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Islands Of The Damned

Author : R.V. Burgin
ISBN : 1101196688
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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The true story of R.V. Burgin, the real-life World War II Marine Corps hero featured in HBO®'s The Pacific. “Read his story and marvel at the man...and those like him.”—Tom Hanks When a young Texan named R.V. Burgin joined the Marines 1942, he never imagined what was waiting for him a world away in the Pacific. There, amid steamy jungles, he encountered a ferocious and desperate enemy in the Japanese, engaging them in some of the most grueling and deadly fights of the war. In this remarkable memoir, Burgin reveals his life as a special breed of Marine. Schooled by veterans who had endured the cauldron of Guadalcanal, Burgin’s company soon confronted snipers, repulsed jungle ambushes, encountered abandoned corpses of hara-kiri victims, and warded off howling banzai attacks as they island-hopped from one bloody battle to the next. In his two years at war, Burgin rose from a green private to a seasoned sergeant, fighting from New Britain through Peleliu and on to Okinawa, where he earned a Bronze Star for valor. With unforgettable drama and an understated elegance, Burgin’s gripping narrative stands alongside those of classic Pacific chroniclers like Robert Leckie and Eugene Sledge—indeed, Burgin was even Sledge’s platoon sergeant. Here is a deeply moving account of World War II, bringing to life the hell that was the Pacific War.
Category: History

The Islands Of The Blessed

Author : Nancy Farmer
ISBN : 9781439160473
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this much-anticipated conclusion to the Sea of Trolls trilogy, Notland is no place to seek one's true calling. Or is it?
Category: Fiction

Kindness For The Damned

Author : D.J. Healey
ISBN : 1456885367
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 74.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Kindness for the Damned: A Novella of Intrigue, Love and Redemption in Sicily. This novella takes its readers and characters through ancient mysteries, confrontations with evil forces, along with the foibles of everyday life, in an entertaining yet thought-provoking story. A member of the British royal family in Sicily during the Napoleonic Wars is stabbed at an Ancient Greek Temple. He is saved by an old man and his son, which leads to the discovery of an ancient mystery of great healing powers. Two hundred years later, a U.S. company tries to replicate the mysterious formula brought to them by a doctor from Sicily in the form of a new healing ointment. Unable to re-create the ointment, the Company sends a high-powered corporate executive, Roberta Sax, and an ailing patent lawyer, Patrick Messina, to work with the doctor to de-code the formula in his laboratory in Sicily. In doing so, the Americans’ lives are changed forever by the people and the Island. Ultimately, the Americans and their Sicilian friends are threatened by an evil priest who has learned this ancient secret offers spiritual as well as physical healing powers: This priest wants this power to try to save himself from heinous crimes he has committed in the name of his Church, including the murder of a pope
Category: Fiction

Lies Damned Lies And Anglers

Author : Bruce Sandison
ISBN : 9781845023898
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 54.1 MB
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When fishing, there's always an element of chance. And the occasional opportunity to exaggerate just a bit, especially about the one that got away. In Lies, Damned Lies & Anglers, Bruce Sandison searches for the truth about angling, with all it's pleasures and frustrations, and reveals some of the secrets of success he has discovered over the years. For those drawn to river and loch, peace, tranquility and contentment are key. But catching fish is an altogether trickier business. Over the years, Bruce Sandison has caught prize fish almost by accident, suffered as absolute beginners have had more than their fair share of luck, battled the elements in small boats, worn inappropriate waders and has, by chance, also discovered the songs that fish simply can't resist. Through good times and bad, the odd big fish may have got away but, of course, the stories are all true . . .
Category: Sports & Recreation

The Book Of The Damned

Author : Charles Fort
ISBN : 9781585092789
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 56.50 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume, based on 27 years of research, explores the gray area between science and fantasy: flying saucers, telekinesis, sudden showers of fish from the sky, spontaneous combustion, and more.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Damned Nation

Author : Kathryn Gin Lum
ISBN : 9780199375189
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Among the pressing concerns of Americans in the first century of nationhood were day-to-day survival, political harmony, exploration of the continent, foreign policy, and--fixed deeply in the collective consciousness--hell and eternal damnation. The fear of fire and brimstone and the worm that never dies exerted a profound and lasting influence on Americans' ideas about themselves, their neighbors, and the rest of the world. Kathryn Gin Lum poses a number of vital questions: Why did the fear of hell survive Enlightenment critiques in America, after largely subsiding in Europe and elsewhere? What were the consequences for early and antebellum Americans of living with the fear of seeing themselves and many people they knew eternally damned? How did they live under the weighty obligation to save as many souls as possible? What about those who rejected this sense of obligation and fear? Gin Lum shows that beneath early Americans' vaunted millennial optimism lurked a pervasive anxiety: that rather than being favored by God, they and their nation might be the object of divine wrath. As time-honored social hierarchies crumbled before revival fire, economic unease, and political chaos, "saved" and "damned" became as crucial distinctions as race, class, and gender. The threat of damnation became an impetus for or deterrent from all kinds of behaviors, from reading novels to owning slaves. Gin Lum tracks the idea of hell from the Revolution to Reconstruction. She considers the ideas of theological leaders like Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney, as well as those of ordinary women and men. She discusses the views of Native Americans, Americans of European and African descent, residents of Northern insane asylums and Southern plantations, New England's clergy and missionaries overseas, and even proponents of Swedenborgianism and annihilationism. Damned Nation offers a captivating account of an idea that played a transformative role in America's intellectual and cultural history.
Category: Religion

Tybee Island

Author : Robert A. Ciucevich
ISBN : 9781439630624
Genre : Photography
File Size : 55.65 MB
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From Guale Indians and Spanish explorers to its glory days as the queen of south Atlantic beach resorts and beyond, Tybee Islands quiet charm hides a rich and occasionally violent history. Soldiers, rebels, and rumrunners all found their place in history here as great battles, fires, and hurricanes played out over time. Through centuries of change, Tybee has remained one of the Souths most popular resorts.
Category: Photography


Author : Marta Randall
ISBN : 9781480497771
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Nebula Award Finalist. She will never be one of them. When the immortality treatments failed, she knew her destiny would not be as glorious and carefree as the immortals. The immortals rebuilt the Earth after the great floods, but she is not one of them, and she doesn't seem fit to live anywhere amongst them. When she finds refuge aboard the ship Ilium and begins ocean floor navigation, an adventure immortals would envy, she discovers a secret place. But she knows if she can unlock the power that the immortals lost on an island buried far beneath the land, the world and the immortals' future will never be the same again.
Category: Fiction