Land Of Strangers

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Land Of Strangers

Author : Eric Schluessel
ISBN : 9780231552226
Genre : History
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At the close of the nineteenth century, near the end of the Qing empire, Confucian revivalists from central China gained control of the Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang, or East Turkestan. There they undertook a program to transform Turkic-speaking Muslims into Chinese-speaking Confucians, seeking to bind this population and their homeland to the Chinese cultural and political realm. Instead of assimilation, divisions between communities only deepened, resulting in a profound estrangement that continues to this day. In Land of Strangers, Eric Schluessel explores this encounter between Chinese power and a Muslim society through the struggles of ordinary people in the oasis of Turpan. He follows the stories of families divided by war, women desperate to survive, children unsure where they belong, and many others to reveal the human consequences of a bloody conflict and the more insidious violence of reconstruction. Schluessel traces the emergence of new struggles around essential questions of identity, showing how religious and linguistic differences converged into ethnic labels. Reading across local archives and manuscript accounts in the Chinese and Chaghatay languages, he recasts the attempted transformation of Xinjiang as a distinctly Chinese form of colonialism. At a time when understanding the roots of the modern relationship between Uyghurs and China has taken on new urgency, Land of Strangers illuminates a crucial moment of social and cultural change in this dark period of Xinjiang’s past.
Category: History

Land Of Strangers

Author : Ash Amin
ISBN : 9780745660622
Genre : Social Science
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The impersonality of social relationships in the society of strangers is making majorities increasingly nostalgic for a time of closer personal ties and strong community moorings. The constitutive pluralism and hybridity of modern living in the West is being rejected in an age of heightened anxiety over the future and drummed up aversion towards the stranger. Minorities, migrants and dissidents are expected to stay away, or to conform and integrate, as they come to be framed in an optic of the social as interpersonal or communitarian. Judging these developments as dangerous, this book offers a counter-argument by looking to relations that are not reducible to local or social ties in order to offer new suggestions for living in diversity and for forging a different politics of the stranger. The book explains the balance between positive and negative public feelings as the synthesis of habits of interaction in varied spaces of collective being, from the workplace and urban space, to intimate publics and tropes of imagined community. The book proposes a series of interventions that make for public being as both unconscious habit and cultivated craft of negotiating difference, radiating civilities of situated attachment and indifference towards the strangeness of others. It is in the labour of cultivating the commons in a variety of ways that Amin finds the elements for a new politics of diversity appropriate for our times, one that takes the stranger as there, unavoidable, an equal claimant on ground that is not pre-allocated.
Category: Social Science

Land Of Strangers

Author : Lillian Budd
ISBN : UCAL:$B87006
Genre : Families
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A story of strangers in a strange land, learning to become part of their new country.
Category: Families

Kinship And Belonging In The Land Of Strangers

Author : Kimberley Masson
ISBN : OCLC:780893169
Genre :
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This thesis is concerned with the heart of Caithness, the northernmost region of mainland Scotland. Based on 18 months participant observation in the coastal village of Lybster and the surrounding area, it explores concepts of kinship and belonging. The thesis examines characters, places, and events in both everyday and ritual settings. I trace the creation and maintainence of community, and the construction and blurring of the boundaries of belonging as well as paths of social transformation. I examine how Caithnessians perceive themselves as 'strangers' in their own nation, thus creating increasingly localized ties that bind. Significant in all of this, in a locality where migration has historically been important, is an analysis of how 'others' and their identities play a constitutive role in the self-identification processes of Caithnessians. I consider ascribed and achieved ways of belonging - the genealogical and performative journeys that are involved in fitting into this locality. I examine the contradictions, nuances, and negotiations that are evident in definitions of selves and others and the constitutive relationship between them. All of this is part of a wider investigation into how people conceptualise themselves and others. I argue that what I have called 'island-mindedness' characterises the identities of this mainland population and leads to a side-stepping of national identity. In the context of current research on the nation, such ethnographic illumination of the complexity of notions of identity in specific regions is essential for a rounded anthropological understanding of Scotland. By offering a close exploration of a community based on kinship, this thesis aims to illuminate new ways of approaching the nuances of everyday life. I suggest that it is in the encounters of everyday life - more than in claims and categories - that identity work and kinship are most complex and most meaningful.

In The Land Of Strangers

Author : Ron W. Adams
ISBN : UOM:39015028801549
Genre : Acculturation
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Category: Acculturation

Land Of Strangers

Author : Ray Hogan
ISBN : 1785413864
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.49 MB
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Two Western stories. Ben Sutton is summoned to intervene in violence between ranchers and homesteaders accused of rustling. Frank Brokaw is chasing a bank robber on a silver-mounted saddle.
Category: Fiction

This Land Of Strangers

Author : Robert E. Hall
ISBN : 1608322998
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.30 MB
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An examination of the society-wide relationship crisis that threatens us all—and a strategic look at how we can reverse it
Category: Social Science

In The Land Of Strangers

Author : Zeneefa Zaneer
ISBN : 1986430405
Genre :
File Size : 41.51 MB
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Fida's life looks perfect on the surface. Handsome loving husband Imran, sweet little daughter Amna and the perfect home. Fida knows that something was missing. Something that was priceless. Will she be able to resist the urge in finding the missing piece for a happily ever after or protect her marriage from breaking into pieces? Hikma is happily married to Wafiq and lives with her little family far away from her mother. Although she was more than happier to stay apart from her mother one day she receives the message of her mother's death. At her mother's house, she discovers a letter and an old journal which reveals a shocking secret about Hikma's life. Will Hikma find courage to forgive her mother? Hamid, a father of two, is haunted by the news of his wife's death. Until she was gone forever he never realized how much she meant to him. He was urged by his family and friends to remarry. Hamid and his children need a companion, his mother says. Will he ever forget her and agree to remarry?In the Land of Strangers is a comprehensive selection of the finest short fiction of author Zeneefa Zaneer. The variety in style and subject is enormous, but all these stories have one point in common-the enduring quality of storytelling.Sometimes a story captures our hearts that it becomes more than a story-it becomes an experience to remember forever. In the Land of Strangers is a collection of tales that moves us to laughter and tears and makes us value people in our lives.For relationships that shatter with misunderstanding, ego, and lies, the truth will come at a devastating price. A heart-wrenching, emotionally gripping read for fans of Zeneefa Zaneer.

Strangers To That Land

Author : Andrew Hadfield
ISBN : 0861403509
Genre : History
File Size : 49.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Strangers to that Land is a critical anthology of English, Scottish and Welsh colonists' and travelers' accounts of Ireland and the Irish from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, from the Reformation to the Famine.
Category: History

Strangers In The Land Of Paradise

Author : Lillian Serece Williams
ISBN : 0253214084
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.25 MB
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Now in paperback! Strangers in the Land of Paradise The Creation of an African American Community, Buffalo, NY, 1900–1940 Lillian Serece Williams Examines the settlement of African Americans in Buffalo during the Great Migration. "A splendid contribution to the fields of African-American and American urban, social and family history.... expanding the tradition that is now well underway of refuting the pathological emphasis of the prevailing ghetto studies of the 1960s and '70s." —Joe W. Trotter Strangers in the Land of Paradise discusses the creation of an African American community as a distinct cultural entity. It describes values and institutions that Black migrants from the South brought with them, as well as those that evolved as a result of their interaction with Blacks native to the city and the city itself. Through an examination of work, family, community organizations, and political actions, Lillian Williams explores the process by which the migrants adapted to their new environment. The lives of African Americans in Buffalo from 1900 to 1940 reveal much about race, class, and gender in the development of urban communities. Black migrant workers transformed the landscape by their mere presence, but for the most part they could not rise beyond the lowest entry-level positions. For African American women, the occupational structure was even more restricted; eventually, however, both men and women increased their earning power, and that—over time—improved life for both them and their loved ones. Lillian Serece Williams is Associate Professor of History in the Women's Studies Department and Director of the Institute for Research on Women at Albany, the State University of New York. She is editor of Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, 1895–1992, associate editor of Black Women in United States History, and author of A Bridge to the Future: The History of Diversity in Girl Scouting. 352 pages, 14 b&w illus., 15 maps, notes, bibl., index, 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 Blacks in the Diaspora—Darlene Clark Hine, John McCluskey, Jr., and David Barry Gaspar, general editors
Category: Social Science

Strangers In A Stranger Land

Author : John B. Simon
ISBN : 9780761871507
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.68 MB
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The history of Finland’s Jews, from their origin as conscripts in the Russian army to their survival as cobelligerents with Nazi troops in WWII, is unique. This novel tells their unusual story and that of their adopted country through the experiences of three generations of one family.
Category: Fiction

Strangers In The Land

Author : Louise A. Vernon
ISBN : 9780828024266
Genre : History
File Size : 40.62 MB
Format : PDF
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It was October, and morning dawned brisk and cool just like any other autumn day. But by noon Pierres world had turned upside down. The Edict of Nantes had been revoked, and the Huguenots were no longer free to practice their religion. Anyone who refused to convert would be imprisoned, and the dragoons had orders to kill anyone who tried to escape.In just a few days the fate of Pierres family would rest on his 12-year-old shoulders. But in the meantime a mysterious beggar would appear on their doorstep with a cryptic message, and a moonlit journey to Grand-pres estate would expose an unexpected spy.
Category: History

Strangers In The Land

Author : John Higham
ISBN : 0813531233
Genre : History
File Size : 90.62 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Higham's work stands as the seminal work in the history of American nativism. The work is a careful, well-documented study of nationalism and ethnic prejudice, and chronicles the power and violence of these two ideas in American society from 1860 to 1925. He significantly moves beyond previous treatments of nativism, both in chronology and in interpretive sophistication. Higham defines nativism as a defensive type of nationalism or an intense opposition to an internal minority on the grounds of the group's foreign connections. By defining nativism as a set of attitudes or a state of mind, he sets the course for his book as tracing "trace an emotionally charged impulse" rather than "an actual social process or condition." As he argues that the ideological content of nativism remained consistent, he uses emotional intensity as a measure to trace in detail public opinion from the relative calm following the Civil War to the Johnson-Reed act of 1924 that severely limited European immigration. Strangers in the Land is, then, a history of public opinion, whose purpose is to show how nativism evolved in society and in action. Higham seeks to explain what could inflame xenophobia and who resisted it. He saw his work as part of a renewed interest in the study of nationalism following the national upheavals in the wake of the McCarthy hearings. Surely Higham's mentor at the University of Wisconsin, intellectual historian Merle Curti, influenced Higham's approach in seeking to examine the power of nationalism as an idea. Also influential was the intellectual climate of the 1950s with its of distrust of ideology and distain of prejudice. Higham admits being repelled by the nationalist delusions of the Cold War, again helping to explain why his study concentrates on seeking some explanation for the irrational and violent outbreaks. The book thus focuses on points of conflict, "antagonisms that belong within ideologies of passionate national consciousness." For example, Higham's explains the 100 percent American movement in terms of progressive ideals and the desire of Americans to shape immigrants into a particular ideal of "Americanness" through education and assimilation. This intellectual construct eventually gave way to the racial thinking to which Higham assigns much influence in the efforts to restrict immigration. Ideology is also central to his chapter on the history of the idea of racism in which he argues that Anglo-Saxon nationalism, literary naturalism and a nascent understanding of genetics combined to bring forth arguments for immigration restriction to preserve the racial purity of the American people. Thus, key for Higham's argument is the power of ideas in shaping individual behavior and thereby shaping history. This text is an absolute must-read for anyone seeking to understand American nativism and the darker side of nationalism.
Category: History

Obaachan S Story

Author : Junko Geddes
ISBN : 1641115246
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 64.68 MB
Format : PDF
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In my recurring nightmare... unfathomable monster chases after me, trying to squeeze the air out of me with its giant hands. Desperately, I try to escape without knowing where to run. It lives in my dreams, freezes my blood, and pounds my soul down to the pulp. During the daylight, I do my chores, fulfill my obligations as a mother, wife, and good daughter. In the evening, I surrender to my dream. Until, I woke up to face my reality, chose to walk on the treacherous landscape, to find my independence and my happiness.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Strangers In A Foreign Land

Author : Neil Black
ISBN : 9780522855128
Genre : Aboriginal Australians
File Size : 82.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When Niel Black, one of the most influential settlers of the Western District of Victoria, stepped onto the sand at Port Phillip Bay in 1839 and declared Melbourne to be 'almost altogether a Scotch settlement', he was paying the newly created outpost of the British Empire his highest compliment. His journal, reproduced here in its entirety, provides rare insight into the realities of early settlement in Victoria, detailing experiences of personal hardship and physical danger as well as the potential for accumulating great wealth and success. Drawing on the extensive collections of the State Library of Victoria, Strangers in a Foreign Land also includes glimpses into the lives of other settlers and the indigenous people of the area. It evokes the sense of place and dislocation that the early settlers encountered, and the hopes and anxieties they carried with them as they created new homes in Australia.
Category: Aboriginal Australians

Strangers In Their Own Land

Author : Francis X. Hezel
ISBN : 0824828046
Genre : History
File Size : 87.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Hezel has written an authoritative and engaging narrative of [a] succession of colonial regimes, drawing upon a broad range of published and archival sources as well as his own considerable knowledge of the region. This is a ‘conventional’ history, and a very good one, focused mostly on political and economic developments. Hezel demonstrates a fine understanding of the complicated relations between administrators, missionaries, traders, chiefs and commoners, in a wide range of social and historical settings. —Pacific Affairs "The tale [of Strangers in Their Own Land] is one of interplay between four sequential colonial regimes (Spain Germany, Japan, and the United States) and the diverse island cultures they governed. It is also a tale of relationships among islands whose inhabitants did not always see eye-to-eye and among individuals who fought private and public battles in those islands. Hezel conveys both the unity of purpose exerted by a colonial government and the subversion of that purpose by administrators, teachers, islands, and visitors.... [The] history is thoroughly supported by archival materials, first-person testimonies, and secondary sources. Hezel acknowledges the power of the visual when he ends his book by describing the distinctive flags that now replace Spanish, German, Japanese, and American symbols of rule. the scene epitomizes a theme of the book: global political and economic forces, whether colonial or post-colonial, cannot erode the distinctiveness each island claims."—American Historical Review
Category: History

The Uyghurs

Author : Gardner Bovingdon
ISBN : 9780231147583
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 43.65 MB
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"The Uyghurs is an original and significant contribution to the study of ethnic relations within the People's Republic of China. Very few foreign scholars have been able to study Xinjiang in such detail. Garadner Bovingdon's thoughtful discussion and comprehensive coverage make this must reading for anyone interested in contemporary China."-Peter C. Perdue, Yale University, author of China Marches West: The Qing Conquest of Central Eurasia "The Uyghurs is a depth cast study of the failure of the Chinese government to integrate the Uyghurs, one of China's fifty-six nationalities, into the so-called great family of the nation. The book offers a unique perspective to understand the difficult and on-going process of Chinese nation-state building efforts. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in China's nationality issues and the rise of ethnic nationalism in the post-Cold War world."-Suishen Zhao, University of Denver, author A Nation-State by Construction: Dynamics of Modern Chinese Nationalism "Gardner Bovingdon brings to this project fluency in both Uyghur and Chinese languages, a deep knowledge of Han and Uyghur society and the PRC political system, and a comparative perspective enriched by wide reading in social science literature on identity and nationalism. Though he focuses on political questions, Bovingdon displays a humanist's concern for his subjects as individuals and eschews social science jargon for elegantly turned phrases that crystallize the issues in a memorable way."-James Millward, Georgetown University, author of Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang For more than half a century, many Uyghurs, members of a Muslim minority in northwestern China, have sought to achieve greater autonomy or outright independence. Yet the Chinese government has consistently resisted theses efforts, countering with repression and a sophisticated strategy of state-sanctioned propaganda that emphasizes interethnic harmony and Chinese nationalism. After decades of struggle, Uyghurs remain passionate about establishing and expanding their power within government, and China's leaders continue to push back, refusing to concede any physical or political ground. Beginning with the history of Xinjiang and its unique population of Chinese Muslims, Gardner Bovingdon follows fifty years of Uyghur discontent, particularly the development of individual and collective acts of resistance since 1949, as well as the role of various transnational organizations in cultivating dissent. Bovingdon's work provides fresh insight into the practices of nation building and nation challenging, not only in relation to Xinjiang but also in reference to other regions of conflict. His work highlights the influence of international institutions on growing regional autonomy and underscores the role of representation in nationalist politics, as well as the local, regional, and global implications of the "war on terror" on antistate movements. While both the Chinese state and foreign analysts have portrayed Uyghur activists as Muslim terrorists, situating them within global terrorist networks, Bovingdon argues that these assumptions are flawed, drawing a clear line between Islamist ideology and Uyghur nationhood.
Category: Political Science

Strangers Devour The Land

Author : Boyce Richardson
ISBN : 1603580042
Genre : History
File Size : 45.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First published in 1974, Strangers Devour the Land is recognized as the magnum opus among the numerous books, articles, and films produced by Boyce Richardson over two decades on the subject of indigenous people. Its subject, the long struggle of the Crees of James Bay in northern Quebec--a hunting and trapping people--to defend the territories they have occupied since time immemorial, came to international attention in 1972 when they tried by legal action to stop the immense hydro-electric project the provincial government was proposing to build around them. The Crees argued that the integrity of their vast wilderness was essential to their way of life, but the authorities dismissed such claims out of hand. Richardson, who sat through many months of the trial, mingles the scientific and Cree testimony given in court with his own interviews of Cree hunters, and experiences in gathering information and shooting films, to produce a classic tale of cultures in collision. In a new preface, he reveals that the Crees--now receiving immense sums of money as compensation for the loss of their lands--appear to be doing well, and to be in the process of joining modern, technological culture, while retaining the spiritual base of their traditional lives. Meanwhile, Hydro-Quebec continues to eye additional rivers on the Cree's lands for new dams.
Category: History

Strangers In The Land

Author : Joseph Harding
ISBN : 1742455204
Genre : Australia
File Size : 57.26 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A new series about early Australian history. Written specifically with the new Australian History Curriculum in mind. Covers content for Year 4 -- First Contacts, Year 5 -- The Australian Colonies, Year 6 -- Australia as a Nation. Ages 10-12 years.
Category: Australia