Immunologic Defects In Laboratory Animals Vol 1

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Immunodeficient Rodents

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 9780309037969
Genre : Science
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This volume is an indispensable reference on the nature of immune defects in rodents and the special techniques necessary to maintain and breed them. The authors describe 64 inbred, hybrid, and mutant strains of rodents, each with some immune defect; explain mechanisms for ensuring genetic purity; and provide a standardized nomenclature for different varieties. Subsequent sections summarize and provide references on the genetics, pathophysiology, husbandry, and reproduction of each of the various strains as well as sound advice on planning for the selection, transportation, housing, and maintenance of these animals.
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Laboratory Animal Medicine

Author : James G. Fox
ISBN : 9781483269160
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.55 MB
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Laboratory Animal Medicine is a compilation of papers that deals with the diseases and biology of major species of animals used in medical research. The book discusses animal medicine, experimental methods and techniques, design and management of animal facilities, and legislation on laboratory animals. Several papers discuss the biology and diseases of mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Another paper addresses the dog and cat as laboratory animals, including sourcing of these animals, housing, feeding, and their nutritional needs, as well as breeding and colony management. The book also describes ungulates as laboratory animals, including topics on sourcing, husbandry, preventive medical treatments, and housing facilities. One paper addresses primates as test animals, covering the biology and diseases of old world primates, Cebidae, and ferrets. Some papers pertain to the treatment, diseases, and needed facilities for birds, amphibians, and fish. Other papers then deal with techniques of experimentation, anesthesia, euthanasia, and some factors (spontaneous diseases) that complicate animal research. The text can prove helpful for scientists, clinical assistants, and researchers whose work involves laboratory animals.
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Immunologic Defects In Laboratory Animals 1

Author : M. Eric Gershwin
ISBN : 9781475703252
Genre : Medical
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Tiselius demonstrated that the immunologically active components of immune sera migrated electrophoretically in the gamma globulin region. His findings illuminated the classic observations of Jenner regarding development of resistance to infection, and those of von Pirquet, Pasteur, and Arthus regarding the transfer and specificity of resistance. Conceptual integration of these observations provided the impetus for the present modern era of immunology. Subsequent to Tiselius's work, multiple, rapid advances have occurred in the study of congenital and acquired immune deficiency states in mice, chickens, and humans. These studies have readily demonstrated that the immunologic ability of an organ ism to protect itself from environmental influences is a prerequisite for survival. Indeed, this necessity for protection from microenvironmental influences has promoted the evolu tionary development of immunologic diversification, namely, host dependence upon a sophisticated, multifaceted network of cells and effector mechanisms responsible for the clearance and neutralization of toxins and potentially harmful pathogens. The obligate dependence of animals upon the functional integrity of their immunologic systems is illus trated by the ready invasion of ubiquitous organisms when the host is in a state of immune defense derangement. Nevertheless, derangements in immune function can range from par tial to complete and can be compatible with survival. The consequences of such derange ments run the gamut from subclinical disease to inevitable mortality.
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Immunology Of Nude Mice

Author : Miroslav Holub
ISBN : 9781000083484
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 72.44 MB
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First published in 1989, Immunology of Nude Mice presents a discussion of the nature of this viable laboratory mutant. This new volume updates all immunological information contained in the sparse literature concerning nude mice. It comprehensively explores some of the fre-quent questions associated with nude mice, such as if the mutant is really athymic or if the thymic defect causes all of the other deviations from brain to gonads. The practical consequences of hairlessness of the mutant are also consid-ered. Illustrated with original photographs and tables doc-umenting novel facts in immunology and physiology of nude mice, this publication is valuable for investigators and stu-dents entering the field.
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Author : [Anonymus AC00059365]
ISBN : 0835227464
Genre :
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Techniques For The Genetic Analysis Of Brain And Behavior

Author : D. Goldowitz
ISBN : UOM:39015028414236
Genre : Science
File Size : 42.89 MB
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The goal of this book is to provide a neurobehavioral context for the ever-growing list of single and multiple genes that play a role in brain structure and function. The chapters present strategies and techniques for the rigorous analysis of the genetic bases of brain and behavior, and discusses the practical and theoretical means to address these topics and provide the researcher with fine techniques for dissecting the genomic components of brain structure and behavioral function. This volume concentrates on techniques and approaches that have been largely developed with the house mouse, while providing a glimpse of genetic research with other species, such as the fruit fly, nematode worm and seaslug. Given the aim of doing genetic analysis of brain and behavior, this volume is an excellent overview of current techniques and recent innovations.
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A Practical Guide To The Histology Of The Mouse

Author : Cheryl L. Scudamore
ISBN : 9781118789476
Genre : Medical
File Size : 72.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Practical Guide to the Histology of the Mouse provides a full-colour atlas of mouse histology. Mouse models of disease are used extensively in biomedical research with many hundreds of new models being generated each year. Complete phenotypic analysis of all of these models can benefit from histologic review of the tissues. This book is aimed at veterinary and medical pathologists who are unfamiliar with mouse tissues and scientists who wish to evaluate their own mouse models. It provides practical guidance on the collection, sampling and analysis of mouse tissue samples in order to maximize the information that can be gained from these tissues. As well as illustrating the normal microscopic anatomy of the mouse, the book also describes and explains the common anatomic variations, artefacts associated with tissue collection and background lesions to help the scientist to distinguish these changes from experimentally- induced lesions. This will be an essential bench-side companion for researchers and practitioners looking for an accessible and well-illustrated guide to mouse pathology. Written by experienced pathologists and specifically tailored to the needs of scientists and histologists Full colour throughout Provides advice on sampling tissues, necropsy and recording data Includes common anatomic variations, background lesions and artefacts which will help non-experts understand whether histologic variations seen are part of the normal background or related to their experimental manipulation
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Agglutination Complement Neutralization And Inhibition

Author : Curtis A. Williams
ISBN : 9781483220598
Genre : Science
File Size : 59.57 MB
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Methods in Immunology and Immunochemistry, Volume IV: Agglutination, Complement, Neutralization, and Inhibition provides information pertinent to direct and indirect agglutination reactions. This book covers a variety of topics, including complement-fixation procedures, isolation of complement components, hemolytic intermediates, complement-related proteins, and neutralization reactions. Organized into three chapters, this volume begins with an overview of test-tube agglutinations that are preferred for blood grouping with saline agglutinins that require more than a few minutes for agglutination. This text then describes blood group antibodies that agglutinate red blood cells suspended in saline. Other chapters consider the classical pathway of complement utilization. This book discusses as well the complexity of events leading to hemolysis of erythrocytes by complement. The final chapter deals with the ability of antitoxin to neutralize diphtheria toxin and explains the quantitative relationships between antigen and antibody. This book is a valuable resource for immunologists, scientists, and research workers.
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Books In Print Supplement

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105210120403
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Background Lesions In Laboratory Animals E Book

Author : Elizabeth Fiona McInnes
ISBN : 9780702049248
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39.58 MB
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Background Lesions in Laboratory Animals will be an invaluable aid to pathologists needing to recognize background and incidental lesions while examining slides taken from laboratory animals in acute and chronic toxicity studies, or while examining exotic species in a diagnostic laboratory. It gives clear descriptions and illustrations of the majority of background lesions likely to be encountered. Many of the lesions covered are unusual and can be mistaken for treatment-related findings in preclinical toxicity studies. The Atlas has been prepared with contributions from experienced toxicological pathologists who are specialists in each of the laboratory animal species covered and who have published extensively in these areas. over 600 high-definition, top-quality color photographs of background lesions found in rats, mice, dogs, minipigs, non-human primates, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits a separate chapter on lesions in the reproductive systems of all laboratory animals written by Dr Dianne Creasy, a world expert on testicular lesions in laboratory animals a chapter on common artifacts that may be observed in histological glass slides extensive references to each lesion described aging lesions encountered in all laboratory animal species, particularly in rats in mice which are used for carcinogenicity studies
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Influence Of The Host On Tumor Development

Author : Ronald B. Herberman
ISBN : 9789400925304
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21.3 MB
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It is widely recognized that the host response to tumor munotherapy of experimental metastases in animal systems progression is an important determinant in cancer growth which are beginning to be developed for ultimate clinical and progression. Indeed, as indicated in Volume I of this trials of human cancer metastasis. series, the process of cancer growth and progression, leading This volume explores a variety of host properties that to tumor invasion and metastasis, is dependent upon the influence tumor development including dormancy, regress complex, dynamic interactions between the properties of the ion, and recurrence. In addition, current knowledge of the tumor as well as the properties of the host. While Volume III response of the central nervous system to cancer, cardiac of this series reviews in great detail the influence of tumor and pulmonary complications, dermatologic effects and development on the host, this volume emphasizes the in hematologic complications of malignancies is presented. fluence of the host on tumor development. These host re The endocrine and metabolic function of cancer patients, as sponses include host anti-tumor immune reactivity, tumor well as the production of hormones by tumors is also review dormancy, cachexia, multiple endocrine and paraneoplastic ed.
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Immunology Of Nervous System Infections

Author :
ISBN : 0080861849
Genre : Medical
File Size : 25.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This work brings together a variety of specialists from neurology, immunology, virology and the veterinary sciences, in an attempt to answer the questions raised. The relationship between infection and immunology in the nervous system is discussed fully. The work will appeal to clinicians and laboratory workers who wish to know more of this rapidly developing area, and will be of use to both established investigators and newcomers to the field.
Category: Medical