In A Faraway Land

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From A Faraway Land

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Originally published in 1898, From a Faraway Land, here translated into English for the first time by Brian Stableford, is one of the quintessential collections of Symbolist short fiction, by Remy de Gourmont, one of France's greatest writers. With their sophisticated understatement, and hybridization of the narrative techniques and strategies developed by the suppliers of newspaper fiction with those of Baudelairean prose poetry, these stories employ symbolism in its most extreme form, that of allegory, and are unquestionably among the author's most refined accomplishments.

The Girl From The Faraway Land

Author : Carlos Wiggen
ISBN : 1665581360
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Scrolls of the ancient Sethians, chronicling the deluge, mention a passionate wife of Noah's by the name of Norea, who came from an unknown land far away. Her name means "fire" and she burned off the worthless souls clinging to the rump of the ark as it floated free of the ground. But some say that she existed even before God said "let there be light!" No one dared mention this while Christianity reigned supreme but, Shelley, the poet, knew the land's whereabouts and the name of its ruler.

Adventures In A Faraway Land

Author : Isabella Stella Mingaars
ISBN : 9781514440452
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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“Adventures in a Faraway Land” is based on the true story of a young girl and her family in the 1950’s. The book highlights both heartbreaking and funny incidents that this courageous little girl faces when her family migrates to England in the quest for a better life.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

My Heart Makes Its Home In A Faraway Land

Author : Lisa Hare Wimberly
ISBN : 9781478728306
Genre : Poetry
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This book is comprised of poems and reflections that the Lord has given me over the past few years. Finding that so many need to wake up to the fact that the Lord is coming back soon, I have felt an urgency for others to read and hear what, I feel, comes from the heart of God. We don’t know when He will return for His own, but He has called me to do my part in sharing His love and His Word with those who will hear… I began writing poetry as my mother-in-law lay in the hospital in Elkhart, Indiana… just days before going home to meet her Lord Jesus, whom she loved and served for over 60 years of her life. Even though I knew her for only four short years, during that time she inspired a longing in me to know my Lord better and to draw closer to Him. As a result, my Father in heaven began pouring into me words that became poems and songs… Some of the poems may make you laugh, some may make you cry, but they will all make you THINK!
Category: Poetry

Tales From A Faraway Land

Author : Seba DasSarma
ISBN : 1413479251
Genre : Fiction
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My homeland is India, far, far away from where I live today. I raised my children here and I really wanted to have them hear some of the stories that my mother and grandmother used to tell when I was a little girl. We have tried to give a glimpse into the world of stories from where I was born and brought up - stories of castles, long journeys, brave heroes and heroines, stories from the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, tales of great and learned Indians as well as fables and family tales. We felt that there was a need to preserve and share these tales from a faraway country with generations to come and hope that many readers and listeners may get a flavor of India and will be transported into that world through their imagination.
Category: Fiction

The Faraway Land

Author : Anne Shore
ISBN : 1555047440
Genre : Fiction
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Badly in need of a summer getaway, Lexie Clayton takes a job as a social secretary for Martina Newton on Nantucket, and she quickly becomes involved in a three-way affair involving Martina's boyfriend Robert
Category: Fiction

Tales From A Faraway Land

Author : Priya Da
ISBN : 9781477171868
Genre : Fiction
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My homeland is India, far, far away from where I live today. I raised my children here and I really wanted to have them hear some of the stories that my mother and grandmother used to tell when I was a little girl. We have tried to give a glimpse into the world of stories from where I was born and brought up - stories of castles, long journeys, brave heroes and heroines, stories from the great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, tales of great and learned Indians as well as fables and family tales. We felt that there was a need to preserve and share these tales from a faraway country with generations to come and hope that many readers and listeners may get a flavor of India and will be transported into that world through their imagination.
Category: Fiction

The Faraway Land

Author : Donald Noyes
ISBN : OCLC:42604042
Genre : Musicals
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Category: Musicals

Imagining India

Author : Offshoot
ISBN : 9386362449
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This enchanting collection of short stories and play, illustrated with appealing images in black and white and a witty narrative style, will set young readers onto the path of reading. These fascinating stories from a faraway land will introduce them to the craziest characters and funniest stories and will keep them intrigued and engaged for hours.

Do You Know That Faraway Land

Author : Shin Sok-Jong
ISBN : 0893045047
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Poetry. Translation. Asian & Asian American Studies. This is a bilingual (Korean-English) collection of poetry by Shin Sok-jong (1907-1974), translated into English by Sung-Il Lee. "Critics have pointed out that Shin Sok-jong's poetic spirit is attuned to Utopian idealism, Taoist transcendentalism, and longing for pastoral leisureliness. And it is quite true that he was a poet who played a major role in building up the tradition of lyricism in modern Korean poetry. But the "lyricism" in his poetry, one must remember, is not an inborn trait of his poetic writings, but a way of attaining poise and calm and eventually, consolation in coping with and coming to terms with the harsh realities. Quite often he sounds like a dreamer; but the "dream" he indulges in is often the world of fantasy and surrealism he conjures up for self-hypnotism."--Sung-Il Lee, From the Introduction "Shin Sok-jong is the kind of poet who manages to weave together into a seamless unity nature, desire, and dreaming. His landscapes are filled with concrete images as well as inscrutable mist and fog. He constantly identifies himself and even metaphorically transforms himself into the commonplace, outdoor objects that he scrutinizes, such as mountains, flowers, fossils, trees, or bamboo. His love poems shiver with a deepening intensity of tenderness rather than passion: 'Within my heart / There's a river that flows, meandering, / With my first love thrown in it like a pebble' or 'In your eyes / Loom the dear faces / That I shall see again on a far-off day.' And yet, an underlying note of melancholy resonates in his writing in lines like 'You and I are white peach blossoms deprived of spring...' or 'My heart is dark as night...' His dreams, however, permeate these poems like fireflies that dazzle a summer night. He is constantly ready to head out into the unknown, restless to escape, to transcend mundane reality, yet his limitations frustrate his departure: 'I can neither fly like a white crane, / Nor waver like a flower in the wind.' Nevertheless, his poetry leaves the senses tingling with heightened expectation."--Bill Wolak "Every poem in this collection is seemingly a stroll through a pastoral garden with birds chirping and lilies blooming. However, this tranquility, surreal and dreamlike, exists in a place even the poet never knew, a never-land so far away, like his motherland he could only dream about, because in reality he only witnessed her endless sufferings and tortures under the feet of the invaders. Shin Sok-jong, a poet born and lived through the annexation of Korea by Japan for 35 years and the Korean civil war for three years and their aftermaths. His poems are filled with the Korean Han, the pain from the overwhelming helplessness in such a turbulence. He could only depict this loveland in his poems, retreat to his dreamland for a little peace, where he could, like a little boy's drawing, choose only what he loved, trees, flowers, birds, sun, wind, etc. All his pastoral themes and its lyrical song style are actually the disguise of the heavy sentiment of Han. Fortunately Sung-il Lee understands the poet's pessimistic idealism in depth. While singing together with the poet about the beauty of nature, he precisely captures and masterfully expresses into English the poet's Han, the pain of Korean people, the suffering of the Korean nation, and the hope for the future."--Hong Ai Bai

Joy And The Far Away Land

Author : Joy Saxton
ISBN : 1941515843
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 22.51 MB
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Love One Another!Joy's heart is full of love, butterflies and rainbows. She has big dreams to spread the power of friendship everywhere she goes. After an amazing adventure to a far away land where she meets a special friend, she realizes how important it is to encourage people to love one another. Join Joy on her beautiful journey of diversity and hope for all of the children across the world.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Faraway Land

Author : Dora Gail McDaniel
ISBN : 9781449700508
Genre : Fiction
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Grayeson Manor has been a sign of enduring strength for many years. When Lord Grayeson is called back to his homeland, the large estate is left in the hands of his painfully debilitated wife, Myrnie. During the long years of his absence she lovingly oversees the manor and raises her twin sons, who are approaching manhood. When a horseback ride ends tragically for one of the young men on the estate, Myrnie must face the fact that her son, Charles Martin, is choosing an increasingly dangerous course, one that threatens the future of Grayeson Manor and its people. Charles’s disturbing behaviors, plus the arrival of a beautiful neighbor, Catherine Hampton, create a growing rift between him and his younger twin, John Paul. Myrnie must lean on her husband’s invisible presence as she plans for the traditional Christmas Ball, an evening that becomes more and more pivotal to this allegorical tale, set in 1812.
Category: Fiction

I Ll Be A Stranger To You

Author : Cara Diaconoff
ISBN : 9781937402150
Genre : Fiction
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"I'll Be A Stranger To You" is a portrait of a modern Mormon struggle, a man of good conscience divided between desire and faith. A young software pro returns to Moscow troubled by carnal memories of his old missionary companion. His wife stays in Boston, waiting for him to return, to build a happy family and a Mormon way of life. But it's the end of the 1990's, the end of Russia's gold-rush era, and the end of ideals stretched beyond good use. Awarded 1st place in the Utah Art Council's writing competition in 2007, the story will appeal to literary readers as well as the LGBT community, Russian expats, and communities of faith.
Category: Fiction

Cinderella S Secret

Author : Angela S. Sullivan
ISBN : 9781448620548
Genre : Self-Help
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There comes a time in every child's life when they are expected to grow up and put away their childish fantasies and beliefs. By the time children enter formal school, they are discouraged from using their imagination or believing in magic and miracles. The fairytales they once believed in are replaced with math and science. No longer are they encouraged to believe in Santa Clause or the Easter bunny. In teaching children that imagination and fantasy are childish activities that we must outgrow, we have created a people who find it difficult to have the kind of faith that moves mountains and allows one to walk on water. We find it difficult to understand that our realities are created within our own imagination and attitudes. Cinderella's Secret takes a look at some of the valuable life lessons that are contained in simple childish fairytales in hopes of helping adults rekindle their passion for finding happily-ever-after.
Category: Self-Help

Wings For Little Turtle

Author : Tatiyana Kraevskaya
ISBN : 9781466907324
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 81.88 MB
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This book is about THE POWER OF LOVE: LOVE changes whatever it embraces, LOVE makes everything and everybody equal, LOVE gives you wings.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Mendelssohn 24 Songs

Author : Felix Mendelssohn
ISBN : 1457435241
Genre : Music
File Size : 65.11 MB
Format : PDF
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24 Songs by Felix Mendelssohn and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel contains youthful gems by two great Romantic composers, originally published only under Felix Mendelssohn's name. Includes word-by-word translations of the Italian, French and German text as well as a translation into the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Category: Music

Consulting The Genius Of The Place

Author : Wes Jackson
ISBN : 9781582438481
Genre : Nature
File Size : 72.98 MB
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A call to agricultural revolution from a locavore and author who is one of “the most prominent and effective advocates of American environmental thought” (Prairie Fire Newspaper). For years, Wes Jackson has made it his mission to raise Americans’ awareness about where their food comes from. Focusing on locally grown and produced food, the locavore movement—joined by food experts and enthusiasts including Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Barbara Kingsolver—strives to return agriculture to a more community-based endeavor. This would not only improve the quality of the meals we eat, but protect the land from agricultural processes we’ve grown too dependent on. In this volume, ranging in topic from the history of the earth to the use of modern chemicals and pesticides to the effects of global warming, Jackson outlines a plan that highlights natural ecosystems in the future of farming and food production. An eloquent manifesto for our age, Jackson’s analysis explores the way our agricultural methods have affected everything from the soil to the health of the US population to the danger of monoculture grains. Join the author in a look at how we can change not only the food we eat, but the future of our land.
Category: Nature

A Faraway Tree Adventure The Land Of Do As You Please

Author : Enid Blyton
ISBN : 9781444961973
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 47.95 MB
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A full-colour short story taken from the world of the Magic Faraway Tree. Perfect for new readers. Discover the magic! At the top of the Faraway Tree a new adventure awaits the children. What could be nicer than a visit to the Land of Do-As-You-Please? Frannie has always longed to ride an elephant and Joe wants to be a train-driver. Everyone's wishes can come true! The perfect format for new readers to enjoy the adventures of Moonface, Silky, Saucepan Man and friends. Also available in this short story series: A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Birthdays A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Magic Medicines A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Do-As-You-Please A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Goodies A Faraway Tree Adventure: In Santa Claus's Castle A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Toys A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Dreams A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Silly School A Faraway Tree Adventure: The Land of Enchantments A Faraway Tree Adventure: Joe and the Magic Snowman
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Land Your Dream Career In College

Author : Tori Randolph Terhune
ISBN : 1442219475
Genre : Business & Economics
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It is clear that the path from college to work has changed dramatically in recent years—current statistics show that half of young college graduates are either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge. But landing a good job is not impossible! Authors Tori Randolph Terhune, a gainfully-employed young college graduate herself, and Betsy A. Hays, a college professor, show readers what they can do in college to successfully pave the way for future employment. The authors provide eleven easy-to-follow strategies for students to effectively use time on campus to start building a career.
Category: Business & Economics