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I Miss President Barack Obama 2019 2020 Weekly Planner Calendar And Writing Journal

Author : Cool Politically
ISBN : 1076749232
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File Size : 71.5 MB
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President Obama Gift Idea Under 10 Dollars! This is a nice I Miss President Obama 2019-2020 calendar notebook. The president Obama weekly calendar actually starts from July 2019 and goes to December 2020. So this calendar will be good for the entire year of 2020. This cool Obama book features: - Weekly planner so you can track important stuff - Blank writing journal pages with Obama quotes. - Address and phone number tracker sheets. - Birthday reminder sheets. TIP: For months that have gone by in this calendar book, you can bring those pages back to life by using stickers or labels to cover up the old dates.

Barack Obama Sr

Author : Abon’go Malik Obama & Frank Koyoo
ISBN : 9781469184630
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 52.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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I have tried to tell the story of my father, our father, as best as I can with the distinguished assistance of my co-author, Frank Koyoo. Frank came to me with this idea and revealed that he had begun to do a story about my father Barack Hussein Obama. He wanted to write this book, but he did not feel that he was the right person to do it. He knew that his story’s subjects were alive, and he proceeded to seek out the one who would have the best and most knowledgeable information about the man. He came to me, and although I, at first, was hesitant and uncertain about his intentions and the project in general, I realized that this was a real opportunity to tell our father’s story, an authentic account from an authentic source. We have tried to do our best in telling the story of a man who started out from the heart of the African bushland, traveled to heart of the great American continent, and achieved the highest in intellectual accomplishments, returning to his native Africa, of which he had the highest esteem. His dream was to restore Africa to its historical greatness, to establish and build a new and better place for his people. His goal was for a place where his children and the children of his people lived in a land of plenty in peace, love, and harmony. His passion was education, honesty, and perfection. He had lofty ideals and was generous and kind. He had his shortcomings as is natural for all of us. This is his story; some of it is factual, some of it as close to factual as could be, and others made to most closely fit into the general picture of Luoland, Kenya, and Luo culture. Things did not turn out as he had planned, and life was great at one time and at the lowest at others, but he kept on until he met his death at the young age of forty-six on 26 November 1982. His life was cut short when he was getting back on his feet. There was talk about the circumstances of my father’s death. It was difficult to accept that he had died. There was talk that he had been in the company of friends, the identity of whom is still a mystery, and had received some large sums of cash, the whereabouts of which no one has ever been able to determine, a classic conspiracy theory that may have some truth to it because my father was pulling himself together and was getting back on his feet. Somebody somewhere was bound to be threatened and could have had a hand in his death. Barack Hussein Obama; son of Akumu Nyanjoga (daughter of Njoga). Years have turned over, and memories have dimmed in some places, but all in all, we have done our best and hope that justice has been done and that you, our readers, find this material excellent to read and to your approval. We hope that wherever he is, he can look back and through us feel vindicated. He did his bit, and now he can look at us and heave a sigh of relief, knowing that we are doing well. Rest in peace, Dad; we love you.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Who 01 Barack Obama

Author : 안형모
ISBN : 9791130602929
Genre : Education
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미국 최초의 흑인 대통령 버락 오바마 1권 ‘버락 오바마’ 편은 나약한 흑인 꼬마 오바마가 정체성을 찾고 세계의 지도자가 되기까지의 특별한 이야기를 담고 있습니다. 따돌림으로 고민하던 어린 시절부터 정체성을 고민하며 방황하던 청소년 시절, 꿈을 찾아 헤매던 청년 시절, 정치에 도전하여 실패를 딛고 대통령의 자리에 오르는 모습 등 작고 보잘것 없었던 소년 버락 오바마가 세계적인 리더가 되기까지의 과정을 충실하게 되살렸습니다. 권말에 있는 워크북에는 단어 찾기, 단어 퀴즈, 문장 표현 연습, 대통령 인터뷰, 백악관에 대한 배경 지식이 들어 있습니다.
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Barack Obama Is Brazilian

Author : Emanuelle K. F. Oliveira-Monte
ISBN : 9781137583536
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63.32 MB
Format : PDF
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This book examines US President Barack Obama’s characterizations in the Brazilian media, with a specific focus on political cartoons and internet memes. Brazilians celebrate their country as a racial democracy; thus the US works as its nemesis. The rise of a black president to the office of the most prominent country in the global, political, and economic landscape led some analysts to postulate that the US was living in a post-racial era. President Obama’s election also had a tremendous impact on the imaginary of the African Diaspora, and this volume investigates how the election of the first black US president complicates Brazilians’ own racial discourses. By focusing on three events—Barack Obama's election in 2008, his visit to Brazil in March 2011, and the aftermath of the US espionage on the Brazilian government in 2013—Emanuelle K. F. Oliveira-Monte analyzes Barack Obama's shifting portrayals that confirm and challenge Brazilian racial conceptions projected upon his figure.
Category: Social Science

Grading The 44th President

Author : Luigi Esposito
ISBN : 9780313398438
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67.97 MB
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How has Barack Obama done in his first term as a "progressive president," especially in relation to his campaign assertions? This book analyzes the performance of Obama and his administration in promoting progressive causes in a wide range of policy areas, including the economy, education, immigration, healthcare reform, criminal justice, and foreign affairs.
Category: Political Science

The Riddle Of Barack Obama

Author : Avner Falk
ISBN : 9780313385872
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 32.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An internationally noted clinical psychologist offers readers the first psychological biography of Barack Obama. * Quotes from dozens of books on Barack Obama, from hundreds of articles about him, and from interviews with him and people who have known him * A precise and detailed chronology of Barack Obama's life history * A bibliography of some 400 entries, including books, articles, and interviews
Category: Biography & Autobiography

How Barack Obama Won

Author : Chuck Todd
ISBN : 9780345804822
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 89.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This detailed overview and analysis of the results of Barack Obama’s historic 2008 presidential win gives us the inside state-by-state guide to how Obama achieved his victory, and allows us to see where the country stood four years ago. Although much has changed in the nearly four years since, How Barack Obama Won remains the essential guide to Obama’s electoral strengths and offers important perspective on his 2012 bid. The votes in each state for Obama and McCain are broken down by percentage according to gender, age, race, party, religious affiliation, education, household income, size of city, and according to views about the most important issues (the economy, terrorism, Iraq, energy, healthcare), the future of the economy (worried, not worried) and the war in Iraq (approve, disapprove).
Category: Political Science

Campaign Inc

Author : Henry F. De Sio
ISBN : 9781609382698
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 35.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Campaign Inc." is the story of how leadership and organization propelled Barack Obama to the White House. As the chief operating officer of Obama s 2008 presidential campaign, Henry F. De Sio, Jr., was positioned to view this historic campaign as few others could. In this fascinating behind-the-scenes account, he whisks readers into Obama s national election headquarters in Chicago to glimpse the decision-making processes and myriad details critical to running a successful and innovative presidential campaign."
Category: Political Science