Learning To Weave

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Learning To Weave

Author : Deborah Chandler
ISBN : 159668139X
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 20.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Originally published in 1995, more than 40,000 weavers have used this unparalleled study guide to learn from scratch or to hone their skills. Written with a mentoring voice, each lesson includes friendly, straightforward advice and is accompanied by illustrations and photographs. Crafters need only to approach this subject with a willingness to learn such basics as three methods for step-by-step warping, basic weaving techniques, project planning, reading and designing drafts, the basics of all the most common weave structures, and many more handy hints. Beginners will find this guidebook an invaluable teacher, while more seasoned weavers will find food for thought in the chapters on weave structures and drafting.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Learn To Weave With Anne Field

Author : Anne Field
ISBN : 1570766185
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 27.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Taking a project-based approach and with a well-founded understanding of the complexities of her craft, Anne deftly guides learners through the essential weaving techniques. Basic information on types of looms and what each is best suited for, how to thread or warp the loom and getting underway is followed by step-by-step instructions for 11 projects, including practical table runners, mats and cushion covers, wearable wraps, scarves, and a reversible jacket, through to a decorative wall hanging.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Learning Basket Weaving Traditional And Modern Techniques And Methods

Author : Dueep Jyot Singh
ISBN : 9781310227639
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 58.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Table of Contents Introduction Materials for Making the Baskets Cane Base Traditional Patterns Stakes By stakes Weavers Foot border Waling Upsetting Simple Randing Pairing Joining Weavers Trimming the Ends Maintaining the Finished Articles Some Traditional Patterns And Projects Making a Base Materials You Will Need Examples – Cross design Popular Traditional Latticework Design Cane Fruit Basket Plaiting Handles Chair Seat Conclusion Willow Basket Fish trap Smaller baskets Author Bio Publisher Introduction Traditional cane basket weaving Basket work, basket weaving, or making containers out of cane is possibly one of the earliest crafts known to man. Archaeologists have found traces in digs, more than 7,000 years old in the Middle East, and anywhere where ancient civilizations settled. These vestiges of baskets showed that these people used baskets as the molds for clay cooking pots. That was because the imprint of the basket weave showed clearly on the clay. Plaited basket work has also been found in the Nile Delta some of which date back as early as 8000 BC. Many museums all over the world have a priceless collection of engine basket work usually shown along with ancient and early poetry and the common factor seems to be that baskets have always been made of any material available that is pliable, native, and the design and the type is going to be largely dependent on the availability of the material. The moment anybody talks about a basket you subconsciously associated with bringing home the shopping as these are nearly always used for carrying or holding things. In fact, I would not be surprised if you have one or 2 of these woven examples in your own house in the shape of lobster pots, especially if you are a looking fisherman, potato baskets to hold vegetables, especially if you are a farmer, decorative baskets for crediting a wine bottle, containers to hold flowers and fruit, containers for your table to hold bread rolls, wicker baskets, waste paper baskets, work baskets, lampshades, baby cribs, pet baskets, picnic campers, and houseplant holders… The uses of such baskets are global and infinite bound only by your creativity and imagination! This book is going to tell you all about how you can introduce yourself to this new satisfying craft, and start basket weaving when you have some leisurely time and energy over the weekend. You are definitely not going to be disappointed at the really attractive and soul satisfying final product and who knows, this may be a start of a beautiful new business!
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Songs From The Loom

Author :
ISBN : 9780822526575
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 32.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes the cultural meaning of Navajo weaving
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Learning In Places

Author : Zvi Bekerman
ISBN : 0820467863
Genre : Education
File Size : 78.6 MB
Format : PDF
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Learning in Places is a concerted effort undertaken by an outstanding group of international researchers to create a resource book that can introduce academic, professional and lay readers to the field of informal learning/education and its potential to transform present educational thinking. The book presents a wealth of ideas from a wide variety of disciplinary fields and methodological approaches covering multiple learning landscapes - in museums, workplaces, classrooms, places of recreation - in a variety of political, social and cultural contexts around the world. Learning in Places presents the most recent theoretical advances in the field; analyzing the social, cultural, political, historical and economical contexts within which informal learning develops and must be critiqued. It also looks into the epistemology that nourishes its development and into the practices that characterize its implementation; and finally reflects on the variety of educational contexts in which it is practiced.
Category: Education

Welcome To Weaving

Author : Lindsey Campbell
ISBN : 0764356313
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 46.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Designed for modern makers looking for a book that will continue to inspire them as their skill grows. Lindsey Campbell, the weaver behind the popular blog and brand HelloHydrangea, teaches more than 50 techniques plus 20 stylish projects for weavers of all skill levels. With 700 detailed photos, Campbell offers just the right blend of learning, encouragement, and great weaving results. An easy tutorial helps you to make your own loom that can be used to complete each project. Learn basic terms and skills for beginner weavers, such as warp and weft, and how to keep your sides straight. Sections on intermediate and advanced techniques and concepts, such as gradients, patterns, and how to add embellishments, give you room to grow your skills. Weave more than 20 projects meant to inspire ongoing creativity, from simple practice tapestries to intricate, usable woven projects like a zippered pouch and (yes) a woven chandelier. All of the techniques and weavings can be completed on the loom introduced at the beginning of the book.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Made In Mexico

Author : W. Warner Wood
ISBN : 9780253351548
Genre : Art
File Size : 79.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The story behind the international trade in Oaxacan textiles
Category: Art

Weaving Experiences

Author : Elainy Rebeca Lopez
ISBN : OCLC:1144181057
Genre :
File Size : 66.96 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This thesis is an autoethnography that explores the informal learning and teaching experiences held by two Maya weavers from Guatemala. I traveled to Guatemala where I conducted interviews and made observations in order understand how weavers learned to weave, as well as how they maintain the tradition alive by passing their knowledge on to younger generations. Through this research, I began to see the significant role ancestral and familial connections played within the weaving experiences of the Maya weavers. Culture and tradition were at the center of the weaving process, but the creativity and ingenuity of the weavers allowed for changes to occur within the weaving practice allowing it to stay alive. The experiences and perspectives of Maya weavers are often overlooked, but through this research I share how learning more about their informal learning and teaching experiences influenced my personal art educator pedagogy. Exposure to multiple perspectives and experiences can help art educators, like myself, create more inclusive art curriculum, as well as learn about different forms of teaching art that can potentially apply to the art classroom

Weaving A Navajo Blanket

Author : Gladys A. Reichard
ISBN : 9780486165394
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 83.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This guide was written by a noted ethnologist who learned the principles of weaving directly from Navajo artisans. She shares their materials and methods, commenting on history, patterns, symbolism, more. 97 illustrations.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Learning And Teaching Together

Author : Michele TD Tanaka
ISBN : 9780774829540
Genre : Education
File Size : 62.23 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Across Canada, teachers unfamiliar with Aboriginal approaches to learning are seeking ways to respectfully weave Aboriginal content into their lessons. This book introduces an indigenist approach to education. It recounts how pre-service teachers immersed in a crosscultural course in British Columbia began to practise Indigenous ways of knowing. Working alongside Indigenous wisdom keepers, they transformed earth fibres into a mural and, in the process, their own ideas about learning and teaching. By revealing how they worked to integrate Indigenous ways of knowing into their practice, this book opens a path for teachers to nurture indigenist crosscultural understanding in their classrooms.
Category: Education

Making Knowledge

Author : Trevor H. J. Marchand
ISBN : 9781444391480
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Making Knowledge presents the work of leading anthropologists who promote pioneering approaches to understanding the nature and social constitution of human knowledge. The book offers a progressive interdisciplinary approach to the subject and covers a rich and diverse ethnography. Presents cutting-edge research and theory in anthropology Includes many beautiful illustrations throughout The contributions cover a rich and diverse ethnography Offers a progressive interdisciplinary approach to the eternal questions concerning ‘human knowledge’ Contributions by leading scholars in the field who explore a wide range of disciplines through an anthropological perspective
Category: Social Science

Wire Weaving For Beginners

Author : Amy Lange
ISBN : 1097290581
Genre :
File Size : 48.39 MB
Format : PDF
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If you want to learn wire weaving without paying $60 for a single weaving class, then keep reading... Do you want to learn how to make wire woven jewelry, but don't know where to start? Do you want to learn at home, without having to pay $60 for attending a single wire weaving class? Do you want to start without having to break your bank with expensive tools and materials? As a beginner, I, the author, also faced such problems. That is why I came up with secret methods that make it easy for you to start wire weaving with just a few basic tools. I will share these secrets inside this book. In this book you will discover: - The #1 material you should be using to make your wire jewelry, that is both inexpensive and easy to work with - The 'Snake Weave' technique that will help you make beautiful designs, even if you are a beginner - 3 classic projects that you can make, wear, and gift to those who are special in your life - One simple technique to splice out extra wire when you run out - The secret tool you should use to measure the gauge of your wire, that has personally made it much easier for me - How to add clasps to your designs, to add a polished look to your woven jewelry - 1 handy method to incorporate and show off colorful beads in your projects Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book: Q: I'm a complete beginner in making wire jewelry. Will this book help me make my first piece of wire woven jewelry? A: Yes. This book is geared towards the people who don't have any experience making wire jewelry. You can complete your first project with this book, start to finish. Q: I see many ads for wire weaving classes in my city, but I don't want to physically go and pay for a class to learn wire weaving. Can your book help me learn? A: As the title suggests, this book is here to comprehensively teach the most basic and versatile wire weaving skills, so that you can get started and make your first piece of wire woven jewelry. By using this book you can start without having to attend any classes. Q: I don't have much money but I want to start this hobby, can your book help me? A: If you want to make jewelry and don't know where to start then wire wrapping/weaving may be for you as it is fairly inexpensive. I show you exactly how to make jewelry that you can wear and sell, with a minimal starting investment of a few basic hand tools and some wire. Q: Will I be able to experiment and make my own designs after going through this book? A: Sure, the techniques and weaves given in this book are classics, and after enough practice, you can make your own designs! Discover the charm and uniqueness of wire weaving. Let your loved ones see and appreciate your creativity. Don't waste more time by denying your desire to learn how to make wire woven jewelry. Every day that you delay is another day that you might be forced to shell out $60 or more, for learning the same techniques that are included inside this book. Take action now and add this book to your cart by scrolling up and clicking the 'Add to Cart' button

Playing On The Mother Ground

Author : David F. Lancy
ISBN : 1572302151
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 73.70 MB
Format : PDF
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Theorists of child development, for the most part, have taken white, middle class, Euro-American children as the norm. These "typical" children, however, are exposed to two major enculturating influences that are by no means common across cultures: formal schooling and parents who consciously attempt to serve as teachers at home. Providing an important contribution toward a more universal understanding of child development, this book concentrates on children of the Kpelle-speaking people of West Africa, who grow up neither spending thousands of hours in quiet study nor receiving a heavy dose of parent tutelage. Acknowledging the centrality of play in children's lives, the Kpelle expect their children to play "on the mother ground," or open spaces adjacent to the areas where adults are likely to be working. Here, children observe the work that adults do as they engage in voluntary activities or "routines" that serve a clear enculturating function. With photographs and vivid first-hand description, the author demonstrates the impact of games, folklore, and other routines on early development among the Kpelle and in other non-Western cultures. He persuasively argues that such enduring routines for raising children as those observed in the Kpelle village are universal and not limited to rural societies, though they take a variety of forms depending on the society. Ethnographically rich and theoretically sophisticated, the book provides a sound empirical foundation for a practice-based theory of child development.
Category: Psychology

Weaving Warrabah

Author : Yinarr Maramali
ISBN : 0646810413
Genre :
File Size : 39.14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A little big yarn by 5 Gomeroi children sharing a story about time spent on Country learning to weave with their mothers. Written in Gomeroi/Gamilaroi language, Weaving Warrabah can be read or sung and includes a CD.This book was created by the weavers of Yinarr Maramali with Gomeroi Murri Marc Sutherland as part of the Weaving Warrabah Project. The Weaving Warrabah Project saw the creation of a 3-meter-long woven sculpture in honor of Warrabah (Short Neck Turtle) and their home. Over many months more than 100 Gomeroi yinarrgal and miyaygal gathered in their communities to weave, using local lomandra grasses each wove a circle representing a piece of their own story. Each circle is important, it connects us and has contributed to the creation of Warrabah, whose woven shell embodies our kinship.

Ethics In Ethnography

Author : Margaret D. LeCompte
ISBN : 9780759122109
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 49.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is Book 6 of 7 in the Ethnographer's Toolkit, Second Edition. Ethics in Ethnography explores the burgeoning field of research ethics and addresses how both formal and informal ethical considerations underpin good ethnographic research. Coming from the position that no particular research design is more or less prone to generate ethical issues, LeCompte and Schensul open this volume with a short history of formal oversight for human research and address the formal ethical responsibilities incumbent upon researchers. Next, they consider how informal or “everyday” ethics affect researchers’ daily interactions in the field. In recognition of the shift toward team-based field research, the authors pay special attention to ethics related to collaborative research. The book concludes with an examination of new challenges and issues ranging from new field realities to the ethics of interpreting research results. As with all books in the series, this title features case studies, checklists, key points to remember, and additional resources to consult; the result is a uniquely detailed and eminently useful introduction to the ethical conduct of ethnography. Other books in the set: Book 1: Designing and Conducting Ethnographic Research: An Introduction, Second Edition by Margaret D. LeCompte and Jean J. Schensul 9780759118690 Book 2: Initiating Ethnographic Research: A Mixed Methods Approach by Stephen L. Schensul, Jean J. Schensul, and Margaret D. LeCompte 9780759122017 Book 3: Essential Ethnographic Methods: A Mixed Methods Approach, Second Edition by Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte 9780759122031 Book 4: Specialized Ethnographic Methods: A Mixed Methods Approach edited by Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte 9780759122055 Book 5: Analysis and Interpretation of Ethnographic Data: A Mixed Methods Approach, Second Edition by Margaret D. LeCompte and Jean J. Schensul 9780759122079 Book 7: Ethnography in Action: A Mixed Methods Approach by Jean J. Schensul and Margaret D. LeCompte 9780759122116
Category: Social Science

Weaving Rag Rugs

Author : Tom Knisely
ISBN : 9780811758673
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 55.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Every weaver weaves a rag rug--or two, or three. In this long-awaited book, well-known weaver and teacher Tom Knisely shares his knowledge and expertise in this collection of favorite rag rug patterns.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Innovative Learning For Leadership Development

Author : Julie E. Owen
ISBN : 9781119073352
Genre : Education
File Size : 32.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Critically examine the intersections of learning and leadership. Using L. Dee Fink's taxonomy of signicant learning as a scaffold, experts in leadership education explain connections between emerging scholarship of teaching and learning and current trends in leadership, how to develop a more complex understanding of the levers of leadership learning, the environments that promote meaningful and measurable leadership learning, and the evidence behind such a practice. This volume examines: the role of leadership educator, the roles of authenticity (being true to one’s self) and criticality in education (interrogating beliefs and questioning power dynamics), select learning theories and their implications for leadership learning, and strategies for constructing leadership-related learning outcomes and assessing leadership learning. The Jossey-Bass quarterly report series New Directions for Student Leadership explores leadership concepts and pedagogical topics of interest to high school and college leadership educators. Issues are grounded in scholarship and feature practical applications and best practices in youth and adult leadership education.
Category: Education

Mayan Weaving

Author : Ann Stalcup
ISBN : 0823953319
Genre : Design
File Size : 44.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Briefly describes how the Maya wove their cloth, how they dyed the fabric, and how they created the clothing they wore.
Category: Design

The American Missionary

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015024445010
Genre : Congregational churches
File Size : 45.13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Vols. 13-62 include abridged annual reports and proceedings of the annual meetings of the American Missionary Association, 1869-1908; v. 38-62 include abridged annual reports of the Society's Executive committee, 1883/84-1907/1908.
Category: Congregational churches