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Into The Darkest Corner

Author : Elizabeth Haynes
ISBN : 9780062197276
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Catherine Bailey has been enjoying the single life long enough to know a catch when she sees one. Gorgeous, charismatic and spontaneous, Lee seems almost too perfect to be true. And her friends clearly agree, as each in turn falls under his spell. But what begins as flattering attentiveness and passionate sex turns into raging jealousy, and Catherine soon learns there is a darker side to Lee. His increasingly erratic, controlling behaviour becomes frightening, but no one believes her when she shares her fears. Increasingly isolated and driven into the darkest corner of her world, a desperate Catherine plans a meticulous escape. Four years later, Lee is behind bars and Catherine—now Cathy—compulsively checks the locks and doors in her apartment, trusting no one. But when an attractive upstairs neighbour, Stuart, comes into her life, Cathy dares to hope that happiness and love may still be possible . . . until she receives a phone call informing her of Lee’s impending release. Soon after, Cathy thinks she catches a glimpse of the former best friend who testified against her in the trial; she begins to return home to find objects subtly rearranged in her apartment, one of Lee’s old tricks. Convinced she is back in her former lover’s sights, Cathy prepares to wrestle with the demons of her past for the last time. Utterly convincing in its portrayal of obsession, Into the Darkest corner is an ingeniously structured and plotted tour de force of suspense that marks the arrival of a major new talent.
Category: Fiction

Seeing In The Dark

Author : Christopher Chapman
ISBN : 9781848252592
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Life is joyful, beautiful and a rich blessing, but also difficult, painful and mysterious. This profound and practical book looks at how the Christian spiritual tradition has tried to understand the part suffering plays within human growth and our experience of God. Suffering can ask questions of us and impel us to live for what is really important - it can also diminish us and stunt our growth. What makes the difference? This book helps all engaged in pastoral care or spiritual direction explore that question for themselves and with others. From Julian of Norwich gazing at Christ entering the depths of our difficulty, to the terrors of the 'dark night of the soul' experienced by St John of the Cross, to the poets George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins who, like Jacob, wrestled with God, this rich book helps us see that even in a desolate and trackless wasteland, we are in the company of pilgrims across time and can glimpse a hidden Promised Land. Through these different windows we are encouraged not to cling to suffering, nor to flee from its threat, but to discover within it the work of a resourceful, creative and compassionate God.
Category: Religion

A Santo In The Image Of Cristobal Garcia

Author : Rick Collignon
ISBN : 9781936071524
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 44.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The gentle-hearted Flavio Montoya returns, now as the aged scion of his family, still tending his sister Ramona’s fields and wondering how all of his family could have died before him. When the mountains surrounding Guadalupe erupt in flames, the history of the village seems to be set loose in the smoke. The dead arrive and the silent speak. When Flavio is accused of starting the fire that quickly threatens to consume the village, the disaster becomes one more mystery that he must fold into his own memory, though he cannot quite understand any of it. A Santo in the Image of Cristóbal García is a beautiful, funny, even epic tale of how all history is finally personal.
Category: Fiction

A Lie Told Often

Author : Hanes Segler
ISBN : 9780595621668
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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By day, Carlton Westerfield delivers cars for a leasing company, earning a modest living and arousing no suspicion. But at night, his true talent is revealed, a talent that involves murder. Carlton is a hired killer, a cautious, no-nonsense guy that crime kingpin Randall "Big Mo" Morris calls when the job has to be done right, no hitches. Carlton's neat little world is shaken when he reads of Big Mo's death over morning coffee, but that's the least of his worries. A phone call and a visit from a mysterious woman who is somehow connected to Mo's death threatens to unravel things completely. The woman, Paula Hendricks, informs Carlton that she saw Big Mo murdered after being tortured into revealing the names of the hit team hired to kill drug cartel boss Gregorio Molina. The names? Carlton Westerfield and Paula Hendricks. Carlton immediately goes into escape mode, heading to the Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas to avoid the wrath of the cartel. Against his better judgment, he takes Paula with him. The resulting adventure puts Carlton in the uncomfortable position of learning who he can trust and who he can't, a tall order for someone with the social skills of a rattlesnake.
Category: Fiction

The Darkest Corners

Author : Kara Thomas
ISBN : 9780553521474
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 38.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Gripping from start to finish . . . with twists that left me shocked."—Victoria Aveyard, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Red Queen For fans of Gillian Flynn and Pretty Little Liars, The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell, and the deadly truths those lies become. There are secrets around every corner in Fayette, Pennsylvania. Tessa left when she was nine and has been trying ever since not to think about what happened there that last summer. She and her childhood best friend Callie never talked about what they saw. Not before the trial. And certainly not after. But ever since she left, Tessa has had questions. Things have never quite added up. And now she has to go back to Fayette—to Wyatt Stokes, sitting on death row; to Lori Cawley, Callie’s dead cousin; and to the one other person who may be hiding the truth. Only the closer Tessa gets to what really happened, the closer she gets to a killer—and this time, it won’t be so easy to run away. And don't miss Kara's next "eerie and masterly psychological thriller" Little Monsters—on sale now (SLJ)!
Category: Young Adult Fiction

The Second Algernon Blackwood Megapack

Author : Algernon Blackwood
ISBN : 9781434442987
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Second Algernon Blackwood Megapack collects 28 more classic tales of the supernatural by one of the greatest ghost story writers of all time. Included in this volume are: SKELETON LAKE SMITH: AN EPISODE IN A LODGING-HOUSE A SUSPICIOUS GIFT THE EMPTY HOUSE THE LISTENER MAY DAY EVE CARLTON'S DRIVE IF THE CAP FITS— THE MAN WHO PLAYED UPON THE LEAF OLD CLOTHES THE ECCENTRICITY OF SIMON PARNACUTE THE GOLDEN FLY THE TRANSFER THE ATTIC THE GLAMOUR OF THE SNOW SAND H.S.H. A DESERT EPISODE BY WATER THE GOBLIN'S COLLECTION A BIT OF WOOD AN EGYPTIAN HORNET CAIN'S ATONEMENT THE OTHER WING THE DANCE OF DEATH THE GARDEN OF SURVIVAL A CASE OF EAVESDROPPING CLAIRVOYANCE And don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see more entries in this series, covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more!
Category: Fiction

The Dream Quest

Author : Stephanie Louise Lu
ISBN : 9780595378807
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 42.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In a distant world called Educity, everybody does nothing but study and work. Nobody has thought of changing the peaceful, orderly and fatally rigid system; nobody has considered the real meaning of life. This is why the Goddess appoints five twelve-year-olds to embark on a quest for true wisdom. They leave their homes and venture into an unknown world. There they go through precarious adventures, encountering everything from magic to ancient treasure.but at the end of it all, how will they save their silently suffering fellow Educitizens?
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Black Madonna Within

Author : Tataya Mato
ISBN : 0812692497
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is the story, in words and pictures, of one woman's quest for wholeness and release from despair. Fighting the scars of abuse and a war-ravaged childhood, Tataya Mato looked inward - to her dreams and active imaginations, and to her drawings, which increasingly became pervaded by the luminous presence of the divine feminine figure, the Black Madonna. Long a folk image in Europe, the Black Madonna archetype has recently begun to appear in the dreams and other unconscious material of hundreds of North American women and men. Some Jungian thinkers have identified this striking phenomenon with the emergence of a latent feminine force, demanding conscious recognition. The collective dream pattern, so often in advance of consciousness, here asserts a new caring relationship to the Earth and all its creatures. The Black Madonna Within includes 191 of Tataya's drawings, offering insight and healing through their development from the earliest and most naive images to their more mature artistic form. The drawings are accompanied by the artist-author's poignant narrative text.
Category: Psychology

The Haunted House

Author : Hilaire Belloc
ISBN : 9781448203758
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Readers of "The Emerald of Catherine the Great" will not have to be told that Mr. Belloc's mystery stories are written with suavity and originality and an eye for piquant situations. This new mystery tale is the story of "Rackham Catchings," a manor house in Sussex belonging to an amiable but improvident squire, which in payment of a debt has come into the possession of his brother. How the squire's son, John, is forced to earn his living as a ventriloquist in the music halls, how ventriloquism plus a headless ghost sends the household into a frenzy of excitement and fear, and how John succeeds in recovering his home and winning the girl he loves make a constantly unexpected and unusual story.
Category: Fiction

The Teardrop Story Woman

Author : Catherine Lim
ISBN : 9781409138334
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A story set in 50's Malaya at the height of the communist guerilla activity. This is a backdrop for a story of love, passion, desire and duty as a beautiful married chinese women, Mei Kwei, falls in love with a priest who saves the woman caught with Mei's husband from public embarrassment.
Category: Fiction