Income Investing Secrets

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Income Investing Secrets

Author : Richard Stooker
Genre : Business & Economics
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"Rick Stooker is on the right track. We also intend to pursue a more income-oriented strategy in the years to come. Capital gains are subject to both the risk of a decline in economic fundamentals and a deterioration in market psychology. High-quality dividends and income are subject only to the former, and that makes a big difference in modeling your portfolio returns in retirement." -- Charles Lewis Sizemore CFA, Senior Analyst HS Dent Investment Management, LLC "I am a Chartered Accountant in Canada and spent most of my career teaching in a community college. "Over the years, I have used various "plans," with varying degrees of success, but had never given much thought to dividends, so I fell prey to the hype about capital gains. So what was I thinking? Should have been investing for dividends. "I also learned about some new investment vehicles, and got a "heads up" on some investments that I was aware of, but put on the back burner. "Wish I knew about all this stuff when I was in my 20's, or at least paid attention to the theories involved in my 40's." --- Dennis Wilson "What an eye-opener!!! "I had heard about REITs, MLPs, BDCs, but you really explained their advantages and disadvantages. Thank you, Rick. You have set me on the right path to generate a steady income stream." -- Kenny H While the financial markets are collapsing . . . Finally, you too can discover the old-fashioned -- yet now revolutionary (and updated for the 21st century) -- "gold egg" income investing secrets for lazy investors Despite following the conventional financial wisdom, many senior citizens are now asking what happened to that worry-free fun and relaxation they promised themselves after a long career of hard work. Many people in their fifties and early sixties are wondering when -- or even if -- they'll be able to retire. What's the alternative? Investing for income. Learn how to make money whether the stock market goes up, down or sideways. Discover how to avoid the financial pitfalls and emotional stress of depending upon the stock market to deliver market price appreciation to you -- capital gains. They come -- sometimes -- but they also disappear. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now just a little over the high it first broke six years ago. These days the buy and hold strategy requires a lot of patience. This book advocates rewarding yourself right away with regular income from stock dividends and bond interest. It shows you the best, most dependable types of income-producing investments -- and how to minimize risk. So invest now in the book that can guide your retirement portfolio to generating large amounts of income in the long term. Just scroll up and download Income Investing Secrets: How to Receive Ever-Growing Dividend and Interest Checks, Safeguard Your Portfolio and Retire Wealthy.
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Secrets Of Income Investing Every Investor Must Know About

Author : Alan Haft
ISBN : 1497588219
Genre : Business & Economics
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Whether its speaking on the national stage for TV networks such as Fox, CNBC or CNN or doing interviews for print media such as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Money Magazine and many others, especially over the last several years, national media commentator and best selling author Alan Haft has been addressing this question time and time again. Due to low interest rates and a stock market that is more unpredictable than ever before, the question is not an easy one to answer....Until now. In Secrets of Income Investing Every Investor Needs To Know About, Alan Haft keeps it simple and covers the essentials of income investing. Told in his concise, easy to understand narrative format that will help both first time investors and experienced veterans, ideas on how generate the most amount of income with the least amount of risk include: * 8% tax free monthly income: is it really possible (yes, it is) * 7% guaranteed annual growth for income: who offers it and how it works * The magic of dividend stocks and why everyone should learn something about them * The problem with bond funds and how to easily avoid it * CDs that earn 10% or more? Where to find them in today's market * Annuities: the good and the bad * Tax deferred growth, tax free income, market participation without market risk: where and how to get it * Heads I win, tails you lose: the problem with preferred stocks * Real Estate Investment Trusts: little things to watch out for that you're likely not being told * ...and much much more Most importantly, Alan addresses The Most Dangerous Game many retirees play with their money and steps you can take right now to position an investment portfolio into one designed to generate the most amount of retirement income with the least amount of risk Alan Haft is a nationally recognized financial planner and money manager who is often seen in national media and mainstream print publications such as Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, Smart Money, Business Week, The Huffington Post, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and many others. In addition, Alan has published dozens of articles with the highly prestigious American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AIPCA) and is the author of three books including The Haft Of It, The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make With Their Money (and how to avoid them) and his bestseller, You Can Never Be Too Rich. Previously, Alan was partners with Oscar-nominated actor James Woods in a media company located at Universal Studios and also served as President of Day Corporation, a multi-national technology firm he was instrumental in taking public on the Swiss stock exchange that recently sold to Adobe Corporation.
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7 Passive Income Secrets

Author : Timothy Willink
ISBN : 164615827X
Genre :
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★ ☆ What are The Passive Income Secrets that the Wealthiest Hides From Us? ☆★ What are the Secrets to Passive Income? How can we make it work?

101 Tax Secrets For Canadians

Author : Tim Cestnick
ISBN : 9780470678817
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.40 MB
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Nothing can better protect hard-earned income and help to accumulate wealth than savvy tax strategies. In this comprehensive guide, Canada's foremost tax expert, Tim Cestnick, offers 101 tips for year-round tax planning that can save Canadians from all walks of life thousands of dollars on their tax bill. It shows readers how they can best build a successful game plan that will reduce their taxes and maximize after-tax investment returns. Cestnick's simple and proven advice makes 101 Tax Secrets for Canadians an essential tool for all Canadians seeking to accumulate wealth and protect their income.
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The 7 Secrets Of Extraordinary Investors

Author : William G. Hammer
ISBN : 9781614481850
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.71 MB
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Every day, most investors are making decisions that are sure to bring them ordinary results. They are on the road to financial mediocrity because they make the same mistakes that everyone else makes—they spend too much, invest poorly, and receive poor advice. They know the price of their favorite stock, but they have no idea what their ideal financial future costs. There are also investors who are extraordinary. They make wise decisions, and they get superior results. They know that their financial house is in order, and they have a process for keeping it that way. They have confidence about the future because they listen to advice from the right people. The 7 Secrets of Extraordinary Investors shows investors seven simple ideas that are hidden in plain sight. Through an unusual mix of common sense and academic research, this book shows a straightforward path that can help you to achieve all that is important to you during and beyond your lifetime.
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Bring On The Crash

Author : Richard Stooker
Genre : Business & Economics
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NOTE: This book is all-original and all-unique content.

The U.S. dollar is on the verge of catastrophe.

For the first time in history, the debt of the most powerful government on Earth, leading the world’s largest economy, has been downgraded by Standard & Poor’s to Double AA from a perfect Triple AAA.

The political grandstanding of the Republicans and Democrats over the debt ceiling made many Americans and others around the world doubt our leadership. And many feel the final deal between doesn’t go far enough to reduce US government spending.

US government debt now equals the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). That's like you or I owing an entire year of our incomes to Mastercard and Visa.

The 2007-2009 financial crisis appears to have been the first step toward a deflationary depression that could destroy the savings of three generations of Americans. We’ve technically been “recovering” since March 2009, but despite all government and Fed actions to stimulate the US economy, unemployment stubbornly remains over 9%.

That is, unless the government’s massive cash creation unleashes a wave of hyperinflation.

The US dollar has recently hit new record lows against the Japanese yen and Swiss franc, despite massive interventions by the central banks of those two countries.

China has divested itself of 97% of its holdings of short-term US Treasury bills. That happened by March 2011, well before the current downgrade.

China still owns many billions of US dollars of long-term Treasury bonds and is clearly worried about the future. They are making a big show of supporting Europe’s economy, so they have an alternative to the US dollar. What is wrong with us when the biggest Communistic country on Earth has to lecture us on how to manage our currency?

How much longer will China, Japan and international bankers continue to buy U.S. Treasury bonds to finance our swelling budget?

If these countries began selling US dollars instead of buying, the hyperinflation would bankrupt America

We – and Europeans – are also threatened by the debt problems of Europe. Greece nearly went up in flames over austerity measures forced on that country. Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are also in bad shape. How long will France and German taxpayers continue to support them? If the euro breaks up, that will create more financial instability for the entire world.

Gold recently hit a record high of $1,813 per ounce.

I can't tell you exactly what is going to happen in the treacherous foreign exchange and financial markets in the future. Maybe another recession - the double dip some have been predicting since April 2009. Maybe deflation leading to a horrific depression. Maybe hyperinflation. Maybe a total collapse of the world's financial markets and infrastructure.

All I know for sure -- and every day's headlines confirm this -- is that the future for the US dollar, euro and other fiat currencies looks dark and ugly.

Bring on the Crash! offers a 3 part process to protect yourself and your family from these dangers.

Whether you have $2,000 or $2 million, this volume contains the resources you need to make sure you weather the coming storm.

This 3 step process is a comprehensive plan to survive almost all financial emergencies the US dollar is now facing.

And if we never fall through the thin economic ice the United States is now skating on, you'll still benefit from diversifying your retirement portfolio.

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Master Limited Partnerships

Author : Richard Stooker
Genre : Business & Economics
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In a low yield world where government bonds pay next to no interest, S&P 500 stocks pay little more than that in dividends, the Canadian government is on the threshold of taxing income trusts, and even real estate investment trusts are suffering cash flow problems, one type of security still stands as a beacon of hope to income investors. Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs 9% yields . . . that increase 9% annually . . . quarterly distributions almost guaranteed . . . capital gains that leave the S&P 500 in the dust . . . tax protection . . . business profits protected by federal government regulation . . . profit from the energy sector without the volatility of market prices because MLPs are paid by volume not final price. Until now, the information available to investors has been scanty. There've been only chapters in books. One prominent financial advice company recently launched a newsletter devoted to them, but the price tag is $399 annually. The Internet contains summary but incomplete articles and snatches of advice (some good, some inaccurate). Finally, investors can learn all about these terrific investments -- their rewards and risks; the paperwork hassles and how to get around them; and how to invest in them using both taxable and tax-deferred accounts. In one convenient volume for one low price. This book is the first and only devoted solely to Master Limited Partnerships. You'll discover: The incredible benefits of Master Limited Partnerships Why they're still incredibly cheap How their legal rules and business structure combine to send you lots of cash Why they'll continue to generate lots of cash for the foreseeable future Information on every company Information on every MLP index Information on every MLP closed-end fund What MLP i-units are and how they can skyrocket your IRA portfolio How to understand and complete MLP tax forms Everything you need to know to get started to enhance your current income or save for your financially secure future. I cover a lot of material that applies to all energy-related MLPs, but my strong recommendation is you confine your investment dollars to those in what are called "midstream" MLPs. More on that later. I'll start off with a chapter that explains the many benefits of investing in midstream Master Limited Partnerships. Followed by a chapter on the "catches" -- the aspects that individual investors sometimes stumble over. Followed by information on the business risks of MLPs. Then information on their history, structure and businesses both from the financial side and the petroleum industry side. This includes why businesses convert their assets to MLPs. And why such high yielding investments are still available in today's otherwise low-yield financial marketplace. Then we'll cover everybody's favorite topic -- taxes. The tax and tax filing consequences of owning MLP units. I'll also cover the various tax forms and how to complete them. Then ways of investing in MLPs that, in terms of tax paperwork and filing, are the same as investing in stocks. So you can add MLPs to your tax-deferred accounts or simply avoid the extra paperwork created by direct ownership of MLP units. There're chapters on MLP i-units, on each MLP-related closed-end fund and MLP Exchange Traded Notes. Then there're chapters on all the MLP indexes. Then tips on putting this information all together to benefit from MLPs in your taxable broker account and your tax-deferred accounts. And how to balance MLPs with the rest of your portfolio. Then a chapter on what happens if you -- against my advice -- sell MLP units. And a chapter on what happens if you follow my advice and hold your MLP units until you die. 33,000 words Then chapters on each individual energy or natural resource related MLP available today.
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Real Estate Investing Secrets

Author : Sam Mitchell
ISBN : 1072928191
Genre :
File Size : 57.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Would you like to be able to live off passive income? Do you believe that real estate could be the key to your success? Are you just starting out and need professional advice? Some of the wealthiest people on the planet have made their money through investing in real estate. It is one of the few ways that you can almost guarantee that you will make a return on investment and for those who would like to earn a passive income while having the least to do, it can be the perfect choice. In this book, Real Estate Investing Secrets: Ultimate Beginner Guide to Create a Passive Income from Apartments and Commercial Real Estate, you will get an in-depth view into the real estate market and how you could make your own small fortune through: How to get started investing in real estate Passive income ideas Buying apartment buildings with no money at all Increasing the value of properties Commercial real estate investing The differing types of investments And much more... You may have previously believed that it is impossible to get into the real estate market without a sizeable chunk of cash at your disposal. Real Estate Investing Secrets dispels that myth and provides you with expert advice that will set you on your way to making a passive income you can live off forever. Get a copy and start investing now!

Top 10 Secrets For Investing Successfully

Author : Barbara Gottfried Hollander
ISBN : 9781448893645
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 81.41 MB
Format : PDF
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This insightful guide gives the nuts and bolts of investing, protecting oneself from risks, and increasing one’s chances of reaching financial goals. Readers can evaluate and integrate specific steps in investing that are examined in this blueprint, including setting goals, determining risk factors, making a financial profile, being able to speak investment language, understanding investment options, diversifying investments, playing online investment games and joining investing clubs, thinking about retirement today, paying taxes, and staying informed by having awareness about the changes in the economy and its financial markets. Teens come to understand their inner investor and know their financial options after reading this essential resource. Fascinating fact boxes and additional elements called Myths and Facts and 10 Great Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser give readers at-a-glance details.
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Rental Property Investing Secrets

Author : Neal Hooper
ISBN : 1914085167
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.30 MB
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INVESTING. What a scary word! However, if done correctly, it can be a BIG SOURCE OF MONEY! You already know this, that's why you're here, but that isn't enough. Are you afraid of making mistakes? Perhaps, you tried looking for some info on the internet that could help you understand how to manage it, but the terror of failing is as if it paralyses you, am I right? "Next time" was my motto, and maybe yours too. In the beginning, I was just like you, and nobody could help me... I've travelled seas, mountains, oceans, countries and cities before finding any information that could push me beyond my vast fear of bankruptcy. I learned that we need to release from the fear of changing, unbalancing and jumping beyond the parapet to be able to fly! If we continue to do the same things that we've done until now, then you can be sure that NOTHING WILL CHANGE. This was the first life lesson I learned by studying this market. The first thing you need to change to become a good investor is your mentality! After I understood that, I became rich! Yes, rich. Thinking continuously like a poor dependant who earns the necessary salary to survive and pay taxes will NEVER allow you to get what you've always dreamed of! NO! The HEAVY ECONOMIC CRISIS that people talk about can't be an excuse to give up! Only if you wanted to, you could create a capital from thousands of cents, or lose a huge amount of them! You make the decision. I chose the first option. Another thing I learned during my education is that you need to learn how to invest in yourself first, and then on the rest! So, what could be the first definitive step to make value; the step to discover how to earn by investing? INVESTING first on RENTAL PROPERTY INVESTING SECRET HOW TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT, MANAGE YOUR TENANTS, AND PREVENT FINANCIAL LOSS WITH PROVEN STRATEGIES TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT AND CREATE A SOLID PASSIVE INCOME. This book contains all of my knowledge, my experience and all of the SECRETS regarding real estate investments that I made use of and that led me to REAL RESULTS! From my important advice and strategies inside RENTAL PROPERTY INVESTING SECRET, you'll learn: - How to understand the basics of Rental Investment - The things you must do before investing; - The Five Steps to pick the right Rental property; - The Secrets of Flipping Houses for a quick profit; - The best investment strategies; - What you need to know after acquisition; - How to buy a Low Home; - And much more high-valued information! Don't allow the fear of failing an investment, losing a strong movement of the market, or leaving the market all or part of your money earned so far stop you from making that FAMOUS STEP FORWARD that will change your life! BUY NOW RENTAL PROPERTY INVESTING SECRET How to Protect Your Investment, Manage Your Tenants, and Prevent Financial Loss with Proven Strategies to Maximize Your Profit and Create a Solid Passive Income, and discover how to invest fearlessly following my secrets and advice!
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Passive Income Investing

Author : Tony Rental
ISBN : 9798601303767
Genre :
File Size : 40.28 MB
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If you want to generate a passive income then this book is a beginner's guide on financial freedom with secrets, ideas and blueprints. Make money with Blogging, Dropshipping, Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing. In current economy, it can be difficult for people with white collar jobs to make ends meet, let alone live a lavish life. No wonder so many people are looking for opportunities to make some extra cash to fulfill their desires. And although there are many ways to generate passive income, often middle class individuals don't have understanding of different businesses or enough time on their hands to invest in other projects. Many times people take an initiative but lack of experience and early failure results in discouragement. This book will help you to understand the idea of FF formula i.e. financial freedom formula enabling you to develop an amazing perspective about managing and investing your money where you can see great returns. Often people are so consumed with their lives, they start with a pessimistic attitude. That's why the most important thing is to change the mindset and focus it on winning and being successful You will be introduced to ecommerce and the fundamental strategies you need to learn to establish your own business. You will learn about affiliate marketing and the secret tricks that can lead you to generate additional income. Moreover, the book will teach you everything about dropshipping and blogging and how you can establish a successful business. When all you want is to generate a second source of income, this book helps you with modern skill development. Learn the FF formula and reshape your mindset to become a successful investor Develop an understanding of ecommerce and learn crucial tricks and techniques to establish a successful business Understand the idea of affiliate marketing and learn key strategies and techniques to acquire second source of income Learn about dropshipping and its tried and tested strategies to establish your own brand Learn the art of engaging and profitable blogging through key tricks and strategies I can find everything on the internet. Why do I need this book Internet offers a lot of information but it's scattered and you never know which sources to trust. You are more likely to be confused instead of feeling confident. This book brings together everything that you need to generate a passive source of income. I don't know anything about blogging/dropshipping/ecommerce. Can I learn these skills? A number of people who are making money through these sources don't have relevant college degrees or even formal training. If you are tech savvy enough and willing to work hard, you can learn how to use these skills to earn yourself some passive income. Will I be able to generate enough income through these? Absolutely! All of these are actually full time businesses but due to automation and outsourcing, now everyone can do it. Stop reading this and get the book now!

The Secrets Of Saving And Investing With Alvin Hall

Author : Alvin Hall
ISBN : 9781473616141
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71.99 MB
Format : PDF
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The most popular question Alvin Hall is asked is 'where does my money go?'. In this quick and straightforward mini-guide, Alvin helps everyone get their finances in order by exploring the fundamentals of savings and investments. Helping you to reverse that 'spend first, save later' impulse, Alvin beats a clear pathway through the financial maze of saving and investing, and provides a practical understanding of how to make the most of your personal finances. This is an easy-to-follow advice for a brighter, sounder financial future.
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Real Estate Secrets

Author : Alex Reid
ISBN : 9780595344963
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Learn how to find properties, buy without a down payment, make money on residential real estate, create a source of income from rental properties, and how to use eBay and the internet to invest in real estate.
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Wired For Wealth

Author : Brad Klontz
ISBN : 9780757397677
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Neuroscience and money are being bandied about from Wall Street to Main Street, with people realizing that what goes on in their brain directly impacts their bank account. As financial stress mounts and an economic crash looms, the Wired for Wealth authors show that the biggest threat to your financial health is not a recession, it's your mindset. Markets fluctuate but one fact holds true: People's money scripts—the unconscious core beliefs they hold about money—will determine whether they win or lose. With Wired for Wealth, three respected experts explain their proven Money Makeover Program that has helped clients break through excessive debt, financial stress, self-sabotage, money avoidance, and more.
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The Weekend Millionaire S Secrets To Investing In Real Estate How To Become Wealthy In Your Spare Time

Author : Roger Dawson
ISBN : 0071412913
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Everything you need to know to make millions by investing in real estate. Be smart -- take advantage of their invaluable experience to help you reach your financial goals."--Jack Canfield, Co-author, The Power of Focus, Dare to Win, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul(R) series. A proven formula for making a killing in small real estate investments in all market conditions Millionaire real estate investor Mike Summey and nationally recognized negotiation expert Roger Dawson team up to offer a complete program for becoming a real estate magnate in your spare time. Unlike all the get-rich-quick real estate investment guides on the shelves, The Weekend Millionaire shows readers how to look beyond price to the fundamentals of what makes a property valuable and to leverage that value in order to build wealth, consistently, over years. It also teaches them an original, win-win negotiating strategy in which the buyer determines the terms of the purchase and lets the seller determine the price. Readers get clear, step-by-step guidance on how to: Find great investment properties Approach sellers Structure a win-win proposal Get a proposal accepted--even with no money down and bad credit Negotiate a transaction Manage and maintain properties for increasing returns
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Investment Secrets From Pimco S Bill Gross

Author : Timothy Middleton
ISBN : 9781118039939
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Praise For Investment Secrets From PIMCO's Bill Gross "No investor is held in higher regard by his peers than Bill Gross. His understanding of the markets and his insights on how to profit from them are unparalleled. Now, Tim Middleton takes you into Gross's world for an insider's view on how the world of finance really works. If this book were a bond, it would be AAA rated with a double-digit yield." -DON PHILLIPS, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc. "The secret to investment success is discipline. In bonds, nobody has displayed better discipline than Bill Gross. And nobody has done a better job of explaining Gross's methods, and instructing private investors how they can exploit his approach, than Tim Middleton." -JON MARKMAN, Columnist, CNBC on MSN Money "Warren Buffett, John Neff, Bill Miller, Peter Lynch-the stock market has always had dominant personalities whose long-term success becomes legend. In the bond market, that dominant personality is Gross." -FORTUNE "Bill Gross is the Emeril Lagasse of bond managers." -FORBES "If you want to get a stock mutual fund manager steamed, ask why his fund can't beat bond guru Bill Gross." -USA TODAY
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