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Sociogenetic Perspectives On Internalization

Author : Brian D. Cox
ISBN : 9781134789818
Genre : Psychology
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The issue of how the external world becomes part of the behavioral repertoire of children has been important to psychology from its very beginning, preoccupying theorists from Sigmund Freud to George Herbert Mead. But ever since Lev Vygotsky claimed that every function in a child's activity appears first as a process in the social realm between individuals and moves to a process that individual children can accomplish relatively independently, there has been increased debate as to exactly how this process of internalization happens. In contemporary developmental psychology, the process of internalization has become so important that the time is ripe for a book which explicitly addresses the problems it poses. Although the chapters in this book deal with age groups from preschool to adolescence, and topics from mathematics to storytelling and from taking risks to making moral judgments, there is one core question which unifies them all: If the growing competence of a child is truly sociogenetic, if it truly grows out from, is supported by, and is dependent upon the social, where is that competence truly located? Bearing a variety of labels--cultural-historical, co-constructionist, dialectical, contextualist, narrative, hermeneutic, and discursive psychologies--and analytic constructs--scaffolding, proleptic instruction, participation, appropriation, and situated activity--contemporary perspectives are showing clear signs of development and differentiation. This volume's goal is to help bring some order to these differences, without denying either the usefulness of this variety or the importance of the differences among perspectives. This new book illuminates these differences by collecting a select sample of theory and research into one of two major sections. The first section includes work undertaken from a social interactive perspective. The overarching aim is to identify processes of child-child or child-adult interactions as they emerge over relatively short periods of time. Typically, the methodology involves the microanalysis of videotaped interactions. Development is situated literally within social interactions which are considered directly responsible for children's development. The second section provides a sample of work representing a symbolic action perspective. This one is not oriented toward social interactions but toward the symbolic meanings that they express and that children impose on them. The dominant methodology is interpretive or hermeneutic, and the goal is to articulate the figurative (metaphoric) processes and narrative structures that inhabit social actions and from which they draw their meaning and coherence.
Category: Psychology

Receptor Mediated Binding And Internalization Of Toxins And Hormones

Author : John Middlebrook
ISBN : 9780323141338
Genre : Science
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Receptor-Mediated Binding and Internalization of Toxins and Hormones presents the proceedings of a conference conducted for the purpose of exploring relationships between hormones and toxins, specifically, receptor-mediated internalization of toxins and hormones and the role of this internalization in message transmission and biodegradatory processes. This book is divided into three sections, with the first focusing on model systems of internalization. It presents pictorial illustrations of the receptor-mediated endocytosis of low-density lipoprotein via coated regions of membrane and discusses the receptor for lysosomal enzymes on the surface of cultured fibroblasts. The second section focuses on toxins and hormones and discusses such topics as receptor-mediated internalization of diphtheria toxin, diphtheria toxin interactions with an inhibitory activity from plasma membranes, and uptake mechanisms for ADP-ribosylating toxins. The third and final section focuses on hybrids and discusses such topics as chimeric toxins containing fragment A from diphtheria toxin, directed entry of hybrid proteins into cells via alternate receptors, and a hybrid protein of monoclonal anti-THY 1.2 and diphtheria toxin fragment A. This book will be of interest to practitioners in the fields of endocrinology, cell biology, and molecular genetics.
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Author : Randall Morck
ISBN : UCSD:31822015051881
Genre :
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Development Of Emotions And Emotion Regulation

Author : Manfred Holodynski
ISBN : 0387232958
Genre : Psychology
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vii PREFACE It was 13 years ago that we met for the ?rst time at a German developmental psychology conference. One of us, Wolfgang Friedlmeier (WF), was interested in ontogenetic development from a cross-cultural perspective. He presented a study on the development of empathy and distress in preschool age, dealing with how far children from different cultures respond to comparable demands with different emotions and regulation strategies. The other, Manfred Holodynski (MH), was - terested in ontogenetic development from the perspective of internalization: how processes that are originally socially distributed between persons are transformed into mental processes within the individual. He presented a study on the devel- ment of the emotions pride and shame in preschool age. This led the two of us to discover our common interest in central issues of emotional development: What role do the emotions play in an individual’s activity regulation? What is it exactly that is “developing” when we talk about emotional development? Do emotional processes have a social genesis? And what is the role of the early social interactions between children and their caregivers, along with the obvious fact that individuals grow up and live in completely different cultures? Even at this time, we both already suspected that the social and cultural embedment of the individual would prove to be a key to understanding how the diversity of human emotions and their regulation develop.
Category: Psychology

The Theory Of Multinational Enterprises

Author : The late Alan M. Rugman
ISBN : 1781008884
Genre : Business & Economics
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The articles in this volume explore aspects of multinational enterprises & apply the theory of internalization to North America, Europe & Japan. Rugman provides the reader with insights into the intellectual & personal history of the papers.
Category: Business & Economics

Liposomes A Practical Approach

Author : P. Vladimir Torchilin
ISBN : 0199636540
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55.65 MB
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This book is an up-to-date and unique collection of experimental protocols from an area of pharmaceutical research that is essential for the development of new, highly specific drugs as well as for the exploration of completely new therapeutic approaches to disease treatments.
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International Business Scholarship

Author : Jean J. Boddewyn
ISBN : 9780762314706
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.87 MB
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The AIB Fellows Group includes top researchers, educators, and administrators in the IB field. This book covers the growth of several functional areas (marketing, advertising, and finance). It reviews problems of methodological rigor in IB research. It also traces the history and evolution of IB studies.
Category: Business & Economics

Frankfurt School

Author : J. M. Bernstein
ISBN : 0415058570
Genre : Critical theory
File Size : 20.69 MB
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The Frankfurt School' refers to the members associated with the "Institut fur Sozialforschung (Institute for Social Research) " which was founded in Frankfurt in 1923. The work of this group is generally agreed to have been a landmark in twentieth century social science. It is of seminal importance in our understanding of culture, progress, politics, production, consumption and method. This set of six volumes provides a full picture of the School by examining the important developments that have occured since the deaths of the original core of Frankfurt scholars. All the major figures--Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse, Benjamin--are represented. In particular, the important post-war work of Jurgen Habermas is fully assessed. The collection also covers the work of many of the minor figures associated with the School who have been unfairly neglected in the past, resulting in the most complete survey and guide to the "oeuvre" of the Frankfurt School.
Category: Critical theory

Parenting And Children S Internalization Of Values

Author : Joan E. Grusec
ISBN : UOM:39015040566286
Genre : Psychology
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In Parenting and Children's Internalization of Values, leading advocates of these emerging points of view explain the approach to socialization taken in their work, and review recent developments in theory and research that have influenced their conclusions.
Category: Psychology

Legionella Pneumophila Pathogenesis And Immunity

Author : Paul Hoffman
ISBN : 9780387708966
Genre : Science
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The volume brings together all of the latest research on this pathogen, the interest in which is rapidly growing. Legionella pneumophila is an emerging human pathogen that resides in natural environments as a parasite of freshwater. There have been major new developments in this field, including the publication of three whole genome sequences and the discovery of a developmental cycle and novel cyst-like highly infectious form.
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