Interaction Of Color

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Interaction Of Color

Author : Josef Albers
ISBN : 0300115954
Genre : Art
File Size : 76.43 MB
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Category: Art

Interaction Of Color

Author : Josef Albers
ISBN : 9780300179354
Genre : Art
File Size : 50.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An experimental approach to the study and teaching of color is comprised of exercises in seeing color action and feeling color relatedness before arriving at color theory.
Category: Art

The Forms Of Color

Author : Karl Gerstner
ISBN : UOM:39015020384528
Genre : Art
File Size : 24.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discusses the interaction of color and form, describes form systems, and looks at various kinds of geometry and color signs
Category: Art


Author : Susan Carol Anderson
ISBN : WISC:89101300978
Genre : Braid
File Size : 51.53 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Braid

Josef Albers To Open Eyes

Author : Arnold Bittleman
ISBN : 3960984073
Genre :
File Size : 31.15 MB
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DVD of a documentary made in 1969 by A. Bittleman and C. Howard. The genesis of To Open Eyes: A Film on Josef Albers developed from Arnold Bittleman's appreciation for Albers while Bittleman was a student at Yale University in the 1960s. Wanting to preserve Albers's teaching method - learning by doing - Bittleman set out with filmmaker and editor Carl Howard to make a visual record of Albers teaching students how to see and use color as a visual grammar.

Foundations Of Color

Author : Jeff Davis
ISBN : 9780986163715
Genre : Art
File Size : 85.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Foundations of Color by Jeff Davis provides a straightforward examination of the major topics of color theory. Written in a clear and concise style, this text presents the basic concepts of color in a logical order, with each chapter building on the next. The book employs a highly visual design with numerous diagrams that elegantly illustrate each color principle. The diagrams are paired with relevant examples of contemporary art that connect theory to application. Foundations of Color has been written to be accessible by anyone with an interest in art or design. The efficient, practical approach provides useful guidance for beginning students and practicing professionals alike. Bridging traditional color theory with modern and digital applications, this book is appropriate for any creative field, including fine art, graphic design, interior design, fashion, photography, and web design. Foundations of Color is an essential addition to any art and design library. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 - Color provides an introduction to the phenomenon of color, the physics of light, and color vision. Chapter 2 - Hue examines the defining property of hue and explores the idea of color temperature through warm and cool hues. Chapter 3 - Value examines the defining property of value and explores the use of a value scale for measuring normal value. Chapter 4 - Saturation examines the defining property of saturation, from chromatic to neutral to achromatic colors. It also discusses the color variations of tints, tones, and shades. Chapter 5 - Color Systems outlines systems for organizing color, from traditional paint to contemporary additive and subtractive systems. Primary, secondary, and tertiary hues are identified and organized into a color wheel for each color system. Chapter 6 - Color Schemes explores methods for developing color schemes, including monochromatic, analogous, and complementary relationships. Additional combinations focusing on hue, value, and saturation are examined for achieving color harmony. Chapter 7 - Color Interaction explores the interaction of color and effects such as afterimage, simultaneous contrast, optical mixing, and vibration. Chapter 8 - Color Composition concludes by reviewing the compositional effects of color. Topics include color's impact on emphasis, balance, space, and unity.
Category: Art

Josef Albers

Author : Josef Albers
ISBN : 0500238286
Genre : Art
File Size : 62.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Published in book form for the first time, a collection of woodcuts, sandblasted glass pictures, and oil paintings offers insight into the late artist's use of abstractions, color, and perception effects, in a volume that shares key passages from his personal writings.
Category: Art

Urbanisms Of Color

Author : Gareth Doherty
ISBN : 1934510262
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 90.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Color is a ubiquitous yet essential part of the city, creating and shaping urban form. Who can forget the whites of modernist Brasilia? The greens of historic Cairo? The rosy reds of Petra? The terracottas of South America’s shantytowns? The color cacophonies of Times Square and Shinjuku? Colors have a presence over and beyond the objects—buildings, spaces, billboards, artifacts, and people—that make up the city. Not only does color give meaning to cities, cities give meaning to color. Whether carefully coordinated, clashing, or an expression of materials, color is a powerful cultural, economic, and political force in cities. Yet discussions on the city do not usually focus much on color, perhaps because urban colors are too often understood as being beyond any one authority or taste, or are simply dismissed as cosmetic, naïve, or intangible. Volume 3 of New Geographies brings together artists and designers, anthropologists, geographers, historians, and philosophers with the aim of challenging the status quo and exploring the potency, the interaction, and the neglected design possibilities of color at the scale of the city.
Category: Architecture

Anthropology Of Color

Author : Robert E. MacLaury
ISBN : 9789027291707
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 78.57 MB
Format : PDF
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The field of color categorization has always been intrinsically multi- and inter-disciplinary, since its beginnings in the nineteenth century. The main contribution of this book is to foster a new level of integration among different approaches to the anthropological study of color. The editors have put great effort into bringing together research from anthropology, linguistics, psychology, semiotics, and a variety of other fields, by promoting the exploration of the different but interacting and complementary ways in which these various perspectives model the domain of color experience. By so doing, they significantly promote the emergence of a coherent field of the anthropology of color. As of February 2018, this e-book is freely available, thanks to the support of libraries working with Knowledge Unlatched.
Category: Social Science

Applying Color Theory To Digital Media And Visualization

Author : Theresa-Marie Rhyne
ISBN : 9781498765503
Genre : Computers
File Size : 86.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides an overview of the application of color theory concepts to digital media and visualization. It highlights specific color concepts like color harmony and shows how to apply the concept with case study examples and usage of actual online and mobile color tools. Color deficiencies are reviewed and discussed are color tools for examining how a specific color map design will look to someone with the deficiency. Other books on color examine artists' use of color, color management, or color science. This book applies fundamental color concepts to digital media and visualization solutions. It is intended for digital media and visualization content creators and developers. Presents Color Theory Concepts that can be applied to digital media and visualization problems over and over again Offers Comprehensive Review of the Historical Progression of Color Models Demonstrates actual case study implementations of color analyses tools Provides overview of Color Theory and Harmony Analytics in terms of online and mobile analysis tools Teaches the color theory language to use in interacting with color management professionals
Category: Computers

Playing With Color

Author : Richard Mehl
ISBN : 9781592538089
Genre : Art
File Size : 82.10 MB
Format : PDF
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Playing with Color is a highly accessible, fun approach to learning color application and principles. This hands-on book begins with an introduction to the philosophy of learning through the process of play. It then leads to a series of experimental design projects with an emphasis on color, providing the reader with a “toolkit” of ideas and skills. The awareness and sensitivity to form, color, material and craft gained through these visual experiments will increase the designer’s confidence in their personal and professional design work. This book can be used in the classroom or independently, and readers can go directly to exercises that appeal to them.
Category: Art

Color Chart

Author : Ann Temkin
ISBN : 0870707310
Genre : Art
File Size : 73.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Color Chart celebrates a paradox: the lush beauty that results when contemporary artists assign colour decisions to chance, readymade source or arbitrary system. Midway through the 20th century, long-held convictions regarding the spiritual truth or scientific validity of particular colours gave way to an excitement about colour as a mass-produced and standardized commercial product. The Romantic quest for personal expression instead became Andy Warhol's 'I want to be a machine'; the artistry of mixing pigments was eclipsed by Frank Stella's 'Straight out of the can; it can't get better than that'. This book, and the exhibition it accompanies, is the first devoted to this pivotal transformation, and features work by some forty artists ranging from Ellsworth Kelly and Gerhard Richter to Sherrie Levine and Damien Hirst.
Category: Art

Readings On Color The Science Of Color

Author : Alex Byrne
ISBN : 0262522314
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Color is an endlessly fascinating subject to philosophers, scientists, and laypersons, as well an an instructive microcosm of cognitive science. In these two anthologies, Alex Byrne and David Hilbert present a survey of the important recent philosophical and scientific writings on color. The introduction to volume 1 provides a philosophical background and links the philosophical issues to the empirical work covered in volume 2. The bibliography in volume 1 is an extensive resource for those doing philosophical work on color. The scientific selections in volume 2 present work in color science that is relevant to philosophical thinking about color; the material is comprehensive and sophisticated enough to be useful to the scientific reader. The introduction to volume 2 is an overview of color science; the volume also contains suggestions for further reading.
Category: Psychology

A Bibliographical History Of The Study And Use Of Color From Aristotle To Kandinsky

Author : Kenneth E. Burchett
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114519395
Genre : Art
File Size : 24.22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 650
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Part I outlines historical trends in the study and use of color from antiquity to the present, with emphasis on color harmony and color in art. Part II covers the landmark color publications of Goethe, Chevreul, Helmholtz, Kandinsky, etc. Part III includes a bibliography of 100 books on color ranked in order of importance in the study and use of color through time.
Category: Art

The Basic Law Of Color Theory

Author : Harald Küppers
ISBN : MINN:31951000034764L
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Describes the nature of color, explains how the human eye works, and discusses color mixing, color in art, and the interaction between light and color perception
Category: Technology & Engineering

Graphic Design

Author : Ellen Lupton
ISBN : 1568987706
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 85.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This guide aims to move students away from a cut-and-paste mentality and refocus design instruction on the fundamentals of form (starting from such basics as point and line) in a critical, rigorous way informed by contemporary media, theory and software systems.
Category: Architecture

The Opaque And Lights And Luminescence

Author : Carol Thuy Pham
ISBN : 9781483651408
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 31.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In the beginning it was lite and from the clerestory shows the luminescent. There was no other light except that coveted in the derelict grand building. All surrounding it was dark amidst the night. There was only a photon of light that burns ardor from the luminescent. It was silence throughout the night and the candle was lite. All around there was no sound except the burning of the wick and its ignition. There seems to be no life except the motion that was occurring from the candle wick burning the wax that was left in eldritch contour. There was transformation. -Carol Thuy Pham
Category: Philosophy

Color Studies

Author : Edith Anderson Feisner
ISBN : 9781609015312
Genre : Design
File Size : 88.81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Color Studies is a complete introduction to color theory and application for students in a broad range of design disciplines.
Category: Design