International Relations

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Introduction To International Relations

Author : Richard Jackson
ISBN : 9780198803577
Genre :
File Size : 71.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offering unrivaled coverage of classical theories, contemporary approaches, and current issues, together with an exceptionally clear writing style, Introduction to International Relations, Seventh Edition, provides a genuinely accessible and engaging introduction to the subject. With an emphasis on theoretical approaches and their application to the real world, the authors encourage readers to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented, and the major points of contention between them. In this way, the text helps the reader to build a clear understanding of how key debates in the discipline are connected with each other and with our perceptions of developments in the contemporary world. In addition to helpful learning features within the book, the text is accompanied by online resources designed to help students to take their learning further. These include: For students: - Reinforce your understanding of each chapter's key themes with short case studies - Test your understanding and revise for exams with review questions - Explore different theoretical debates through a series of annotated web links to reliable content - Test your knowledge of key terminology using the flashcard glossary For registered lecturers: - Encourage debate and critical thinking in class with seminar resources - Download figures from the text for use in your own teaching materials

International Relations And The Problem Of Time

Author : Andrew R. Hom
ISBN : 9780198850014
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 65.65 MB
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What is time and how does it influence our knowledge of international politics? For decades International Relations (IR) paid little explicit attention to time. Recently this began to change as a range of scholars took an interest in the temporal dimensions of politics. Yet IR still has not fully addressed the issue of why time matters in international politics, nor has it reflected on its own use of time -- how temporal ideas affect the way we work to understand political phenomena. Moreover, IR remains beholden to two seemingly contradictory visions of time: the time of the clock and a longstanding tradition treating time as a problem to be solved. International Relations and the Problem of Time develops a unique response to these interconnected puzzles. It reconstructs IR's temporal imagination by developing an argument that all times - from natural rhythms to individual temporal experience - spring from social and practical timing activities, or efforts to establish meaningful and useful relationships in complex and dynamic settings. In IR's case, across a surprisingly wide range of approaches scholars employ narrative timing techniques to make sense of confounding processes and events. This innovative account of time provides a more systematic and rigorous explanation for time in international politics. It also develops provocative insights about IR's own history, its key methodological commitments, supposedly 'timeless' statistical methods, historical institutions, and the critical vanguard of time studies. This book invites us to reimagine time, and in so doing to significantly rethink the way we approach the analysis of international politics.
Category: Political Science

International Relations In The Cyber Age

Author : Nazli Choucri
ISBN : 9780262038911
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 21.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A foundational analysis of the co-evolution of the internet and international relations, examining resultant challenges for individuals, organizations, firms, and states. In our increasingly digital world, data flows define the international landscape as much as the flow of materials and people. How is cyberspace shaping international relations, and how are international relations shaping cyberspace? In this book, Nazli Choucri and David D. Clark offer a foundational analysis of the co-evolution of cyberspace (with the internet as its core) and international relations, examining resultant challenges for individuals, organizations, and states. The authors examine the pervasiveness of power and politics in the digital realm, finding that the internet is evolving much faster than the tools for regulating it. This creates a “co-evolution dilemma”—a new reality in which digital interactions have enabled weaker actors to influence or threaten stronger actors, including the traditional state powers. Choucri and Clark develop a new method for addressing control in the internet age, “control point analysis,” and apply it to a variety of situations, including major actors in the international and digital realms: the United States, China, and Google. In doing so they lay the groundwork for a new international relations theory that reflects the reality in which we live—one in which the international and digital realms are inextricably linked and evolving together.
Category: Political Science

South Africa Race And The Making Of International Relations

Author : Vineet Thakur
ISBN : 9781786614650
Genre : International relations
File Size : 36.33 MB
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"This book offers readers an alternative history of the origins of the discipline of International Relations. Conventional, western histories of the discipline point to 1919 as the year of the 'birth of the discipline' with two seminal initiatives - setting up of the first Chair of IR at Aberystwyth and the founding of the Institute of International Relations on the side-lines of the Paris Peace Conference. From these events, International Relations is argued to have been established as a path to create peace in the post-War era and facilitated through a scientific study of international affairs. International Relations was therefore, both a field of study and knowledge production and a plan of action. This pathbreaking book challenges these claims by presenting an alternative narrative of International Relations. In this book, we make three interconnected arguments. First, we argue that the natal moment in the founding of IR is not World War I - as is generally believed - but the Second Anglo Boer War. Second, we argue that the ideas, methods and institutions that led to the making of IR were first thrashed out in South Africa - in Johannesburg, in fact. Finally, this South African genealogy of IR, we show in the book, allows us to properly investigate the emergence of academic IR at the interstices of race, Empire and science"--
Category: International relations

Vicarious Identity In International Relations

Author : Christopher S. Browning
ISBN : 9780197526408
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23.6 MB
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Vicarious identification, or "living through another" is a familiar social-psychological concept. Shaped by insecurity and a lack of self-fulfilment, it refers to the processes by which actors gain a sense of self-identity, purpose, and self-esteem through appropriating the achievements and experiences of others. As this book argues, it is also an under-appreciated and increasingly relevant strategy of international relations. According to this theory, states identify and establish special relationships with other nations (often in an aspirational way) in order to strengthen their sense of self, security, and status on the global stage. This identification is also central to the politics of citizenship and can be manipulated by states to justify their global ambitions. For example, why might the United States look at Israel as a model for its own foreign policies? What shaped the politics of Brexit and why is the United Kingdom so attached to its transatlantic "special relationship" with the United States? And, why did Denmark so enthusiastically ally with the United States during the global War on Terror? Vicarious identity, as the authors argue, is at the core of these international dynamics. Vicarious Identity in International Relations examines the ways in which vicarious identity is relevant to global politics: across individuals; between citizens and states; and across states, regional communities, or civilizations. It looks at a range of cases (the United States, the United Kingdom, and Denmark), which illustrate that vicarious political identity is dynamic and emerges in different contexts, but particularly when nations face crisis, both internally and externally. In addition, the book outlines a qualitative methodology for analyzing vicarious identity at the collective level.
Category: Political Science

The Study Of International Relations

Author : Hugh C. Dyer
ISBN : 0333465288
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.97 MB
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This wide-ranging study surveys the present state of international relations as an academic field. It locates and assesses recent developments in the field - in short, what is being done where, by whom, and why. The editors have focused on some central and controversial theoretical issues, and included surveys of principal sub-fields, as well as the various approaches to the study of international relations in different countries. The book provides a comprehensive overview of an important and fast-growing area of academic endeavour, and is essential reading for teachers and students of international politics and the social sciences at large.
Category: Political Science

Copper And International Relations

Author : Alexander Taylor Edelmann
ISBN : STANFORD:36105120504050
Genre : Copper industry and trade
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Category: Copper industry and trade

International Relations

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000026548127
Genre : World politics
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Category: World politics

Armed Merchantmen

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015030538600
Genre : Armed merchant ships
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Category: Armed merchant ships

Research Monograph Series

Author : Lehigh University. Department of International Relations
ISBN : MINN:319510014614335
Genre : International relations
File Size : 54.35 MB
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Category: International relations