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Stable Isotopes In The Earth Sciences

Author : International stable isotope conference$ (1976 : Lower Hutt, N.Z.)
ISBN : LCCN:07007115
Genre : Isotope geology
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Papers presented at the International Stable Isotope Conference held at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, DSIR, Lower Hutt, New Zealand, on 4-6 August 1976.
Category: Isotope geology

Isotopes Of The Earth S Hydrosphere

Author : V.I. Ferronsky
ISBN : 9789400728554
Genre : Science
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This book covers the distribution, hydrochemistry and geophysics of the naturally occurring stable isotopes namely: hydrogen, oxygen and radioactive tritium, carbon and other cosmogenic and radiogenic isotopes of the uranium-thorium series, in the oceans and in atmosphere, the earth's surface and ground water. The use of environmental isotopes in the three main areas of natural waters is discussed: origin, dynamics and residence time in natural reservoirs. The origin of the hydrosphere is examined in the light of isotopic, new cosmochemical and recent theoretical results. The book will be of interest to scientists and researchers who use environmental isotopes in solving scientific and practical problems in hydrology, hydrogeology, oceanography, meteorology, hydrogeochemistry and cosmochemistry. Lecturers, students and postgraduates in these fields will also find it useful.
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Isotope Geology

Author : Claude J. Allègre
ISBN : 9781139469852
Genre : Science
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Radiogenic and stable isotopes are used widely in the earth sciences to determine the ages of rocks, meteorites and archeological objects, and as tracers to understand geological and environmental processes. Isotope methods determine the age of the Earth, help reconstruct the climate of the past, and explain the formation of the chemical elements in the Universe. This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to both radiogenic and stable isotope techniques. An understanding of the basic principles of isotope geology is important in a wide range of the sciences: geology, astronomy, paleontology, geophysics, climatology, archeology, and others. Written by one of the world's most respected and best-known geochemists, this full color textbook will be invaluable for all undergraduate and graduate courses on the topic, and is an excellent reference text for scientists. There are problems at the end of each chapter, with password-protected solutions available to instructors at
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Lectures In Isotope Geology

Author : E. Jäger
ISBN : 9783642671616
Genre : Science
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Our colleagues from the French-speaking parts of Switzerland - the Suisses romands - and above all the committee of the 3rd Cycle, e Earth Sciences (3 Cycle, Sciences de la Terre) honored us by asking us to give a course on Isotope Geology for the year 1977. The course, entitled Evaluation et Interpretation des Donnees Isotopiques (eval uation and Interpretation of Isotopic Data), was intended to inform earth scientists, graduate and postgraduate, from the western Swiss Universities on the subject of Isotope Geology. Such courses usually consist of two parts: lectures and excursions. Thus, in March 1977, we gave such a two-week course at the Miner alogical Institute of the University of Berne. The first week was devoted essentially to the methods of dating, the second week to the behavior of stable isotopes. In July 1977, on the occasion of an excursion to the Central and Western Alps, we were able to demonstrate our results. Guest professors were invited to make contributions to the course.
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Radioactive And Stable Isotope Geology

Author : H.-G. Attendorn
ISBN : 9789401158404
Genre : Science
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Accelerating progress in the application of radioactive and stable isotope analysis to a varied range of geologicla and geochemical problems in geology has required a complete revision of Isotopes in the Earth Sciences, published in 1988. This new book comprises four parts: the first introduces isotopic chemistry and examines mass spectroscopic methods; the second eeals with radiometric dating methods. Part Three examines the importance of isotopes in climato-environmental studies, and increasingly significant area of research. The last part looks at extra-terrestrial matter, geothermometry and the isotopic geochemistry of the Earth's lithosphere. Post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers in geochemistry, as well as final year undergraduates in the earth and environmental sciences, will find Radioactive and Stable Isotope Geology an invaluable, uo-to-date and thorough treatment of the theory and practice of isotopie geology.
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Strontium Isotope Geology

Author : G. Faure
ISBN : 9783642653674
Genre : Science
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Since the end of World War II isotope geology has grown into a diversi fied and complex discipline in the earth sciences. It has progressed by the efforts of a relatively small number of specialists, many of whom are physi cists, chemists, or mathematicians who were attracted to the earth sciences by the opportunity to measure and to interpret the isotopic compositions of certain chemical elements in geological materials. The phenomenal growth of isotope geology during the last 25 years is an impressive indi cation of the success of their efforts. We have now entered into a new phase of development of isotope geology which emphasizes the application of the new tools to the solution of specific problems in the earth and planetary sciences. This requires the active participation of a new breed of geologists who understand the nature and complexity of geological problems and can work toward their solution by a thoughtful application of the principles of isotope geology. It is there fore necessary to explain these principles to earth scientists at large to enable them to make use of the new information which isotope geology can offer them.
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Stable Isotopes In High Temperature Geological Processes

Author : John W. Valley
ISBN : 9781501508936
Genre : Science
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Volume 16 of Reviews in Mineralogy inroduces to high-temperature stable isotope geochemistry and should provide an entry into the pertinent literature, as well as some understanding of the basic concepts and potential applications. The first three chapters focus on the theory and experimental data base for equilibrium, disequilibrium, and kinetics of stable isotope exchange reactions among geologically important minerals and fluids. The fourth chapter discusses the primordial oxygen isotope variations in the solar system prior to formation of the Earth, along with a discussion of isotopic anomalies in meteorites. The fifth chapter discusses isotopic variations in the Earth's mantle and the sixth chapter reviews the variations in the isotopic compositions of natural waters on our planet. In Chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10, these isotopic constraints and concepts are applied to various facets of the origin and evolution of igneous rocks, bringing in much material on radiogenic isotopes as well, because these problems require a multi-dimensional attack for their solution. In Chapters 11 and 12, the problems of hydrothermal alteration by meteoric waters and ocean water are considered, together with discussions of the physics and chemistry of hydrothermal systems and the 18O/16O history of ocean water. Finally, in Chapters 13 and 14, these concepts are applied to problems of metamorphic petrology and ore deposits, particularly with respect to the origins of the fluids involved in those processes.
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