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Guide To Korean Culture

Author : Korean Culture and Information Service (South Korea)
ISBN : 9788973755714
Genre : Korea
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Provides a comprehensive introduction about Korea's cultural heritage. 01 UNESCO Treasures in Korea 02 Traditional Korean Lifestyle Hangeul (The Korean Alphabet) Printing Heritage Hanbok (Korean Dress) Korean Seasonal Customs Rites of Passage Gardens Kimchi and Bulgogi (Two Healthy Korean foods) Korean Ginseng 03 Korean Music and Dance Masks and Mask Dance-Dramas Jeryeak (The Music of the Jongmyo Ancestral Rites) Traditional Musical Instruments 04 Traditional Korean Arts Folk Paintings Paper Crafts Jasu (Embroidery) Jangsingu (Personal Ornaments) Patterns 05 Religious Culture in Korea Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto Dancheong (Decorative Coloring Used on Buildings) Shamanism 06 Traditional Korean Sports Taekwondo Ssireum (Korean Wrestling)
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An Introduction To Korean Culture

Author : John H. Koo
ISBN : UOM:39015054407583
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is intended to meet the needs of the general reader and is widely used in universities and college courses. Major aspects of traditional, as well as modern Korean culture are discussed by reputable scholars specializing in particular fields, and each chapter is prepared specifically to introduce a particular aspect of culture. A brief survey of Korean history and other cultural information are provided to enable the reader to fully appreciate the roots of Korean culture and the ways in which it has grown and transformed throughout the ages. For those who wish to continue their quest for greater knowledge, a selected bibliography is provided at the end of each chapter.--Publisher's description.
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Korean Culture

Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822017503723
Genre : Korea
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Uncovering The Codes

Author : Yŏl-gyu Kim
ISBN : 9780895818300
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.70 MB
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Uncovering the Codes: Fifteen Keywords in Korean Culture is a cultural guide to what is unique about Koreans and their way of life. The questions raised in this book range from the mundane to the spiritual, each touching on the essence of Korea's 5,000-year-old culture: Why is a Korean spoon flat and round, not oval? Why do Korean women pray to a bowl of water? Why do Koreans eat dog meat? Kim Yol-kyu, a renowned scholar of Korean folklore and literature, carefully digs up the answers embedded deep in centuries-old customs. Quoting from a wide scope of references, from ancient mythology to Merleau-Ponty and Levi-Strauss, Kim unearths the fascinating connections between the past and the present. Kim is Dignified Professor of Korean Studies at Keimyung University in Daegu, Korea, where he also directs the Academia Koreana.
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Passport To Korean Culture

Author : Published by Korean Culture and Information Service Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
ISBN : 9788973751532
Genre : Korea
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Korea Today Korea in History Korea and Its People
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Korean Anthropology

Author : Korean National Commission for UNESCO
ISBN : UOM:39015055936218
Genre : History
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Korean anthropology holds a unique position in the field of anthropology, having first developed with native scholars studying native culture under the prevalent influence of cultural and social anthropology, rather than with the past Western practice of studying the others. This volume, Korean Anthropology: Contemporary Korean Culture in Flux, presents 30 original articles covering all aspects of Korean culture seen through the distinct viewpoints of various scholars. Intended to be an introductory yet comprehensive collection of readings on Korean culture, it will stimulate
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K Food

Author : Yun Jin-ah
ISBN : 9788973755998
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In addition to being delicious,Korean food is also healthy and natural, making it perfectly suited for the global culinary trends of health consciousness, slow food, and environmental sensitivity. At first, people are attracted to Korean food because of its distinctive taste, but they later come to love it for its health benefits. Korean food is based on the philosophy that one’s food should be one’s medicine. In fact, doctors have even used Korean food instead of medicine to treat chronic diseases. Chapter 1 K-Food in the World K-Food: A New Global Food Trend Non-Koreans Share Korean Cuisine with the World Fine Dining Korean Restaurants Around the World and Star Korean Chefs Chapter 2 K-Food, a Harmony of Taste, Health, and Nature Nutritional Balance in the Korean Diet Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Korean Ingredients Leading Ingredients, Seasonings, and Cooking Techniques Chapter 3 Nine of the Most Popular K-Foods Kimchi (baek-kimchi, Kimchi-bokkeum-bap, kimchi-Jeon) Bibimbap: Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables Bulgogi: Marinated Meat Cooked on the Grill Bossam: Napa Wraps with Pork Japchae: Stir-fried Glass Noodles and Vegetables Haemul-PaJeon: Seafood and Green Onion Pancake Makgeolli: Korean Traditional Rice Wine Samgye-tang: Ginseng Chicken Soup Tteok-bokki (Gungjung-Tteok-bokki) Chapter 4 Six Easy Tips for Korean Cooking Tip 1. Kimchi-based Dishes Tip 2. Creations with Korean Flavors Tip 3. Bulgogi Seasoning and Various Meat Dishes Tip 4. Korean Dishes for K-pop Parties Tip 5. Korean Soybean Dishes for Vegetarians Tip 6. Side Dishes - Not spicy, Healthy and Easy! A wide variety of plates and bowls are used to set a table with Hansik, or Korean food. Bap (cooked rice), and a bowl of soup made from either meat and vegetables or fish, are set in front of the diner. A large pot or bowl of stew is placed at the center of the table, while various banchan (side dishes) are neatly arranged on the table. All of these dishes are set together, and the harmony created by the vegetable dishes and meat dishes seasoned with fermented sauces which have been made over a long period of time with care, is what makes Hansik uniquely Korean. Despite this uniqueness and the variety of food that is offered, the only Korean foods that were familiar to non-Koreans were the simple Bulgogi or “Korean barbeque.” However, things have changed in recent years, and Korean food is now being recognized as a source for new and exciting culinary dishes. The reason for this is simple. People today are becoming increasingly conscious about their health, and the food that is offered is being tailored to suit these needs. Many are looking for organic or natural foods, “slow foods” and food that will help their overall well-being, and Korean cuisine meets all those requirements. Moreover, it is tasty.

The Korean Wave

Author : Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea
ISBN : 9788973751648
Genre :
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korean wave,hallyu,Korean culture,Korean,south korea,Korean pop culture This book is the first in a series of upcoming books to introduce modern Korean culture overseas. The term “Korean Wave” (“Hallyu” in Korean) was coined by the Chinese press a little more than a decade ago to refer to the popularity of Korean pop culture in China. The boom started with the export of Korean television dramas (miniseries) to China in the late 1990s. Since then, South Korea has emerged as a new center for the production of transnational pop culture, exporting a range of cultural products to neighboring Asian countries. More recently, Korean pop culture has begun spreading from its comfort zone in Asia to more global audiences in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Birth of the Korean Wave Birth of the Wave The Beginning of the Wave in Japan The Wave Goes Global K-Pop Joins the Wave The neo-Korean Wave ‘Korean Invasion?’ The New Wave The Internet Connects the Wave Fast The Fun of Copying Distance No Longer a Barrier for K-Dramas What’s Korean Pop Culture Got? K-Pop: ‘Music of Fusion’ K-Dramas: ‘Healthy Power’ The Korean Wave in other Fields Korean Films Hallyu in Literature epilogue Will It Continue?

Korean Culture

Author : John Gust
ISBN : 9780787740467
Genre : Education
File Size : 47.71 MB
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Experience Korean culture through literature, celebrations, games and crafts. This packet includes an introduction, a discussion of this culture's role in U.S. history, and an extensive selection of recommended literature.
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