Instagram Marketing For Realtors

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Instagram Marketing For Realtors

Author : Michael Smythe
ISBN : 1970119268
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Discover the Secrets to Marketing With Instagram!Not sure how to turn all those likes, posts and "selfies" into real estate marketing dreams?Tried Instagram before...and had monumentally crappy results? (Who hasn't!)Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to leveraging Instagram to build your realtor brand -- and make a helluva lot more money? Worry not! Because in "Instagram Marketing for Realtors" you'll discover:¿How to Create the Perfect Instagram Marketing Funnel¿4 Techniques to for Getting Tons of Followers (FAST!)¿The ART of Creating Instagram Content (That Actually Makes Money)¿3 Super-Advanced Strategies the Competition Doesn't Want You to Know¿Everything You Wanted to Know About Instagram (But Were Afraid to Ask)¿and so much more!And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your realtor Instagram marketing game - without having to take a single ab selfie. (Unless you want to.) So, why not begin your quest for Instagram realtor!
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The Million Dollar Listing Social Media

Author : Sebastian Acosta
ISBN : 0692978801
Genre :
File Size : 30.99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Discover the techniques that will make your real estate business grow exponentially. This easy to comprehend guide will teach how to navigate the roadmap of Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and many more. An easy to comprehend manual that will guide you from beginning to end on what has to be done to succeed in today's digital marketing arena. Anyone in the real estate arena field including but not limited to Realtors, appraisers, investors, developers, general contractors, landscape artists, interior designers, stagers, 3D artists, architects & even engineers can take advantage of these valuable lessons. Whether you have advanced knowledge on social media or little or no knowledge in this field, rest assured, there will be something in here that will apply to your business and help you grow.

Tag Tangible Action Guide

Author : Matthew Muscat
ISBN : 1653259051
Genre :
File Size : 68.77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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TAG, The Tangible Action Guide for Real Estate Marketing is a guide for busy real estate industry professionals. TAG is a choose your own adventure style book featuring short chapters with tangible real estate marketing tips, ideas and tactics. TAG is designed for busy realtors, lenders and those who these people work with frequently. Each chapter is short and features tangible marketing strategies that can be accomplished without a big marketing budget. This book is the opposite of most real estate books which focus on "motivation" and "you can do it" type tips. TAG offers tangible things that busy professionals can do to get business now, or to immediately improve their businesses. Chapters and topics include:Time Blocking Understand What Time Blocking Isn't Pick Days And Times That Make Sense For You, And For The Strategy Start With Three The Timing Of Time Blocking: Be Cognizant Of Other People's Schedules Didn't Write It? Didn't Type It? Didn't Set It? -- It Won't Happen! Time Blocking On A Daily, Weekly, Monthly, And Yearly Schedule 10 Monthly: Review Your Time Blocking How To Measure Time Blocking Success How Many Hours Should You Be Time Blocking Per Week? Accountability Accountability Coaches Accountability Peers Setting Accountability RewardsFacebook -Understanding The Medium Your Facebook Profile Facebook Marketing Strategies Facebook Messaging Strategy Same Tactic, Different Rationale Avoid Bad Advice From People Who "Don't Get It" Stay Authentic Personal Pages VS... Business PagesFacebook -- Paid Advertising Targeting Options: Age & Income Targeting Options: Geographic Targeting Options: Gender Targeting Options: Language Targeting Options: Relationship Status Be Narrow, But Not Too Narrow Similar Audience Targeting: Reaching "Lookalike" Audiences Facebook Retargeting The Logic Behind Your Targeting Choices And A Short Disclaimer Pick Your Target, Then Set Goals Don't Have A Landing Page Or Website To Send Your Ad Traffic To? Setting A Budget Using Facebook Targeting For Home Value Leads Section 5: Using Facebook For Free Getting More Business From Facebook Without Posting, Running Ads, OR Spending Money The Power Of The Almighty Database Explode Your Growth Instagram Switch Your Instagram Profile To A Business Account Benefits Of A Business Account Best Practices On Instagram For Marketing Success LinkedIn MessagesJob Titles 59 How Can You Prospect With Job Titles? Simple --Building Rapport3 Tangible Ideas For Rapport Research Using Social Media Old School Marketing With New School Knowledge & Strategy Farming & MailersWhere Should I Farm? Is It Even Worth It? Where To Start? Set A Budget And Get The Data Postcards VS. Letters: Things To Consider Tangible Tips, Tricks, And Steps For Mailers Keeping Up Appearances A Tale Of Two Mailers The Neighborhood Letter Farming With A Purpose: Be Specific The Best Ammo It Pays To Take Stock Before You Knock More Tangible Farming Mailers Ending Tangible Farming On A High Note -- An Oldie But A GoodieBuyers & Sellers As Ammunition Reiterating A Crazy Important Concept 88 Ammunition From A Listing If You Want To Use The Ammo Strategy, But Don't Have Any Ammo Yet Looking For Demand Digitally Being A Connector What Is A Connector Connectors Stay Top Of Mind Being A Connector Outside Of Business The Power Of A Strong Referral Email Marketing Who To Send To What To Send WithGetting Tangible With Your CRM -- Single Email Blasts Tangible Tips For Email Marketing Types Of Emails Tangible Emails To Send Out The Anatomy Of An Email Tangible Things To Stop Doing Now CTAs Doubling Up On Value Selling A Better Version Of You Standing Out In A Crowded Market Standing Out When You Aren't There

The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible

Author : Paul Esajian
ISBN : 9781118835388
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE HOUSE-FLIPPING HOW-TO THAT TURNS EVERYDAY PEOPLE INTO ENTREPRENEURS Everyone likes the idea of turning the ugliest house on the block to the best house on the block and making a profit. Until now a system has not been shared on how to successfully complete this task on time and budget without getting your hands dirty. This book not only cracks the code but shares the proven path and system to have a systems based rehab business that makes consistent profits for ordinary everyday people. The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible reveals the lucrative seven-stage system that allows author Paul Esajian, and his students all across North America, to manage multiple rehab projects at once, while staying on time and under budget to build and grow their wealth. No experience? No problem. You'll learn strategies to find the right properties, negotiate the right offer, identify the right licensed and insured contractor for the job, and get the property sold to a happy homeowner for a profit. No capital? No problem. You'll learn how you can use other people’s money to fund your deals and the IRS guidelines that help you keep more of the money you make. By learning and leveraging the principals of rehabbing and real estate, you'll start thinking like a business owner rather than a consumer. Breaking into residential real estate provides an amazing opportunity for those with little, or no experience, and using other people's money. This book gives you the information, education, and systems every investor needs to start flipping and rehabbing houses without doing the work yourself, and withoutlosing your shirt to contractors and bad investing decisions. Find Deals:where and how to find deals, analyzing deals, and estimating repairs in minutes to acquire a rehab Fund Deals:where and how to borrow money, creative financing, and the finance request template to present to asset based lenders and private lenders to fund your deal Fix Deals:how to run a rehab with a proven system without lifting a hammer, identify A+ licensed and insured contractors at wholesale pricing, and what to focus on to maximize your profit Flip Deals:how to properly price, stage, and add the sizzle features to get properties sold within weeks of listing the property by properly analyzing comparables and staging the rehab properly The proven techniques Paul shares work in any location, in any market. If you're ready to get in the game, The Real Estate Rehab Investing Bible teaches you how to play.
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Crazy Lucky Girl

Author : Susan Meitner
ISBN : 9781599324449
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Business people who succeed seem to do things their own way. The ones who come up short all seem to keep doing things the same way. But where does the impulse for business innovation originate? How can we create the magic link between our personal instincts and a path to entrepreneurial success? Susan Meitner, founder and CEO of the fast-growing Centennial Lending Group, answers that question in a perceptive, entertaining manner. Along with her talents for business-building and personnel management, Meitner is also a natural storyteller. In this vivid, first-hand account, she reveals how a businesswoman’s entrepreneurial path can flow naturally from her upbringing and early life experience. In other words, the person you are is the foundation for the business person you will become. Your job is to understand the quirky interplay between your strengths and weaknesses, then chart a course accordingly. The setting for Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success? is the mortgage business. It’s a familiar and yet suspect sector of the U.S. economy, where the American Dream meets competitive, even sharp-elbowed market practices. Readers who have been sent into pioneer sales territory will relate to Meitner’s story of “going out on the street” after starting in the safety of the back-office processing department. Those who have seen loyalties fray and friendships crack under the pressure of human ambition and marketplace rivalry will nod at many of the stories in these pages. And certainly, anyone who has bought a home, gone through a refinance, been approved for a mortgage — or been rejected for one—will gain insight from Meitner’s explanation of what truly goes on behind the facade of the home-loan process. Looking to connect your personal style and story to a tale not yet written of entrepreneurial success? The surprising and inspiring story of Crazy Lucky Girl can be your key to making that connection.
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Pilot To Profit

Author : Lisa Larter
ISBN : 9781630475765
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ready to generate sales, build brand buzz, and watch your cash flow soar? Entrepreneurs, prepare for takeoff! Pilot to Profit clears up the confusion of modern entrepreneurship—so you can build a smart, successful, and sustainable business with sky-high returns. If you find yourself overwhelmed with questions—Do I really need to be on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? How do these other people command such high fees (and how can I)? How do I double my profits this year without doubling the work?—this book can provide answers to help you get unstuck, as well as proven strategies to help your business get found and turn connections into paying customers, whether you’re an established enterprise or just starting out. Learn how to: Gain a stronger money mindset and stop sabotaging your ability to be paid what you’re worth for the work you do Set your money-making “radar” on high alert Create a clearly defined business model that maximizes what comes in, with less effort put out Find the right channels to grow your business so you can reach more people Create content that raises your credibility and puts you on the map (because without great content, your business might never be found) Use email and social media to grow your fan base Lastly, you’ll walk away understanding how to sell what you do, whom to sell it to, and precisely how to find and connect with those people. This book takes you step-by-step on your journey to building a successful, profitable business you love. With Pilot to Profit, you’re officially cleared for takeoff.
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Knowledge Panel Mastery How To Get A Google Bio For Your Personal Brand Or Business

Author : Ali Awad
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If someone is searching for you or your business, they will most likely search on Google first. That notion’s already set up in how we use “google” as if it were its own verb. Every day consumers rely heavily on being able to find the product or service they need by typing for it in the Google search panel. If you or your business do not show up, then you might as well be invisible. If you are someone whose brand relies on their own name, then that is even worse. So how do you know you will appear in Google search? There are different results you could get. The first is your website link that could appear (if you are lucky) on page one of the search results. The other is a type of gray box that often has a picture with it and, if you are an individual, statistics such as your alma mater, birthday, height, date, weight, spouses, publications, etc. This type of result is called the Knowledge Panel. If you have got a local or personal brand, then you might be able to indirectly dictate what Google can show on that panel.
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