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Legacy Of Kings

Author : Eleanor Herman
ISBN : 9780373211937
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 73.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Royalty. Magic. Love. Betrayal. It's in Their Blood. Alexander, Macedon's sixteen-year-old heir, is on the brink of discovering his fated role in conquering the known world. Katerina must navigate the dark secrets of court life while keeping hidden her own mission: kill the queen. Jacob will go to unthinkable lengths to win Katerina, even if it means having to compete with Hephaestion, a murderer sheltered by the prince. And far across the sea, Zofia, a Persian princess, seeks the deadly Spirit Eaters to alter her destiny.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Legacy Of Kings

Author : C.S. Friedman
ISBN : 9781101566442
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The young peasant woman Kamala has proven strong and determined enough to claim the most powerful Magister sorcery for herself-but now the Magisters hunt her for killing one of their own. Her only hope of survival lies in the northern Protectorates, where spells are warped by a curse called the Wrath that even the Magisters fear. Originally intended to protect the lands of men from creatures known only as souleaters, the Wrath appears to be weakening -- and the threat of this ancient enemy is once more falling across the land.
Category: Fiction

Legacy Of Kings Israel S Chequered History

Author : Brian Johnston
ISBN : 1505509297
Genre :
File Size : 63.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Apart from the most famous kings, such as David and Solomon, many of the rest of the kings of the Old Testament have faded into obscurity - and so the life-lessons that can be applied to the lives of Christians are often over-looked. International Bible teacher and radio broadcaster, Brian Johnston rectifies this by bringing twelve of these kings back into the spotlight. You'll encounter good kings, bad kings, good kings that went bad and bad kings that came good! All of them, though, have something important to teach and challenge us as we look to serve the great and faultless King Himself - Jesus Christ. If Jotham, Rehoboam, Hezekiah, Manasseh and the rest have become strangers to you - why not get reacquainted?

The Political Legacy Of King Hussein

Author : Alexander Bligh
ISBN : UOM:39015055455714
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 25.42 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book uncovers the true force behind most of the political processes in the Middle East over almost half a century. Through constant confrontations and negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians, under the watchful eye of the U.S., the King managed to create a new Middle Eastern nation-state: the Jordanian country and its people. The focus of the book is Hussein's deep concern for the future of the last Hashemite monarchy, together with his own set of personal and ideological convictions, as they impacted on many of his strategic decisions and their contribution to the formation of present-day Jordan. The book makes use of hitherto unresearched documents which shed a new light on the crucial role that the King played in regional affairs, which guaranteed the continued existence of his kingdom.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Kings Of Darkness The Dracula S Legacy Saga

Author : Lysa Hart
ISBN : 9781329832787
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Saved from certain death by love’s desperate act, Hanine grapples with a newfound lust that drives her to frenzied acts of hunger and depravity. Volume 3 unlocks the secret to Dracula’s curse and emboldens the love that holds Valerian hostage to a vixen’s heart. Marching through a mystical forest of strange creatures and enchantments, death comes easily to the forces of the conquering heroes. Even their leader is not immune to a strange weapon, which kills without mercy and leads to utter ruin for all... Magic, dragons, scaled-creatures, and more than a few twists, mark a tale of tragic love and unspeakable need, set against a backdrop of brutal clashes and severed heads. When hope is lost and the enemy is at the door, one man’s desire for power, glory, and the woman he loves, will draw on everything he is to secure his title and his lands... he is Valerian, Son of Dracula, and a King of Darkness. Buy the final book in the series today and discover the depth of love’s endless soul.
Category: Fiction

French Legends

Author : Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1494300184
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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*Includes famous art depicting King Louis XVI and important people, places, and events in his life. *Explains his reign and role in the American Revolution and French Revolution. *Analyzes his execution and legacy. "I die perfectly innocent of the so-called crimes of which I am accused. I pardon those who are the cause of my misfortunes." - Louis XVI A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history's most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors' French series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of France's most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known. Louis XVI is one of the most famous Kings of France, but for reasons he would have much rather avoided. Coming of age in the wake of the reign of the Sun King, Louis XIV, and his father, Louis XV, Louis XVI initially intended to be one of France's most enlightened Kings. Instead, he was destined to be the only French King ever executed. Indeed, it is his death and his role in fomenting the French Revolution (along with his infamous Queen, Marie Antoinette) that continue to play the central role in Louis XVI's legacy. The abrupt demise of Louis XVI and his reign capped a tumultuous but important historical period for both France and the rest of the world. It was Louis XVI's wish to reform France in the mold of the Enlightenment and his failure to push those reforms against a reluctant aristocracy that emboldened and spurred those who would rebel against him. At the same time, his support for the American cause during the American Revolution in the 1770s was integral in securing that nation's freedom and further adding to France's financial woes. Ironically, France's role in assuring the success of the American Revolution provided a hopeful example for those who would overthrow him less than 15 years later. The same cautious conservatism that marred his reign in the eyes of so many ultimately led to the chain of events that made him a victim of the guillotine. With French society in open revolt by the late 1780s, the King appeared indecisive at a number of crucial moments, including during a famous attempted escape that was thwarted at Vergennes, and he had to literally run for his life when a mob stormed the royal palace at Tuileries. Soonafter he was stripped of his dignity and his royal name, convicted of high treason in a sham trial as Citizen Louis Capet. Ironically, in death, some historians have asserted that his execution and the sympathy it engendered helped bring about the Restoration a generation later. French Legends: The Life and Legacy of King Louis XVI looks at the life and reign of one of history's most famous Kings, explaining his role in two of history's most famous revolutions and analyzing his legacy. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Louis XVI like you never have before, in no time at all.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The King S Legacy

Author : Jim Stovall
ISBN : 9781434702050
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.8 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In a land and time far from our own, there was an enchanted kingdom ruled by a benevolent and much-loved king. He had led his people through times of uncertainty and turmoil into a golden age of prosperity and peace. Now, nearing the end of his storied reign, the king longs to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.The king's most trusted advisor steps forth with a remarkable idea: To discover the wisdom of the ages, the greatest secret of the known world to benefit the entire human race. Little does the king know that the profound answer will come from the most unexpected and unassuming of places.
Category: Fiction

Legacy Of The Eldric Book 1 Of The Prophecy Of The Kings

Author : David Burrows
ISBN : 9781447887546
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Vastra is a man possessed. Where other men require food to sustain them, his craving is for power. He seeks an Eldric talisman, ensnaring two men to aid him. Fate guides his hand and, unwittingly, he chooses Kaplyn, who is seeking to escape his own destiny and Lars, shipwrecked and friendless, an outcast on the Allund shore. An unlikely trio, they form a fragile alliance but, recklessly ambitious, Vastra will betray them in a heartbeat. Throughout their journey, there are clear signs that demons are active, stealing souls and slaking their unholy hunger. Their journey takes them to a mysterious tower, beset by traps, where Kaplyn triggers a chain of events unleashing the full power of a prophecy that could doom them all. Deep in the heart of a mountain lays a power that not even Vastra has the audacity to envision. But who really is guiding Vastra’s destiny? Kaplyn has the talisman and, for all of Vastra’s threats, he is unwilling to part with it.
Category: Fiction

The Letter Of Jesus

Author : Ross Slane
ISBN : 9781621074878
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The letter of Jesus Christ is not something you will find in the Bible; it is not something you will find in many places at all—but for hundreds of years, the “Epistle of Jesus Christ to Abgarus King of Edessa” was one of the greatest legends of the early church. In many ways, it sounds like a church conspiracy straight from the pages of the Da Vinci code; the reality is, however, the legend lost popularity as people began to question its authority. In this book, the origins of the letter (along with the actual text of the letter) are revealed—along with it you will learn about the different theories of the legend, its relationship to the Shroud of Turin. From obscure history and little known facts to insight into the possible origin of one of the most famous relics of the twentieth century, this short book is one not to be missed. HistoryCaps is an imprint of BookCaps Study Guides. With each book, a brief period of history is recapped. We publish a wide array of topics (from baseball and music to science and philosophy), so check our growing catalogue regularly to see our newest books.
Category: Religion

French Legends

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN : 149430029X
Genre :
File Size : 43.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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*Includes famous art depicting Louis XIV and important people, places, and events in his life. *Includes pictures of the Palace of Versailles. *Discusses the reign and legacy of Europe's longest reigning king. "Every time I create an appointment, I create a hundred malcontents and one ingrate." - Louis XIV A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history's most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors' French series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of France's most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known. France's most famous King, and Europe's longest serving, Louis XIV (1638-1715) is often viewed today as a symbol of royal extravagance and splendor. Reigning for over 72 years, the legacy of the "Sun King" is remembered for the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the patronizing of arts and theater, and the apocryphal quote "L'Etat c'est moi" (I am the State). Although it is more than fair to associate the Sun King with vanity and unfathomable spending on luxury, the laser sharp focus on the superficial aspects of the man and his reign have come to overshadow just how effective he was as a ruler. Becoming King as a child and assuming actual power in his early 20s, Louis spent nearly 55 years centralizing and consolidating power in his monarchy by bringing the aristocracy to heel and keeping religious divisions from devolving into violence, thereby passing off to his successor an absolute monarchy with a very solid foundation. At the same time, his foreign policies, though often criticized as quests for glory, helped establish France as the dominant power on the European continent and firmly in control of an overseas colonial empire that stretched both east and west. And of course, while his spending and extravagance are viewed critically today, his construction of the Europe's most famous palace and his patronizing of the arts established the kind of culture and society that France is still famous for across the world today. French Legends: The Life and Legacy of King Louis XIV looks at the life and reign of one of history's most famous Kings, explaining his influence in a historical light and analyzing the monumental legacy he left behind. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Sun King like you never have before, in no time at all.