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Four Revolutions In The Earth Sciences

Author : James Lawrence Powell
ISBN : 9780231538459
Genre : Science
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Over the course of the twentieth century, scientists came to accept four counterintuitive yet fundamental facts about the Earth: deep time, continental drift, meteorite impact, and global warming. When first suggested, each proposition violated scientific orthodoxy and was quickly denounced as scientific—and sometimes religious—heresy. Nevertheless, after decades of rejection, scientists came to accept each theory. The stories behind these four discoveries reflect more than the fascinating push and pull of scientific work. They reveal the provocative nature of science and how it raises profound and sometimes uncomfortable truths as it advances. For example, counter to common sense, the Earth and the solar system are older than all of human existence; the interactions among the moving plates and the continents they carry account for nearly all of the Earth's surface features; and nearly every important feature of our solar system results from the chance collision of objects in space. Most surprising of all, we humans have altered the climate of an entire planet and now threaten the future of civilization. This absorbing scientific history is the only book to describe the evolution of these four ideas from heresy to truth, showing how science works in practice and how it inevitably corrects the mistakes of its practitioners. Scientists can be wrong, but they do not stay wrong. In the process, astonishing ideas are born, tested, and over time take root.
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Radioactive And Stable Isotope Geology

Author : H.-G. Attendorn
ISBN : 9789401158404
Genre : Science
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Accelerating progress in the application of radioactive and stable isotope analysis to a varied range of geologicla and geochemical problems in geology has required a complete revision of Isotopes in the Earth Sciences, published in 1988. This new book comprises four parts: the first introduces isotopic chemistry and examines mass spectroscopic methods; the second eeals with radiometric dating methods. Part Three examines the importance of isotopes in climato-environmental studies, and increasingly significant area of research. The last part looks at extra-terrestrial matter, geothermometry and the isotopic geochemistry of the Earth's lithosphere. Post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers in geochemistry, as well as final year undergraduates in the earth and environmental sciences, will find Radioactive and Stable Isotope Geology an invaluable, uo-to-date and thorough treatment of the theory and practice of isotopie geology.
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Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Author : Jochen Hoefs
ISBN : 9783540707035
Genre : Science
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Stable Isotope Geochemistry is an introduction to the use of stable isotopes in the geosciences. It is subdivided into three parts: theoretical and experimental principles; fractionation processes of light and heavy elements; the natural variations of geologically important reservoirs. Since the application of stable isotopes to earth sciences has grown in the last few years, a new edition appears necessary. Recent progress in analysing the rare isotopes of certain elements for instance allow the distinction between mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionations. Special emphasis has been given to the growing field of "heavy" elements. Many new references have been added, which will enable quick access to recent literature. For students and scientists alike the book will be a primary source of information with regard to how and where stable isotopes can be used to solve geological problems.
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Microprobe Techniques In The Earth Sciences

Author : Philip J. Potts
ISBN : 9781461520535
Genre : Science
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30% discount for members of The Mineralogical Society of Britain and Ireland This text covers the range of microanalytical techniques available for the analysis of geological samples, principally in research applications. Each chapter is written in a clear, informative style and has a tutorial element, designed to introduce each technique for the beginning and experienced researcher alike.
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Radiogenic Isotope Geology

Author : Alan P. Dickin
ISBN : 0521530172
Genre : Science
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Modern isotope geochemistry is a rapidly expanding field that has a part to play in a broad range of earth and planetary sciences - from extra-solar system processes to environmental geoscience. this new edition of a popular textbook is completely updated and places more emphasis on the uses of radiogenic isotopes in environmental earth science. The author reviews the field of radiogenic isotope geology in a concise and visual manner to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject and its wide variety of applications. For each technique, current ideas are presented in their historical context to allow the reader to understand the development of the theory. The latest ideas and methods, classic papers and case studies all come under scrutiny within this book. An accessible introduction for scientists from other disciplines and an important reference for students and researchers working in isotope geology.
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Isotope Geology

Author : Claude J. Allègre
ISBN : UCSD:31822037154226
Genre : Science
File Size : 40.39 MB
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A comprehensive introductory textbook to isotope techniques for undergraduate and graduate courses.
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Global Earth Physics

Author : Thomas J. Ahrens
ISBN : 9780875908519
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.81 MB
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A standard reference that provides, in accessible form, selected critical data for professional and student solid Earth and planetary geophysicists. It represents the third version of the popular "Handbook of Physical Constants" (the first was published in 1942, the second in 1966). The present version reflects the enormous growth of scientific knowledge of the Earth and planets since 1966, spurred by the discovery and verification of plate tectonics and the systematic exploration of the solar system. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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Lead Isotopes

Author : B. R. Doe
ISBN : 9783642872808
Genre : Science
File Size : 41.45 MB
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This series of monographs represents continuation on an inter national basis of the previous series MINERALOGIE UND PETRO GRAPHIE IN EINZELDARSTELLUNGEN, published by Springer Verlag. The voluminous results arising from recent progress in pure and applied research increase the need for authoritative reviews but the standard scientific journals are unable to provide the space for them. By their very nature, text-books are unable to consider specific topics in depth and recent research methods and results often receive only cursory treatment. Advanced reference volumes are usually too detailed except for experts in the field. It is often very expensive to purchase a symposium volume or an "Advances in . . . " for the sake of a specific review chapter surrounded by volume unrelated chapters. We hope that this monograph series will by pass these problems in fulfilling the need. The purpose of the series is to publish reviews and reports of carefully selected topics written by carefully selected authors, who are both good writers and experts in their scientific field. In general, the monographs will be concerned with the most recent research methods and results. The editors hope that the monographs will serve several functions, acting as supplements to existing text-books, guiding research workers, and providing the basis for advanced seminars. W. VON ENGELHARDT, Tiibingen July 1970 T. HAHN, Aachen R. RoY, University Park, Pa. J. W. WINCHESTER, Tallahassee, Fla. P. J. WYLLIE, Chicago, Ill. Preface Sub-series on "Isotopes in Geology".
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Author : Donald L. Turcotte
ISBN : 0521666244
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.35 MB
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New, completely up-to-date edition of the classic textbook for students in geology and geophysics.
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