Le Cateau 1914

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The Retreat From Mons 1914 North

Author : Jon Cooksey
ISBN : 9781473835009
Genre : History
File Size : 42.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mons to the Marne, the latest volume in Pen & Sword's Battle Lines series of walking, cycling and driving guides to the Western Front, is the essential companion for every visitor who is keen to retrace the path taken by the British Expeditionary Force immediately after the outbreak of the First World War. All the most famous battle sites of the Great Retreat are featured here. Expert guides Jon Cooksey and Jerry Murland take visitors over a series of routes that can be walked or biked or driven, explaining the fighting that occurred in each place in vivid detail. They describe what happened, where it happened, and why, and who was involved, and point out the sights that remain there for the visitor to see. Their highly illustrated guidebook is essential reading for visitors who wish enhance their understanding of the fast-moving campaign that preceded the war in the trenches. It gives a fascinating insight into the experience of the troops, the terrain over which they fought and the character of fighting itself.As featured in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.
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The Retreat From Mons 1914 South

Author : Jon Cooksey
ISBN : 9781473823365
Genre : History
File Size : 84.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Retreat from Mons 1914: South is the second volume in Pen & Sword's Battle Lines series to cover the opening campaign of the Great War. It is the essential companion for every visitor who is keen to retrace the path taken by the British Expeditionary Force immediately after the outbreak of the conflict _ all the important battle sites of the second stage of the retreat are featured here. ?Expert guides Jon Cooksey and Jerry Murland take visitors over a series of routes that can be walked, biked or driven, explaining the fighting that occurred at each place in vivid detail. They describe what happened, where it happened and why and who was involved, and point out the sights that remain for the visitor to see.?Their highly illustrated guidebook is essential reading for visitors who wish to enhance their understanding of the fast-moving campaign that preceded the war in the trenches. It gives a fascinating insight into the experience of the troops, the terrain over which they fought and the character of the fighting itself.
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The Battles Of The British Expeditionary Forces 1914 1915

Author : Fred R. Van Hartesveldt
ISBN : 0313306257
Genre : History
File Size : 83.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A historical reference book that provides a discussion of interpretations and controversies about the British Expeditionary Force in 1914-15 and an annotated bibliography of more than 1,000 sources concerning the subject.
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Victoria Crosses On The Western Front August 1914 April 1915

Author : Peter Old Field
ISBN : 9781783030439
Genre : History
File Size : 86.41 MB
Format : PDF
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The research for this book commenced in 1988 while the author was serving in the Army. In the years since, numerous sources have been consulted, but career imperatives left insufficient time to complete the project until retirement from the military. In the past the author spent many days on the First and Second World War battlefields wondering precisely where the Victoria Cross actions took place. He resolved to find out.??The book is designed for the armchair reader as much as the battlefield visitor. A detailed account of each VC action sets it in the wider strategic and tactical context. Detailed sketch maps show the area today, together with the battle-lines and movements of the combatants. It will allow visitors to stand upon the spot, or very close, where the VCs were won. Photographs of the battle sites illustrate the accounts. There is also a comprehensive biography for each VC recipient and photographs. The biographies cover every aspect of their lives 'warts and all' - parents and siblings, education, civilian employment, military career, wife and children, death and burial or commemoration. There is also a host of other information, much published for the first time. Some fascinating characters emerge, with numerous links to many famous people and events.??As featured on BBC Radio Wiltshire and in the Daily Record, Gloucestershire Echo, Canterbury Times and Barking & Dagenham Post.
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Author : Matthew Richardson
ISBN : 9781473826496
Genre : History
File Size : 35.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The opening battles of WWI’s Western Front and the world-changing advances in warfare are reexamined through eyewitness accounts from the trenches. The 1914 campaign of World War I, sparked by the German Army’s invasion of Luxembourg, Belgium, and France, marked a watershed in military history. Advances in weaponry forced both sides to take to the earth in what became a grueling standoff of trench warefare. In a bizarre mix of ancient and modern, some of the last cavalry charges took place in the same theatre in which armoured cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes were beginning to make their presence felt. These dramatic developments were recorded in graphic detail by soldiers who were there in the trenches themselves. Now, with the benefit of these firsthand accounts, historian Matthew Richardson offers a thoroughgoing reassessment of the 1914 campaign. His vivid narrative emphasises the perspective of the private soldiers and junior officers of the British Army and includes full colour plates containing over one hundred illustrations. 1914: Voices from the Battlefields was a Britain At War Magazine Book of the Month in February 2014.
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They Were There In 1914

Author : William Langford
ISBN : 9781783831050
Genre : History
File Size : 20.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In September 1938, as Chamberlain was having discussions with Herr Hitler, and managing to secure 'Peace in our Time', a weekly magazine called I WAS THERE hit the newsagents and booksellers. Twenty years had elapsed since the Great War ended and in that period hundreds of books on the subject had been written by those who took part. It was from these published sources that extracts were taken from the personal stories of soldiers, sailors and airmen who had experienced the 'war to end all wars' first-hand. The magazine I WAS THERE proved popular with the public and came only came to an end as the Second World War broke out.??This rework _ in book form _ They Were There has allowed these stories of 1914 to be aired once more _ covering exciting accounts from Mons to the Christmas Truce, 1914, and to the German naval bombardment of the East Coast of England in December of that year. We are confident that many will agree, these stories are well worth ressurecting and presenting in book form to readers of the 21st Century _ 100 years after they were first told.
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British Battalions In France Belgium 1914

Author : Ray Westlake
ISBN : 9781473812741
Genre : History
File Size : 82.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The author has painstakingly compiled a comprehensive compendium of the exact movements of every regiment involved on the various battlefields in France and Flanders during World War One.
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Retreat Of I Corps 1914

Author : Jerry Murland
ISBN : 9781783463732
Genre : History
File Size : 58.49 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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On 23 August 1914 it was only the two divisions of General Smith-Dorrien's II Corps that were directly engaged with the German First Army along the line of the Mons-Conde Canal. As the British Expeditionary Force withdrew from Mons and bivouacked around Bavay on 25 August, Sir John French and his GHQ advisors _ unsure of the condition of the routes through the Fort de Mormal - ordered the British Expeditionary Force to continue their retirement the next day and to avoid the 35 square miles of forest roads. Consequently II Corps used the roads to the west of the Fort de Mormal and Sir Douglas Haig's I Corps those to the east _ with the intention that the four divisions should meet again at Le Cateau. It was an intention that was ambushed by circumstance as I Corps encountered units of the German 7th Division at Landrecies on 25/26 August. Unsure of the weight of the German attack at Landrecies, Douglas Haig hurriedly left for Grand Fayt and ordered his two divisions to immediately begin their retirement along a route that would take them west of Le Cateau. It was this decision that kept the by now five divisions of the BEF apart until 1 September and is the subject of this book. I Corps was now coming under attack from the German Second Army and the resulting rearguard actions that Haig's men were involved in are covered in this volume:
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Western Front 1914 1916

Author : John Grehan
ISBN : 9781473828551
Genre : History
File Size : 72.9 MB
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From the moment the German army moved quietly into Luxemburg on 2 August 1914, to the Armistice on 11 November 1918, the fighting on the Western Front in France and Flanders never stopped. There were quiet periods, just as there were the most intense, savage, huge-scale battles.The war on the Western Front can be thought of as being in three phases: first, a war of movement as Germany attacked France and the Allies sought to halt it; second, the lengthy and terribly costly siege warfare as the entrenched lines proved impossible to crack (late 1914 to mid–1918); and finally a return to mobile warfare as the Allies applied lessons and technologies forged in the previous years.As with previous wars, British Commanders-in-Chief of a theatre of war or campaign were obliged to report their activities and achievements to the War Office in the form of a despatch and those written from the Western Front provide a fascinating, detailed and compelling overview of this part of the First World War.
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The Gunners Of August 1914

Author : John Hulton
ISBN : 9781473823723
Genre : History
File Size : 66.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Great War will always be synonymous with trench warfare and the mass slaughter inflicted by machine guns on the helpless but gallant infantry. There is a good reason for this view as the machine guns took a terrible toll, and the infantry's experiences continue to fascinate and appal people today. But one aspect of the fighting that gets insufficient attention is the artillery. Histories of the major battles often reduce the role of the big guns to a few paragraphs, and this has created a seriously distorted impression of the reality of the fighting. A better balance needs to be struck, and that is the intention of John Hutton's new book on the gunners of 1914.??He tells the story of the war as the gunners themselves saw it, focusing on the first few months of warfare which were fundamental to the conduct of the campaign. The gunners may not have always shared the trench experiences of the infantry in the front line, but they were in the thick of the action, and success or failure depended on them. The personal testimonies of those who served with and supported the guns provide a vital insight into the colossal tragedy and drama of the war from the artilleryman's point of view.
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Battle Of Le Cateau 26th August 1914 Tour Of The Battlefield

Author : Naval & Military Press, The
ISBN : 1845740335
Genre :
File Size : 89.75 MB
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Le Cateau, with Mons, was one of the two major engagements fought by the British Expeditionary Force in France in the opening weeks of the Great War. The battle, fought chiefly by the BEF s II Corps under the command of General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien on 26th August 1914, came about because of the confusion caused by the unexpected speed and weight of the German advance, which had routed General Lanrezac s French Vth army. The BEF, endeavouring to cover for the French, found itself out oon a limb around the small town of Le Cateau. On the night of 25th August, the local commanders, - aware that to continue the retreat at daylight in conjunction with the fleeing French, as ordered by GHQ, would open them to the dangers of an attack by General von Kluck s 1st Army in front of them while they were in the process of retiring - took the decision to stand and fight. GHQ, some 23 miles away at St Quentin, concurred. The discipline of the BEF"s musketry, including units of the Argyll and Suffolk regiments, held the advancing enemy at bay, although the German machine-gun fire inflicted heavy casualties. The action held up the German juggernaut for a vital day, but the retreat continued. This official combined tour guide and pack of battlefield maps, produced by the War Office in 1933 as another war with Germany loomed, gives a clear step by step unfolding of the battle with the aid of a series of topographical sketches and a main battle map showing the movements of the opposing armies. There are notes on the units involved, the mistakes made, and the lessons learned. An invaluable addition to the armoury of the growing number of Great War enthusiasts and visitors to the western front. Smith-Dorrien was made the scapegoat for the battle and lost his command.

Margot Asquith S Great War Diary 1914 1916

Author : Michael Brock
ISBN : 9780191017087
Genre : History
File Size : 47.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Margot Asquith was the wife of Herbert Henry Asquith, the Liberal Prime Minister who led Britain into war in August 1914. Asquith's early war leadership drew praise from all quarters, but in December 1916 he was forced from office in a palace coup, and replaced by Lloyd George, whose career he had done so much to promote. Margot had both the literary gifts and the vantage point to create, in her diary of these years, a compelling record of her husband's fall from grace. An intellectual socialite with the airs, if not the lineage, of an aristocrat, Margot was both a spectator and a participant in the events she describes, and in public affairs could be an ally or an embarrassment - sometimes both. Her diary vividly evokes the wartime milieu as experienced in 10 Downing Street, and describes the great political battles that lay behind the warfare on the Western Front, in which Asquith would himself lose his eldest son. The writing teems with character sketches, including Lloyd George ('a natural adventurer who may make or mar himself any day'), Churchill ('Winston's vanity is septic'), and Kitchener ('a man brutal by nature and by pose'). Never previously published, this candid, witty, and worldly diary gives us a unique insider's view of the centre of power, and an introduction by Michael Brock, in addition to explanatory footnotes and appendices written with his wife Eleanor, provide the context and background information we need to appreciate them to the full.
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World Wars 1914 1945

Author : Multiple Authors
ISBN : 9781782741275
Genre : History
File Size : 47.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The two world wars were amongst the most convulsive events in human history. Millions of people died, many millions more had their lives transformed, and the nature of warfare itself was changed forever. The Era of World Wars 1914-45 – volume six in the Encyclopedia of Warfare Series – charts the cataclysmic world wars of the twentieth century. This is a chronological guide to conflict on every continent, including the far-reaching effects on Africa, China and the Middle East, as well as the more familiar battlegrounds such as Verdun and the Somme in 1916, Stalingrad in 1942, and Normandy in 1944. This volume tells the story of the millions involved in the world wars and surrounding conflicts. Featuring full colour maps illustrating the formations and strategies used, plus narrative descriptions of the circumstances behind each battle, this is a comprehensive guide to the two world wars and the other conflicts of the era. The Encyclopedia of Warfare Series is an authoritative compendium of five millennia of conflict, from the ancient world to the Arab Spring. Written in a style accessible to both the student and the general enthusiast, it reflects the latest thinking among military historians and will prove to be an indispensible reference guide.
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The Monthly Army List

Author : Great Britain. Army
ISBN : STANFORD:36105211521682
Genre : Retired military personnel
File Size : 86.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Great War Generals On The Western Front 1914 18

Author : Robin Neillands
ISBN : IND:30000078375676
Genre : Generals
File Size : 61.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Many Great War histories tell the reader what happened on the Western front but few spell out why. In this book, the author looks at the battles through the eyes of the generals who were charged with winning them and examines the accusations that have surrounded them for over 70 years. The tragedy of the death toll on the Western Front gives weight to the argument against them, but what were the near unsurmountable problems that stood between the generals and final victory? How much of what the general public believes about the First World War is really true? This book aims to illuminate the bitter controversy.
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British Pro Consuls In Egypt 1914 1929

Author : C. W. R. Long
ISBN : 9781134268344
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 72.82 MB
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With World War I and Egypt's colourful politics as background, C.W.R. Long tells the story of four proconsuls (McMahon, Wingate, Allenby and Lloyd), their principal opponent, Sa'ad Zaghul, and the great events of the time: the rise of the Wafd party, the uprising of 1919, the murder of Sir Lee Stack and the Allenby ultimatum. He sheds new light on the strife of members of the High Commission among themselves and the Foreign Office, on the struggle between Egypt and Britain for ownership of the Sudan, on Egypt's fight for independence and on the failure of democracy to take root in the country.
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