Landscapes Of Leisure

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Landscapes Of Leisure

Author : S. Gammon
ISBN : 9781137428530
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 52.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume aims to map out the complex relationships leisure has with notions of place and space in contemporary life. Illustrating the transdisciplinarity of this key feature of leisure studies, it explores how leisure places and spaces affect personal, social and collective identities.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Extreme Landscapes Of Leisure

Author : Patrick Laviolette
ISBN : 9781317137054
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 90.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In recent years, there has been an increased engagement throughout the social sciences with the study of extreme places and practices. Dangerous games and adventure tours have shifted from being marginal, exotic or mad to being more than merely acceptable. They are now exemplary, mainstream even: there are a variety of new types, increasing numbers of people are doing them and they are being appropriated and have infiltrated more and more contexts. This book argues that hazardous sports and adventure tourism have become rather paradoxical. As a set of activities where players and holidaymakers are closer to death or danger than they would otherwise be, they are the complete opposite of normal games or vacations. Adventure sports and tours reverse the general definition of a holiday as being an escape from the seriousness of everyday life, as in most cases, they are innately serious, requiring as they do 'life or death' decision-making. Beginning with the rise in colonial explorations and moving on to consider the Dangerous Sports Club of Oxford, this book examines the increasing phenomena of adventure sports such as bungy jumping, cliff jumping or 'tomb-stoning', surfing and parkour within a framework of positive risk. It explores how certain assumptions about knowledge, agency, the body and nature are beginning to coalesce around newly developing spheres of social relations. Additionally, extreme games have become activities that are germane to the dawning of green social thought and so the book also addresses issues that deal with the intimate connections that exist between pleasure and the moral responsibility towards the environment.
Category: Sports & Recreation

Leisure And Tourism Landscapes

Author : Cara Aitchison
ISBN : 9781134688661
Genre : Science
File Size : 90.15 MB
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Increasingly significant as mediators of spatial identity and meaning, leisure, tourism, culture and heritage are only now beginning to be located within the rapidly evolving discourses of poststructuralist geographies. Exploring the influence of leisure and tourism on the production, representation and consumption of landscape, the first half of this important book focuses on different ways of ‘seeing’ or representing landscape, whereas the second half examines different forms of productive consumption in leisure and tourism. Both symbolic and material spaces of leisure and tourism are also examined in relation to urban and rural landscapes, heritage landscapes, gendered landscapes, and landscapes of sexuality and desire. With a multidisciplinary approach and a strong theoretical content which builds on poststructuralist theories, this is undoubtedly an important addition to literature in the field.
Category: Science

Leisure Landscapes

Author : Suzanne Martin
ISBN : MINN:31951D02373169T
Genre : Forest policy
File Size : 52.46 MB
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Category: Forest policy

Greetings From Europe

Author : Niek Hazendonk
ISBN : 9789064506505
Genre : Architecture and tourism
File Size : 36.96 MB
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Category: Architecture and tourism

Everyday Landscapes

Author : Caroline Beaudoin
ISBN : OCLC:1135025819
Genre :
File Size : 36.93 MB
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Focusing on the Eastern Townships area of Quebec, this dissertation attends to the complex values that can be assigned to landscape as visual representation, and to landscape as place. The case-studies, beginning at the turn of the 20th-century, consider landscape in relation to a broad network of social relations and cultural meanings. Section I of the thesis starts by examining paintings and illustrations of loggers by F.S. Coburn as a way to address the logging industry in the Eastern Townships, and to consider the presence or absence of labour in landscape representation. Section II concentrates on early 20th-century postcards of towns, sites of leisure and asbestos mines in the region. I approach these postcards as modern material agents that articulate the everydayness of landscape and place through their imagery, as well as through their usage. Section III comes up to the present day through a discussion of an eco-park in Magog that negotiates the tension between ecological activism and eco-tourism, as the Eastern Townships struggles to achieve a post-industrial identity. Organized into three chronological and overlapping sections that span 115 years of one region's history, the thesis develops an approach to landscape that is both art-historical and interdisciplinary. This study builds on recent scholarship within Canadian art history that challenges the association of landscape art with a myth about the country’s uninhabited wilderness; the region's landscapes studied here are inhabited, and imbued with rural, industrial and bilingual histories. The visual culture methodology deployed here means that canonical modes of artistic landscape representations are addressed relative to landscape images circulating on postcards, newspaper and book illustrations, documentary photographs, a labour recruitment booklet and an ecopark's website for example. The theoretical and scholarly foundation of this thesis has been constructed by drawing on discussions of landscape by art historians, but also by sociologists, geographers, anthropologists, and philosophers. It is this interdisciplinary breadth that allows landscapes to be regarded as sites of everyday human interactions, that inevitably intersect with collective, commercial and political motives, and with cultural ideals, interests, and values. The writings of Henri Lefebvre on the value of the everyday have been important for this thesis, as has his critique of capitalist practices of labour and leisure. Another key author is Félix Guattari who was also highly critical of capitalism, while turning his attention to the state of the world's post-industrial ecology. Likewise, this thesis calls attention to the role of capitalist initiatives in the production of everyday landscapes. This analysis of diverse landscape images is meant to shed light on the Eastern Townships' complex identity as it transitions from a former industrial modern era to its current post-industrial phase. This thesis asks what the term landscape has come to imply measured against social tensions relating to class differences, or economic and environmental imperatives, and how its range of meanings can encompass territory, property, picture, place, and environment.

Seductions Of Place

Author : Alan A Lew
ISBN : 9781134651870
Genre : Science
File Size : 90.30 MB
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The seductiveness of touristed landscapes is simultaneously local and global, as travelled places are formed and reworked by the activities of diverse, mobile people, in their desires to experience situated, sensuous qualities of difference. Cartier and Lew’s interesting and informative book explores contemporary issues in travel and tourism and human geography, and the complex cultural, political, and economic activities at stake in touristed landscapes as a result of globalization. This book assesses travel and tourism as simultaneously cultural and economic processes, through ideas about place seduction and the formation of landscapes. Throughout, examples are given from urban and environmental touristed landscapes, from major world cities to tropical islands, and chapter contributions include: an analysis of the representational character of landscape and the built environment historic constructions of place seduction the importance of class, racial, and gender dimensions of place how mobility and the seduction of place orient identity formation the environmental impacts of tourism economies. Broad in scope, this book is ideal for social scientists and humanists who are interested in contemporary debates about place studies, mobility, and the located realities of globalization.
Category: Science

Sexualities Spaces And Leisure Studies

Author : Jayne Caudwell
ISBN : 9781135740160
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 34.86 MB
Format : PDF
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This edited collection explores the important connections between sexualities, geographies and leisure studies. Chapters consider aspects of sport, leisure and tourism and show how sexualities are produced and reproduced within these spatial realms. The critical and interdisciplinary analyses—which are evident in the collection—focus on sexuality and the socio-cultural power relations produced through and in the spaces of leisure. These theoretical discussions are all informed by recent research findings and, importantly, extend existing debates within the fields of geography and leisure studies. A range of appropriate and relevant topics are covered, including critical debate on sexism, homophobic, heterosexism and heteronormativity as well as specific LGBT experiences of sport spectatorship, socialising, Mardi Gras and skiing. This book offers a unique collection and it is the first of its kind. This book was published as a special issue of Leisure Studies.
Category: Sports & Recreation

The Discipline Of Leisure

Author : Simon Coleman
ISBN : 0857450395
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63.58 MB
Format : PDF
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The burgeoning social scientific study of tourism has emphasized the effects of the post-industrial economy on travel and place. However, this volume takes some of these issues into a different area of leisure: the spare-time carved out by people as part of their everyday lives - time that is much more intimately juxtaposed with the pressures and influences of work life, and which often involves specific bodily practices associated with hobbies and sports. An important focus of the book is the body as a site of identity formation, experience, and disciplined recreation of the self. Contributors examine the ways rituals, sports, and forms of bodily transformation mediate between contemporary ideologies of freedom, choice and self-control.
Category: Social Science

Liminal Landscapes

Author : Hazel Andrews
ISBN : 9780415668842
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.83 MB
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Ideas and concepts of liminality have long shaped debates around the uses and practices of space in constructions of identity, particularly in relation to different forms of travel such as tourism, migration and pilgrimage, and the social, cultural and experiential landscapes associated with these and other mobilities. The ritual, performative and embodied geographies of borderzones, non-places, transitional spaces, or 'spaces in-between' are often discussed in terms of the liminal, yet there have been few attempts to problematize the concept, or to rethink how ideas of the liminal might find critical resonance with contemporary developments in the study of place, space and mobility. Liminal Landscapes fills this void by bringing together variety of new and emerging methodological approaches of liminality from varying disciplines to explore new theoretical perspectives on mobility, space and socio-cultural experience. By doing so, it offers new insight into contemporary questions about technology, surveillance, power, the city, and post-industrial modernity within the context of tourism and mobility. The book draws on a wide range of disciplinary approaches, including social anthropology, cultural geography, film, media and cultural studies, art and visual culture, and tourism studies. It brings together recent research from scholars with international reputations in the fields of tourism, mobility, landscape and place, alongside the work of emergent scholars who are developing new insights and perspectives in this area. This timely intervention is the first collection to offer an interdisciplinary account of the intersection between liminality and landscape in terms of space, place and identity. It therefore charts new directions in the study of liminal spaces and mobility practices and will be valuable reading for range of students, researchers and academics interested in this field.
Category: Science

Leisure Tourism Geographies

Author : David Crouch
ISBN : 9781135115180
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Leisure and Tourism Geographies considers leisure/tourism as an encounter. An encounter that exists between people, between people and space and between people and their expectations, experiences and desires. The contributors explore diverse aspects of leisure and tourism, ranging from the methodologies behind leisure practices to detailed case studies including: *Disneyland, Paris *tourism in sacred landscapes *leisure practices in cyberspace *leisure and yachting *use of recreational/holiday cottages *National Parks, local parks and gardens Presenting an exciting mix of attitudes and ideas concerning leisure and tourism, this book documents a lively debate, placing geography at its centre.
Category: Science

The Geography Of Tourism And Recreation

Author : C. Michael Hall
ISBN : 9781134531332
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.40 MB
Format : PDF
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The Geography of Tourism and Recreation presents the first comprehensive introduction to tourism, leisure and recreation and the relationships between them. This accessible text includes a wealth of international case studies spanning Europe, North America, Australasia and China. Each chapter highlights the methods used by geographers to analyse recreation and tourism. It also introduces new perspectives from gender studies and postmodernism and examines key issues including * the demand and supply of recreation and tourism * the role of public policy, planning and management * the impact of tourism and recreation on urban, rural, mountain and coastal environments * tourism and recreation in wilderness areas and other peripheral regions. The use of student text features makes it ideal for course use.
Category: Science

Landscapes Of Defence

Author : John R. Gold
ISBN : 9781317877516
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 47.59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is a key text on the very topical themes of power, defence and space. Landscapes of Defence is an exciting collection of theoretical and empirical material from very well known contributors, desiged to help students understand how landscapes of defence fit in with some of the broader concepts of space, power and place to which they are introduced in the 1st year. The book is split into four sections, and each section contains an introduction placing the subsequent chapters in context. There is also a comprehensive introduction and afterword to tie the book's broad themes together. 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates in urban and cultural geography will be the key market for this title, as well as strong secondary market in departments of Sociology, Anthropology, Law and Planning.
Category: Political Science

Landscapes Of Voluntarism

Author : Christine Milligan
ISBN : 9781847429063
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 85.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Landscapes of Voluntarism collects new and innovative work by researchers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom—sites where voluntarism has become increasingly important in the development and delivery of social welfare policy. With a preface by one of the foremost geographers in the field, this book features empirical and theoretical work from both emerging and well-established scholars. These contributors explore the interactions between voluntarism and a range of issues including governance, health, community action, faith, ethnicity, counselling, and professionalization.
Category: Political Science

Tourism Culture And Regeneration

Author : Melanie K. Smith
ISBN : 9781845931308
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The phenomenon of urban regeneration has become increasingly prominent on government agendas in recent years. Using case studies of cultural regeneration planning and management from Europe, North and South America, this book explores the role of culture and tourism in urban transformation. Themes covered include; cultural planning for regeneration, cultural regeneration policies and politics, integrated and sustainable regeneration strategies, community-orientated regeneration, ethnoscapes and cultural diversity in regeneration, the cultural regeneration of waterfronts and dock cities, creativity in regeneration, arts-led regeneration, and the role of sports and events in regeneration.
Category: Social Science

The Chautauqua Moment

Author : Andrew Chamberlin Rieser
ISBN : 9780231501132
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book traces the rise and decline of what Theodore Roosevelt once called the "most American thing in America." The Chautauqua movement began in 1874 on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in western New York. More than a college or a summer resort or a religious assembly, it was a composite of all of these—completely derivative yet brilliantly innovative. For five decades, Chautauqua dominated adult education and reached millions with its summer assemblies, reading clubs, and traveling circuits. Scholars have long struggled to make sense of Chautauqua's pervasive yet disorganized presence in American life. In this critical study, Andrew Rieser weaves the threads of Chautauqua into a single story and places it at the vital center of fin de siècle cultural and political history. Famous for its commitment to democracy, women's rights, and social justice, Chautauqua was nonetheless blind to issues of class and race. How could something that trumpeted democracy be so undemocratic in practice? The answer, Rieser argues, lies in the historical experience of the white, Protestant middle classes, who struggled to reconcile their parochial interests with radically new ideas about social progress and the state. The Chautauqua Moment brings color to a colorless demographic and spins a fascinating tale of modern liberalism's ambivalent but enduring cultural legacy.
Category: Religion