Imagining Spain

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Imagining Spain

Author : Henry Kamen
ISBN : UOM:39076002737430
Genre : History
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'Imagining Spain' is an analysis of the myths that Spaniards have held, and continue to hold, about themselves and about their collective past. The text discusses how perceptions of key aspects of early modern Spain were influenced by ideologies that continue to play a role in the formation of contemporary Spanish attitudes.
Category: History

The Indies Of The Setting Sun

Author : Ricardo Padrón
ISBN : 9780226455679
Genre : History
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Narratives of Europe’s sixteenth-century westward expansion often tell of how the Americas came to be known as a distinct land mass, a continent separate from Asia and uniquely positioned as new ground ripe for transatlantic colonialism. But this geographic vision of the Americas was not shared by all Europeans. While some imperialists imagined North and Central America as a new and undiscovered land, the Spanish pushed to define the New World as part of a larger and eminently flexible geography that they called las Indias, and that by right, belonged to the Crown of Castile and León. Las Indias included all of the New World as well as East and Southeast Asia, although Spain’s understanding of the relationship between the two areas changed as the realities of the Pacific Rim came into sharper focus. At first, the Spanish insisted that North and Central America were an extension of the continent of Asia. Eventually, they came to understand East and Southeast Asia as a transpacific extension of their empire in America called las Indias del poniente, or the Indies of the Setting Sun. The Indies of the Setting Sun charts the Spanish vision of a transpacific imperial expanse, beginning with Balboa’s discovery of the South Sea and ending almost one hundred years later with Spain’s final push for control of the Pacific. Padrón traces a series of attempts—both cartographic and discursive—to map the space from Mexico to Malacca, revealing the geopolitical imaginations at play in the quest for control of the New World and Asia.
Category: History

Discordant Notes

Author : Samuel Llano
ISBN : 9780199392469
Genre : Music
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Scholarship on urban culture and the senses has traditionally focused on the study of literature and the visual arts. Recent decades have seen a surge of interest on the effects of sound the urban space and its population. These studies analyse how sound generates identities that are often fragmentary and mutually conflicting. They also explore the ways in which sound triggers campaigns against the negative effects of noise on the nerves and health of the population. Little research has been carried out about the impact of sound and music in areas of broader social and political concern such as social aid, hygiene and social control. Based on a detailed study of Madrid from the 1850s to the 1930s, Discordant Notes argues that sound and music have played a key role in structuring the transition to modernity by helping to negotiate social attitudes and legal responses to problems such as poverty, insalubrity, and crime. Attempts to control the social groups that own unwanted musical practices such as organ grinding and flamenco performances in taverns raised awareness about public hygiene, alcoholism and crime, and triggered legal reform in these areas. In addition to scapegoating, marginalising and persecuting these musical practices, the authorities and the media used workhouse bands as instruments of social control to spread "aural hygiene" across the city.
Category: Music

Imagining America In Late Nineteenth Century Spain

Author : Kate Ferris
ISBN : 9781137352804
Genre : History
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This book examines the processes of production, circulation and reception of images of America in late nineteenth century Spain. When late nineteenth century Spaniards looked at the United States, they, like Tocqueville, ‘saw more than America’. What did they see? Between the ‘glorious’ liberal revolution of 1868 and the run-up to the 1898 war with the US that would end Spain’s New World empire, Spanish liberal and democratic reformers imagined the USA as a place where they could preview the ‘modern way of life’, as a political and social model (or anti-model) to emulate, appropriate or reject, and above all as a 100 year experiment of republicanism, democracy and liberty in practice. Through their writings and discussions of the USA, these Spaniards debated and constructed their own modernity and imagined the place of their nation in the modern world.
Category: History

Imagining Society

Author : Nehring, Daniel
ISBN : 9781529204872
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 86.7 MB
Format : PDF
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Re-examining C.Wright Mills’ legacy as a jumping off point, this original introduction to sociology illuminates global concepts, themes and practices that are fundamental to the discipline. It makes a case for the importance of developing a sociological imagination and provides the steps for how readers can do that. The unique text: • Offers succinct and wide-ranging coverage of many of the most important themes and concepts taught in first year sociology courses; • Has a global framework and case material which engages with decoloniality and critiques an overly white, western and developed world view of sociology; • Is woven through with contemporary examples, from social media to social inequality, big data to the self-help industry; • Rethinks and re-imagines what a critically committed, politically engaged and publicly relevant sociology should look like in the 21st century. This is a lively, engaging and accessible overview of sociology for all its students, teachers and people who want to learn more about sociology today. It is a welcome clarion call for sociology’s importance in public life.
Category: Social Science

Imagining The New World

Author : Irma B. Jaffe
ISBN : STANFORD:36105009121786
Genre : America
File Size : 38.98 MB
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Presents "Imagining the New World: Columbian Iconography: An Exhibition at the New York Historical Society," an article by Umberto Venturini that originally appeared in the 1991 issue of the "Italian Journal" and is provided online by Millersville University of Pennsylvania. The article focuses on an exhibition organized by the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana that was hosted from 1991-1992 by the New York Historical Society in commemoration of the quincentenary of Christopher Columbus' historic voyage to the Americas.
Category: America

Imagining Society

Author : Catherine Corrigall-Brown
ISBN : 9781544384122
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.2 MB
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Explore sociology′s key concepts, theories, methods, and original voices--all in one innovative text. Imagining Society: An Introduction to Sociology is an versatile and economical resource for your introductory course. With this single text, you can: Teach the discipline’s history, key concepts, subfields, and contributions to social science. Expose students to the central building blocks of sociology—short excerpts from the original works of classical and contemporary sociologists. Explain sociology’s key theoretical insights by connecting them to specific issues. Describe and illustrate the methods used by sociologists—not just in the opening chapter, but throughout the entire text. Engage students in thoughtful, self-directed projects and activities. A Complete Teaching & Learning Package SAGE Vantage Digital Option Engage, Learn, Soar with SAGE Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that delivers Imagining Society textbook content in a learning experience carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. Built with you and your students in mind, it offers easy course set-up and enables students to better prepare for class. Learn more. Assignable Video Assignable Video (available on the SAGE Vantage platform) is tied to learning objectives and curated exclusively for this text to bring concepts to life and appeal to different learning styles. Watch a sample video now. SAGE Coursepacks FREE! Easily import high-quality content, such as exceptional teaching resources from A.S.A.’s TRAILS (Teaching Resources and Innovation Library for Sociology), into your school’s learning management system (LMS) and save time. Learn more. SAGE Edge FREE online resources, including an MCAT Guide for students that maps chapter content to sociology standards on the MCAT test and connects students with free online MCAT study-and-review websites. See how your students benefit. SAGE course outcomes: Measure Results, Track Success Outlined in your text and mapped to chapter learning objectives, SAGE course outcomes are crafted with specific course outcomes in mind and vetted by advisors in the field. See how SAGE course outcomes tie in with this book’s chapter-level objectives at
Category: Social Science

Imagining Identity In New Spain

Author : Magali M. Carrera
ISBN : 9780292782754
Genre : Art
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Reacting to the rising numbers of mixed-blood (Spanish-Indian-Black African) people in its New Spain colony, the eighteenth-century Bourbon government of Spain attempted to categorize and control its colonial subjects through increasing social regulation of their bodies and the spaces they inhabited. The discourse of calidad (status) and raza (lineage) on which the regulations were based also found expression in the visual culture of New Spain, particularly in the unique genre of casta paintings, which purported to portray discrete categories of mixed-blood plebeians. Using an interdisciplinary approach that also considers legal, literary, and religious documents of the period, Magali Carrera focuses on eighteenth-century portraiture and casta paintings to understand how the people and spaces of New Spain were conceptualized and visualized. She explains how these visual practices emphasized a seeming realism that constructed colonial bodies—elite and non-elite—as knowable and visible. At the same time, however, she argues that the chaotic specificity of the lives and lived conditions in eighteenth-century New Spain belied the illusion of social orderliness and totality narrated in its visual art. Ultimately, she concludes, the inherent ambiguity of the colonial body and its spaces brought chaos to all dreams of order.
Category: Art

Imagining A Free Cuba

Author : José Amor y Vázquez
ISBN : IND:30000056376100
Genre : Cuba
File Size : 51.71 MB
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SCOTT (copy 1): from the John Holmes Library collection.
Category: Cuba

Imagining Paradise

Author : Sheila J. Foster
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131641669
Genre : Art
File Size : 87.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Edited by Manfred Heiting, Sheila J. Foster, Rachel Stuhlman. Texts by Sheila J. Foster, Rachel Stuhlman, Saskia Asse, Denise Bethel, Julian Cox, Ellen Handy, Steven Joseph, Mark Osterman, Pamela Roberts, Grant Romer, Larry Scahaaf, Linsey Stewart.
Category: Art

Visualising The Unseen Imagining The Unknown Perfecting The Natural

Author : Andrew Graciano
ISBN : UOM:39015077128505
Genre : Art
File Size : 84.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Throughout history, both art and science have been employed to visualise things unseen and to image/imagine things unknown as part of the quest to understand nature. In light of this, perhaps our contemporary tendency to see art and science as completely divergent, mutually exclusive fields of study with similarly distinct methodologies may be profitably re-examined. This volume brings together recent work by both junior and senior scholars treating the art/science connection in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century art. The essays are individual case studies dealing with historical interconnections between drawing, painting, sculpture and book illustration and such diverse fields of science as botany, physics, geology, and evolutionary biology. As a whole, the book invites readers to question more generally: What is art's relationship to science and vice versa? At what points do the two disciplines intersect and/or complement one another? Can science directly inform artistic subjects? Is art a useful tool to focus a scientific lens on the past, to validate or challenge scientific theory, to inspire and encourage scientific inquiry? Can it be employed successfully as a means to visualise scientific ends? Do artists have the potential to create images and objects whose meanings surpass the laws of science and outlast its theories, whose functions are similarly universal and arguably more immediately accessible (legible) to the public? If art, like text and data charts, has the power to create, organise and disseminate information (knowledge), then why do we continue to privilege scientific research over artistic investigation? Would it not be more fruitful and humane to see them as more equitable modes of inquiry?
Category: Art

New Statesman

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132677183
Genre : Great Britain
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Category: Great Britain

Imagining The Nation In Four Philippine Novels

Author : Maria Teresa Martinez-Sicat
ISBN : UOM:39015032351028
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 39.17 MB
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In her book Dr. Sicat interrogates Maximo Kalaw's The Filipino Rebel: A Romance of American Occupation in the Philippines, F. Sionil Jose's Po-on, Linda Ty-Casper's The Three Cornered Sun, and Alfred A. Yuson's Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe. Set against the historical conjunctures of the Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Philippine-American war, these novels conceptualize a people free of foreign oppression and therefore ripe for the shaping of the nation. The author points out, however, that the concept of the nation in these novels integrates the masses into a political, economic, and social system dominated by the native elite. The socio-historical forces - ilustrados and pobres y ignorantes - are present: the exploitative relationship between them is absent. Sicat believes that in Philippine literary discourse, the concept of the nation must be imbued with the masses' definition of the nation. The revolution against Spain and the Philippine-American war were fought mainly by the masses, and their struggles can provide the basis for a common meaning, a common history. Instead of belittilng the masses, literature can valorize their consciousness and their language. It can challenge the hidden assumptions of the dominant power system and thereby contribute to the shaping of a strong and authentic nation.
Category: Literary Criticism

Antonio Machado S Writings And The Spanish Civil War

Author : James Whiston
ISBN : UOM:39015047740520
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.64 MB
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The writer Antonio Machado contributed significantly to the promotion of an enlarged consciousness of the Spanish Civil War. Against the background of contemporary political developments in Spain, this work examines the expression of Machado's thought in various writings.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author :
Genre :
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Author : Edmondo De Amicis
Genre : Spain
File Size : 56.59 MB
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Category: Spain

Hispanismo 1898 1936

Author : Fredrick B. Pike
ISBN : UVA:X000199184
Genre : Pan-Hispanism
File Size : 80.74 MB
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Category: Pan-Hispanism

Imagining Bol Var

Author : Christopher Brian Conway
ISBN : UCSD:31822021276902
Genre : Literature and history
File Size : 66.70 MB
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Category: Literature and history

Imagining Texas

Author : Carol Clark Powell
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112668871
Genre : History
File Size : 21.85 MB
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"Contained in these early newspapers are the images that continue to define our perception of Texas. Author Carol Lea Clark delves into how the settlers, fragmented, independent, competitive, and the publishers of the newspapers "wrote Texas" into existence.
Category: History