Kushan Kushano Sasanian And Kidarite Coins

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Kushan Kushano Sasanian And Kidarite Coins

Author : David Jongeward
ISBN : 0897223349
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Kushan Empire was a vast inland empire that stretched across Central and South Asia during the first to fourth centuries AD. The origins of Kushan dynasty continue to be debated, and precise dates, especially for the late Kushan kings, remain elusive, but the coinage reveals the Kushan dynasty as a major force in the cultural and political history of the ancient Silk Road.
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Kushan Coins

Author : Joe Cribb
ISBN : 0861591917
Genre : History
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The coinage of the Kushan kings (1st to 4th centuries) and of their immediate successors the Sasanian Kushanshahs (3rd-4th centuries) and the Kidarite Hun Kushanshahs (4th-5th centuries) are a key component of our understanding of the history of ancient Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan during the early centuries AD. Modern knowledge of each of these kingdoms began with the discovery of their coins. Research continues to reveal new aspects of the political structure of these states, their geographical extent, the religious affinities of their rulers and the development of scripts and languages in the region. This landmark publication will give a comprehensive account of Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian and Kidarite Hun coinages, as well as put them into a wider historical and cultural context.
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The Eastern Frontier

Author : Robert Haug
ISBN : 9781786736147
Genre : History
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Transoxania, Khurasan, and ?ukharistan – which comprise large parts of today's Central Asia – have long been an important frontier zone. In the late antique and early medieval periods, the region was both an eastern political boundary for Persian and Islamic empires and a cultural border separating communities of sedentary farmers from pastoral-nomads. Given its peripheral location, the history of the 'eastern frontier' in this period has often been shown through the lens of expanding empires. However, in this book, Robert Haug argues for a pre-modern Central Asia with a discrete identity, a region that is not just a transitory space or the far-flung corner of empires, but its own historical entity. From this locally specific perspective, the book takes the reader on a 900-year tour of the area, from Sasanian control, through the Umayyads and Abbasids, to the quasi-independent dynasties of the Tahirids and the Samanids. Drawing on an impressive array of literary, numismatic and archaeological sources, Haug reveals the unique and varied challenges the eastern frontier presented to imperial powers that strove to integrate the area into their greater systems. This is essential reading for all scholars working on early Islamic, Iranian and Central Asian history, as well as those with an interest in the dynamics of frontier regions.
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Problems Of Chronology In Gandh Ran Art

Author : Wannaporn Rienjang
ISBN : 9781784918552
Genre : Art
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Since the beginning of Gandhāran studies in the nineteenth century, chronology has been one of the most significant challenges to the understanding of Gandhāran art. Many other ancient societies, including those of Greece and Rome, have left a wealth of textual sources which have put their fundamental chronological frameworks beyond doubt. In the absence of such sources on a similar scale, even the historical eras cited on inscribed Gandhāran works of art have been hard to place. Few sculptures have such inscriptions and the majority lack any record of find-spot or even general provenance. Those known to have been found at particular sites were sometimes moved and reused in antiquity. Consequently, the provisional dates assigned to extant Gandhāran sculptures have sometimes differed by centuries, while the narrative of artistic development remains doubtful and inconsistent. Building upon the most recent, cross-disciplinary research, debate and excavation, this volume reinforces a new consensus about the chronology of Gandhāra, bringing the history of Gandhāran art into sharper focus than ever. By considering this tradition in its wider context, alongside contemporary Indian art and subsequent developments in Central Asia, the authors also open up fresh questions and problems which a new phase of research will need to address. Problems of Chronology in Gandhāran Art is the first publication of the Gandhāra Connections project at the University of Oxford’s Classical Art Research Centre, which has been supported by the Bagri Foundation and the Neil Kreitman Foundation. It presents the proceedings of the first of three international workshops on fundamental questions in the study of Gandhāran art, held at Oxford in March 2017.
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King Of The Seven Climes

Author :
ISBN : 9789004460645
Genre : History
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The title of the King of the Seven Climes, used by Khusro I in the sixth century CE, suggests the most ambitious imperial vision that one would find in the literary tradition of the ancient Iranian world. Taking this as a point of departure, the present book aims to be a survey of the dynasties and rulers who thought of going beyond their own surroundings to forge larger polities within the Iranian realm.
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The Journey Of Christianity To India In Late Antiquity

Author : Nathanael J. Andrade
ISBN : 9781108321518
Genre : History
File Size : 25.42 MB
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How did Christianity make its remarkable voyage from the Roman Mediterranean to the Indian subcontinent? By examining the social networks that connected the ancient and late antique Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, central Asia, and Iran, this book contemplates the social relations that made such movement possible. It also analyzes how the narrative tradition regarding the apostle Judas Thomas, which originated in Upper Mesopotamia and accredited him with evangelizing India, traveled among the social networks of an interconnected late antique world. In this way, the book probes how the Thomas narrative shaped Mediterranean Christian beliefs regarding co-religionists in central Asia and India, impacted local Christian cultures, took shape in a variety of languages, and experienced transformation as it traveled from the Mediterranean to India, and back again.
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Kushan Mystique

Author : David Jongeward
ISBN : 1912667460
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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Kushan Mystique is in part a personal narrative, and in part a profile of people and places encountered as a result of David Jongeward's Kushan research and travels. The story begins in a lakeside cottage in northern California where the author describes circumstances leading to his departure from a career in cultural anthropology to a slowly evolving interest in the ancient history of Central Asia, eventually specialising in Kushan coinage and the Buddhist sculpture of Gandhara. The narrative includes accounts of meetings with collectors and curators and other specialists, detailed descriptions of Mr. Jongeward's museum-based research, as well as his visits to major archaeological sites in Pakistan that date to the Kushan era. The book includes discussions on the succession of Kushan kings and the Kushan pantheon of deities.
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Coin Hoards

Author : Royal Numismatic Society (Great Britain)
ISBN : UVA:X001130952
Genre : Coin hoards
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Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015005214583
Genre : Afghanistan
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Museum Notes

Author : American Numismatic Society
ISBN : IND:30000108391198
Genre : Numismatics
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Chinese Numismatics

Author : Helen Wang
ISBN : 1912667452
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 30.39 MB
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A volume of almost 35,000 words, with upwards of 100 illustrations, consisting of three papers that complement each other beautifully and give a sound introduction to the beginnings of the study of Chinese numismatics, focusing on the 19th century. A Short History of Chinese Numismatics in Western Languages - Helen Wang A run-through of publications on Chinese numismatics to 1900 - giving information about the authors, their occupations, motivations and areas of interest. A good background to the subject, and includes information on where to find bibliographies etc. 15,200 words. Currencies of Ancient China from their Origins to the Late Empire - Francois Thierry, translated from the French by Helen Wang and Lyce Jankowski Also the title of Francois Theirry's award-winning book, published in 2017 - the result of having worked for decades as the curator of Asian coins in Paris. The author notes how Europeans sometimes understood Chinese money and sometimes got it completely wrong. 8,460 words. Numismatic Friendship: Social Networks of Numismatists and Coin Collectors During the Late Qing Dynasty - Lyce Jankowski, translated from the French by Lyce Jankowski and Helen Wang Also the title of the author's book published in 2018, and a very important piece of work. It shows the world of Chinese collectors of Chinese coins, their networks and motivations. 11,200 + words.
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Eric Gill

Author : Ruth Cribb
ISBN : 0714118192
Genre : Art
File Size : 21.2 MB
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A fascinating visual survey of Gill's creativity and enduring legacy. Written by two experts on Eric Gill.
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History Of Civilizations Of Central Asia

Author : Unesco
ISBN : 9231032119
Genre : History
File Size : 56.29 MB
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In this third volume covering the flourishing period from the third to the eighth century A.D., scholars describe the powerful role played by the Sasanian state in Iran, the Gupta empire in India and the T'ang dynasty in China. Waves of nomadic migrations and the formation of steppe empires left their mark on political and social life. This multiethnic society had its roots in the great religious traditions of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Christianity and Shamanism. The Islamization of a great part of the region brought fundamental changes to all aspects of life. Intensive trade along the Silk Route encouraged cultural and scientific exchanges, making this period one of impressive artistic and intellectual creativity.
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