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Jack Reacher Film Collection

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 9781473543638
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ONE SHOT: Six shots. Five dead. A heartland city thrown into terror. But within hours the cops have it solved. A slam-dunk case. Apart from one thing. The accused gunman refuses to talk except for a single phrase: Get Jack Reacher for me. Reacher lives off the grid. He's not looking for trouble. But sometimes trouble looks for him. What could connect the ex-military cop to this psychopathic killer? NEVER GO BACK: Drop-out military cop Jack Reacher has finally hitch-hiked his way to Virginia. His destination, the closest thing to a home he ever had: the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th Military Police. Reacher has no real reason to be here, except that he spoke to the new commanding officer on the phone. He liked Major Susan Turner’s voice. But now he’s arrived, she’s disappeared, and he's accused of a 16-year-old homicide. Things are getting weird, but he's sure as hell thinking of a way out.
Category: Fiction

The Jack Reacher Field Manual

Author : George Beahm
ISBN : 9781941631034
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 81.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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You don’t know Jack—Jack Reacher, that is . . . In The Jack Reacher Field Manual: An Unofficial Companion to Lee Child’s Reacher Novels, from ex-Army major and New York Times bestselling author George Beahm, get up-close and personal with Reacher like never before. The only book of its kind, the Field Manual draws on 17 years of interviews, novels, stories, and more to demystify author Lee Child’s larger-than-life, name-taking, quick-thinking one-man avenger. Child calls the Reacher novels “almost entirely autobiographical,” and The Jack Reacher Field Manual seamlessly integrates the literary creator and his creation to provide the most complete portrait of Jack Reacher available. Dive into Jack Reacher’s life with: - A detailed dossier on Reacher and his life at West Point and in the Army’s Military Police Corps - Reacher’s rules of engagement, including how he handles a street brawl - A full-color drifter’s roadmap of the US, detailing the places Reacher has visited in the novels - Reacher’s philosophy for surviving under the radar - A biography on Child and an A-to-Z list of the key people, places, and things in his life - And more, including a glossary of US Army acronyms that appear in the series and a comprehensive reading list of Reacher novels, novellas, and stories The Jack Reacher Field Manual belongs in the fatigue jacket of any fan craving more information about this internationally popular literary antihero.
Category: Literary Criticism

No Middle Name

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 1444835327
Genre : Criminal investigation
File Size : 48.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Published together for the first time, and including a brand-new adventure, this is the complete Jack Reacher short story collection. Jack 'No Middle Name' Reacher - lone wolf, knight errant, ex-military cop, lover of women, scourge of the wicked, and righter of wrongs - is the most iconic hero of our age. A new Reacher novella, TOO MUCH TIME, is included, as are those previously only published in ebook form: SECOND SON, DEEP DOWN, HIGH HEAT, NOT A DRILL, and SMALL WARS; and so is every Reacher short story that Child has written so far. Read together, they shed new light on Reacher's past, illuminating how he grew up and developed into the wandering avenger who has captured the imagination of millions around the world.
Category: Criminal investigation

Killing Floor

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 9781409084815
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89.20 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This was the first Jack Reacher novel and with its lean, spare prose it has one of the most intriguing heroes of our times and displays a gift for explosive drama." (Daily Express) Jack Reacher jumps off a bus and walks fourteen miles down a country road into Margrave, Georgia. An arbitrary decision he's about to regret. Reacher is the only stranger in town on the day they have had their first homicide in thirty years.The cops arrest Reacher and the police chief turns eyewitness to place him at the scene. As nasty secrets leak out, and the body count mounts, one thing is for sure. They picked the wrong guy to take the fall. Although the Jack Reacher novels can be read in any order, Killing Floor is the first book in the internationally popular series. It presents Reacher for the first time, as the tough ex-military cop of no fixed abode: a righter of wrongs, the perfect action hero.
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Tom Cruise

Author : Ruth O'Donnell
ISBN : 9780857727282
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 71.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tom Cruise is a Hollywood superstar like no other. World famous since his debut in the 1980s, he remains among the highest paid actors. Why has his persona resonated so powerfully with millions of viewers? Using psychoanalytic theory, "Tom Cruise: Performing Masculinity in Post Vietnam Hollywood" demonstrates how his star persona sublimates anxieties about masculinity. Amid Reagan-era military jingoism and concern over declining industrial labour, he represented a new model of American masculinity based on white-collar upward mobility. Spanning blockbuster films such as Risky Business (1983), Jerry Maguire (1996) and the Mission: Impossible series (1996 - 2011), this book illustrates how his characters exemplify entrepreneurialism, charisma, technological gadgetry and verbal acuity to redefine male success. His newly emotive type - 'help me help you' - also successfully overcomes interpersonal conflicts with patriarchal authority and senior women in the workplace, and navigates race relations. The first scholarly study of Tom Cruise's celebrity, this book surveys his entire career and builds on Richard Dyer's 'star theory.' It develops the core dynamic of his star persona, a mix of projected character traits and 'real life' trivia or gossip, and establishes that his box office success reflects his persona's ability to work through the psychodynamic preoccupations of his films. This exceptional appeal evolved, at times characterised by complicity with 1980s materialistic hedonism (Taps, 1981), male spectacle (Magnolia, 1999), or his use of martial technology (War of the Worlds, 2005), and their attendant psychic meanings. Recent shifts in American culture, however, in tandem with Tom Cruise's growing evangelism for the Church of Scientology, may be threatening his appeal. Ultimately, this book offers a picture of how stars reflect the values and crises of their societies, and fills a substantial gap in scholarship on celebrity studies, critical cultural analysis, masculinity studies, and film theory.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Cocaine Chronicles

Author : Gary Phillips
ISBN : 9781842438510
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 22.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This ambitious anthology of jaw-grinding criminal behavior is masterfully curated by acclaimed authors Phillips and Tervalon. Cocaine, that most troubling and fascinating of substances is the subject, the subtext, the whys and whereofs in Cocaine Chronicles, a collection of original short stories that are funny and harrowing, sad and scary, but at all times riveting. Cocaine Chronicles contains tough tales by a cross-section of today's most thought-provoking writers. In this bold anthology, we meet the casual sniffers, the heavy users, the dealers, the victims and the unsuspecting victims - hysterical romps, tragic characters and unfathomable lows - rendering cocaine a drug that is anything but glamorous. The Cocaine Chronicles is assembled in four sections that loosely dictate the varying degrees of addiction and the affects that cocaine has on its participants.
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Never Go Back By Lee Child Summary

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 1515341763
Genre :
File Size : 48.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Never Go Back by Lee ChildSummary by Al Martzmill Never Go Back is an interesting Jack Reacher's book that is sold through Kindle. There are many people who love reading this book.It is all about the story of Jack Reacher. He is a former military cop who wants to arrive at Virginia. His main purpose is to meet new officer,Major Susan Turner. There are some important information that Jack Reacher wants to tell Major Susan. But, he cannot find Major Susan in Virginia.Is Major Susan dead? In a car wreck or Afghanistan? Actually, Jack Reacher wants to tell Major Susan that he is going to quit from his military job.He wants to be fired from Susan's command. With the current situation, is it still possible for Jack Reacher to quit from his job?Does he go back to his former job to find some important information about Major Susan? This book has all interesting facts about Jack Reacher and Major Susan. Jack Reacher has to face all obstacles when he wants to get to know more about Susan Turner. This summary is created to help you save your time and money to know about Jack Reacher and his experiences. If you want to know more abouthis story, you should read its official novel. Scroll up and grab a copy Today

The Marijuana Chronicles

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 9781843442608
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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THIS IS A COLLECTION, SCRAPBOOK, TRIBUTE (with possibly one or two condemnations)—call The Marijuana Chronicles what you will, it's the book everyone will be talking about in between tokes. The literary gift for those hip college grads and doctoral students, your best friend and your best friend's mother who went to Woodstock, the book you bring to those Wall Street dinner parties and East Village readings, a book that is long overdue. Like Dave Chappelle says: "Hey, hey, hey. Smoke weed every day."
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James Penney S New Identity

Author : Lee Child
ISBN : 9781488064814
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Before Jack Reacher became the seminal, nomadic hero he is today and #1 New York Times bestselling writer Lee Child reached his current iconic literary stature, there was James Penney, who we meet in this intense Thriller Short. Originally published in THRILLER: Stories to Keep You Up All Night, edited by James Patterson, in 2006. Penney was originally envisioned as a character in Child’s second Jack Reacher tale, Die Trying. Though an interesting character, Penney was ultimately excised during the editing process and readers didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him. Now he’s been resurrected in a tale that features a brief glimpse of Jack Reacher’s early career. Don’t miss this heart-pumping tale of suspense!
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