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It S Been Said Before

Author : Orin Hargraves
ISBN : 9780199315734
File Size : 59.34 MB
Format : PDF
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Careful writers and speakers agree that clichés are generally to be avoided. However, nearly all of us continue to use them. Why do they persist in our language? In It's Been Said Before, lexicographer Orin Hargraves examines the peculiar idea and power of the cliché. He helps readers understand why certain phrases became clichés and why they should be avoided -- or why they still have life left in them. Indeed, clichés can be useful -- even powerful. And few people even agree on which expressions are clichés and which are not. Many regard any frequent idiom as a cliché, and a phrase regarded as a cliché in one context may be seen simply as an effective expression in another. Examples drawn from data about actual usage support Hargraves' identification of true clichés. They also illuminate his commentary on usage problems and helpful suggestions for eliminating clichés where they serve no useful purpose. Concise and lively, It's Been Said Before serves as a guide to the most overused phrases in the English language -- and to phrases that are used exactly as often as they should be.

This Has All Been Said Before

Author : Phil Hammond
ISBN : 9781456719678
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 71.19 MB
Format : PDF
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This book, This Has All Been Said Before, is myself welcoming the reader to my therapy. I used to suffer from depression and anxiety, now I enjoy every moment of it at least I do on the better days. This condition, this gift that I have come to understand that I have given to myself, has challenged me to have to fully realize and appreciate to my own satisfaction, who we are as I discovered in fact who I am. The meaning of life can be absolute or it can be subjective. Both matter. Life, in every single form matters, simply because in the abscence of life expressing itself, there is nothing. Subjectively the meaning of life is whatever we as an individual attach to it, and it is from this perspective, the singular perspective each and every human provides God, that God has allowed God to completely 'know' God. Just as my depression was the gift I, my soul, has given myself, Phil Hammond, as the means through which I would view and explore creation this time in this space, God has given us to Godself, to do the same, explore creation on God's behalf. Thank you and I trust you will enjoy my explanation of everything.
Category: Philosophy

Say It Loud

Author : Catherine Ellis
ISBN : 9781595586278
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 29.85 MB
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Following Say It Plain, a collection of speeches that provides “a sweeping perspective on evolving issues of black identity in the struggle for equality” (Booklist). In “full-throated public oratory, the kind that can stir the soul”, Say It Plain collected and transcribed speeches by some of the twentieth century’s leading African American cultural, literary, and political figures. Many of the speeches were never before available in printed form (Minneapolis Star-Tribune). Following the success of that groundbreaking volume, the Say It Loud! book adds new depth to the history of the modern struggle for racial equality and civil rights—focusing directly on the pivotal questions black America grappled with during the past four decades of resistance. With recordings unearthed from libraries and sound archives, and made widely available here for the first time, Say It Loud! includes powerful speeches by Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King Jr., James H. Cone, Toni Morrison, Colin Powell, and many others. Bringing the rich immediacy of the spoken word to a vital historical and intellectual tradition, Say It Loud! illuminates the diversity of ideas and arguments pulsing through the black freedom movement.
Category: Literary Collections

Mastering Life Before It S Too Late

Author : Robert J. Morgan
ISBN : 9781451664751
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Bestselling author Pastor Rob Morgan provides ten Bible-based laws for productive people by answering the question: How do I gain control over my life right now? A lifelong student of the Bible, Rob Morgan has spent forty years reading thousands of pages about maximizing each day and becoming purposeful and productive. Now he has found a simple plan that works—featuring ten biblical principles that transcend human wisdom. These life patterns can be implemented today whether you’re a student or a senior adult, a novice or an executive. They can help anyone, anytime, anywhere develop a perpetually effective life. 1. Listen to a twelve-year-old: Jesus’ first statement was: Be about your Father’s business. 2. Redeem the time: Wasted hours can never be regained. 3. Clear the decks: God isn’t disorganized; why should we be? 4. Maximize the morning: Schedule a standing appointment with God. 5. Pull off at rest stops: Routinely replenish your inner resources. 6. Operate on yourself: Diagnose and treat yourself spiritually. 7. Live “As If”: Act by faith even when your emotions aren’t cooperating. 8. Bathe in the Dead Sea: Experience the buoyancy of biblical joy. 9. Practice the power of plodding: Effectively complete major tasks by persistently working in small increments. 10. Remember there are two of you: It’s Christ in you Who’s achieving significance. Based on actual Scriptures, this simple, hope-filled plan for mastering life before it’s too late will put you on the path toward a lifetime of success.
Category: Religion

Life Is Motivation

Author : Connor LaRocque
ISBN : 9781460241141
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 55.71 MB
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The fact is that life truly is motivation. You have a choice to get up in the morning as you do to stay within the comfort of your bed. We as individuals must understand that the choices we make today, dictate the future. We can never go back in a moment because nothing lasts forever. This is why it is our job to control our mentality, promoting a positive, unstoppable mindset. Always remember, that at the end of the day even after you believe you have given it everything you have, you can always get more from your body. It’s evident that we are unable to control external factors within our lives but what we can control are the internal factors such as our attitude and perception on any given situation. It is our job in this lifetime to face our fears and let nothing stop us from achieving anything we desire. Live your life with a plan of action, fear nothing and this world is yours for the taking. If all doesn’t work out switch your strategy and come back full force.
Category: Self-Help