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Inclusive Education

Author : Daniels, Harry (Professor in Special Education and Educational Psychology, University of Birmingham)
ISBN : 9781136361999
Genre : Education
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This volume provides overviews and approaches to inclusive education from around the world. It defines the philosophical, political, educational and social implications of "inclusion", and maps out the dilemmas facing its successful implementation.
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Inclusive Education

Author : Tim Loreman
ISBN : 0415356687
Genre : Education
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A practical guide to working with primary and secondary students who need extra attention because of disabilities or giftedness. It outlines the principles behind diversity and inclusive policies, and discuss the range of different needs teachers
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Inclusive Education

Author : Keith Ballard
ISBN : 9781135701215
Genre : Education
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The aim of this text is to convey the experience of excluded children, their parents, teachers and remaining classmates. Looking at all those involved, the book offers reflections on inclusion and exclusion in the context of schools that do not cater well for diversity. The contributors and issues raised are international, giving the reader everything necessary for considering concepts and practices across countries and cultures, and highlighting ways in which schools might bring down the barriers to participation and learning.
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Theories Of Inclusive Education

Author : Peter Clough
ISBN : 9780857022295
Genre : Education
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`As a doctoral student, currently writing a dissertation which focuses on inclusive education, I found this an excellent supportive resource. It brings together the major theorists of the last 20 years and very importantly highlights the perceived change in Mary Warnock's stance towards statementing since the late 1970s. This element of change in the individual, society and policy is an issue which runs through the book and from an emancipatory and postmodernist stance is a vital inclusion. The inclusion of personal reflections greatly adds to the text, instilling a confidence in the student that there is value in being a person with a point of view. For me the publication of the book comes after my own critical analysis of the literature. From a purely selfish aspect, I wish it had been published earlier in my studies. An excellent resource that I would thoroughly recommend - Amazon Review This book traces the major stages of thinking in the development of inclusive education. It provides overviews of the main theoretical influences: the medico-psychological model; sociological positions; curriculum studies; school effectiveness and the impact upon policy and practice of the Disability Movement. Positioned and discussed in their historical contexts the book provides a synopsis and critique of the last 50 years of the 20th century, including the introduction of the term 'special educational needs', the practice of integration and the present processes of inclusive education. The unique features of this book include personal reflections by a number of people who are considered to have had a major influence in the development of Inclusive Education. Summaries of their work, their writing and their thinking are provided - drawn from interviews with them and their own publications. The book identifies and embraces some major issues. It does so bearing in mind the interests and perspectives of students working within Inclusive education studies and presents some complex issues in an accessible format with a direct style. Linking directly to the student experience, the book concludes with examples of how students have used theories on inclusive education to inform their reflections on practice. The book throughout is deliberately learner-friendly, using sample- group activities and suggested readings, and is designed to be an effective course reader.
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Psychology For Inclusive Education

Author : Ruth Kershner
ISBN : 9780415390491
Genre : Education
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What can psychology offer inclusive education? Traditionally, special education has looked to psychology for many of its theoretical resources and practical strategies. While those seeking to promote more inclusive education have tended to see psychology and psychologists as part of the problem by providing a rationale for segregation. However, in practice many psychologists today are developing inclusive ways of working, and are paying attention to psychological theories that underpin inclusive education. Psychology for Inclusive Education reframes the contribution of psychology in terms of its relevance to inclusion and will show how psychological theories of learning and human development are compatible with inclusive education. Part 1 explores psychological theories relevant to understanding inclusive education and Part 2 looks at how psychology can contribute to promoting more inclusive education in practice. Chapters cover: how psychologists can collaborate with teachers for inclusive solutions Vygotsky's theories of learning and their significance for inclusion the challenge of developing pedagogies for inclusion sociocultural understandings of learning in inclusive classrooms the role of emotion in learning and inclusion cooperative learning and inclusion the challenges and tensions of inclusion and high standards for schools the practice of dynamic assessment as an inclusive alternative to IQ social justice and inclusive psychology Bringing together a highly distinguished list of international contributors from the UK, USA and South Africa and including practising educational psychologists, this book will link theory to practice in schools and classrooms. International in focus and at the very cutting edge of the field, this is essential reading for all those interested in the development of inclusive education.
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Inclusive Education

Author : Zeta Brown
ISBN : 9781317429265
Genre : Education
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Inclusive education is complex, multi-faceted and ever-changing and to date there has been no fixed definition of what is meant by the term ‘inclusion’, leading to confusion about what inclusive education actually means in practice. This key text introduces readers to the underlying knowledge and wider complexities of inclusion and explores how this can relate to practice. Considering inclusion as referring to all learners, it surveys the concept of inclusive practice in its broadest sense and examines its implementation in a variety of educational institutions. Throughout the book, international contributors consider this broader concept to critically evaluate the realities of practically implementing inclusive objectives. Each chapter assesses key theories and concepts alongside a range of examples to encourage students to think critically and reappraise their own experience as learners. Key topics covered include: • studying the definition of inclusion • the relevance of pedagogy in inclusive practice • how to lead and manage for inclusion • the issue of inclusion in early years, primary, secondary and post-16 settings • inclusive practice for families • international perspectives on inclusive practice. Fully illustrated with tasks, case studies, discussion questions and recommended reading, Inclusive Education is essential reading for second and third year students looking to extend their research and writing, and to develop their critical and reflective thinking.
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Implementing Inclusive Education

Author :
ISBN : 9264155899
Genre : Children with disabilities
File Size : 48.6 MB
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This document contains 25 papers presented at 1993 and 1995 conferences convened as part of a 7-year international project concerned with the integration of children with special educational needs into mainstream schools. The papers are: (1) "The OECD Project: Integrating Students with Special Needs into Mainstream Schools" (Peter Evans and Don Labon); (2) "Recent Developments in OECD Member Countries" (Don Labon and Peter Evans); (3) "Quality for All: Some Comments about Inclusive Schools from Spanish Educational Reform" (Alvaro Marchesi); (4) "Integration in the Netherlands" (Cor J. W. Meijer); (5) "Factors that Inclusion Must Not Overlook" (Yerker Andersson); (6) "How Systemic Are Our Systemic Reforms?" (Dianne L. Ferguson); (7) "What We Know about School Inclusion" (Gordon L. Porter); (8) "The Changing Roles of School Personnel in a Restructured and Inclusive School" (Kolbrun Gunnarsdottir); (9) "The Quality of Integration Depends on the Quality of Education for Everybody" (August Dens); (10) "Supporting the Classroom Teacher in New Brunswick" (Darlene Perner); (11) "Influences of National Policies on Classroom Teaching and Curriculum Access in England" (Klaus Wedell); (12) "A National Strategy for Enhancing Access to the Curriculum in France" (Patrice Couteret); (13) "Pedagogical, Curricular and Classroom Organisation in Italy" (Lucia de Anna); (14) "Integration in the Ordinary School in Switzerland" (Gerard Bless); (15) "Inclusion-Promoting Factors in the Norwegian Schools" (Ida Drage); (16) "Parental, Advisory and Administrative Support in OECD Countries" (Don Labon); (17) "The Influence of Related Services on Educational Integration in the United States" (Martha Coutinho and Alan C. Repp); (18) "Parental, Statutory and Voluntary Support Services in Belgium" (Jean-Jacques Detraux); (19) "School Organisational Structures Supporting Inclusion in Spain" (Gerardo Echeita); (20) "The Role of Special Education Arrangements in the Shift Towards Less Segregation in the Netherlands" (Aryan van der Leij); (21) "Remedial Tuition in the Ordinary Class for Pupils with Learning Difficulties in Switzerland" (Gerard Bless); (22) "The National Curriculum, Educational Standards and the Local Management of English Schools" (Klaus Wedell); (23) "Models of Funding to Support Inclusion in England and Wales" (Seamus Hegarty); (24) "Fiscal Issues Related to the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Schools in the United States" (Thomas B. Parrish); and (25) "Standards and Assessment in the United States Including Students with Disabilities in Public Accountability Systems" (Martha L. Thurlow). (DB)
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Inclusive Education

Author : Melanie Nind
ISBN : 1843120666
Genre : Education
File Size : 81.40 MB
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This work illustrates the diverse learning contexts within inclusive education and allows students to chose readings to support their individual interests. It shows how inclusive education addresses not just disability but also gender, ethnicity, class, socio-economic position, and children in care.
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Inclusive Education For Children With Special Needs

Author : Neena Dash
ISBN : 8126906871
Genre : Inclusive education
File Size : 25.72 MB
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Inclusive Education Is A Worldwide Movement Aiming To Create One Education System That Values All Children To Devise A Classroom That Welcomes All Children Irrespective Of Disability, Community Background, Sexuality, Ethnic Background Etc. The Current Conceptualization Of Children With Special Needs Has Replaced The Negative Labels Of The Past Which Called Disabled Children As Lame, Crippled, Less Fortunate Or Mentally Retarded. The Modern Concept Consider Such Children As Unique Whose Uniqueness May Be Noticed In One Or The Other Dimensions Vision, Hearing, Communication, Adaptive Behaviour, Etc. Researches Are Being Conducted Across The World So That Inclusive Education Can Be Made More Adequate And Thereby Prove More Useful.The Present Book Is A Complete Treatise On Inclusive Education With Particular Emphasis On Children With Special Needs. It Seeks To Find Out How Information/Findings From Researches On Inclusion Can Be Employed To Influence Inclusive Practices In Classrooms In A Positive Way. It Provides Useful Tips And Strategies To Those Who Need To Know As To Why, Whom And How To Include Children With Special Needs In Regular Classroom Activities. The Facts And Findings Stated In This Book In The Form Of Tables, Pictures, Boxes And Small But Separate Sections Will Prove Comprehensible Inputs For School Reforms And Reorganizations To Achieve Full Inclusion. A Detailed Bibliography Has Been Included In The Book To Enable The Inquisitive Readers To Pursue The Subject Further. The Students And Research Scholars Of Education Will Find This Book Highly Useful. In Addition, The Planners, Administrators, Functionaries Of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan And Social Workers Will Consider It Extremely Informative.
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