Jim Murrays Whisky Bible 2013

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Jim Murray S Whisky Bible 2013

Author : Jim Murray
ISBN : 0955472970
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 82.33 MB
Format : PDF
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The world's leading whisky guide, the most comprehensive ever written, now further expanded and updated. Includes the best-selling ratings guide to all types of whisky, including Scotch single malt, blends, vatted malts, single grains, Irish pot still, malts, blends, grains, Bourbon, rye, Japanese, Canadian, Australian, European and many others. Detailed, professionally-analysed yet easy to understand tasting notes are included, plus reviews of all that's new and worth looking out for in the world of whisky.
Category: Cooking

Jim Murray S Whisky Bible 2014

Author : Jim Murray
ISBN : 0955472989
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 68.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 367
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The most comprehensive whisky guide ever written, now further expanded with more than 1,100 new entries. The world's best selling ratings guide to all types of whisky including Scotch single malt, blends, vatted malts, single grains, Irish, bourbon, rye, Japanese, Canadian, Australian, European and many others. Detailed, professionally analysed and easy to understand tasting notes on over 4,500 of the World's leading and lesser-known whiskies. Specially designed for quick and easy reference in any liquor store or supermarket. Each Whisky evaluated by whisky guru Jim Murray in his unique, forthright, honest, amusing, fiercely independent and non-Pretentious style.
Category: Cooking

The Indigenization And Hybridization Of Food Cultures In Singapore

Author : Tai Wei Lim
ISBN : 9789811386954
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 66.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This pivot considers the use of porcelain vessels within multi-dialect cultural spaces in the consumption of cooked food in Singapore. In a place of ubiquitous hawker centres and kopitiams (coffee shops), the potteries used to serve hawker foods have a strong presence in the culinary culture of Singaporeans. The book looks at the relationship between those utensils, the food/drinks that are served as well as the symbolic, historical, socio-cultural and socioeconomic implications of using different kinds of porcelain/pottery wares. It also examines the indigenization of foreign foods in Singapore, using two case studies of hipster food – Japanese and Korean. While authentic Japanese and Korean cuisines find resonance amongst the youths of East Asia, some of them have adapted hybrid local features in terms of sourcing for local ingredients due to costs and availability factors. The book considers how these foods are hybridized and indigenized to suit local tastes, fashion and trends, and offers a key read for East Asian specialists, anthropologists and sociologists interested in East Asian societies.
Category: Social Science

Making Bourbon

Author : Karl Raitz
ISBN : 9780813178783
Genre : History
File Size : 47.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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While other industries chase after the new and improved, bourbon makers celebrate traditions that hearken back to an authentic frontier craft. Distillers enshrine local history in their branding and time-tested recipes, and rightfully so. Kentucky's unique geography shaped the whiskeys its settlers produced, and for more than two centuries, distilling bourbon fundamentally altered every aspect of Kentucky's landscape and culture. Making Bourbon: A Geographical History of Distilling in Nineteenth-Century Kentucky illuminates how the specific geography, culture, and ecology of the Bluegrass converged and gave birth to Kentucky's favorite barrel-aged whiskey. Expanding on his fall 2019 release Bourbon's Backroads, Karl Raitz delivers a more nuanced discussion of bourbon's evolution by contrasting the fates of two distilleries in Scott and Nelson Counties. In the nineteenth century, distilling changed from an artisanal craft practiced by farmers and millers to a large-scale mechanized industry. The resulting infrastructure -- farms, mills, turnpikes, railroads, steamboats, lumberyards, and cooperage shops -- left its permanent mark on the land and traditions of the commonwealth. Today, multinational brands emphasize and even construct this local heritage. This unique interdisciplinary study uncovers the complex history poured into every glass of bourbon.
Category: History

Allum S Antiques Almanac 2016

Author : Marc Allum
ISBN : 9781848319363
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 83.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From BBC Antiques Roadshow specialist and author Marc Allum comes the second instalment of his annual almanac, revealing the current news, tall tales and tasty titbits from the year in art, antiques and collectables: What do London Bridge and a £40,000 corkscrew have in common? Which famous pop star depicted by Andy Warhol realised £51.6 million at a recent auction? How much did Oliver Cromwell’s coffin plate sell for, and what happened to his famous wart? Which Hollywood film led to the recovery of a Hungarian avant garde masterpiece? What would a collector pay for the real Batmobile? Why did a tiny portrait of Mozart - only four centimetres high - sell for £218,500? Answers to these and many other fascinating questions make this the essential guide this autumn for all ardent fans of art, antiques and collectables.
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The Whisky Cubes Pack

Author : Jim Murray
ISBN : 1780973667
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 83.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Love whisky—or know someone who does? Here's the perfect gift! Not only does this kit contain an information-packed book written by Jim Murray, a world-renowned whisky expert, it also contains eight soapstone cubes. Just freeze the cubes and when you're ready to enjoy a drop of whisky, add them to the glass instead of ice. The delicious golden liquid won't get diluted! As you drink, savor Murray's knowledge and passionate views about the different brands and distillers, as well as a guide to the distilling process and tasting notes.
Category: Cooking

A Field Guide To Whisky

Author : Hans Offringa
ISBN : 9781579657857
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 74.87 MB
Format : PDF
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A Field Guide to Whisky is a one-stop guide for all the information a whisky enthusiast needs. With the whisky market booming all over the world, now is a perfect time for a comprehensive guide to this popular brown spirit. What are the basic ingredients in all whiskies? How does it get its flavor? Which big-name brands truly deserve their reputation? What are the current whisky trends around the world? And who was Jack Daniel, anyway? This abundance of information is distilled(!) into 324 short entries covering basic whisky literacy, production methods, consumption tips, trends, trivia, geographical maps and lists of distilleries, whisky trails, bars, hotels, and festivals by an industry insider. Boasting 230 color photographs and a beautiful package to boot, A Field Guide to Whisky will make a whisky expert out of anyone.
Category: Cooking