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Killer Clown

Author : Terry Sullivan
ISBN : 9780786033263
Genre : True Crime
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The Real Story Of John Wayne Gacy-- By The Man Who Helped Catch Him He was a model citizen. A hospital volunteer. And one of the most sadistic serial killers of all time. But few people could see the cruel monster beneath the colorful clown makeup that John Gacy wore to entertain children in his Chicago suburb. Few could imagine what lay buried beneath his house of horrors--until a teenaged boy disappeared before Christmas in 1978, leading prosecutor Terry Sullivan on the greatest manhunt of his career. Reconstructing the investigation--from records of violence in Gacy's past, to the gruesome discovery of 29 corpses of abused boys in Gacy's crawlspace and four others found in the nearby river--Sullivan's shocking eyewitness account takes you where few true crime books ever go: inside the heart of a serial murder investigation and trial. This updated edition features new revelations that have emerged using DNA evidence to confirm the identities of additional victims--and 16 pages of dramatic photos. "An unnerving true crime story of murder, terror, and justice." --Dallas Morning News "GRIPPING."--Publishers Weekly "CHILLING."--Nashville Banner "UNNERVING."--Dallas Morning News
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The Biography Of John Wayne Gacy

Author : Harold Green
ISBN : 1546545514
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John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 - May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois (a part of metropolitan Chicago).

The Killer Clown

Author : Vicky L. Neal
ISBN : 1976103401
Genre :
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A troubled woman struggling with her disoriented life finds things even more hectic following a visit to her father's grave. A horrid clown trails her home and murders anyone she conflicts with while threatening to blame the crimes on her if she calls for help. As she searches for answers, she discovers her mysterious visitor may not be who she believes him to be after all.

Killer Clown

Author : Aimee Baxter
ISBN : 1973755351
Genre :
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From all outward appearances, John Wayne Gacy Jr appeared to be born for anonymity. The second child and only son of John Stanley Gacy, an auto repair machinist and WWI veteran, and Marion Elaine Robinson, a housewife, Gacy Jr seemed to be destined to be another nameless face in the crowd, lost in the mass of humanity with which his Chicago home was overrun. Nobody who knew him would have ever imagined the kind of monster that lurked within his very common exterior.

Don T Laugh At A Killer Clown

Author : James Lee
ISBN : 9813056827
Genre : Horror tales
File Size : 27.98 MB
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Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moon's full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr. Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror! STORY #1: Somebody gives Rui Yang a mysterious clown puppet that comes to life and attacks him and his friends. Don't miss the frights in DON'T LAUGH AT A KILLER CLOWN! STORY #2: Rhu Jih finds a weird pair of sunglasses. Whenever she puts them on, she sees ghosts. MY SINISTER SUNGLASSES will have you wide-eyed with fear on every page.
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Die Laughing At A Killer Clown

Author : James Lee
ISBN : 9814193577
Genre : Horror tales
File Size : 20.86 MB
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Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moons full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror! STORY ONE: A sinister clown haunts Woo Zoo Yee's dreams. But when her nightmares come to life, she finds herself at the Circus of the Dead where the crowd will DIE LAUGHING AT A KILLER CLOWN. STORY TWO: Keith Su hears a ghostly girl calling for help. I LIVE IN COFFIN 4, BLOOD STREET, says the mysterious girl and begs him to rescue her. But when he tries, Keith finds himself the victim of a century-old curse.
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Author : Ingenius Publications
ISBN : 1704984343
Genre :
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This grinning clown is the stuff nightmares are made of. But it could be the coolest Halloween costume . A creepy smile from grotesque clowns is just what you need on your scary party favor . 120 College Ruled White Pages 6"x9" Glossy Cover Great for writing projects, as a personal diary or a composition book Professional Quality Smooth paper for writingA perfect gift for adults, children, teens & tweens

Killer Clown Of King S County

Author : Betsy Haynes
ISBN : 0061064734
Genre : Fiction
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Clowns aren't kid stuff anymore when they make things disappear into thin air. Zeke is in over his head when he realizes the clown's next trick at his birthday bash is called Box of Doom. Will Zeke stop clowning around before he dies laughing?
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Killer Clowns

Author : John Goff
ISBN : 1889546690
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 77.76 MB
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The world is in ruins and the Reckoners are walking the earth, but that won't stop your hero. Players can investigate the ruins of this new world as a syker, soldier, technomage, or radiation priest. Do you have what it takes to survive the hostile wastes? In our latest Dime Novel for Hell on Earth, wasteland wanderer Teller and his two companions, the enigmatic gunslinger, Gabriel Roth, and the seductive sniper, Brooks, are hired to rescue some hostages from a renegade road gang. Their search takes them to an amusement park called Dempsey Island: "The Place Where Dreams Come True". But this amusement park has been under new management since Judgment Day, and the heroes are going to have to face down monsters to escape with their lives.
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John Wayne Gacy

Author : Tyler Crane
ISBN : 1530694159
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John Wayne Gacy: The True Crime Story of the Killer Clown is available now The world is home to over seven billion people. In it, there have been great human beings: genius scientists that found cures or solutions to humanity's biggest problems; brilliant engineers that have created technology that has advanced us, giving us the ability to carry an almost infinite amount of information in a handheld device and taking us to space; and noble leaders who have fought the powers of tyrants and succeeded, liberating their people and winning back their rights. But, as in any great community in existence, in the same way that our planet can harbor greatness, it can also create evil. Such is the case of John Wayne Gacy, a man shrouded in darkness. After a troubled childhood and low self-esteem due to his small height and obesity, he attempted to live a normal life but couldn't control his sadistic urges. Despite his attempts at marriage and family, living as a well-known member of his community and being involved in politics, his urges to dominate, torture and murder young men led him to become a monster of the worst kind: mixing sexual fantasies with terrible actions. It shocked the entire country when his true identity was revealed. In the following book, we will tell the story of the Killer Clown, the identity that John Wayne Gacy adopted to win over the people who knew him, especially his victims. An identity that ended up taking the man over, and who in his mind drove him to kill, along with the other personalities he possessed. Prepare yourself; the gruesome actions of John Wayne Gacy are not for the lighthearted. Scroll Up and Click on "Buy now with 1-Click" to Download Your Copy Right Now! ______________________ Tags: john wayne gacy, john wayne, john w gacy, true crime, serial killers, american history, social history