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Incredible Journeys

Author : David Barrie
ISBN : 9781473656840
Genre : Nature
File Size : 23.76 MB
Format : PDF
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'David Barrie, who himself has sailed the oceans using a sextant, is passionate about navigation and describes in delightful detail the myriad ways in which animals get around ... eye-opening book.' Frans de Waal, New York Times 'Only a sailor could relate the navigational powers of both humans and animals with such appreciation, excitement, and precision. Thank you, David Barrie, for taking us along on these riveting voyages by sail and wing, hoof and flipper. We arrive surprised, delighted, and awed.' Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of an Octopus 'Immensely entertaining... [Barrie] is an admirably reliable and assiduous guide to what we do and don't yet know.' Andrew Holgate, Sunday Times 'Barrie has a good eye for colourful detail.' Kathryn Hughes, Mail on Sunday 'This is a must-read for anyone fascinated with the wonders of nature.' Publishers Weekly In Incredible Journeys, award-winning author David Barrie takes us on a tour of the cutting-edge science of animal navigation, where breakthroughs are allowing scientists to unravel, for the first time, how animals as various as butterflies, birds, crustaceans, fish, reptiles and even people find their way. Weaving interviews with leading experts on animal behaviour with the groundbreaking discoveries of Nobel-Prize winning neuroscientists, Barrie shines a light on the astounding skills of animals of every stripe. Dung beetles that steer by the light of the Milky Way. Ants and bees that navigate using patterns of light invisible to humans. Sea turtles, spiny lobsters and moths that find their way using the Earth's magnetic field. Salmon that return to their birthplace by following their noses. Baleen whales that swim thousands of miles while holding a rock-steady course and birds that can locate their nests on a tiny island after crisscrossing an entire ocean. There's a stunning diversity of animal navigators out there, often using senses and skills we humans don't have access to ourselves. For the first time, Incredible Journeys reveals the wonders of these animals in a whole new light.
Category: Nature

Incredible Journeys Discovery Adventure Danger Endurance

Author : Levison Wood
ISBN : 9781526360991
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 50.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Alongside real-life explorer Levison Wood, travel around the world, meet some of history's most daring pioneers, and be inspired to go on your very own adventures! Embark on 20 epic expeditions alongside Levison Wood, from the Silk Road and medieval pilgrimages to the Holy Land to Nellie Bly's trip around the world, and recent missions to the Moon and the Mariana Trench. Along the way, Levison Wood shares his own insights into adventuring, telling you what it's REALLY like to follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great. Beautifully illustrated with maps showing the routes and filled with detail bringing the cultures of each region to life, this is a lavish gift book to treasure from one of our greatest living explorers.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Incredible Journeys

Author : Dwight Holing
ISBN : 1742522351
Genre : Animal migration
File Size : 86.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Follow the migration stories of creatures as diverse as the African wildebeest, the Plains zebra, the American monarch butterfly, the Mexican free-tailed bat and the Pacific bluefin tuna as they travel from one habitat to another, to find food, avoid extreme temperatures or to breed.
Category: Animal migration

Hame Hame Hame Where I Fain Wad Be Stories Of Incredible Journeys By Animals

Author : Anon E Mouse
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 76.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 123 ÿ In issue 123 of the Baba Indaba Children's Stories, Baba Indaba narrates a few tales of the homing instincts of dogs and cats. Animals which have been moved across country but which have made seemingly amazing return journeys.......?? Download and read these few literary records of a few apparently impossible cross-country journeys. ÿ INCLUDES LINKS TO DOWNLOAD 8 FREE STORIES ÿ Each issue also has a "WHERE IN THE WORLD - LOOK IT UP" section, where young readers are challenged to look up a place on a map somewhere in the world. The place, town or city is relevant to the story, on map. HINT - use Google maps. ÿ Baba Indaba is a fictitious Zulu storyteller who narrates children's stories from around the world. Baba Indaba translates as "Father of Stories". ÿ It is believed that folklore and tales are believed to have originated in India and made their way overland along the Silk and Spice routes and through Central Asia before arriving in Europe. Even so, this does not cover all folklore from all four corners of the world. Indeed folklore, legends and myths from Africa, Australia, Polynesia, and some from Asia too, are altogether quite different and seem to have originated on the whole from separate reservoirs of lore, legend and culture. ÿ Baba Indaba,Childrens,Folklore,Fairy,Tales,bedtime story,legends,animal,journeys,incredible,dog,cat
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Incredible Journeys

Author :
ISBN : 1419061690
Genre : Animal migration
File Size : 85.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Join Kat as she goes on some of the most amazing animal journeys around the world.
Category: Animal migration

Bucket List Adventures

Author : Annette White
ISBN : 9781510710061
Genre : Travel
File Size : 69.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Writing down the things you’d like to see and do before you die can be a fun experience. But simply writing a Bucket List and never actually doing anything on the list is a lesson in futility and frustration with yourself. Why can’t you ever reach your goals? Don't beat yourself up—get out there and live life! Author Annette White has made a second career out of writing her bucket list—and then crossing things off of it! One day this owner of a Michelin-recommended restaurant in Northern California decided to live her dream. On her popular blog,, she has chronicled her adventures on virtually every continent—from walking among wildebeests in Africa to climbing an active volcano in Guatemala to swimming in a lake in Palau surrounded by thousands of jellyfish. In Bucket List Adventures, she takes you along for the ride, and shows you how to live your adventures, too. Bucket List Adventures is not only a practical travel book ? sharing detailed information on lodging, helpful resources, etc.—but also an inspiration for people to step out of their comfort zones. In short, Annette helps readers to create their own Bucket List, and then she gives them the tools and encouragement they need to live that list. An extensive appendix includes information about 50 additional places to consider for your future adventures. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and excitement when you finally reach your goals, and Suerig wants to help you get there.
Category: Travel

Passionate Travellers

Author : Trish Nicholson
ISBN : 9781838599140
Genre : Travel
File Size : 72.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Accompanying these 21 passionate travellers on their personal quests, we discover what drove them, and share their incredible journeys through deserts, mountains, jungles and seas to every continent, spanning 2,000 years of history from 480 BCE to the 1930s.
Category: Travel

Incredible Journey

Author : Douglas L. Miller
ISBN : 9781463422134
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 90.98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Doug Miller joined the U. S. Navy at the age of fifteen near the beginning of the Korean War. After boot camp and Electrician’s Mate school at Great Lakes, Illinois; he served aboard an escort carrier from which flew a group of Marine F 4U Corsair aircraft known as Checkerboard squadron. The gull winged, propeller driven aircraft operated close air support for United Nations troops fighting in “The Forgotten War”. Doug was honorably discharged after four years of service, after which he was accepted as an undergraduate student in what is now known as the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He taught school in western Nebraska for three years after graduation. Then he entered the Federal service as an Investigator with the U.S. Civil Service Commission (CSC). After working eight years as an Investigator in the Midwest, he was transferred to Washington, D. C. where he continued working with the CSC, th e U. S. Information Agency, th e Federal Energy Administration, and the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE). While working for DOE, he served as a detailee to the White House Security Office in the Carter Administration. He was later assigned to the protective security detail for three Secretaries of Energy while the protectees were in foreign travel.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

An Incredible Journey

Author : Max Reisch
ISBN : 9781787117075
Genre : Travel
File Size : 42.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In May 1935, 22-year-old Max Reisch and 19-year-old Helmuth Hahmann set out in a small motor car to find a land route from India to China. Their journey across Asia took them from Haifa to Tokyo. In this lively account, the author regales us with one story after another, struck with wonder or struggling against disaster in countries which deeply concern us today: Iraq with its oilfields, ancient Iran in the throes of modernisation, proud Afghanistan, and British India with its stunning variety of civilisation. Before the building of the Burma Road, driving from India to southern China meant sinking over the axles in mud on forest tracks and crossing torrents on rickety ferryboats. It also meant encounters with strange and fascinating peoples and places. With war already on the horizon, Reisch and Hahmann completed their round-the-world trip via Japan and the United States, arriving back in Vienna in December 1936. Originally written by Max Reisch in German, this brand new English translation by Alison Falls captures all the excitement of the journey, and features fascinating historical photos of the journey from the Reisch archives.
Category: Travel