Humor
File Size : 27.3 MB
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The mother told me to avoid the company of girls until I was 35 or so and then marry a good sensible match, a respectable girl with a farm and money. “Take your time, Nicolas,“ she said. “There are thousands of farmers’ daughters with their tongues hanging out to be married, and don’t worry about anything, for after my day you’ll have this place forever, and your uncle Dick‘s place as well.” In 1950s Ireland, the course of true love is running anything but smoothly for young dairy farmer Nicholas Furlong. When not being thwarted at every turn by his mother, the ferocious Widow Furlong, or his equally fearsome bachelor Uncle Richard, he’s misconstruing the female signals. Or misfiring his responses. Nicholas prides himself on rising above the ashes of ridicule and rejection that surround him and his two comrades in courtship, Mulcahy and MacDonagh. But now a new torment has arrived in the form of an ageing guardian of the peace intent on courting The Widow. And the farm. This outrage to the proper order of romance must be stopped. But how? With hilarious hyperbole and vivid, melodic language, the author takes a scalpel to the hypocrisies and injustices of rural life in this coming-of-age novel that is by turns moving and hysterically humorous. “Reminds me of both John B Keane and Brian O’Nualain: Keane’s loquaciousness with words and O’Nuallain’s undermining effect with them… a tightrope act executed with frothy bravado.” - Sunday Independent
Category: Humor