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In Between God

Author : Stephen Pickard
ISBN : 9781921817540
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.52 MB
Format : PDF
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In-Between God explores three important areas for contemporary Christianity: theology, community and discipleship. Part One inquires into the rhythms of faith as it interacts with themes of uncertainty and doubt, the nature of theological discourse, the task of systematic theology, evangelism and the various ways in which theology is done. Part Two discusses the importance of place in relation to the church, and themes of innovation, undecideability and new forms of monastic community. Part Three addresses themes in discipleship: simplicity, mysticism, the passions and pilgrimage. A red thread connecting these essays is the character of the triune God who is the energy and life in between all things.
Category: Religion

The Tension Between God As Righteous Judge And As Merciful In Early Judaism

Author : Barry D. Smith
ISBN : 076183088X
Genre : Religion
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In recent years, the scholarly consensus has emerged that early Judaism should no longer be classified as a religion of legalistic works on righteousness, but rather defined primarily by God's covenant with Israel. In this work, it is argued, instead, that there is actually a tension in early Judaism between God as righteous judge and as merciful. As E. Sjöberg maintained in his Gott und Sünder im palästinischen Judentum, in the sources used for a reconstruction of early Judaism, there are two mutually exclusive ways in which God is said to relate to human beings. First, God as righteous judge deals with human beings as they deserve. They are assumed to be morally free and responsible, and God judges and recompenses them in history and eschatologically. Not only are the wicked punished for their sins, but the righteous are also rewarded for their obedience. And second, God as merciful does not deal with human beings as they deserve. Rather, he removes the guilt resulting from disobedience to the Law, sometimes on the simple condition of repentance. This means that a person can escape the consequences of disobedience. The understanding of God in the sources vacillates between God as righteous judge and God as merciful, without coming down definitively on one side to the exclusion of the other.
Category: Religion

The Dance Between God And Humanity

Author : Bruce K. Waltke
ISBN : 9780802867360
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.48 MB
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The Dance between God and Humanity brings together thirty-one articles written by Bruce Waltke, reformed evangelical professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, on fascinating topics in biblical theology including: Studying the Psalms devotionally The text and canon of the Old Testament Preaching Proverbs Biblical authority Doing theology for the people of God Evangelical spirituality Old Testament texts about human reproduction Reflections on retirement The role of women in the Bible And much more!
Category: Religion

Between God And Man

Author : Francesco Buranelli
ISBN : 1887422153
Genre : Art
File Size : 78.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The topic of this exhibition and catalog is the angel, but more important the way the angel is represented. The image of the angel has varied with the changing times and stylistic and cultural spheres but, at the same time, it has remained essentially unchanged and charged with a particular fascination that transcends fashions and styles.
Category: Art

The Go Between God

Author : John V. Taylor
ISBN : 9780334048213
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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First published in 1972 by SCM Press, The Go-Between God is here re-issued in our prestigious SCM Classics series.
Category: Religion

The In Between People

Author : Girma Bekele
ISBN : 9781608992690
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.26 MB
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In the midst of partial, competing, and often hostile forms of human solidarity, David Bosch challenged the church to be the Alternative Community called to live in the in-between of various opposing socio-political, economic, and ecclesiastical polarities. Girma Bekele explores and renews that call in the context of Ethiopia. Acute poverty and the lingering question of the balance between ethnic distinctiveness and national unity, together constitute a two-edged challenge to Christian identity. Constructive dialogue that fosters unity is intrinsic to effective response to the plight of the poor. This means a turning away from institutional self-preservation towards a contextually relevant mission that crosses all human-made frontiers. Taking Ethiopia as the immediate context, Dr. Bekele offers important insight to the church in the majority world and beyond.
Category: Religion

Living In The In Between

Author : Wanda L. Lewis
ISBN : 9781490847832
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.20 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Living in the In-Between is a book of self-discovery and faith. The story and testimony shared can help you to find the strength to face your own insecurities and discover the real you through prayer, self-affirmation, and revelation. Living in the In-Between can help you to see that God is at the center of every situation and is the foundation of all critical and noncritical decisions you will make in your life.
Category: Religion

Interpreting The Present

Author : Gerald J. Galgan
ISBN : 081918876X
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 20.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Gerald J. Galgan's collection of essays speaks in several philosophical voices. He explores the relationship between a metaphysical and epistemological language and follows the transition from the medieval Christian Book of Nature to the modern conception of subjectivity. Galgan constructs a philosophical past through which we can interpret the present pluralism of ideas and sort out meanings in a modern world of 'Gods without Gods. ' Useful text for students of Philosophy and Religion. Contents: Between God and Nothingness: Reflections on the Twentieth Century; Clarifying the Present: An Essay in Historical Interpretation; The Changing of the Gods; An Essay on the Language of Contemporaneity; Pragmatism: The Epistemology of Technology; Technology as Text.
Category: Philosophy

Between God And The Sultan

Author : Knut S. Vikør
ISBN : 0195223985
Genre : Religion
File Size : 59.63 MB
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The contrast between religion and law has been continuous throughout Muslim history. Islamic law has always existed in a tension between these two forces: God, who gave the law, and the state--the sultan--representing society and implementing the law. This tension and dynamic have created a very particular history for the law--in how it was formulated and by whom, in its theoretical basis and its actual rules, and in how it was practiced in historical reality from the time of its formation until today. That is the main theme of this book. Knut S. Vikor introduces the development and practice of Islamic law to a wide readership: students, lawyers, and the growing number of those interested in Islamic civilization. He summarizes the main concepts of Islamic jurisprudence; discusses debates concerning the historicity of Islamic sources of dogma and the dating of early Islamic law; describes the classic practice of the law, in the formulation and elaboration of legal rules and practice in the courts; and sets out various substantive legal rules, on such vital matters as the family and economic activity.
Category: Religion