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Intercorrelated Satellite Observations Related To Solar Events

Author : V. Manno
ISBN : 9789401032780
Genre : Science
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The European Space Research Organisation put its first satellite into orbit in March 1968 and was successful with two more before the end of that year. It was not entirely surprising therefore that the third annual ESLAB/ESRIN Symposium should in some way deal with the results obtained. This book is the Proceedings of that Sym posium which, for reasons which Dr. Trendelenburg explains in the introductory talk, concentrated on intercorrelating phenomena occurring during solar events and in particular during the event of 25 February 1969. It is generally acknowledged that space data could yield a much more fruitful harvest if measurements taken simulta neously in different regions of space could be compared and the detectors inter calibrated. ESRO therefore sought right from the start to encourage this comparison of data. The first two days of the Symposium (16 and 17 September 1969) were devoted to review lectures on inter-related phenomena occurring on the sun, through inter planetary space and the magnetosphere right down to the earth's ionosphere. The last two days were used to hear papers presenting results obtained from the ESRO and certain U. S. S. R. and U. S. A. satellites during the solar events around 25 February 1969. The Proceedings published here follow the same sequence as the Symposium presentations. Because of the short time interval between the solar event and the Symposium, some of the data presented in the second part must be regarded as preliminary.
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Earth S Magnetospheric Processes

Author : Billy McCormac
ISBN : 9789401028967
Genre : Science
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This book contains the lectures presented at the Summer Advanced Institute and Ninth ESRO Summer School which was held in Cortina, Italy, during the period August 30 through September 10, 1971. One hundred seventy-nine persons from eight een different countries attended. The authors and the publisher have made a special effort for rapid publication of an up-to-date status of the particles, fields, and processes in the earth's magnetosphere, which is an ever changing area. Special thanks are due to the lecturers for their diligent preparation and excellent presentations. The individual lectures and the published papers were deliberately limited; the author's cooperation in conforming to these specifications is greatly appreciated. The contents of the book are organized by sub ject area rather than in the order in which papers were presented during the Institute/ School. Many thanks are due to Drs J. Ronald Burrows, James W. Dungey, Harry Elliot, Roger Gendrin, Edward W. Hones, Jr. , Reimar Liist, and J. Ortner who served as session chairmen during the Institute and contributed greatly to its success by skill fully directing the discussion period in a stimulating manner after each lecture. Many persons contributed to the success of the Institute/School. The co-chairman, Dr Reimar Liist, was most helpful during all phases of the preparation and planning. Drs J. Ronald Burrows, Harry Elliot, Carl-Gunne Fiilthammar, M. Giorgi, J. Ortner, J. R. U. Page, Alois Schardt, James A. Van Allen, and Martin Walt were especially helpful in preparing the technical program.
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Coronal Expansion And Solar Wind

Author : A. J. Hundhausen
ISBN : 9783642654145
Genre : Science
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Little more than ten years have passed since spaceprobe-borne instruments con clusively demonstrated the existence of the solar wind. These observations con firmed the basic validity of a theoretical model, first proposed by E. N. Parker, predicting a continuous, rapid expansion of the solar corona. The subsequent decade has seen a tremendous growth in both the breadth and sophistication of solar wind observations; the properties of the interplanetary plasma near the orbit of the earth are now known in great detail. The theory of the coronal ex pansion has also been highly refilled both in the sense of including additional physical processes, and of treating more realistic (time-dependent and non spheri cally-symmetric) coronal boundary conditions. The present volume is an attempt to synthesize the solar wind observations and coronal expansion models from this decade of rapid development. The ultimate goal is, of course, the interpretation of observed solar wind phenomena as the effects of basic physical processes occurring in the coronal and interplanetary plasma and as the natural manifestations of solar properties and structures. This approach implies an emphasis upon the "large-scale" features revealed by the observations. It requires extensive use of the concepts and methods of fluid mechanics.
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Solar Terrestrial Physics 1970

Author : International Symposium on Solar-Terrestial Physic
ISBN : 9789400936935
Genre : Science
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This volume contains the review papers presented at the International Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics held at the Tavrichesky Palace, Leningrad, U.S.S.R., 11-19 May 1970. The Symposium may be regarded as the most recent member of a series of inter national symposia - for instance, the Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Belgrade (1966), the Joint IQSY-COSPAR Symposium on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, London (1967), and the Symposium on the Physics of the Magnetosphere, Washington (1968). Like those earlier symposia, the Leningrad Symposium was sponsored by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), the International Union of Radio Sciences (URSI), and the ICSU Committee on Space Research (COSPAR). These bodies are all concerned with one or another aspect of solar-terrestrial physics, and all joined in believing that the time was ripe for another comprehensive symposium on all aspects of this very active field of research.
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The Earth 1

Author : Charlotte W. Gordon
ISBN : 067716100X
Genre : Science
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Correlated Interplanetary And Magnetospheric Observations

Author : D.E. Page
ISBN : 9401021740
Genre : Science
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The 1969 ESLAB symposium 'Intercorrelated Satellite Observations Related to Solar Events' was held at a time when the importance of bringing together measure ments made simultaneously in different regions of space was beginning to be appreciated. To-day it is universally accepted that the major experimental steps forward in understanding the physics of the Sun-Earth relationships are likely to be made through pre-planned correlated satellite studies. Such considerations have led to the organisation of the International Magnetospheric Study and the joint ESROj NASA International Magnetospheric Explorer, (Mother-Daughter-Heliocentric) mission. The seventh ESLAB symposium was planned as a follow up to that of 1969 with the aim of deriving maximum benefit from those spacecraft which through good fortune found themselves simultaneously operating in different regions of the magnetosphere and interplanetary space. ESRO had launched in early 1972 its HEOS-2 satellite to investigate fields and particles in the unexplored region far above the North pole of the Earth and it became clear that the interesting new results arriving from that mission could profitably be linked with those from various American and the U.S.S.R. PROGNOZ satellites. The book follows the order of the symposium (unfortunately the PROGNOZ contribution did not materialise) concentrating, through both review lectures and of new experimental results, on the nature of the boundaries between the presentation the interplanetary medium and the magnetosphere and the interaction of each region on the other.
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Das Klima

Author : Bruno Messerli
ISBN : UCAL:B3551296
Genre : Climatology
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Klima - Geologie.
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