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The One State Solution

Author : Virginia Tilley
ISBN : 047202616X
Genre : Political Science
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"A clear, trenchant book on a topic of enormous importance . . . a courageous plunge into boiling waters. If The One-State Solution helps propel forward a debate that has hardly begun in this country it will have performed a signal scholarly and political function." ---Tony Judt, New York University ". . . a pioneering text. . . . [A]s such it will take pride of place in a brewing debate." ---Gary Sussman, Tel Aviv University "The words ‘The One-State Solution' seem to strike dread, at the least, or terror, at the most, in any established, institutional, or mainstream discourse having to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. . . . It therefore takes great courage---and I use the word literally---to title explicitly a book under that infamous label. . . . Virginia Tilley is blessed with such courage and complements it with the requisite academic erudition. . . . Weaving her way through the historical progression of Zionism and through late 20th century and current international and Middle Eastern politics, she shows how the additional, pernicious state of settlement expansion (abetted by other massive human rights violations that go with the occupation) has brought us to the point where only a one-state solution can provide a just peace (and not just a state of conflict management going under the misnomer of peace)." --- Anat Biletsky, Middle East Journal Recent events have once more put the Israeli-Palestinian issue on the front page. After decades of failed peace initiatives, the prospect of reconciliation is in the air yet again as the principal actors maneuver to end the conflict and---the world hopes---bring peace to the region. A one-state solution is a way toward that peace and needs serious, renewed consideration. The One-State Solution explains how Israeli settlements have encroached on the occupied territory of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to such an extent that any Palestinian state in those areas is unworkable. And it reveals the irreversible impact of Israel's settlement grid by summarizing its physical, demographic, financial, and political dimensions. Virginia Tilley elucidates why we should assume that this grid will not be withdrawn---or its expansion reversed---by reviewing the role of the key political actors: the Israeli government, the United States, the Arab states, and the European Union. Finally, Tilley focuses on the daunting obstacles to a one-state solution---including major revision of the Zionist dream but also Palestinian and other regional resistance---and offers some ideas about how those obstacles might be addressed. Virginia Tilley is Chief Research Specialist in the Democracy and Governance Division of the Human Resources Council in Cape Town, South Africa.
Category: Political Science

Israel Palestine And The Politics Of A Two State Solution

Author : Thomas G. Mitchell
ISBN : 9781476603865
Genre : Social Science
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This is a dispassionate examination of the viability of a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the politics of Israel, Palestine and the United States. It includes instructive case studies from South Africa in Namibia and the Irish claim to Northern Ireland. The results of Israeli elections from 2001 to 2013 are analyzed (with the conclusion that the Likud will be in any government coalition for at least the midterm future, giving it a veto over policy). A chapter examining the history and ideology of the secular right over the last 90 years follows. There are three chapters of case studies: the Likud withdrawal from the Sinai in 1979–1982 and from Gaza in 2005, the withdrawal of South Africa from Namibia in 1988–1989, and the dropping of Ireland’s constitutional claim to Northern Ireland in 1998 under a Fianna Fail government—the same party that wrote the constitution in 1937. A chapter examines Palestinian politics since the mandatory era and another, the American-Israeli alliance and American politics. A concluding chapter draws lessons from the case studies and the analysis.
Category: Social Science

Israel Palestine

Author : Alan Dowty
ISBN : 9780745642437
Genre : History
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Fully revised and updated, this second edition also includes a new chapter on the so-called 'fourth stage' of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An extensive chronology of events is included at the back of the book.
Category: History

Israel Palestine And Peace

Author : Amos Oz
ISBN : 054756404X
Genre : History
File Size : 57.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Powerful” essays from a founder of the Peace Now movement and advocate for a two-state solution (Library Journal). The haunting poetry of [Oz's] prose and the stunning logic of his testimony make a potent mixture." —Washington Post Book World Amos Oz was one of the first voices of conscience to advocate for a two-state solution. As a founding member of the Peace Now movement, Oz has spent over thirty-five years speaking out on this issue, and these powerful essays and speeches span an important and formative period for understanding today's tension and crises. Whether he is discoursing on the role of writers in society or recalling his grandmother's death in the context of the language's veracity; examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a tragicomedy or questioning the Zionist dream, Oz remains trenchant and unflinching in this moving portrait of a divided land. "[Oz is] the modern prophet of Israel." —Sunday Telegraph (UK)
Category: History

Israel Jordan And Palestine

Author : Asher Susser
ISBN : 9781611680393
Genre : History
File Size : 55.39 MB
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An astute assessment of the relationship between Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians, with scenarios for the future of Palestinian statehood
Category: History

The Israeli Solution

Author : Caroline Glick
ISBN : 9780385348072
Genre : Political Science
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A landmark manifesto issuing a bold call for a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict. The reigning consensus in elite and academic circles is that the United States must seek to resolve the Palestinians' conflict with Israel by implementing the so-called two-state solution. Establishing a Palestinian state, so the thinking goes, would be a panacea for all the region’s ills. In a time of partisan gridlock, the two-state solution stands out for its ability to attract supporters from both sides of America's ideological divide. But the great irony is that it is one of the most irrational and failed policies the United States has ever adopted. Between 1970 and 2013, the United States presented nine different peace plans for Israel and the Palestinians, and for the past twenty years, the two state solution has been the centerpiece of U.S. Middle East policy. But despite this laser focus, American efforts to implement a two-state peace deal have failed—and with each new attempt, the Middle East has become less stable, more violent, more radicalized, and more inimical to democratic values and interests. In The Israeli Solution, Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor to the Jerusalem Post, examines the history and misconceptions behind the two-state policy, most notably: - The huge errors made in counting the actual numbers of Jews and Arabs in the region. The 1997 Palestinian Census, upon which most two-state policy is based, wildly exaggerated the numbers of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. - Neglect of the long history of Palestinian anti-Semitism, refusal to negotiate in good faith, terrorism, and denial of Israel’s right to exist. - Disregard for Israel’s stronger claims to territorial sovereignty under international law, as well as the long history of Jewish presence in the region. - Indifference to polling data that shows the Palestinian people admire Israeli society and governance. Despite a half-century of domestic and international terrorism, anti-semitism, and military attacks from regional neighbors who reject its right to exist, Israel has thrived as the Middle East’s lone democracy. After a century spent chasing a two-state policy that hasn’t brought the Israelis and Palestinians any closer to peace, The Israeli Solution offers an alternative path to stability in the Middle East based on Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
Category: Political Science

Israel Or Palestine Is The Two State Solution Already Dead

Author : Hasan Afif El-Hasan
ISBN : 9780875867922
Genre : History
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Written by a Palestinian with intimate knowledge of the political and physical landscape of the region, at its basic level the book advocates for a just peace based on the human rights and international law, a peace which all parties to the century-old conflict need. In this history of Palestine, the author shows that both sides of the conflict as well as the international community share the blame for the failure to bring the issue to a just conclusion. Most of the responsibility, he says, lies at the door of the Palestinian leaders themselves, who seem to suffer from institutionalized incompetence in dealing with the Israelis; and the Israelis are to be blamed for their refusal to transform their colonial enterprise into reconciliation politics by acknowledging the claims of the indigenous Palestinian people. At the same time, there is every sign that this impasse was deliberately created at the outset by the international community, led by Great Britain, in the endless game of "divide and rule." Unlike many optimistic writers who expect US President Barack Obama and his administration to find a just solution to the conflict, the author concludes that the Obama Administration would have to reverse the traditional US policy in the Middle East entirely if it is to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Delving into the historical background behind all the parties to the issue, the book provides much-needed background for understanding news events today and basic information that even human rights activists and peace organizations may not have fully appreciated. Throughout, the author seeks to transcend his ethnicity and deal fairly with the positions of people holding different worldviews.
Category: History

Israel And The Palestinians

Author : Jim Zanotti
ISBN : 9781437919820
Genre :
File Size : 90.12 MB
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Contents: (1) Overview; (2) Evaluating the Annapolis Process: Signs of Progress or of Setbacks?; Debate Over the Urgency of Reaching a 2-State Solution; Windows of Opportunity for Consensus on the Peace Process; Going Forward from Annapolis; (3) Changes Since Oslo: Middle East Geopolitics; Demographic Concerns -- Arabs to Outnumber Jews?; Violence and Palestinian Factionalism; Impediments to Palestinian Territorial Contiguity and Movement; (4) Alternatives to a 2-State Solution: ¿1-State Solution¿; Israeli Unilateralism; ¿Jordanian¿ or ¿Regional¿ Option; ¿Status Quo¿; (5) The U.S. Approach.; The Role of Hamas; Capacity-Building for Palestinian Moderates; Israeli Settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Maps.

The Failure Of The Two State Solution

Author : Hani Faris
ISBN : 9781780760940
Genre : History
File Size : 82.18 MB
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Diplomats, politicians and activists alike have long laboured under the assumption that a two-state solution is the only path to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. But as this goal has not come to fruition, and the ever-elusive scepter of peace slips further from reach, violence and instability deepen. This book discusses another - until recently unthinkable - option: a single bi-national state in Israel-Palestine, with all inhabitants sharing in equal rights and citizenship, regardless of ethnicity or faith. It is the first rigorous exploration of this innovative and controversial alternative that has entered the discourse surrounding the peace process. With scholars from both sides of the conflict analysing the possibility of a one-state solution and the shortcomings of the two-state track, this is an important and ground-breaking book for students of Politics, International Relations, Peace Studies and Middle East Studies and all interested in the resolution of this intractable conflict. Contributors include Omar Barghouti, Nadia Hijab, Gharda Karmi, Ilan Pappe, Gabriel Piterberg, Virginia Tilley and Husam Zomlot.
Category: History

A History Of The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Author : Mark A. Tessler
ISBN : 0253208734
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 39.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discusses the early history of Jews and Arabs and traces the emergence and history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the early twentieth century to the beginning of peace negotiations in the early 1990s
Category: Political Science