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Klaus Vogel On Double Taxation Conventions

Author : Prof. Dr. Klaus Vogel
ISBN : 8189960628
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A Commentary to the OECD, UN and U.S. Model Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation of Income and Capital, With Particular Reference to German Treaty Practice. Double taxation conventions (DTCs) raise a plethora of interpretational questions for the practitioner and student of tax law. This book provides the answers. An encyclopedic treatise on DTCs, Klaus Vogel on Double Taxation Conventions is a guide to all legal issues DTCs raise and includes information on worldwide case law and commentators' views. The OECD Model Convention serves as the organisational basis for this work. Each chapter focuses on one article of the Convention and provides: the wording of the article and that of the respective articles of the UN and US Models, the official Commentary by OECD, and an extensive discussion by the authors of the legal problems involved. In addition, Klaus Vogel on Double Taxation Conventions offers an account of all German tax treaties, how they differ from the model provisions, and the potential practical impact of such differences. The first two editions have been used by lawyers, tax advisers, and scholars all over the world. Courts in Canada, Germany, South Africa, and the Netherlands have cited them as authority. This revised edition includes the most recent OECD Model revisions and all recent case law and relevant literature. The authors have rethought many of the problems discussed, further improved their argument, and amended their views where they have been convinced by opponents.

Double Taxation Conventions

Author : Ekkehart Reimer
ISBN : 904116054X
Genre : Double taxation
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"With this new Commentary, we honour Klaus Vogel (1930-2007) as a teacher and researcher of international tax law, but above all as the ingenious founder and main author of previous editions of this book ... As from the 4th edition, the time for exact translations of the German book has elapsed. Klaus decided to separate the English from the German version and asked us to strive for a new Commentary -- in the tradition of his previous English editions, but as an international endeavour with a higher degree of equidistance to national treaty practice and case law. A dream came true when a team of excellent scholars from six continental European jurisdictions united and began to exchange stimulating ideas and engaged in lively and intense debates ... The result is an almost entirely new book ..."--Preface.
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Beneficial Ownership In International Tax Law

Author : Angelika Meindl-Ringler
ISBN : 9789041168399
Genre : Law
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In international tax law, the term ‘beneficial ownership’ refers to which parties involved in a cross-border transaction are entitled to tax treaty benefits. However, determining beneficial ownership is a complex and often disputed issue, subject to different meanings in different countries. Archival research on its early use in tax treaties and in the developing OECD Model reveals that its meaning has changed dramatically over the decades, leading to new interpretations significantly affecting current tax practice and scholarship. This book, dedicated to establishing how beneficial ownership should ideally be interpreted, compares the use and interpretation of benefi-cial ownership, both current and historical, in a wide range of national jurisdictions as well as the EU, ultimately shedding a clearer light than has heretofore been available on the meaning of the term. In her very thorough analysis of the application of beneficial ownership, the author touches on such aspects as the following: – historical development of the beneficial ownership requirement as used in tax treaties and in the OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital; – rules of double taxation conventions; – application of the OECD’s Action Plan on Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS); – the problem of so-called ‘white income’; – use of the substance-over-form principle; – attribution-of-income rules; and – the role of agents, nominees, and conduit companies. Specific analysis of the use and interpretation of beneficial ownership in a domestic law and treaty context in numerous jurisdictions – with particular emphasis on the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Germany – is a major feature of the presentation. As a thorough guide to determining whether a person claiming tax treaty benefits is the true owner – and which parties are excluded from treaty benefits and to what extent – this book will be of immeasurable value to lawyers, tax authorities, policymakers, and other professionals working with taxable international transactions of any kind.
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Interpretation Of Tax Treaties Under International Law

Author : F. A. Engelen
ISBN : 9789076078724
Genre : Double taxation
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The principal purpose of this study is to analyse and discuss the rules and principles of international law relevant to the interpretation of treaties in general, and their application to tax treaties in particular. The rules of international law enshrined in Articles 31, 32 and 33 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties are discussed in detail. Where appropriate, reference is made to the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice, and to the law and procedure of other international courts and tribunals. Since tax treaties are not only a source of legal rights and obligations for the contracting States, but can also be invoked by the taxpayers of those States, this book considers the extent to which the relevant rules and principles of international law are binding on domestic courts and taxpayers. The effect of international law in a State's national legal order is largely dependent on its relevant rules of constitutional law, which vary from country to country. In order to address this issue, the book draws upon the example of the Netherlands and provides a number of leading cases decided by the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad).
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Investment Fund Taxation

Author : Werner Haslehner
ISBN : 9789041196798
Genre : Law
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The effect of the significant changes in tax law at domestic, European, and international levels on investment funds, an important part of global financial services, creates a complex environment for practitioners and a source of debate for academics and policymakers. This is the first book to provide a comprehensive legal and practical analysis of the changes to the complex multilevel tax and regulatory framework concerning different types of investment funds. The contributions, updated as of late 2017, were originally presented at a conference held at the University of Luxembourg in November 2016 under the auspices of the ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation. The book covers the central questions arising in national law and tax policy, explores the regulatory and tax framework of the European Union (EU), and discusses the multifaceted interactions of both national and EU law with bilateral tax treaties. Through fourteen chapters following a brief introduction, leading academic experts and practising specialists provide decisive insight into: – the regulatory regime for European investment funds; – the tax law and reforms in both Luxembourg and Germany; – the role of the European Commission’s State-aid practices; – examples of case law concerning the application of non-discrimination rules to various investment vehicles; – the impact of tax-specific EU legislation, such as the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, the Tax Merger Directive, and the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive; – the availability of tax treaty protection for different collective and non-collective investment funds; – the impact of base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) developments on the taxation of cross-border investments; – the value-added tax (VAT) treatment of investment funds and their managers; and – the consequences of the global drive towards automatic exchange of information relating to existing cross-border investment structures. With its particular focus on Luxembourg – the leading centre for investment funds in Europe (and second only to the United States globally) and, thus, an instructive model for domestic-level investment fund regulation and taxation – this volume reveals the common issues that arise in virtually every other jurisdiction with a sizeable fund industry. As the first in-depth treatment of the globally significant nexus between investment funds and taxation, the book will prove valuable to policymakers, practitioners, and academics in both financial services and tax law.
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Double Taxation And The League Of Nations

Author : Sunita Jogarajan
ISBN : 9781108381826
Genre : Law
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Modern-day tax treaties have their foundations in one of the three Model Tax Treaties developed by the League of Nations in 1928. Using previously unexplored archival material, Sunita Jogarajan provides the first in-depth examination of the development of the League's Models. This new research provides insights into questions such as the importance of double taxation versus tax evasion; the preference for source-taxation versus residence-taxation; the influence of theory and practice on the League's work; the development of bilateral rather than multilateral treaties; the influence of developing countries on the League's work; the role of Commentary in interpreting model tax treaties; and the influential factors and key individuals involved. A better understanding of the development of the original models will inform and help guide interpretation and reform of modern-day tax treaties. Additionally, this book will be of interest to scholars of international relations and the development of law at international organisations.
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