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Later The Same Day

Author : Grace Paley
ISBN : 9781466884090
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 55.8 MB
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Grace Paley's stature among writers of short fiction was established by her first collection, The Little Disturbances of Man (1959), and reconfirmed with the publication of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute in 1974. This new book, a selection from her work over the past ten years, is appropriately titled Later the Same Day: Paley's concerns, or themes, have changed only as much as life's constants change with the passage of time. Those characters familiar to readers of her previous volumes have grown older but are still deeply involved with their parents, their lovers and friends, and their children--the past, present, and future--and the welfare of the wider community. We meet the neighborhood druggist with his tale of familiar heartbreak and small-time bigotry ("Zagrowsky Tells"); a willful father in Puerto Rico who cannot accept the obvious loss of his child by kidnapping ("In the Garden"); a black woman who mourns the fact that her daughter, "born in good cheer," has become only "busy and broad" ("Lavinia: An Old Story")' a visitor from China whose concern is about the children, how to raise them" (The Expensive Moment:); a craftsman whose beautiful creation is stillborn ("This is a Story about My Friend George, the Toy Inventor"). The seenteen stories in Later the Same Day are marked by Paley's low-keyed humor, her rich but economical use of language, and her seemingly endless capacity for empathy. Their substance--the persistence of human and political concerns, despite practical pressures--subtly overwhelms less important matters.
Category: Fiction

Elijah S Ministry

Author : Elijah
ISBN : 9781477297131
Genre : Religion
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Suddenly we heard the sound of an engine, or engines, in the sky. We looked up and saw a small aircraft. I still recollect the look on his face when he heard, and then saw the plane. I immediately pointed to the plane, and addressing him by name said: “Tullie! That is my death. Save yourself !” He hesitated, and I reached to push him out of the van. He moved before my hand reached him. At this time,I looked up to the plane and said, “God, if you ready for me, I ready for you. I’m not scared.” For thousands of years the ‘world’ has looked for me. Many men have claimed to be me. Even more people have said that others were, or are me, so I am inviting you to read and see for yourselves. Then you might know: “This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world.” St John 6: 14
Category: Religion

Rehabilitation Research

Author : Russell Carter
ISBN : 9781455759798
Genre : Medical
File Size : 66.23 MB
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Covering the full range of rehabilitation research with a clear, easy-to-understand approach, this resource will help you analyze and apply research to practice.Rehabilitation Research: Principles and Applications examines traditional experimental designs as well as nonexperimental and emerging approaches, including qualitative research, single-system design, outcomes research, and survey research. Clinical case studies and references will enhance your skills as a scientist-practitioner. Written by noted educators Russell Carter and Jay Lubinsky, this book emphasizes evidence-based practice within physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other rehabilitation professions. Discipline-specific examples are drawn from three major fields: physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. Unique! Coverage of non-experimental research includes chapters on clinical case reports and qualitative research, so you can understand a wide range of research methods and when it is most appropriate to use each type. Expanded Single-Subject Design chapter provides a more thorough explanation and examples of multiple baselines, alternating treatments, and interactions -- designs that can be use in everyday clinical practice. Finding Research Literature chapter includes step-by-step descriptions of literature searches within different rehab professions. Student resources on a companion Evolve website allow you to review important concepts with exercises and discussion questions, research article analyses, and a downloadable spreadsheet. Unique! New Evidence-Based Practice chapter provides an overview of the important concepts of EBP and the WHO model of health and disease. Discussion questions on the companion Evolve website provide you with ideas for further study. Unique! Research article analyses on Evolve provide more in-depth analysis and demonstrate the writing style you should employ. New authors Russell Carter and Jay Lubinsky bring an interdisciplinary focus and a stronger emphasis on evidence-based practice.
Category: Medical


Author : Jill Leovy
ISBN : 9780385530002
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 66.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, USA TODAY, AND CHICAGO TRIBUNE • A masterly work of literary journalism about a senseless murder, a relentless detective, and the great plague of homicide in America NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD FINALIST • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • The Washington Post • The Boston Globe • The Economist • The Globe and Mail • BookPage • Kirkus Reviews On a warm spring evening in South Los Angeles, a young man is shot and killed on a sidewalk minutes away from his home, one of the thousands of black Americans murdered that year. His assailant runs down the street, jumps into an SUV, and vanishes, hoping to join the scores of killers in American cities who are never arrested for their crimes. But as soon as the case is assigned to Detective John Skaggs, the odds shift. Here is the kaleidoscopic story of the quintessential, but mostly ignored, American murder—a “ghettoside” killing, one young black man slaying another—and a brilliant and driven cadre of detectives whose creed is to pursue justice for forgotten victims at all costs. Ghettoside is a fast-paced narrative of a devastating crime, an intimate portrait of detectives and a community bonded in tragedy, and a surprising new lens into the great subject of why murder happens in our cities—and how the epidemic of killings might yet be stopped. Praise for Ghettoside “A serious and kaleidoscopic achievement . . . [Jill Leovy is] a crisp writer with a crisp mind and the ability to boil entire skies of information into hard journalistic rain.”—Dwight Garner, The New York Times “Masterful . . . gritty reporting that matches the police work behind it.”—Los Angeles Times “Moving and engrossing.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Penetrating and heartbreaking . . . Ghettoside points out how relatively little America has cared even as recently as the last decade about the value of young black men’s lives.”—USA Today “Functions both as a snappy police procedural and—more significantly—as a searing indictment of legal neglect . . . Leovy’s powerful testimony demands respectful attention.”—The Boston Globe “Gritty, heart-wrenching . . . Everyone needs to read this book.”—Michael Connelly “Ghettoside is remarkable: a deep anatomy of lawlessness.”—Atul Gawande, author of Being Mortal “[Leovy writes] with grace and artistry, and controlled—but bone-deep—outrage in her new book. . . . The most important book about urban violence in a generation.”—The Washington Post “Riveting . . . This timely book could not be more important.”—Associated Press “Leovy’s relentless reporting has produced a book packed with valuable, hard-won insights—and it serves as a crucial, 366-page reminder that ‘black lives matter.’ ”—The New York Times Book Review “A compelling analysis of the factors behind the epidemic of black-on-black homicide . . . an important book, which deserves a wide audience.”—Hari Kunzru, The Guardian From the Hardcover edition.
Category: True Crime

Tigers Of The Death S Head

Author : Michael Wood
ISBN : 9780811753432
Genre : History
File Size : 79.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Detailed history of the Tiger company of Nazi Germany's notorious "Death's Head" panzer division of the Waffen-SS.
Category: History

On The Wings Of Hope

Author : D.G. Waugh
ISBN : 9781462899050
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.78 MB
Format : PDF
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This books contains three stimulating stories of human struggles. Miriam struggle as she takes care of her young nephew, Johnny , whose father, Paul Simeon she suspects of being responsible for her sisters untimely death. Her sisters last letter indicated that there was enough information to have Paul and his gang arrested. She cringes while watching Johnny act nervous and edgy when he is around his father. What does that child know, she asks herself. Is her new friend, Mrs. Worth justified in believing that Paul and his co-hort, Stubby are planning to get rid of both of them? The second book, Dont Wake a Sleeping Lion has Esther struggling with trying to find a way to escape from her kidnappers. She and her co-worker were on the trail of a series of missing persons. How do they handle the death of one of their members as he is found beaten until he is almost not recognized? The third book is called Beth Young Beth struggles over her fathers anger at God for taking his wife. She weeps as she watches him raise his fist toward heaven. Its interesting to see how she tries to intervene in her fathers life. In the meantime, while praying for him, she finds that the boy next door, who is the towns trouble maker needs prayer Her aunt tries to convince the eager child to be patient. The second part of Beth has her grown up into a teen and she and the boy next door are praying for each other. God is good...all the time
Category: Fiction

All Quiet On The Realty Front

Author : John Hepburn
ISBN : 9781937520632
Genre : Humor
File Size : 76.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of short stories, all real estate related, some sad, some humorous, some food for thought. Initially written as a promotional, closing or a client gift from a real estate professional to their client, it was expanded due to reader request to be offered to the general reading public as a "fun" read, and labeled by more than one as a great "bathroom" read!
Category: Humor

The Holy Terror Captain William Nichols

Author : Dr. G. William Freeman
ISBN : 9781496959324
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Captain Nichols was a naval war hero in the War of 1812. He has been seldom mentioned in history books. He was a bold and daring privateer sea captain from Newburyport, MA, who was known as a man to be feared by the British who faced him on the sea. His story needs to be brought out of the shadows of history. During the War, he captured 28 British Prizes, although one-half of the time he was in prison earning for himself the name of The Holy Terror wherever seamen gathered. H.W. Bartlett Upon his capture in the privateer Decatur, he was held in a cage constructed for him on the deck of a British frigate and deprived of communication with others for a month. He was then held in chains on a prison-ship in Chatham Harbor, England for a year and a half. President Madison ordered two British offi cers held in close confi nement in the United States in response to Nichols cruel and inhumane treatment. Nichols was eventually exchanged for the two offi cers and returned to the United States. Following his imprisonment, he continued his naval battles against the British, completing two successful cruises on the fast-sailing privateer Harpy by the end of the war. His story rivals the tales of swashbuckling pirates that have inspired the minds of the greatest fi ction writers. AUTHOR: G. WILLIAM FREEMAN, Ed.D. Dr. Freeman is a sixth generation descendant of Captain Nichols. The echo of Nichols lineage and the stories of his bravery have remained with Dr. Freeman throughout his life, propelling him to conduct considerable research on the history of his ancestor. Dr. Freeman has had a long professional career. He holds graduate degrees from Harvard and Boston Universities and was a General Motors Scholar at the University of Denver. He enjoys coin collecting, woodworking projects, playing the piano and genealogical research.
Category: Biography & Autobiography