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Introduction Of Buddhism To Korea

Author : Lewis R. Lancaster
ISBN : 9780895818881
Genre : Religion
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A collection of articles dealing with the introduction of Buddhism in Korea and its subsequent spread from there to Japan. The studies contained in this volume cover the Three Kingdom period.
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Sheaves Of Korean Buddhist History

Author : Gim Yeongsu
Genre : Religion
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Sheaves of Korean Buddhist History, a brief history of Korean Buddhism, is one of the representative works on Korean Buddhism in the modern period. The author Gim Yeongsu was a scholar-monk, who was well known for his influential research on the systems of religious orders in Korean Buddhism by advancing such theories as Five Doctrinal [schools] and Nine Mountains [school of Seon], Five Doctrinal [schools] and Two [Meditative] schools, and Two Schools of Meditative practice and doctrinal Teaching. The first part on the Three Kingdoms and the Unified Silla period includes various topics, such as the introduction of Buddhism to Korean peninsula; the achievements of eminent monks in pursuing the Buddhist truth; the adoption and development of doctrinal learning; the establishment of Buddhist schools, such as the Hwaeom school; and the transmission of Chan and the formation of Nine Mountains school of Seon. The contents of the second part on the Goryeo period include the royal worship of Buddhism, monastic examinations; the activities of eminent monks; the establishment of the Cheontae 天台 school and the Five Doctrinal [schools] and Two [Meditative] schools; the carving of the woodblocks of the Goryeo Buddhist canon; Buddhist cultural exchange with neighboring countries; the flourishing of the Seon school and the introduction of Ganhwa Seon; and so forth. The part on the Joseon period describes the official policy of persecuting Buddhism during the early Joseon period; the forced unification of Buddhist schools; the activities of monk militias during the Hideoyoshi invasion of Korea (1592–1598); synthesis of the three practices of Seon, Gyo (Buddhist doctrines), and chanting the Buddha’s name during the late Joseon; the problem of Dharma lineage of the Imje school; and Buddhist educational systems and practices. The part on the modern period examines such topics as the Temple Ordinances issued by the Japanese Colonial Government and institutional changes in the Buddhist community.
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Author : Donald William Mitchell
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123324555
Genre : Religion
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Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience, Second Edition, focuses on the depth of Buddhist experience as expressed in the teachings and practices of its religious and philosophical traditions. Taking a broad and inclusive approach, this unique work spans over 2,500 years, offering chapters on Buddhism's origins in India; Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism; and Buddhism in Southeast Asia, Tibet, China, Korea, and Japan. It also includes an extensive discussion of modern, socially engaged Buddhism and a concluding chapter on the spread of Buddhism to the West. Author Donald W. Mitchell provides substantial selections of primary text material throughout that illustrate a great variety of moral, cultural, psychological, meditative, and spiritual Buddhist experiences. Buddhism features twenty-two boxed personal narratives by respected Buddhist leaders and scholars, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharma Master Sheng Yen, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Jeffrey Hopkins, Sulak Sivaraksa, Rita M. Gross, Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, and Robert Aitken. The text also includes photographs, maps, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary of technical terms. Integrating more information about how Buddhism is actually practiced around the world today, the second edition adds six brief end-of-chapter essays by scholars and practitioners on cultural experiences of Buddhism in Thailand, Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, and America. Ideal for courses in Buddhism, Asian religions, and Asian philosophy, this edition also offers additional photographs, new sections on topics like Buddhist cosmology, expanded coverage of Buddhism and globalization, and updated suggestions for further reading.
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A Collection Of Modern Korean Buddhist Discourses

Author : Choe Namseon and others
Genre : Religion
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A Collection of Modern Korean Buddhist Discourses consists of twelve articles which were carefully selected from Buddhist journals of the modern period. These articles critically discuss the past and the present of Korean Buddhism and offer the prospect for the future by dealing with various topics in different fields, such as history, religion, literature, politics, society, and culture. The authors include not only renowned scholars of Buddhist studies, such as Gim Beomnin 金法麟 (1899–1964), Kim Yeongsu 金映遂 (1884–1967), Gim Taeheup 金泰洽 (1899–1989), and Baek Seonguk 白性郁(1897–1981), as well as prominent figures in Korean studies and Korean literature, such as Choe Namseon 崔南善 (1890–1957) and Yi Gwangsu 李光洙 (1892–1950). The twelve selected articles are as follows: ① Choe Namseon, “Overview of Korean Buddhism: A Diachronic Approach to Korean Buddhism” (1918) ② Yi Gwangsu, “Buddhism and Korean Literature” (1925) ③ Baek Seonguk, “To Establish a Modern Buddhism” (1926) ④ Gim Taeheup, “Research on Religion and the Development of Social Work” (1926–1928) ⑤ Gim Byeokong, “A Concern for Korean Buddhism: The Words Addressed to All Korean Buddhist Clerics” (1927) ⑥ Choe Namseon, “Korean Buddhism: Its Position in the Cultural History of the East” (1930) ⑦ Yu Yeop, “Buddhism and the Trend of Social Thought” (1931) ⑧ Kang Yumun, “Overview of Korean Buddhism for the Last Hundred Years” (1932) ⑨ Gim Beomnin, “On the Separation of Religion and Politics” (1932) ⑩ Heo Yeongho, “Foundations and Errors of Anti-Religion Movement” (1932) ⑪ Mong Jeongsaeng, “Examining the Causes of Korean Buddhism Facing a Crisis” (1932) ⑫ Gim Yeongsu, “On the Principle Teachings of Korean Buddhism” (1933)
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The Way Of Korean Zen

Author : Kusan Sunim
ISBN : 9780834826939
Genre : Religion
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The power and simplicity of the Korean Zen tradition shine in this collection of teachings by a renowned modern master, translated by Martine Batchelor. Kusan Sunim provides a wealth of practical advice for students, particularly with regard to the uniquely Korean practice of hwadu, or sitting with questioning. An extensive introduction by Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism without Beliefs, provides both a biography of the author and a brief history of Korean Zen.
Category: Religion

Buddhist Sculpture Of Korea

Author : Ri-na Kim
ISBN : UOM:39015070933083
Genre : Art
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Buddhist culture and thought have had a tremendous impact on the lives and thought of Korean people ever since the religion was introduced to the Korean peninsula in the late fourth century. Most of the time, the religion received strong state support for the construction of temples and pagodas and the making of Buddhist images for worship. At times, the religion encountered opposition, often for political reasons, but it continued to play an important role in the cultural and religious activities of the various strata of Korean society from the time of its introduction and it continues to remain in the mind of modern Koreans as well. Most of the research on Korean Buddhist sculpture is in Korean and some in Japanese, but very little in English. Therefore, this work is a significant resource for those interested in studying Korean Buddhist art. The author has tried to put Korean sculpture in the context of history, Buddhist teachings and iconography and makes stylistic comparisons with relevant examples from neighboring countries. This is a first of its kind work that will educate readers who are new to the unique qualities of Korean Buddhist sculpture, as well as provide helpful references to many of the scholarly articles written in Korean.
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Makers Of Modern Korean Buddhism

Author : Jin Y. Park
ISBN : 9781438429236
Genre : Religion
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An overview of Korean Buddhism and its major figures in the modern period.
Category: Religion

Korean Thought And Culture

Author : Chai-Shin Yu
ISBN : 9781426944963
Genre : Religion
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During its five thousand years of history and culture, Korea has been attacked and invaded by other countries eight hundred times. Despite all its past tragedies, Korea has risen from the ashes and become one of the ten strongest economic countries in the world all because its people have kept their thoughts, culture, and roots alive. In Korean Thought and Culture: A New Introduction, Dr. Chai-Shin Yu shares the results of his extensive research. He offers careful interpretation of historical facts and in-depth exploration of past events, while determining whether Old-Korean thought culture has always existed independently or arose initially through the sole influence of China. A seasoned lecturer on Korean culture and thought, Dr. Yu relies on his professional experience to provide a comprehensive study of Korean and East Asian thought and culture, the influence of Korea on Japanese culture, Korean philosophers, and other Asian and Christian thoughts and cultures. One hundred years since the Japanese invasion and sixty years after the attack of North Korea, Korean Thought and Culture: A New Introduction offers a new perspective on long-held beliefs and challenges anyone to take a new look at Korean thought and the history and culture of this fascinating country.
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Korean Buddhist Nuns And Laywomen

Author : Eunsu Cho
ISBN : 9781438435121
Genre : Buddhist nuns
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Explores the roles of Korean Buddhist nuns and laywomen from the fourth century to the present. Uncovering hidden histories, this book focuses on Korean Buddhist nuns and laywomen from the fourth century to the present. Today, South Korea’s Buddhist nuns have a thriving monastic community under their own control, and they are well known as meditation teachers and social service providers. However, little is known of the women who preceded them. Using primary sources to reveal that which has been lost, forgotten, or willfully ignored, this work reveals various figures, milieux, and activities of female adherents, clerical and lay. Contributors consider examples from the early days of Buddhism in Korea during the Three Kingdoms and Unified Silla periods (first millennium CE); the Koryŏ period (982–1392), when Buddhism flourished as the state religion; the Chosŏn period (1392–1910), when Buddhism was actively suppressed by the Neo-Confucian Court; and the contemporary resurgence of female monasticism that began in the latter part of the twentieth century. “…this work is a great success, and is an important first step in opening an area of research that will hopefully see continued expansion in the years to come.” — Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Category: Buddhist nuns

Japanese Buddhism

Author : Charles Eliot
ISBN : 0700702636
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.23 MB
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Written as a companion to Eliot's 3-volume Hinduism and Buddhism this text begins with an overview of Buddhism as practiced in India and China before presenting an in depth account of the history of Buddhism in Japan. It follows the development of the Buddhist movement in Japan from its official introduction in AD 552, through the Nara, Heian and Tokugawa periods, detailing the rises of the various Buddhist sects in Japan, including Nichiren and Zen. Thoroughly researched and well-written, it was the last work published by Eliot, one of the great scholars of Eastern religion and philosophy at the time.
Category: Religion