Language In Multicultural Education

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Language In Multicultural Education

Author : Rumjahn Hoosain
ISBN : 9781593112523
Genre : Education
File Size : 28.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Twenty-nine international academics contribute 19 chapters examining the role that language plays in the development of multicultural education in a number of countries, including the U.S., Canada, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Australia.
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Language In Multicultural Education

Author : Farideh Salili
ISBN : 9781607525035
Genre : Education
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Many books on multicultural education focus on a country and provide indepth discussion of issues pertinent to that country at the time. Alternately, understanding of multicultural education is sought through comparison between a society of special interest and a reference society, often the United States. An interesting recent example is Constructing Multicultural Education in a Diverse Society by Ilghiz Sinagatullin (2003), drawing on the author’s knowledge of Russia and more particularly the Republic of Bashkortostan, itself an ethnically and culturally diverse part of Russia. The approach taken in this volume is to focus on an aspect of diversity, and look at its ramifications across the world. This provides an understanding of the nature of multicultural education itself, as well as insights into local issues through the experience of other places.
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Language Learning In The Multicultural Classroom

Author : Marko Modiano
ISBN : 9144053398
Genre : Education
File Size : 79.12 MB
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This book provides educators and teacher trainees with a basis upon which to develop teaching and learning methodologies that accommodate the multicultural classroom. A number of new perspectives are scrutinised, among them English as an International Language, Mid-Atlantic English, and Euro-English. The book begins with a survey of the English language. Here, standard language ideologies and traditional teaching and learning practices, it is argued, are found to be obsolete because of the advent of Europeanisation and globalisation. Alternative language ideologies which reveal how conventional foreign-language teaching methodologies impede rather than promote the acquisition of intercultural competence are then investigated. Novel conceptualisations of language are presented which bring pluralism and multiculturalism centre-stage.
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Bilingual And Multicultural Education

Author : Stan Shapson
ISBN : 090502835X
Genre : Education
File Size : 52.35 MB
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This book provides a conceptualisation of bilingual (French-English) and multicultural education. Its main purposes are to synthesise recent responses to bilingual and multicultural education; to identify the issues arising out of the schools' responses to these new challenges; and to examine future directions for educational policy.
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Multicultural Education

Author : James A. Banks
ISBN : 9781119510215
Genre : Education
File Size : 51.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As diversity continues to increase in the United States, ethnic, cultural, social-class, and linguistic gaps are widening between teachers and their students. The rapidly changing educational landscape presents unique challenges and opportunities for addressing diversity both creatively and constructively in schools. Multicultural Education helps current and future educators fully understand sophisticated concepts of culture; become more effective practitioners in diverse classrooms; and view race, class, gender, social class, and exceptionality as intersectional concepts. Now in its tenth edition, this bestselling textbook assists educators to effectively respond to the ways race, social class, and gender interact to influence student behavior and learning. Contributions from leading authorities in multicultural education discuss the effects of class and religion on education; differences in educational opportunities for male, female, and LGBTQ students; and issues surrounding non-native English speakers, students of color, and students with disabilities. Contemporary in relevance, this timely volume promotes multicultural education as a process of school reform. Practical advice helps teachers increase student academic achievement, work effectively with parents, improve classroom assessment, and benefit from diversity.
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The Work Of Language In Multicultural Classrooms

Author : Katherine Richardson Bruna
ISBN : 9781135269371
Genre : Education
File Size : 36.91 MB
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How does language comprise the implicit or explicit curriculum of teaching and learning in multicultural science settings? Building on a growing interest in the ways in which language and literacy practices interact with science teaching and learning to facilitate or obstruct successful student outcomes, this book contributes to scholarship on the role of language in developing classroom scientific communities of practice, expands that work by highlighting the challenges faced specifically by ethnic- and linguistic-"minority" students and their teachers in joining those communities, and showcases exemplary teaching and research initiatives for helping to meet these challenges. Offering teacher practitioners and researchers in the fields of science education and multicultural education lenses through which they can critically consider the myriad of classroom settings, instructional approaches, curricular materials, and scientific topics involved in what it means to teach science while pointedly addressing concerns about equity of educational opportunity, this volume serves as a powerful resource for linking theory and practice. End-of-chapter reflection questions and engagement activities facilitate discussion round these issues and provide rich opportunities for the reader to consider the implications of each chapter for science instruction and research and to apply insights developed in a real-world science teaching and learning contexts.
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Losing Our Language

Author : Sandra Stotsky
ISBN : UOM:39015051830415
Genre : Education
File Size : 33.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Why do American students' reading and writing test scores continue to decline? Why does the achievement gap continue to grow between minority and other students? Poor teacher training, large class size, small budgets and other such answers have been proposed for these vexing questions. But Sandra Stotsky argues that it is the incorporation of a multicultural agenda into basal readers, the primary tool for teaching reading in elementary schools, that has stunted our children's ability to read. In "Losing Our Language," Stotsky shows how basal readers have been systematically "dumbed down" in an effort to raise minority students' "self esteem." While elementary readers of the past featured excerpts from classic stories such as "Arabian Nights" and "Robinson Crusoe," with a complex vocabulary and sentence structure able to challenge the imagination and build reading skills, today's basal readers present students with politically and ethnically correct stories whose language is virtually foreign and unable to engage students. Drawing words from Swahili, Spanglish and other trendy dialects to teach students with a shrinking English vocabularly is a symptom of this intellectual and cultural disorder. Sandra Stotsky reminds us that how successfully we teach reading is no mere academic matter. Literacy--cultural and verbal--gives all students, but particularly those from poor or minority backgrounds, personal independence and achievement and the ability to participate fully in our civic life.
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Worlds Of Learning

Author : Michael Singh
ISBN : 9781863350570
Genre : Global method of teaching
File Size : 58.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Investigation into the continuing diversity in the Australian student population due to the increasing presence of students from around the world, especially Asia. This changing demographic has meant the creation of a diverse student population, which in turn has created the need for new techniques to manage the changing student and teacher relations. Includes contributor notes and references. Simultaneously published in paperback and downloadable pdf format. Editor is Professor of Language and Culture, the Head of the Department of Language and International Studies, and Foundation Director of RMIT's Globalisation and Cultural Diversity Research Concentration. He has previously written 'Performance Indicators in Education' and 'Equity Issues'.
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Multicultural And Multilingual Literacy And Language

Author : Fenice B. Boyd
ISBN : 157230961X
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 69.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Within a clear conceptual framework, this book explores ways that teachers, reading specialists, administrators, and teacher educators can provide more effective literacy instruction to K-9 students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Cutting-edge theory and research is interwoven with detailed case studies that bring to life the complexities of teaching in today's multicultural and multilingual classroom. Topics covered include: *How and why culture matters in literacy instruction *Drawing on students' multiple literacies in the classroom *Motivating and engaging English-language learners *Steps that teachers can take to heighten their cultural awareness and skills *Tapping into family and community resources for literacy learning
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Culturally And Linguistically Diverse Classrooms

Author : Dr. Jennifer Miller
ISBN : 1847693792
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 27.30 MB
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A critical reality of contemporary education in a globalised world is the growing cultural, racial and linguistic diversity in schools and the issues involved in educating increasing numbers of students who are still learning the dominant language. This poses extraordinary challenges for second and foreign language teachers in many countries, where such students must engage with the mainstream curriculum in a new language. What do these increasingly plurilingual and multicultural classrooms look like? And how do language teachers address the challenges of such diverse classrooms? This book brings together a group of well-recognised language education scholars who present their research in a range of international settings. They focus on the key areas of pedagogy, language policy and curriculum and exemplify new research directions in the field.
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Narrative And Experience In Multicultural Education

Author : JoAnn Phillion
ISBN : 9781452237787
Genre : Education
File Size : 74.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Narrative and Experience in Multicultural Education explores the untapped potential that narrative and experiential approaches have for understanding multicultural issues in education. The research featured in the book reflects an exciting new way of thinking about human experience. The studies focus on the lives of students, teachers, parents, and communities, highlighting experiences seldom discussed in the literature. Most importantly, the work emphasizes the understanding of experience and transforming this understanding into social and educational significance.
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Language Diversity In The Classroom

Author : John Edwards
ISBN : 9781847692252
Genre : Education
File Size : 20.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of language contact in classroom settings. Particularly highlighted are the range and implications of attitudes towards languages and dialects - with close attention to nonstandard varieties - studies of Black English, foreign-language teaching and learning, as well as broad consideration of the assumptions and intentions underpinning bilingual and multicultural education.
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Language Culture And Teaching

Author : Sonia Nieto
ISBN : 9781135652562
Genre : Education
File Size : 61.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book will explore how language & culture are connected to teaching & learning, and examine the sociocultural & sociopolitical contexts of language & culture to understand how these contexts affect student learning & achievement.
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An Introduction To Multicultural Education

Author : Chinaka S. DomNwachukwu
ISBN : 9781607096856
Genre : Education
File Size : 54.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An Introduction to Multicultural Education provides a balance between the principles and practice of multicultural education in the K-12 classroom, presenting multicultural education as a learner-centered pedagogy. DomNwachukwu's book projects foundational principles and practices that make multicultural education relevant and appealing, while eliminating ideas and practices that produce negative reactions and outcomes. An Introduction to Multicultural Education utilizes historical data to make the case for equity pedagogy, going further than other books on this topic to provide practical steps and approaches to implementing multicultural education. The person and cultural identity of the teacher is addressed in-depth. The person and nature of the learner and the learning process are addressed as foundational ideas behind equity pedagogy. Such multicultural education topics as gender equity, universal access, religious pluralism, and bilingualism (or multilingualism) are all addressed with much detail. This book provides pre-service and in-service teachers with the theoretical and practical support they need to provide equal and meaningful education to all the students in their classrooms.
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Language And Learning

Author : Beverly McLeod
ISBN : 0791418928
Genre : Education
File Size : 53.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of essays on teaching linguistically diverse student populations includes: "Linguistic Diversity and Academic Achievement" (Beverly McLeod); "The Impact of the Education Reform Movement on Limited English Proficient Students" (Patricia Gandara); "The Role of Discourse in Learning, Schooling, and Reform" (Hugh Mehan); "The Values of a Multicultural Education for All Students" (Christine E. Sleeter); "Research Knowledge and Policy Issues in Cultural Diversity and Education" (Roland G. Tharp); "First and Second Language Literacy in the Late Elementary Grades" (Barry McLaughlin); "Teaching Strategies: Their Possibilities and Limitations" (Lilia I. Bartolome); "A Communication Framework for Mathematics: Exemplary Instruction for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students" (Mary E. Brenner); and "Language Diversity and Science Learning: The Need for a Critical System of Meaning" (Alejandro J. Gallard, Deborah J. Tippins). (MSE)
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Learning Together In The Multicultural Classroom

Author : Elizabeth Coelho
ISBN : UOM:39015026926728
Genre : Education
File Size : 32.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides a wealth of practical ideas for making group work work in a multicultural context.
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