Jews Turks And Ottomans

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Jews Turks And Ottomans

Author : Avigdor Levy
ISBN : 0815629419
Genre : History
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This book focuses on central topics, such as the structure of the Jewish community, its organization and institutions and its relations with the state; the place Jews occupied in the Ottoman economy and their interactions with the general society; Jewish scholarship and its contribution to Ottoman and Turkish culture, science, and medicine. Written by leading scholars from Israel, Turkey, Europe, and the United States, these pieces present an unusually broad historical canvas that brings together different perspectives and viewpoints. The book is a major, original contribution to Jewish history as well as to Turkish, Balkan, and Middle East studies.
Category: History

Ottomans Turks And The Jewish Polity

Author : Walter F. Weiker
ISBN : UOM:39015025395149
Genre : History
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In this book Walter Weiker explores the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the Jews to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. That expulsion had the immediate consequence of enlarging the Jewish presence in the Ottoman Empire, particularly what is today Turkey and the adjacent areas of the Balkans. Weiker not only provides a full account of the Turkish Jews' intellectual and cultural contributions dating back to the Byzantine Empire and continuing through the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, its rise and decline, and its twentieth century transformation into the Turkish Republic, but he does so from a perspective of Jewish political history.
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The Jews Of The Ottoman Empire

Author : Avigdor Levy
ISBN : UOM:39015049739389
Genre : History
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This volume is a major contribution to Jewish as well as to Ottoman, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and North African history. These twenty-eight original essays grew out of an international conference at Brandeis University the first ever to be convened specifically on this subject. Outstanding scholars from Israel, Turkey, Europe, and the United States contributed wide-ranging essays dealing with the Jewish communities of the Ottoman Empire, from the Balkans and Anatolia to Arabia, from Mesopotamia to North Africa. Presented here is an unusually broad historical canvas that brings together many different perspectives and viewpoints.
Category: History

Sultanic Saviors And Tolerant Turks

Author : Marc D. Baer
ISBN : 9780253045423
Genre : History
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What compels Jews in the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and abroad to promote a positive image of Ottomans and Turks while they deny the Armenian genocide and the existence of antisemitism in Turkey? Based on historical narrative, the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492 were embraced by the Ottoman Empire and then, later, protected from the Nazis during WWII. If we believe that Turks and Jews have lived in harmony for so long, then how can we believe that the Turks could have committed genocide against the Armenians? Marc David Baer confronts these convictions and circumstances to reflect on what moral responsibility the descendants of the victims of one genocide have to the descendants of victims of another. Baer delves into the history of Muslim-Jewish relations in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey to find the origin of these many tangled truths. He aims to bring about reconciliation between Jews, Muslims, and Christians, not only to face inconvenient historical facts but to confront it and come to terms. By looking at the complexities of interreligious relations, Holocaust denial, genocide and ethnic cleansing, and confronting some long-standing historical stereotypes, Baer sets out to tell a new history that goes against Turkish antisemitism and admits to the Armenian genocide.
Category: History

Ottoman And Turkish Jewry

Author : Aron Rodrigue
ISBN : UOM:39015025379051
Genre : Political Science
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Category: Political Science

The Last Ottoman Century And Beyond

Author : Minna Rozen
ISBN : UOM:39015061420793
Genre : Balkan Peninsula
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... and the Balkans 1808-1945 - Vol. I.
Category: Balkan Peninsula

The Jews Of The Ottoman Empire And The Turkish Republic

Author : Stanford J. Shaw
ISBN : 9781349122356
Genre : History
File Size : 42.45 MB
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This book studies the role of the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey in providing refuge and prosperity for Jews fleeing from persecution in Europe and Byzantium in medieval times and from Russian pogroms and the Nazi holocaust in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It studies the religiously-based communities of Ottoman and Turkish Jews as well as their economic, cultural and religious lives and their relations with the Muslims and Christians among whom they lived.
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Becoming Ottomans

Author : Julia Phillips Cohen
ISBN : 9780199340408
Genre : History
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Becoming Ottomans is the first book to tell the story of Jewish political integration into a modern Islamic empire. It follows the efforts of Sephardi Jews from Salonica to Izmir to Istanbul to become citizens of their state during the final half century of the Ottoman Empire's existence.
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Ottoman Brothers

Author : Michelle Campos
ISBN : 9780804770682
Genre : History
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Ottoman Brothers explores Ottoman collective identity, tracing how Muslims, Christians, and Jews became imperial citizens together in Palestine following the 1908 revolution.
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The Jews Of Ottoman Izmir

Author : Dina Danon
ISBN : 9781503610927
Genre : History
File Size : 31.35 MB
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By the turn of the twentieth century, the eastern Mediterranean port city of Izmir had been home to a vibrant and substantial Sephardi Jewish community for over four hundred years, and had emerged as a major center of Jewish life. The Jews of Ottoman Izmir tells the story of this long overlooked Jewish community, drawing on previously untapped Ladino archival material. Across Europe, Jews were often confronted with the notion that their religious and cultural distinctiveness was somehow incompatible with the modern age. Yet the view from Ottoman Izmir invites a different approach: what happens when Jewish difference is totally unremarkable? Dina Danon argues that while Jewish religious and cultural distinctiveness might have remained unquestioned in this late Ottoman port city, other elements of Jewish identity emerged as profound sites of tension, most notably those of poverty and social class. Through the voices of both beggars on the street and mercantile elites, shoe-shiners and newspaper editors, rabbis and housewives, this book argues that it was new attitudes to poverty and class, not Judaism, that most significantly framed this Sephardi community's encounter with the modern age.
Category: History

Exploring Ottoman And Turkish History

Author : Jacob M. Landau
ISBN : 1850657521
Genre : Nationalism
File Size : 72.46 MB
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Consists of material published between 1966 and 2003. About half deals with the late Ottoman Empire and the other half with the Republic of Turkey and the territories of the newly independent ex- Soviet Turkic Republics in the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Category: Nationalism

History Of The Turkish Jews And Sephardim

Author : Elli Kohen
ISBN : 0761836004
Genre : History
File Size : 67.37 MB
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ForeWord Reviews Mother’s Day Staff Pick: “Books Mom Will Love” “A valuable historical reference guide.” —Publishers Weekly “This is a very ambitious and timely book, a book that many historians, literary theorists and story tellers who care about China and its “Other Half of the Sky” want to write, but Brian Griffith did it first, with such scope, ease and fun.” —WANG PING, author of The Last Communist Virgin and Aching for Beauty: Footbinding in China “This book is a most engaging and entertaining read, and the depth of its scholarship is astounding. Griffith vividly describes the counterculture of Chinese goddesses, shows that their fascinating stories are alive and active today, and points us toward a more inclusive and caring partnership future.” —RIANE EISLER, author of The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics and The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future Touching on the whole story of China—from Neolithic villages to a globalized Shanghai—this book ties mythology, archaeology, history, religion, folklore, literature, and journalism into a millennia-spanning story about how Chinese women—and their goddess traditions—fostered a counterculture that flourishes and grows stronger every day. As Brian Griffith charts the stories of China’s founding mothers, shamanesses, goddesses, and ordinary heroines, he also explores the largely untold story of women’s contributions to cultural life in the world’s biggest society and provides inspiration for all global citizens. Brian Griffith grew up in Texas, studied history at the University of Alberta, and now lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario. He is an independent historian who examines how cultural history influences our lives, and how collective experience offers insights for our future.
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The Young Turks And The Ottoman Nationalities

Author : Feroz Ahmad
ISBN : 1607813394
File Size : 35.79 MB
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"The years 1908 to 1918 are frequently viewed as the period when the Ottoman Empire fell into decline, but in this volume Feroz Ahmad argues that the Empire was not in decline but instead was face to face with the process of decolonization. Its colonies, stimulated by the idea of nationalism, saw the opportunity to liberate themselves, sometimes with the help of the Great Powers of Europe, who in turn saw these rebellions as an opportunity to expand their own empires. While these ethno-nationalist movements have often been described in terms of Ottoman oppressor versus conspiring nationalists, here they are presented as part of the historical process. Ahmad holds that nationalism was introduced into the Ottoman Empire during the French Revolution, providing kindling for the struggles that later emerged. The Serbs were the first to rebel and thus launched the process of decolonization and struggle against Ottoman imperialism. After the Serbs, the Greeks rebelled and with European support were able to establish their own state. From Greece the struggle against the Ottomans spread throughout the Balkans and then to Anatolia. Setting the stage with this 19th-century background, Ahmad then examines each of the nationalities in a separate chapter, beginning with the restoration of the Ottoman constitution in 1908. The Young Turks, officially known as the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), was a Turkish nationalist political party that ruled the Ottoman Empire from this time until the end of World War I. The book illuminates the relationships and conflicts between the Young Turks and the Greek, Armenian, Albanian, Jewish, and Arab ethnic groups during this period. Placing them in their historical context,"--
Category: HISTORY

Turkey The Jews And The Holocaust

Author : Corry Guttstadt
ISBN : 9780521769914
Genre : History
File Size : 72.91 MB
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Analyses the minority politics of the Turkish republic and the country's ambivalent policies regarding Jewish refugees and Turkish Jews living abroad.
Category: History

Christians And Jews In The Ottoman Arab World

Author : Bruce Masters
ISBN : 0521005825
Genre : History
File Size : 39.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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History and evolution of Christian and Jewish communities in the Ottoman empire over 400 years.
Category: History

The Burden Of Silence

Author : Cengiz Sisman
ISBN : 9780190698560
Genre : History
File Size : 66.61 MB
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The Burden of Silence is the first monograph on Sabbateanism, an early modern Ottoman-Jewish messianic movement, tracing it from its beginnings during the seventeenth century up to the present day. Initiated by the Jewish rabbi Sabbatai Sevi, the movement combined Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religious and social elements and became a transnational phenomenon, spreading througout Afro-Euroasia. When Ottoman authorities forced Sevi to convert to Islam in 1666, his followers formed messianic crypto-Judeo-Islamic sects, Donmes, which played an important role in the modernization and secularization of Ottoman and Turkish society and, by extension, Middle Eastern society as a whole. Using Ottoman, Jewish, and European sources, Sisman examines the dissemination and evolution of Sabbeateanism in engagement with broader topics such as global histories, messianism, mysticism, conversion, crypto-identities, modernity, nationalism, and memory. By using flexible and multiple identities to stymie external interference, the crypto-Jewish Donmes were able to survive despite persecution from Ottoman authorities, internalizing the Kabbalistic principle of a "burden of silence" according to which believers keep their secret on pain of spiritual and material punishment, in order to sustain their overtly Muslim and covertly Jewish identities. Although Donmes have been increasingly abandoning their religious identities and embracing (and enhancing) secularism, individualism, and other modern ideas in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey since the nineteenth century, Sisman asserts that, throughout this entire period, religious and cultural Donmes continued to adopt the "burden of silence" in order to cope with the challenges of messianism, modernity, and memory.
Category: History