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Lethal Force

Author : Denita Renee Ball
ISBN : OCLC:1042330351
Genre : Police shootings
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The effects of a single deadly force incident are far-reaching and can have a long-term effect on police-community relations, the profession, the police officer, and his/her family, friends and co-workers (IACP, 2012). Recent high-profile deaths of unarmed men at the hands of police officers have had a dramatic effect on citizens across the country and from all demographics. Regardless of where it occurs, it has the potential to reverberate throughout the law enforcement community. The purpose of this phenomenological study is to examine the personal experiences of police officers who used lethal or deadly force in order to understand the human factors that lead to these decisions and identify any training implications pre/post-event. The theoretical framework used for this examination was the symbolic interactionist theory, which relies on the meaning and interpretation a police officer gives to the interactions and behaviors of others. The following research question framed this study: What are the lived experiences of police officers who use lethal force? This qualitative study utilized criterion sampling to locate participants who had experienced this phenomenon and snowball sampling to expand the sample size and obtain other similarly situated officers who had used lethal or deadly force. An open-ended interview format was used to understand this phenomenon, gain insight, and provide a deeper understanding into the participants; experiences (Fontan & Frey, 2000; Speziale & Carpenter, 2007). The research results provided conclusions regarding the participants’ training and preparation, the aftermath or effects of their lethal force use, and recommendations or advice for agencies or others in a similar situation. By viewing these incidents through the participant’s lens, it provided insight into areas where their agency performed satisfactorily but also highlighted where improvements can be made, and additional research should be conducted.
Category: Police shootings

By Lethal Force

Author : Patricia D. Eddy
Genre : Fiction
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One mistake, and Ford lost the only woman he ever loved. Twenty years ago, Joey walked out of his life and into a nightmare. One that shattered her soul along with all hope of a normal life—the one she was supposed to have with Ford. After throwing himself into his career as a marine, Ford moved to Boston and, along with a blind, former Special Forces soldier, started Second Sight, one of the most elite investigative and security companies in the world. He thought he was happy. Until one phone call turns his world upside down. On a humanitarian aid mission with Doctors Without Borders, Joey's taken, stolen away and forced to witness a world where women are property. Her unique skills keep her worst nightmares from coming true, but with no possibility of escape and no one to look for her, she fears she'll soon disappear forever. Can Ford find her before she loses all hope? Or will this be his final mission? By Lethal Force is the fifth book in the Away From Keyboard series. Each book can be read as a complete standalone, but characters from previous books do show up in future installments. Warning: This book contains dark themes, including references to human trafficking and sexual assault. While there is no graphic description of sexual violence, sensitive readers should be aware of these themes before purchasing.
Category: Fiction

Lethal Force

Author : The Washington Post
ISBN : 9781682303757
Genre : Political Science
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In 2015, The Washington Post launched an unprecedented effort to account for every fatal shooting by an officer of the law. Their study has motivated the FBI to action, and changed the way we think of those who serve and protect. After a police officer shot and killed a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, the media began to pay greater attention to deadly interactions between black men and the law. But when reporters tried to get to the bottom of some basic questions—how often do police shoot people? Who are the victims? Are officers ever charged with crimes?—they came up blank. Police departments were not required to report these statistics to the FBI. The Washington Post set out to track every fatal shooting by an on-duty officer in 2015. Its database chronicled the shootings in real time, using news reports and other public sources. It compiled a trove of data, from the race of the person killed, whether the person was armed when killed, to whether the person was purported to have threatened the officer prior to being killed. The results found by the Post are shocking and haunting, from the sheer breadth of shootings by police in the U.S. to the stories of those killed. And its call to reform is being heeded. This groundbreaking book will radically alter how you view confrontation and accountability within the ranks, and offer a new perspective going forward.
Category: Political Science

Lethal Force

Author : Trevor Scott
ISBN : 9781627934237
Genre : Fiction
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Jake Adams has seemingly retired and gone fly fishing in Patagonia. But his quiet retreat is interrupted when the Agency sends a man to retrieve him to testify before a congressional committee. His testimony quickly becomes an internet sensation—not a good thing for an autonomous operative. Meanwhile, a college professor is murdered in Oregon and his colleague is nearly killed, sending him running for his life. Jake is drawn back into the shadowy world of espionage to retrieve this professor in Montana and secure his new technology that will make nuclear weapons obsolete. Eventually, Jake finds himself in South Korea in a battle for his life to secure the technology, save a beautiful congresswoman, and stop a cabal of agents from a despotic regime and misguided opportunists. Follow Jake in his most poignant adventure that could either end his life or save his own soul.
Category: Fiction

Lethal Force The Right To Life And The Echr

Author : Stephen Skinner
ISBN : 9781509929535
Genre : Law
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In its case law on the use of lethal and potentially lethal force, the European Court of Human Rights declares a fundamental connection between the right to life in Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights and democratic society. This book discusses how that connection can be understood by using narrative theory to explore Article 2 law's specificities and its deeper historical, social and political significance. Focusing on the domestic policing and law enforcement context, the book draws on an extensive analysis of case law from 1995 to 2017. It shows how the connection with democratic society in Article 2's substantive and procedural dimensions underlines the right to life's problematic duality, as an expression of a basic value demanding a high level of protection and a contextually limited provision allowing states leeway in the use of force. Emphasising the need to identify clear standards in the interpretation and application of the right to life, the book argues that Article 2 law's narrative dimensions bring to light its core purposes and values. These are to extract meaning from pain and death, ground democratic society's foundational distinction between acceptable force and unacceptable violence, and indicate democratic society's essential attributes as a restrained, responsible and reflective system.
Category: Law

Lethal Force

Author : Chuck Dixon
ISBN : 1401285058
File Size : 66.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Award-winning author Chuck Dixon concludes his groundbreaking run on Nightwing with a bang! In the final volume of Dixon's Nightwing run, Dick Grayson is emotionally and physically pushed to his breaking point. Dick Grayson searches within for what it is to be a hero in the aftermath of the Joker's latest reign of terror. Just before he can catch his breath, another shocking development threatens everything he has ever known, as Bruce Wayne is charged with murder! This volume also features appearances from the Flash, Blue Beetle and the rest of the Bat-Family. Collects Nightwing #61-70.

Non Lethal Weapons As Legitimizing Forces

Author : Brian Rappert
ISBN : 071465440X
Genre : History
File Size : 22.89 MB
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As mankind finds ever more impious ways to kill and maim, some look to non-lethal weapons as a fix. Brian Rappert discusses the technologies involved and the ethics of, for example blinding someone with a laser, leaving them blind forever, versus killing them outright.
Category: History

Non Lethal Weapons As Legitimising Forces

Author : Brian Rappert
ISBN : 9781135760229
Genre : History
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As mankind finds ever more impious ways to kill and maim, some look to non-lethal weapons as a fix. Brian Rappert discusses the technologies involved and the ethics of, for example blinding someone with a laser, leaving them blind forever, versus killing them outright.
Category: History