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Invisible Agents

Author : David M. Gordon
ISBN : 9780821444399
Genre : History
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Invisible Agents shows how personal and deeply felt spiritual beliefs can inspire social movements and influence historical change. Conventional historiography concentrates on the secular, materialist, or moral sources of political agency. Instead, David M. Gordon argues, when people perceive spirits as exerting power in the visible world, these beliefs form the basis for individual and collective actions. Focusing on the history of the south-central African country of Zambia during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, his analysis invites reflection on political and religious realms of action in other parts of the world, and complicates the post-Enlightenment divide of sacred and profane. The book combines theoretical insights with attention to local detail and remarkable historical sweep, from oral narratives communicated across slave-trading routes during the nineteenth century, through the violent conflicts inspired by Christian and nationalist prophets during colonial times, and ending with the spirits of Pentecostal rebirth during the neoliberal order of the late twentieth century. To gain access to the details of historical change and personal spiritual beliefs across this long historical period, Gordon employs all the tools of the African historian. His own interviews and extensive fieldwork experience in Zambia provide texture and understanding to the narrative. He also critically interprets a diverse range of other sources, including oral traditions, fieldnotes of anthropologists, missionary writings and correspondence, unpublished state records, vernacular publications, and Zambian newspapers. Invisible Agents will challenge scholars and students alike to think in new ways about the political imagination and the invisible sources of human action and historical change.
Category: History

Invisible Agents

Author : Nadine Akkerman
ISBN : 9780192555830
Genre : History
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It would be easy for the modern reader to conclude that women had no place in the world of early modern espionage, with a few seventeenth-century women spies identified and then relegated to the footnotes of history. If even the espionage carried out by Susan Hyde, sister of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, during the turbulent decades of civil strife in Britain can escape the historiographer's gaze, then how many more like her lurk in the archives? Nadine Akkerman's search for an answer to this question has led to the writing of Invisible Agents, the very first study to analyse the role of early modern women spies, demonstrating that the allegedly-male world of the spy was more than merely infiltrated by women. This compelling and ground-breaking contribution to the history of espionage details a series of case studies in which women — from playwright to postmistress, from lady-in-waiting to laundry woman — acted as spies, sourcing and passing on confidential information on account of political and religious convictions or to obtain money or power. The struggle of the She-Intelligencers to construct credibility in their own time is mirrored in their invisibility in modern historiography. Akkerman has immersed herself in archives, libraries, and private collections, transcribing hundreds of letters, breaking cipher codes and their keys, studying invisible inks, and interpreting riddles, acting as a modern-day Spymistress to unearth plots and conspiracies that have long remained hidden by history.
Category: History

The Invisible Agent

Author : R. B. Maxwell
ISBN : 9781788038560
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 62.85 MB
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The Invisible Agent is the debut children's novel from R. B. Maxwell. When the crash-landing of an alien spaceship unravels a chain of events, a new division of MI6 is created for the housing, protection and training of selected super-agents and police dogs. Top agent 001, Max the teenage super spy, is tasked with a mission to infiltrate the home of Beckingham City's Lord Mayor, Alfred Hoxley, in an attempt to capture the international criminal X. When Max's operation is thrown into turmoil, he must work against the clock to salvage the mission by picking up the small threads he has left. And when Max discovers a criminal organisation involved in fraud, he becomes their target. Max closes in but the organisation is one step ahead of him. When Max's Achilles heel is revealed, the criminals have the upper hand to eliminate his super powers and put his life in jeopardy. Will Max escape with his life and catch the criminals? Inspired by Anthony Horowitz's 'Alex Rider' series, The Invisible Agent is a gripping action story which will appeal to young readers aged 9-11 years.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Chubb S Tracts

Author : Thomas Chubb
ISBN : UOM:39015062236503
Genre :
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A Discourse Of Miracles Considered As Evidence To Prove The Divine Original Of A Revelation In Which Several Mistakes Are Rectified And Deficiencies Supplied In Mr Tho Chubb S Late Discourse On The Same Subject Also An Attempt To Prove That The Single Circumstance Of Non Universality Is Not Sufficient To Disprove The Divine Original Of A Revelation In A Letter To Mr Tho Chubb

Author :
ISBN : BL:A0018965524
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Why Religion Is Natural And Science Is Not

Author : Robert N. McCauley
ISBN : 9780199912308
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.6 MB
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The battle between religion and science, competing methods of knowing ourselves and our world, has been raging for many centuries. Now scientists themselves are looking at cognitive foundations of religion--and arriving at some surprising conclusions. Over the course of the past two decades, scholars have employed insights gleaned from cognitive science, evolutionary biology, and related disciplines to illuminate the study of religion. In Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not, Robert N. McCauley, one of the founding fathers of the cognitive science of religion, argues that our minds are better suited to religious belief than to scientific inquiry. Drawing on the latest research and illustrating his argument with commonsense examples, McCauley argues that religion has existed for many thousands of years in every society because the kinds of explanations it provides are precisely the kinds that come naturally to human minds. Science, on the other hand, is a much more recent and rare development because it reaches radical conclusions and requires a kind of abstract thinking that only arises consistently under very specific social conditions. Religion makes intuitive sense to us, while science requires a lot of work. McCauley then draws out the larger implications of these findings. The naturalness of religion, he suggests, means that science poses no real threat to it, while the unnaturalness of science puts it in a surprisingly precarious position. Rigorously argued and elegantly written, this provocative book will appeal to anyone interested in the ongoing debate between religion and science, and in the nature and workings of the human mind.
Category: Religion