Individuation In Fairy Tales

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Individuation In Fairy Tales

Author : Marie-Louise von Franz
ISBN : 9780834840836
Genre : Psychology
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With a text revised and corrected by the author, this definitive edition of Individuation in Fairy Tales is rich with insights from religion, literature, and myth. Dr. von Franz focuses on the symbolism of the bird motif in six fairy tales of Europe and Asia: "The White Parrot" (Spain), "The Bath Bagerd" (Persia), "Princess Hassan Pasha" (Turkestan), "The Bid Flower Triller" (Iran), "The Nightingale Giser" (Balkans), and "The Bird Wehmus" (Austria). She explores the themes of psychological and spiritual transformation in the varied images of birds, such as the phoenix, the parrot, and the griffin. Special attention is given to the connection between fairy tales and alchemy and to the guidance that fairy tales give to therapeutic work.
Category: Psychology

Jung And The Jungians On Myth

Author : Steven F. Walker
ISBN : 0415936314
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this book Steven Walker carefully leads the reader through the fundamentals of the psychology that underlies Jung's theory of myth. He defines key terms and distinguishes dream from fantasy in psychological experience. He then traces the lineage of Jungian theory from Jung through such disciples as Van Franz and Neumann to contemporary archetypal psychology. By applying Jungian psychology to an array of myths to illustrate core concepts of this theoretical tradition, Walker fills a conspicuous gap in the current literature on Jung. --from back cover.
Category: Religion

Loving S The Strange Thing

Author : Anne-Marie Storrs
ISBN : 1787078442
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 62.58 MB
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This groundbreaking volume argues that Carmen Mart�n Gaite and Carl Jung form an ideal combination. All the main features of the Jungian individuation process are present in the Spanish writer's fairy tales: dreams, shadow figures, wise men and women, the Self, anima and animus. Mart�n Gaite has been described by the critic Salustiano Mart�n as trying to offer human beings a different way. In this accessible new study, Anne-Marie Storrs claims that this way is found through the process of individuation - the psychological development of a unique individual - and that aspects of the process are imaginatively depicted in the three shorter fairy tales, El castillo de las tres murallas, El pastel del diablo and Caperucita en Manhattan, and in the novel so closely linked with Hans Christian Andersen's tale, La reina de las nieves. Drawing on the work of Jungian writers to clarify and illuminate its argument, this book takes an entirely new perspective on Mart�n Gaite's work and, in doing so, challenges the prejudice and suspicion that too many in the humanities and beyond continue to experience when they come face to face with Jung.
Category: Literary Criticism

Transforming Cinderella

Author : Carol W. Marks
ISBN : OCLC:870460240
Genre : Archetype (Psychology)
File Size : 68.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Archetype (Psychology)

Psyche S Stories Vol 2

Author : Lionel Corbett
ISBN : 1630510068
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fairy tales can reveal a hidden side of our lives, our unconscious, and our interrelationship with others. Each of these essays provides a Jungian interpretation of a well known or rare tale to reveal the universal psychic dynamics that affect us in our lives and collectively in the world around us.
Category: Psychology

Narratives Of Individuation

Author : Raya A. Jones
ISBN : 9780429514708
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In Narratives of Individuation, Raya A. Jones and Leslie Gardner present 12 cutting-edge essays that bridge Jungian and narrative approaches to self-understanding, and offer critical appraisal of both approaches. Exploring the Jungian concept of individuation and the related interest in dreams, as well as the premise of the narrative self and the related interest in life-stories, this innovative volume interprets the topic in unique and unprecedented ways. An outstanding selection of contributors cover several overarching themes to provide a comprehensive understanding of these two powerful narratives. The contributors explore historical and conceptual issues concerning the narrative self, as well as applying it, including to Jung’s autobiography. Chapters also examine how Jung developed his theory of individuation, and engage with contemporary thinking in anthropology, psychology (including the dialogical self) and Jungian psychotherapy, towards refiguring how people arrive at self-understanding. Written by leaders in the field, Narratives of Individuation is a valuable interdisciplinary resource that illuminates a multitude of perspectives on individuation and self-realisation. Owing to its original ideas and breadth of scope, Narratives of Individuation will appeal to academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, anthropology, psychology, literary studies and anyone examining concepts of selfhood and the significance of narrativity. It will also be of great interest to Jungian analysts and psychotherapists, and analytical psychologists.
Category: Psychology

Psyche S Stories Vol 1

Author : Lionel Corbett
ISBN : 1630512656
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Contains: The Structural and Archetypal Analysis of Fairy Tales; A Tale of Father Dominance, Psychological Incest, and Female Emergence (Allerleirauh); Beauty and the Beast and Wonderful Sheep - The couple in Fairy Tales; Cinderella, an Interpretation; Cupid and Psyche - Birth of a New Consciousness; The Devil's Sooty Brother - Male Naivete and the Loss of the Kingdom; The Fisherman and his Wife - the Anima in the Narcissistic Character; Fitcher's Bird - Illustrations of the Negative Animus and Shadows in Persons with Narcissistic Disturbances'; The Goose Girl - Puella and Transformation; The Goose Girl - Images of Individualism. Dr. Murray Stein is a supervising training analyst and former president of The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland (ISAP Zurich). He is the author of Jung's Treatment of Christianity as well as many other books and articles in the field of Jungian Psychoanalysis. Dr. Stein was also editor of Jung's Challenge to Contemporary Religion. From 2001 to 2004 he was president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. He has lectured internationally and presently makes his home in Switzerland. Lionel Corbett, M.D., trained in medicine and psychiatry in England and as a Jungian analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago. Dr. Corbett is a core faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute teaching depth psychology. He is the author of The Religious Function of the Psyche and Psyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion. He is co-editor, with Dennis Patrick Slattery, of Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field and Psychology at the Threshold: Selected Papers. Dr. Corbett and Dr. Stein have both presented webinars which can be found in the video library at the Asheville Jung Center website.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Grail Legend

Author : Emma Jung
ISBN : 0691002371
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 26.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Writing in a clear and readable style, two leading women of the Jungian school of psychology present this legend as a living myth that is profoundly relevant to modern life. 17 illustrations. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
Category: Literary Criticism

Meaning In Absurdity

Author : Bernard Kastrup
ISBN : 9781846948602
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 30.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is an experiment. Inspired by the bizarre and uncanny, it is an attempt to use science and rationality to lift the veil off the irrational. Its ways are unconventional: weaving along its path one finds UFOs and fairies, quantum mechanics, analytic philosophy, history, mathematics, and depth psychology. The enterprise of constructing a coherent story out of these incommensurable disciplines is exploratory. But if the experiment works, at the end these disparate threads will come together to unveil a startling scenario about the nature of reality. The payoff is handsome: a reason for hope, a boost for the imagination, and the promise of a meaningful future. Yet this book may confront some of your dearest notions about truth and reason. Its conclusions cannot be dismissed lightly, because the evidence this book compiles and the philosophy it leverages are solid in the orthodox, academic sense.
Category: Philosophy

The Interpretation Of Fairy Tales

Author : Marie-Louise von Franz
ISBN : 9780834840843
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 32.58 MB
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Of the various types of mythological literature, fairy tales are the simplest and purest expressions of the collective unconscious and thus offer the clearest understanding of the basic patterns of the human psyche. Every people or nation has its own way of experiencing this psychic reality, and so a study of the world's fairy tales yields a wealth of insights into the archetypal experiences of humankind. Perhaps the foremost authority on the psychological interpretation of fairy tales is Marie-Louise von Franz. In this book—originally published as An Introduction to the Interpretation of Fairy Tales —she describes the steps involved in analyzing and illustrates them with a variety of European tales, from "Beauty and the Beast" to "The Robber Bridegroom." Dr. von Franz begins with a history of the study of fairy tales and the various theories of interpretation. By way of illustration she presents a detailed examination of a simple Grimm's tale, "The Three Feathers," followed by a comprehensive discussion of motifs related to Jung's concept of the shadow, the anima, and the animus. This revised edition has been corrected and updated by the author.
Category: Psychology

Individuation And Narcissism

Author : Mario Jacoby
ISBN : 9781134966004
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Recent developments in Freudian psychoanalysis, particularly the work of Kohut and Winnicott, have led to a convergence with the Jungian position. In Individuation and Narcissism leading Jungian analyst Mario Jacoby attempts to overcome the doctrinal differences between the different schools of depth psychology, while taking into account the characteristic approaches of each. Through a close examination of the actual experience of self, the process of individuation, narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder, the author demonstrates the benefits of a cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques for the professional analyst.
Category: Psychology

Stone By Stone Reflections On The Psychology Of C G Jung

Author : Regine Schweizer-Vüllers
ISBN : 9783856309886
Genre :
File Size : 37.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume comprises original contributions by Carl Gustav Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz, along with additional works addressing analytical psychology. It is being published in honor of the centennial existence of the Psychology Club of Zurich (1916-2016). Contents: Foreword Andreas Schweizer, I Ching – The Book of the Play of Opposites Marie-Louise von Franz, Conversation on the Psychology Club Zurich Marie-Louise von Franz, The Goose Girl (Grimm’s Fairy Tales, nr. 89) Regine Schweizer-Vüllers, “He struck the rock and the waters did flow” – The alchemical background of the gravestone of Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah Tony Woolfson, “I came across this impressive doctrine” – Carl Gustav Jung, Gershom Scholem, and Kabbalah C.G. Jung, A Discussion about Aion, Psychological Society of Basel, 1952 Murray Stein, Jungian Psychology and the Spirit of Protestantism Marianne Jehle-Wildberger, Stations of a Difficult Friendship – Carl Gustav Jung and Adolf Keller Hermann Strobel, Aloneness as Calling Claudine Koch-Morgenegg, The Great Mystery – Individuation in Old Age Rudolf Högger, The Treasure Vase – On the many-sided Symbolism of an Archaic God-Image from the Stone Age to the Dreams of Modern Man.


Author :
ISBN : UCSF:31378006305414
Genre : AIDS (Disease)
File Size : 75.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: AIDS (Disease)

A Two Colored Brocade

Author : Annemarie Schimmel
ISBN : 9781469616377
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 88.73 MB
Format : PDF
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Annemarie Schimmel, one of the world's foremost authorities on Persian literature, provides a comprehensive introduction to the complicated and highly sophisticated system of rhetoric and imagery used by the poets of Iran, Ottoman Turkey, and Muslim India. She shows that these images have been used and refined over the centuries and reflect the changing conditions in the Muslim world. According to Schimmel, Persian poetry does not aim to be spontaneous in spirit or highly personal in form. Instead it is rooted in conventions and rules of prosody, rhymes, and verbal instrumentation. Ideally, every verse should be like a precious stone--perfectly formed and multifaceted--and convey the dynamic relationship between everyday reality and the transcendental. Persian poetry, Schimmel explains, is more similar to medieval European verse than Western poetry as it has been written since the Romantic period. The characteristic verse form is the ghazal--a set of rhyming couplets--which serves as a vehicle for shrouding in conventional tropes the poet's real intentions. Because Persian poetry is neither narrative nor dramatic in its overall form, its strength lies in an "architectonic" design; each precisely expressed image is carefully fitted into a pattern of linked figures of speech. Schimmel shows that at its heart Persian poetry transforms the world into a web of symbols embedded in Islamic culture.
Category: Literary Criticism

Psyche S Stories Vol 1

Author : Lionel Corbett
ISBN : 1888602988
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Contains: The Structural and Archetypal Analysis of Fairy Tales; A Tale of Father Dominance, Psychological Incest, and Female Emergence (Allerleirauh); Beauty and the Beast and Wonderful Sheep - The couple in Fairy Tales; Cinderella, an Interpretation; Cupid and Psyche - Birth of a New Consciousness; The Devil's Sooty Brother - Male Naivete and the Loss of the Kingdom; The Fisherman and his Wife - the Anima in the Narcissistic Character; Fitcher's Bird - Illustrations of the Negative Animus and Shadows in Persons with Narcissistic Disturbances'; The Goose Girl - Puella and Transformation; The Goose Girl - Images of Individualism.
Category: Psychology

The Influence Of Fairy Tales On Late Childhood Development

Author : Annie M. Armstrong
ISBN : 1303001160
Genre : Childhood development
File Size : 85.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Fairy tale and story have been used throughout history as a means of exploring and working through the developmental phase in which children begin to identify their autonomy. Story can be used by clinicians, teachers, and families to alleviate a child's feelings of anxiety and abandonment and to encourage a sense of competence in late childhood development. A combination of hermeneutic and artistic-creative methodologies has been employed in the research, aimed at analyzing selected stories, including an original tale by the author. A theoretical review of literature includes self psychology, as well as developmental, archetypal, and Jungian psychology, with the aim of conceptually balancing an understanding of the stage of late-childhood development with the psychodynamic experience. An original fairy tale, such as Olive (Armstrong, 2012), provides an outlet for a child to engage unconscious feelings and experience them in an external, conscious way, moving them down the path of individuation.
Category: Childhood development

The English Loathly Lady Tales

Author : S. Elizabeth Passmore
ISBN : UOM:39015075624323
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Whereas some literary motifs such as the tyrant, the beggar, and the crone have equivalents in the real world, the Loathly Lady is a creature of the imagination. Yet she is not merely a whimsical fantasy. This volume concentrates on the medieval English Loathly Lady tales, which develop the motif as a vehicle for social ideology. One of the primary agendas of this collection is to promote the non-canonical Loathly Ladies as worthwhile subjects for scholarly consideration. The examinations here of the medieval English Loathly Lady tales engage with a myriad of concerns, including anxieties about virginity and sex, power and assimilation, beauty and beastliness. These broad examinations of this enigmatic literary motif are an excellent contribution to the field and will be of great interest to scholars.
Category: Literary Criticism