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Just What Kind Of Mother Are You

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 9781448167203
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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'One of the most hypnotically gripping books I've read in a long, long time.' TESS GERRITSEN Your friend's child is missing. It's your fault. No family is perfect. A husband, three children and a full-time job, so many plates to keep spinning. No wonder you forgot you were supposed to be looking after your friend's daughter. But no one has seen her since yesterday. And she's not the first to go missing from your small town. So who's hiding something? 'She writes with a singular voice and a passion that roars off the page . . . With a sharp, double-twist ending it announces Daly as a potential star' Daily Mail 'Fiendishly addictive' Guardian 'Riveting! Daly plunges straight into the heart of every parent's worst nightmare with page-turning results' Lisa Gardner 'The sort of book that causes you to lose half a day without even noticing' Elizabeth Haynes, author of Into the Darkest Corner
Category: Fiction

No Remorse Short Story

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 9781473509214
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.64 MB
Format : PDF
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A SHORT STORY FROM THE AUTHOR OF JUST WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU? What would you risk for the one you love? Catherine has returned to the sleepy Lake District town of Windermere, after ten years away. Once successful and wealthy, she’s shunned by her old friends and desperate for work. But there’s someone that’s keeping her here . . . and something that she’s got to do before she leaves for ever . . . PRAISE FOR PAULA DALY’S BOOKS ‘Fiendishly addictive ' Guardian ‘She writes with a singular voice and a fierce passion that roars off the page’ Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail ‘The very definition of a page-turner’ Elizabeth Haynes ‘Masterfully written and utterly unputdownable' Tess Gerritsen ‘Riveting!’ Lisa Gardner ‘Assured and nail-biting’ Cath Staincliffe ‘I didn't see the end coming until the moment it appeared’ Julia Crouch
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We Need To Talk About Family

Author : Roberta Garrett
ISBN : 9781443899147
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 38.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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We are the first generation in recent history to not know if our children will have a better life than us. Over the past thirty years, the dream of upward mobility and stable and securely paid employment has dissipated. This collection draws together insights from the disciplines of cultural studies, literary theory, psychoanalysis, psychosocial studies, social policy and sociology, in order to explore the complex and contested status of “the family” under neoliberalism. At one end of the spectrum, the intensification of work and the normalisation of long-hours working culture have undermined the time and energy available for private family life. At the other end, the fantasy of the nuclear family as a potential “haven in a heartless world” is rapidly unravelling, supplanted with a hypercompetitive, neo-traditionalist, mobile, neoliberal family seeking to capitalise on the uneven spread of resources in order to maximise the futures of its own children. As neoliberalism has always been split between socio-economic realities and the expectations of where we “should” be, we are always living with the anxiety of being left behind and the hope that the best is yet to come. The chapters in this collection signal the troubles of the neoliberal family: in particular, the gulf between the practical conditions of family life and the formation of new fantasies. The volume addresses the neoliberal family in a range of contexts: from the domestic, reproductive and bio-political regulation of family life, the representations of the neoliberal family on television and across social media, to the negotiation of family dynamics in maternal memoirs. The work provides a much-needed corrective to the critical emphasis on the macrostructures of the neoliberal world.
Category: Social Science

The Trophy Child

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 9780802189882
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“Paula Daly is acclaimed for her distinctive voice, masterful plotting, and terrifying depictions of ordinary people whose everyday lives are turned upside down through deception and murder. In her unsettling new domestic thriller, “The Trophy Child”, Daly digs beneath the serene surface of the idyllic suburban Lake District community where families strive for perfection, delivering a suspenseful, surprising story of motherhood and fallibility. Karen Bloom is not the coddling mother type. She believes in raising her children for success. Some in the neighborhood call her assertive, others say she's driven, but in gossiping circles she's known as: the tiger mother. Karen believes that tough discipline is the true art of parenting and that achievement leads to ultimate happiness. She expects her husband and her children to perform at 200 percent—no matter the cost. But in an unending quest for excellence, her seemingly flawless family start to rebel against her. Her husband Noel is a handsome doctor with a proclivity for alcohol and women. Their prodigy daughter, Bronte, is excelling at school, music lessons, dance classes, and yet she longs to run away. Verity, Noel's teenage daughter from his first marriage, is starting to display aggressive behavior. And Karen's son from a previous relationship falls deeper into drug use. When tragedy strikes the Blooms, Karen's carefully constructed facade begins to fall apart—and once the deadly cracks appear, they are impossible to stop. A thrilling tale of ambition and murder, Daly's richly imagined world of suburban striving and motherly love is an absorbing page-turner about the illusions of perfection and the power games between husband and wife, parent and child.
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The Mistake I Made

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 9780802190826
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84.77 MB
Format : PDF
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An indecent proposal has fatal repercussions in this “hypnotic” thriller from the author of Keep Your Friends Close (Kirkus Reviews). Roz has reached her breaking point. Her marriage and business have both failed. And with debts racking up, she’s struggling to provide for her nine-year-old son, who is starting to misbehave in school. Then, at her sister’s fortieth birthday party, a perfect—albeit indecent—opportunity presents itself. Scott Elias is wealthy, powerful, and very married. But he wants Roz and he’s willing to pay for the privilege of her company. Offering cash in exchange for a no-strings-attached night of intimacy, Scott’s deal could clear Roz’s debts, get her life back on track, and maybe give her the chance to have some fun in the bargain. But as the situation spirals out of control, Roz is forced to do things she never thought herself capable of . . . “[Daly] has a real gift for mixing insightful writing on domestic life with a suspenseful premise.” —Booklist “Daly heats things up fast.” —Kirkus Reviews
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Keep Your Friends Close

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 9781448167616
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Fiendishly addictive' GUARDIAN Your best friend isn’t who you think she is. You’ve been friends since university, when you became the people you are today. You don’t see each other enough but when you do it’s as if you’ve never been apart. She’s one of the family. You would trust her with your life, your children, your husband. And when your daughter is rushed to hospital, you’re grateful that she’s stepping in at home, looking after things. But your best friend isn’t who you think she is. You’re about to find out just how wrong you were. 'Deliciously dark and addictive. I defy anyone who starts it not to race through the pages until they reach the final, brilliant twist' Colette McBeth 'Utterly gripping, fast paced, and scarily believable' Lesley Pearse 'Daly writes convincingly of a warped mind, the cracks in family life and the small triggers that send events spiralling out of control' Daily Mail 'Gripping, intriguing and unputdownable. I loved it!' Katie Fforde 'Confident and well-written' Literary Review
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Open Your Eyes

Author : Paula Daly
ISBN : 0802147224
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Paula Daly--"a master of psychological thrillers" (Library Journal)--returns with a pulse-pounding tale of domestic suspense that follows a bestselling crime novelist's tragic turn from fictional perpetrator into real-life victim
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Remembering Jim Crow

Author : William Henry Chafe
ISBN : 9781595587626
Genre : History
File Size : 77.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Published in association with Lyndhurst Books of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Segregated South is the "viscerally powerful... compilation of firsthand accounts of the Jim Crow era" (Publisher's Weekly). Based on interviews collected by the Behind the Veil Project at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies, this remarkable book presents for the first time the most extensive oral history ever compiled of African American life under segregation. Men and women from all walks of life tell how their most ordinary activities were subjected to profound and unrelenting racial oppression. Yet Remembering Jim Crow is also a testament to how black southerners fought back against the system--raising children, building churches and schools, running businesses, and struggling for respect in a society that denied them the most basic rights. The result is a powerful story of individual and community survival. Praise for Remembering Jim Crow "A 'landmark book.'" —Publisher's Weekly, "The Year in Books" "This is not just an oral history for the South, but for us all. It is a sobering reminder of the mistakes this nation has made, a hopeful reflection on how far we have come." —Kansas City Star
Category: History

The Revolt Of Mother And Other Stories

Author : Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
ISBN : 9780486158389
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Eight vivid, poignant tales of self-reliant New England women. Well-known title story plus "A New England Nun," "Old Woman Magoun," "Gentian," "One Good Time," plus 3 others.
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