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Author : Pooja
ISBN : 8171418228
Genre :
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Contents: Introduction, Origin and Evolution of Pteridophytes, Psilophyta, Lycopodium, Selaginella, Equisetum, Ophioglossum, Pteridium, Marsilea, Azolla.

The Last Leaf

Author : Walter Hughes
ISBN : 9780595265923
Genre : Fiction
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When a brilliant young scientist at the U.S. Biological Warfare Laboratories in Maryland discovers a new anthrax-like strain of bacteria, he recognizes unique features that can change the world. Dr. Chris Gregory perfects the organism (BT-2000) to selectively destroy tobacco plants. He and seven other scientists (code name: Poker Players) devise an illegal covert operation. After smuggling BT-2000 into key countries they use top-secret devices stolen from Ft. Detrick to dispense the bacteria worldwide. Tobacco is soon eradicated from the earth.As the supply of tobacco diminishes to the last leaf, farmers go broke, industries collapse and nicotine-addicted smokers panic. Alcohol and drug use, anger in the workplace, road rage and spousal abuse increase. Criminals resort to robbery and murder to obtain remaining precious stocks of tobacco.Eventually the scientists are caught and imprisoned where they are ostracized and beaten by inmates who blame them for destroying their main source of pleasure and barter.After three years the world has changed. Now the air is fresh and clean, addictions have been overcome and rage has subsided. Because lung cancer and other tobacco-related diseases have almost disappeared Gregory is awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of a new approach to preventive medicine.
Category: Fiction

Submarine Telegraphy And The Hunt For Gutta Percha

Author : Helen Godfrey
ISBN : 9789004357280
Genre : History
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In Submarine Telegraphy and the Hunt for Gutta Percha, Helen Godfrey traces the connections between submarine telegraphy and the peoples of Singapore and Sarawak (Borneo) who supplied 'gutta percha', the latex used as insulation for the world’s undersea telegraph cables.
Category: History

Stratification Of Tropical Forests As Seen In Leaf Structure

Author : Ingrid Roth
ISBN : 9789400965690
Genre : Science
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The studies presented in this volume are meant to The reason why we know relatively little about close some gaps in our knowledge of leaf anatomy inner leaf structure of trees from tropical humid of trees in tropical humid forests. Although xero forests is that the leaf anatomy of only a few species morphy of the foliage in tropical humid forests has or genera or - at the most - of an entire family has been much discussed, the statements have generally been studied in detail up to the present. Most of been based on sporadic anatomical studies of part i these studies are, therefore, of taxonomic interest. cular species or genera, a complete area of the size They cannot be included in this study because they of 155. 5 ha has certainly never been considered. do not supply the same information or amount of The present studies analyse an entire inventory of a data presented here. Anatomical studies are very time consuiming because the material first has to be given region in which the number of species and the number of individuals is very well known. This fact prepared and cut before observation can begin. In allows the elaboration of many ecological aspects, vestigation of about 50 characteristics in 230 species which was the main intention of the author.
Category: Science

Ashes To Ashes

Author : Richard Kluger
ISBN : 0307432831
Genre : Social Science
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No book before this one has rendered the story of cigarettes -- mankind's most common self-destructive instrument and its most profitable consumer product -- with such sweep and enlivening detail. Here for the first time, in a story full of the complexities and contradictions of human nature, all the strands of the historical process -- financial, social, psychological, medical, political, and legal -- are woven together in a riveting narrative. The key characters are the top corporate executives, public health investigators, and antismoking activists who have clashed ever more stridently as Americans debate whether smoking should be closely regulated as a major health menace. We see tobacco spread rapidly from its aboriginal sources in the New World 500 years ago, as it becomes increasingly viewed by some as sinful and some as alluring, and by government as a windfall source of tax revenue. With the arrival of the cigarette in the late-nineteenth century, smoking changes from a luxury and occasional pastime to an everyday -- to some, indispensable -- habit, aided markedly by the exuberance of the tobacco huskers. This free-enterprise success saga grows shadowed, from the middle of this century, as science begins to understand the cigarette's toxicity. Ironically the more detailed and persuasive the findings by medical investigators, the more cigarette makers prosper by seeming to modify their product with filters and reduced dosages of tar and nicotine. We see the tobacco manufacturers come under intensifying assault as a rogue industry for knowingly and callously plying their hazardous wares while insisting that the health charges against them (a) remain unproven, and (b) are universally understood, so smokers indulge at their own risk. Among the eye-opening disclosures here: outrageous pseudo-scientific claims made for cigarettes throughout the '30s and '40s, and the story of how the tobacco industry and the National Cancer Institute spent millions to develop a "safer" cigarette that was never brought to market. Dealing with an emotional subject that has generated more heat than light, this book is a dispassionate tour de force that examines the nature of the companies' culpability, the complicity of society as a whole, and the shaky moral ground claimed by smokers who are now demanding recompense From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Social Science

Principles Of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Author : F. Stuart Chapin, III
ISBN : 0387954430
Genre : Nature
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Features review questions at the end of each chapter; Includes suggestions for recommended reading; Provides a glossary of ecological terms; Has a wide audience as a textbook for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and as a reference for practicing scientists from a wide array of disciplines
Category: Nature

Forages And Grazing In Horse Nutrition

Author : Markku Saastamoinen
ISBN : 9789086867554
Genre : Science
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Forages should be the basis of all diets in horse feeding. Therefore it is of major importance to determine which parameters will influence their quality. Changes on chemical composition along the vegetative cycle, nutrient losses during harvesting, preservation and storage are factors that could have an effect on nutritive value, as well on digestibility and palatability. A specific grazing and ingesting behaviour, linked to plant preferences and the selection of feeding sites will have an impact on biodiversity. This will determine the options on plant species and varieties and further management of pastures for horses. This book highlights the role of forages and grazing in horse nutrition and also gathers information about related topics, such as the contribution of local breeds for the sustainability and development of rural areas, their impact on landscape and relationships with environmental preservation. This book is the 6th volume in a scientific series conceived through the European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (EWEN) which falls under the umbrella of the Horse Commission of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). All these materials provide an interesting basis for further discussion, not only in specialized forums, but also for those involved in horse production.
Category: Science

Hydrology And Water Supply For Pond Aquaculture

Author : Kyung H. Yoo
ISBN : 0442002688
Genre : Science
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In 1979, several graduate students in the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn University met with one of the authors (CEB) and asked him to teach a new course on water supply for aqua culture. They felt that information on climatology, hydrology, water distribution systems, pumps, and wells would be valuable to them. Most of these students were planning to work in commercial aquaculture in the United States or abroad, and they thought that such a cdurse would better prepare them to plan aquaculture projects and to communicate with engineers, contractors, and other specialists who often become involved in the planning and construction phases of aquaculture en deavors. The course was developed, and after a few years it was decided that more effective presentation of some of the material could be made by an engineer. The other author (KHY) accepted the challenge, and three courses on the water supply aspects of aquaculture are now offered at Auburn University. A course providing background in hydrology is followed by courses on selected topics from water supply engineering. Most graduate programs in aquaculture at other universities will even tually include similar coursework, because students need a formal intro duction to this important, yet somewhat neglected, part of aquaculture. We have written this book to serve as a text for a course in water supply for aquaculture or for individual study. The book is divided into is concerned two parts.
Category: Science

The Crafts Supply Sourcebook

Author : Margaret Ann Boyd
ISBN : 1558703551
Genre : Art
File Size : 88.11 MB
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A comprehensive directory listing more than 2,500 suppliers, complete with names, addresses, phone numbers and detailed descriptions of what crafts materials they supply.
Category: Art