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In Defense Of Housing

Author : Peter Marcuse
ISBN : 1784783544
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In every major city in the world there is a housing crisis. How did this happen and what can we do about it? Everyone needs and deserves housing. But today our homes are being transformed into commodities, making the inequalities of the city ever more acute. Pro fit has become more important than social need. The poor are forced to pay more for worse housing. Communities are faced with the violence of displacement and gentri fication. And the bene fits of decent housing are only available for those who can a fford it. In Defense of Housing is the de finitive statement on this crisis from leading urban planner Peter Marcuse and sociologist David Madden. They look at the causes and consequences of the housing problem and detail the need for progressive alternatives. The housing crisis cannot be solved by minor policy shifts, they argue. Rather, the housing crisis has deep political and economic roots--and therefore requires a radical response.

Technology As Freedom

Author : Ronald C. Tobey
ISBN : 0520204212
Genre : Nature
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"Technology as Freedom successfully bridges the gaps between business history, political history, social history, and the history of technology and helps restore the central place of state action in the mid-century transformations of American life."--Bruce Schulman, Boston University
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Ending The Stalemate

Author : Mary K. Nenno
ISBN : 0761802177
Genre : Political Science
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Ending the Stalemate assesses housing and urban development programs of the past 60 years, examines current urban conditions and interventions, and recommends steps that should be taken to link housing assistance, neighborhood renewal and urban development/redevelopment with the forces reshaping urban life. Mary K. Nenno has found that past housing and urban development efforts have been characterized by starts and stops, with significant action coming only in times of national crises such as economic depression or city disturbances. Comprehensive national initiatives to revitalize cities and declining metropolitan areas have been dormant for over two decades despite growing evidence of physical, economic, and human distress. Nenno finds hope for future progress in the opportunities provided by mainstream forces now at work in urban areas: the emergence of the 'urban region' as the base for joining cities and their outlying metropolitan areas in a new relationship; and the prospect of comprehensive improvement strategies based on partnerships between public, private, and citizen-based entities.
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Homelessness In Nigeria

Author : Ifeadikanwa Chidebell
ISBN : 9781483629643
Genre : Business & Economics
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Homelessness in Nigeria: Investigating Africas Housing Crisis, is a daring confrontation of a topic considered taboo in Africa. Equally daring is the nature and depth of information it provides through a holistic exploration of the subject of homelessness as it occurs in Africa and in the majority of the poor nations of the modern world. But Nigeria is a wealthy nation, given its vast human and natural resources. So, why has homelessness remained a challenge to this nation? How and when did homelessness become part of the Nigerian culture? Is there such a word as homelessness in any Nigerian or other African languages? Who and what has been generating this housing dilemma? What policy and practices are in place that perpetuate or attempt to address homelessness in the region? What are the housed- and homeless Nigerians views of this predicament? What is the predictable future of Nigerias homelessness quandary? These questions and more find responses in this book, as it explores the antecedents, the origins, and the current state of homelessness in that nation. To respond effectively to these numerous questions it examines the land use policy, housing and economic policy, past and present, as well as the history and status of housing codes, the building and rental laws in effect, comparing them with actual practices. This exercise exposes the significant roles of culture and emerging world view imports, as well as the direct roles of stakeholders, rulers and the ruled alike, in the dynamics of the homelessness scourge. In its quest for deep insights into homelessness, which spans over nine years of information search, I have drawn from a wide range of literary work. And, for the purposes of first hand information gathering on this poorly researched subject. I invested in inter-continental travels. Direct interactions with homeless and housed persons in the target location, as well as communication with Africans in the Diaspora has contributed even more comprehensive information on the underlying causes, nature and status of shelter poverty among Africans. There is a strong emphasizes in this book of the dominant roles of culture, religion and sectional politics in the creation and perpetuation of Africas homelessness and housing crises. And insights into this dynamic unveil answers to crucial, unanswered questions on homelessness in Africa as no known existing literature ever has. Meanwhile, in the guise of a tool of advocacy against homelessness and its accompanying stigma, this document is diametrically opposed to the shroud that mask the unconscionable injustice that is homelessness, particularly in communal-based, wealthy social environment, such as Nigeria. In these ways this work offers ample information to Africans and all stakeholders in the homelessness eradication struggle. Grassroot populations, policymakers, invested foreign non- profit agencies, and all stake holders alike, will find within these pages numerous significant facts on homelessness as it occurs in modern developing nations. They will equally discover viable suggestions for combating and addressing shelter loss. Homelessness in Nigeria is indeed a vital reference- as well as literary hand book for all who seek knowledge on African cultures, and, indeed, on cultures of the general Global South nations, and even more pointedly in matters of culture associated with housing. Professionals from all walks of life will thus find this a source of much insight in understanding regional diversity with regard to values relative to shelter deprivation.
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City Politics

Author : Dennis R. Judd
ISBN : 0321129717
Genre : Political Science
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A textbook for graduate or undergraduate courses in the politics, sociology, planning, geography, or history of American cities. The fourth edition has been substantially revised to account for the revival of central cities and the opening of suburbs to groups of all incomes and ethnic characteristi
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Political Crises Social Conflict And Economic Development

Author : Andrés Solimano
ISBN : 1845425715
Genre : Political Science
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Political Crises, Social Conflict and Economic Development is a rare attempt to undertake comparative political economy analysis of the Andean region and thus represents a welcome contribution. . . It is clearly written and will engage scholars interested in Latin America from a wide range of disciplines. Jonathan di John, Journal of Agrarian Change This collection of essays on the political economy of the Andean region goes to the heart of the struggle these smaller economies face in completing crucial reforms and achieving higher growth. Andrés Solimano has brought together the best and the brightest talent from each country, the result being the most compelling analysis ever of how enclave development and a historical dependence on primary exports renders these countries distinctly Andean. As the essays argue, the political solutions and economic remedies must address this phenomenon, rather than mimicking those strategies of the larger emerging market countries in the region. Carol Wise, University of Southern California, US The contributors to this authoritative volume analyze the impact of political crises and social conflict on economic performance in the Andean region of Latin America. The blend of theory and case studies is also relevant for understanding other complex societies in the developing world and transition economies. The book provides illuminating insights on how to understand, and survive, the complicated interactions between volatile politics, unstable democracies, violence, social inequality and uneven economic performance. Recent political economy theories are combined with valuable quantitative and qualitative information on presidential crises, breakdowns of democracy, constitutional reforms, quality of institutions, and social inequality and exclusion to understand actual country realities. Part I provides the conceptual framework and a regional perspective of the book. Part II contains five political economy country studies Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela written by leading scholars in the field and former senior policymakers, including a former President. Together, the chapters highlight the detrimental effects of political instability and social conflict on economic growth and stability, as well as the feedback effects from poor economic performance on political instability and institutional fragility. The country studies warn that narrow economic reforms that do not pay adequate attention to politics, institutions and social structures are bound to fail in bringing lasting prosperity and stability to complex societies. Examining new and rich information on episodes of political turmoil, military interventions, forced presidential resignations, constitutional reforms and social uprisings, this book will be required reading for all those interested in the interface of politics and economic development.
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Political Science Abstracts

Author : IFI/Plenum Data Company staff
ISBN : 9781461517894
Genre : Business & Economics
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Political Science Abstracts is an annual supplement to the Political Science, Government, and Public Policy Series of The Universal Reference System, which was first published in 1967. All back issues are still available.
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