Illusion And Reality

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Illusion And Reality

Author : Arthur Schnitzler
ISBN : STANFORD:36105040508728
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931) is recognized, along with Hugo von Hofmannsthal, as the major literary exponent of the fin-de-siecle and impressionism in the German-speaking world. Through skillful variation of the basic theme of illusion and reality in such masterpieces as At the Green Cockatoo, The Dead are Silent, and Blind Geronimo and his Brother, Schnitzler explores the primal relationships of human experience. The moods Schnitzler creates range from the lighthearted, to the melancholy, to the existential, while the psychological portraits he paints provide the stimuli for the reader to ponder the essence of life and death and love. Stream-of-consciousness techniques in the prose and the witty dialogue of the plays unmask the psyches of characters whose humanness is as authentic today as it was at the turn of the century. This anthology of thirteen first-time and new translations is preceded by introductory notes on the period, author, and individual selections, as well as by Hofmannsthal's lyrical introduction to Anatol."
Category: Literary Criticism

Illusion And Reality A Study Of The Sources Of Poetry

Author : Christopher Caudwell
ISBN : 9781528769716
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 73.14 MB
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This book contains Christopher Caudwell’s 1937 treatise, “Illusion and Reality”. It is a work of Marxist literary criticism that develops the idea that each individual era of British poetry stems from a novel economical paradigm in bourgeois society. Christopher St John Sprigg (1907–1937), more commonly known by his pseudonym 'Christopher Caudwell', was a British Marxist poet and thinker. In early life, he made his way to Marxism and set about rethinking everything in light of it, from poetry to philosophy to physics, and became a staunch member of the 'Communist Party of Great Britain'. Many vintage texts such as this are becoming increasingly rare and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now, in an affordable, modern, high-quality edition. It comes complete with a specially commissioned new biography of the author.
Category: Literary Criticism

Illusion And Reality

Author : Jamyang Norbu
ISBN : UOM:39015029568410
Genre : Tibet (China)
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Category: Tibet (China)


Author : Colette Chiland
ISBN : 0819566586
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 36.86 MB
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The first English translation of a defining study of transsexualism.
Category: Psychology

Jane Austen

Author : Christopher Brooke
ISBN : 0859915573
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Rank and state, church and clergy, marriage, Jane Austen's own convictions: a historian explores.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Reality Of Illusion

Author : Joseph Anderson
ISBN : 0809321963
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 58.63 MB
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Applying research findings from studies in visual perception, neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and anthropology, Joseph D. Anderson defines the complex interaction of motion pictures with the human mind and organizes the relationship between film and cognitive science. Anderson's primary argument is that motion picture viewers mentally process the projected images and sounds of a movie according to the same perceptual rules used in response to visual and aural stimuli in the world outside the theater. To process everyday events in the world, the human mind is equipped with capacities developed through millions of years of evolution. In this context, Anderson builds a metatheory influenced by the writings of J. J. and Eleanor Gibson and employs it to explore motion picture comprehension as a subset of general human comprehension and perception, focusing his ecological approach to film on the analysis of cinema's true substance: illusion. Anderson investigates how viewers, with their mental capacities designed for survival, respond to particular aspects of filmic structure--continuity, diegesis, character development, and narrative--and examines the ways in which rules of visual and aural processing are recognized and exploited by filmmakers. He uses Orson Welles's Citizen Kane to disassemble and redefine the contemporary concept of character identification; he addresses continuity in a shot-by-shot analysis of images from Casablanca; and he uses a wide range of research studies, such as Harry F. Harlow's work with infant rhesus monkeys, to describe how motion pictures become a substitute or surrogate reality for an audience. By examining the human capacity for play and the inherent potential for illusion, Anderson considers the reasons viewers find movies so enthralling, so emotionally powerful, and so remarkably real.
Category: Performing Arts

Nuclear Illusion And Reality

Author : Solly Baron Zuckerman
ISBN : UOM:39015001023103
Genre : Nuclear warfare
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Category: Nuclear warfare

Illusion And Reality

Author : John Raymond Dugan
ISBN : 9783110904970
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 89.73 MB
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Category: Literary Criticism

Political Illusion And Reality

Author : David W. Gill
ISBN : 9781532649080
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are all governments--east and west, Muslim and secular, authoritarian and constitutional, Republican and Democratic--fundamentally the same, all of them under the extraordinary, growing power of "technique" and bureaucracy? Is all politics, then, just an illusory affair of lies, deception, propaganda, partisan passions, and chaos on the surface of government and party? In his vast and penetrating writings, Bordeaux sociologist Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) points in those directions. Political Illusion and Reality is a collection of twenty-three essays on Ellul's political thought. Veteran as well as younger Ellul scholars, political leaders, activists, and pastors, discuss aspects of Ellul's thought as they relate to their own fields of study and political experience. Beginning with his 1936 essay "Fascism, Son of Liberalism," translated and published here in English for the first time, Ellul and these authors will provoke readers to think some new thoughts about politics and government, and think more deeply about the main issues we face in our politically divided and troubled times.
Category: Religion

Illusion And Reality

Author : David Smail
ISBN : 9780429914737
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 46.15 MB
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This work challenges the notion that anxiety and depression amount to a mental illness denoting that something is wrong with the individual sufferer. Instead, anxiety and depression are described as perfectly rational responses to difficulties in the sufferer's world, experienced subjectively by that person. An essential contrast is drawn between objective conceptions of normality (what reality ought to be as per commercial and other objectifying sources) and the reality of the individual's subjective experience of the world (abuse, unemployment, and so on). Chapters include tackling the myth of normality; examining shyness; and analysing the way in which assumptions behind the use of language can foster anxiety and depression. The book's primary purpose is to explain the meaning of anxiety as experienced by the sufferer. These insights also lead to a view, by way of secondary purpose, that the role of the therapist is not in 'curing' the individual, but rather to negotiate demystification and to provide insight into the effects of the problems in the sufferer's world, based on the sufferer and the therapist's shared subjective understanding.
Category: Psychology

Stay With God

Author : Francis Brabazon
ISBN : STANFORD:36105128012460
Genre :
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Author : Salim Alvi
ISBN : UOM:39015062475895
Genre : Journalists
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Category: Journalists

Women Of The World

Author : Indian Council of Social Science Research
ISBN : UVA:X000833816
Genre : Sex role
File Size : 76.66 MB
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Contributed articles.
Category: Sex role

Business In Vietnam

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015038172394
Genre : Industrial promotion
File Size : 22.43 MB
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Category: Industrial promotion

The Table Of Illusion And Reality

Author : Laura Bockno
ISBN : 1587215187
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Have you ever looked in a mirror, your reflection strangely distorted, twisted as in a dream in the Hall of Mirrors? * * * Suddenly the Riddler of Life appears, his midnight black cape flowing and gloved hands outstretched towards you. See him before you? Your escort through the Hall of Mirrors. No ordinary place, this Hall of Mirrors reflects back your thoughts and consciousness in the journey of your soul. On your journey you will encounter Dr. Kagan the Alchemist, Theophilos, and many others. In a startling and engaging tale these characters pose thought provoking questions about what is "Illusion" and what is "Reality." Picture yourself transformed into the student, as riddles and teachings are imparted about seemingly opposite "science" and "faith." In a sumptuous drawing room the book culminates with a gathering around a long mahogany table. Looming in front of you, the magnificent Sphinx roars and growls, the floor trembling beneath you. What if the Sphinx were to ask you a riddle? How to unite Science and Faith, Quantum Physics and Mysticism, East and West? How to reconcile the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of other faiths? How to link music with the orchestration of the universe? The Riddler of Life has placed the keys in your hand, so it is up to you to use the correct key to open the door of light, to answer the riddle of the Sphinx in the journey of your soul.
Category: Fiction

The Phase

Author : Michael Raduga
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 36.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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All my life I sought an elegant solution to one odd riddle. I sought it from Siberia to California, from the field of neurophysiology to quantum physics, and in illegal experiments on thousands of people. But the answer I found sent me into shock and changed my entire perception of reality. Unlike others, I offer not only a new perspective on the world, but also step-by-step practices that can shake the pillars of your limited reality, and give you revolutionary new tools for obtaining information, self-healing, travel, entertainment, and much more. By the Phase Research Center TABLE OF CONTENTS: Part I: What is the Phase? Chapter 1 – The Enigma Chapter 2 – The Search for an Answer Chapter 3 – The Answer Part II: How to Enter the Phase Today Part III: The Phase Practitioner's Practical Encyclopedia Chapter 1 – General Background Chapter 2 – The Indirect Method Chapter 3 – The Direct Method Chapter 4 – Becoming Conscious While Dreaming Chapter 5 – Non-Autonomous Methods Chapter 6 – Deepening Chapter 7 – Maintaining Chapter 8 – Primary Skills Chapter 9 – Translocation and Finding Objects Chapter 10 – Application Chapter 11 – Useful Tips Chapter 12 – A Collection of Techniques Chapter 13 – Putting a Face on the Phenomenon Chapter 14 – Final Test Chapter 15 – The Highest Level of Practice Chapter 16 – Real Examples of Phase Experiences Appendix (Version 3.0, 2015)
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Bend Reality Timeless Tools To Shift The Illusion Of Reality Reinvent Yourself And Master Life

Author : Shivendra Nath Misra
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 80.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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What is reality? Is it “real”? Is it an illusion? If it’s an illusion, can we bend our way around it? These questions are not only in our minds. They’ve troubled great scientists and philosophers throughout the ages. But the answers to them are not so easy to understand. You see, our world seems quite real to us. Well, most people think so. But I’ve seen how this leads to huge problems in life. We believe we can’t change it, we believe we’re at the behest of faith, or worst, we believe that God is controlling everything. All these thoughts have put us in victim consciousness for too long. All your problems – lack of money, lack of relationships, lack of success, lack of fame, lack of recognition, lack of this and lack of that – cease to make any sense once you understand really what we’re talking about. Even your successes in life will just be another feather on your hat once you develop a deep inner sense of purpose, peace, joy, and happiness. You don’t need specific steps to achieve your specific goal, instead, you need a better model of living. A systemic upgrade – top to bottom – so that you can start looking at things in a different way, and guess what, you’re at the right place. Mixing the knowledge of ancient eastern sages along with modern scientific evidence, you’ll see how you’ve been blind sighted your whole life – and this book will do the simple act of removing the blindfold from your eyes. This is not another book about the Law of Attraction or manifestation. With deep truths waiting for you inside, it also gives you practical ways to start taking action right now. Instead of reading book after book, it will push you to take action. It details simple, step by step procedures that can quickly get you on the right path to master your life. You’ll find all the tools and techniques that you can use to achieve whatever you want. Perhaps you may not need any other tool if you master the ones mentioned inside! Dive in, to learn how to bend reality and achieve your highest potential. Grab your copy today! BONUS RESOURCES WHICH YOU GET ALONG WITH THE BOOK: • Bonus 1: Weekly Tracker This beautiful tracker makes it easier for you to find more time to achieve your goals faster • Bonus 2: Concentration Worksheet This worksheet included tons of tips to improve your concentration and an exercise to help you concentrate better. • Bonus 3: Self Regulation & Willpower Measurement Questionnaire A scientific and research-backed questionnaire to measure your willpower and self-regulation capacity. Not only this, you get guidelines to keep your willpower in control. • Bonus 4: Magnetism Exercise Learn how to find what Magnetises (attracts) others towards you (and vice-versa). Performing this simple exercise will enable you to develop more meaningful relationships in your life. • Bonus 5: Guided Meditation Technique & Meditation Tracker Get a couple of guided meditation techniques (step-by-step explanations) along with a beautifully designed meditation tracker to help you start meditating and turn it into a habit for life! • Bonus 6: Companion Reading Guide A series of 6 emails will deliver extra content for understanding the main ideas in the book. The best part – each email is instantly applicable to your daily life. 7THINGS YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS BOOK: Bend Reality will teach you… 1. Why most people are wrong about Reality 2. How to set yourself up for success by identifying your true purpose (it’s not what you might think!) 3. The only tools you need which will help you to cross the jungle of life 4. Practical Guides and Activities to help you master the tools to change your reality 5. How to develop the habits you need to protect yourself from obstacles 6. The power of meditation that most people ignore 7. How to bend reality using a step by step approach from everything you’ve learned! … and much more. Grab your book now!
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