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Fellow Tribesmen

Author : Frank Usbeck
ISBN : 9781782386551
Genre : History
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Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Germans exhibited a widespread cultural passion for tales and representations of Native Americans. This book explores the evolution of German national identity and its relationship with the ideas and cultural practices around “Indianthusiasm.” Pervasive and adaptable, imagery of Native Americans was appropriated by Nazi propaganda and merged with exceptionalist notions of German tribalism, oxymoronically promoting the Nazis’ racial ideology. This book combines cultural and intellectual history to scrutinize the motifs of Native American imagery in German literature, media, and scholarship, and analyzes how these motifs facilitated the propaganda effort to nurture national pride, racial thought, militarism, and hatred against the Allied powers among the German populace.
Category: History

Rechtsstaat Und Demokratie

Author : Michael Becker
ISBN : 9783322803993
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 51.66 MB
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Die Bedeutung des Rechtsstaates erlangt im Zuge der Entstehung junger Demokratien verstärkt Aufmerksamkeit. Diskutiert werden die Folgen oftmals prekärer Rechtsstaatlichkeit für die funktionsweise und die Konsolidierung junger Demokratien. Die damit begonnene Debatte zeigt, dass es notwendig ist, auch die bereits etablierten Demokratien in die Betrachtung einzuschließen. Eine Voraussetzung für die empirische Untersuchung ist allerdings, den komplizierten Zusammenhang zwischen Demokratie und Recht aufzuklären. Der vorliegende Band greift die genannten Aspekte auf, vertieft sie in theoretischen Beiträgen und empirischen Studien, die sowohl vergleichend als auch länderspezifisch angelegt sind.
Category: Political Science

Book Of The Fourth World

Author : Gordon Brotherston
ISBN : 0521307600
Genre : Literary Criticism
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At the time of its "discovery", the American continent was identified as the Fourth World of our planet. Today the term has been taken up again by its "Indian" or native peoples to describe their own world - both its threatened present condition and its political history, which stretches back thousands of years before Columbus. Using indigenous sources as primary sources, Book of the Fourth World explores the landscapes and chronologies of this world as they have been seen and interpreted from the inside. Mapping the continent by this literary means, it pays particular attention to the well-documented traditions of the Nahuatl (Aztec) and Maya to the north of the isthmus, and of the Quechua-speaking Inca to the South. According to both the literary evidence and the testimony of native Americans themselves, notably at the Quito Conference of July 1990, an underlying coherence is to be found in the creation story told in the "bible of America", the Popol vuh of the Quiche Maya. A classic of world literature, this 16th-century work sets out a story of evolution understood by Europe only hundreds of years later; its natural philosophy is now being defended, as a way of life critical to that of the planet itself, in the tropical forests of the Amazon. Taking a skeptical view of the 1992 quincentenary and respecting the testimony of the Indians themselves, this study brings together a wide range of evidence from what is now Latin and Anglo America. In doing so, it offers detailed analyses of texts ranging far back into the centuries of civilized life that antedated Columbus.
Category: Literary Criticism

Revisiting The National Socialist Legacy

Author : Oliver Rathkolb
ISBN : 141283323X
Genre : History
File Size : 71.41 MB
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Since the mid-1990s, political, legal, and historical debates about Nazi theft and confiscation of property, the use of slave labor during World War II, and restitution and compensation have reemerged. Revisiting the National Socialist Legacy presents completely new historical research on these issues conducted worldwide. This volume responds to concern about Holocaust era assets in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. It focuses on both reexamination of the history of National Socialist property theft and employment of forced labor in the wartime economy, and the compensation and restitution solutions advanced in various European and Latin American countries since 1945. While the question of Nazis in exile and the memories of survivors are explored, attention is focused on the role of numerous historical commissions and the tension between judicial processes, media coverage, historical scholarship, and politics. The book is divided into five parts: "At the Nexus of Justice, Media Coverage, Historical Scholarship and Politics"; "Commissioned History"; "Research on Slave and Forced Labor"; "National Socialist Theft: Banking, Industry, Insurance and Works of Art"; and "History as Catharsis." "[A]n excellent volume. It shows the wisdom of creating the national historical commission such as CEANA in Argentina, established in part as a national response to the two major bombings of Jewish institutions in the country. Clearly these commissions have led to the examination of archives that otherwise might have continued to lie dormant. This volume is not the end of the story[b]ut it has highlighted some promising new areas of research."--John T. Pawlikowski, professor of social ethics and director, Catholic-Jewish Studies Program, Catholic Theological Union "[C]ompletely new findings from research on Nazi looting of property and exploitation of slave and forced labor during World War 2..."--Austrian Information Oliver Rathkolb is co-director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut fr Geschichte und Gesellschaft, Vienna, research director of the Democracy Center, Vienna, research coordinator of the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue, and assistant professor at the Institute for Contemporary History of the University of Vienna.
Category: History

A Century Of Banking Consolidation In Europe

Author : Manfred Pohl
ISBN : 9781351962803
Genre : History
File Size : 65.67 MB
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From the late nineteenth century to the late twentieth century the European banking sector experienced countless mergers and acquisitions. The outcome of this century of consolidation is strikingly similar across the continent, with the banking sector of each country now dominated by a handful of giant banking corporations. Consolidation and concentration trends in banking was the theme of the Academic Archive Colloquium of the European Association for Banking History held in Madrid in June 1997. This volume is comprised of the 18 papers and responses presented at the Colloquium by a truly international group of delegates. Some of the themes explored in the book include: the significance of mergers for bank archives; the regulation of mergers and their impact on banking legislation; reactions to consolidation from within and without the banking industry; case studies of particular mergers and their impact on the wider banking community. Youssef Cassis's introductory chapter provides a general survey of trends in the consolidation process and suggests that the advent of the Euro may herald a new era in the history of European banking consolidation.
Category: History

Die Politische Aufgabe Von Religion

Author : Irene Dingel
ISBN : 9783525101131
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.44 MB
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English summary: In this volume, the authors study the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam to determine how they each approach their political roles. They discuss the relationship between religion and politics with a special emphasis: How and why do religions consider it normal to engage in political activities? What is the logic behind their aspiration to take on "political tasks"? The contributions consider the political self-image of these religions and compare them to external perception thereof from a nonreligious perspective. German description: Das Verhaltnis von Religion und Politik ist in den vergangenen Jahren verstarkt in den Fokus der Forschung geruckt. Die Autoren dieses Bandes widmen sich diesem Verhaltnis unter einer besonderen Zuspitzung. Ihre Beitrage analysieren, inwiefern es zum Selbstverstandnis von Religionen gehort, einen Beitrag zur Gestaltung der gesellschaftlichen und politischen Wirklichkeit leisten zu sollen. Mit dieser Problematik verknupft ist eine zentrale Frage: Wie erklart und wie aussert sich der Anspruch von Religionen, eine politische Aufgabe zu besitzen? Im Fokus stehen die drei grossen monotheistischen Religionen Judentum, Christentum und Islam, wobei fur das Christentum zusatzlich die konfessionellen Differenzen in den Blick kommen, die zu ganz unterschiedlichen Einschatzungen der politischen Aufgabe des Christentums gefuhrt haben. Fur alle drei monotheistischen Religionen nehmen die Beitrager jeweils eine Doppelperspektive ein: historische Beispiele erhellen die jeweiligen Bedingungen und Kontexte fur religios motivierte Teilhabe an politischer Gestaltung und Verantwortung; Systematische Entfaltungen versuchen eine Einbettung dieser Beispiele in die spezifischen Denkhorizonte der jeweiligen Religionen. Das so erhobene politische Selbstverstandnis der Religionen wird schliesslich mit der Fremdwahrnehmung dieses Selbstverstandnisses aus nichtreligioser Perspektive kontrastiert.
Category: Religion

Aztec Thought And Culture

Author : Miguel León-Portilla
ISBN : 9780806188560
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.18 MB
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For at least two millennia before the advent of the Spaniards in 1519, there was a flourishing civilization in central Mexico. During that long span of time a cultural evolution took place which saw a high development of the arts and literature, the formulation of complex religious doctrines, systems of education, and diverse political and social organization. The rich documentation concerning these people, commonly called Aztecs, includes, in addition to a few codices written before the Conquest, thousands of folios in the Nahuatl or Aztec language written by natives after the Conquest. Adapting the Latin alphabet, which they had been taught by the missionary friars, to their native tongue, they recorded poems, chronicles, and traditions. The fundamental concepts of ancient Mexico presented and examined in this book have been taken from more than ninety original Aztec documents. They concern the origin of the universe and of life, conjectures on the mystery of God, the possibility of comprehending things beyond the realm of experience, life after death, and the meaning of education, history, and art. The philosophy of the Nahuatl wise men, which probably stemmed from the ancient doctrines and traditions of the Teotihuacans and Toltecs, quite often reveals profound intuition and in some instances is remarkably “modern.” This English edition is not a direct translation of the original Spanish, but an adaptation and rewriting of the text for the English-speaking reader.
Category: Social Science

Historic Cities Of The Americas

Author : David Marley
ISBN : 9781576070277
Genre : History
File Size : 20.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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With rare maps, prints, and photographs, this unique volume explores the dramatic history of the Americas through the birth and development of the hemisphere's great cities. * Over 70 richly detailed entries on the most colorful, important cities of the New World, from Quebec City, Boston, and San Francisco in the Northern Hemisphere, to Buenos Aires, Cuzco, and Bahia in the Southern * Four geographical sections (the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, North America, and South America), enabling the reader to easily locate information * Hundreds of rare, historically significant antique maps, prints, and photographs, enhancing both the value and appearance of the book * A very extensive bibliography, providing users with easy access to many hard-to-find materials
Category: History

The Hispanic American Historical Review

Author : James Alexander Robertson
ISBN : UCAL:B3614657
Genre : Electronic journals
File Size : 83.28 MB
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Includes "Bibliographical section".
Category: Electronic journals