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Magnetism Mesmerism Hypnotism

Author : Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Genre : Religion
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Magnetism is the intangible Spirit and ultimate essence of every atom, whether pertaining to animate or inanimate, organic or inorganic substance. It is invisible to all but the eyes of another immortal Spirit. Mesmerism is a lesser branch of Magic, and as old as man. Magic is indissolubly blended with the religion of every country and is inseparable from its origin. Magnetism is the key to the mystery of man’s nature and to Occultism or Eastern Magic. It prolongs life and heals the sick much better than modern medicine can ever do. The Magnetiser’s Vital Force, intensely concentrated by the his will, pours out of his system into the patient’s. Afterward, he can then use the sun to make good of the loss of vitality and rebalance his prana. Magnetism has been studied in the temples of ancient Egypt and Greece, and mastered as it may never hope to be mastered in our age of profound idiocy. Full health is only possible when there is a perfect magnetic equilibrium in one’s system. The therapist heals simply by restoring magnetic balance in his patient by the force of his benevolent desire and will. The chief agent in any therapeutic operation is the Human Will plus dominion over the Elemental Spirits. But the will of a selfish operator is more likely to injure rather than heal. Though Christians practice Mesmerism by another name, Christian law and societies with their boasted civilization become with every day more like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones and befoulment. Mesmerism is key to the world’s psychological sciences, from the remotest antiquity down to our time. In Mesmerism, the curative agency is the animal aura, force, or fluid in one person, by means of which a peculiar action is set up in the physical system of another. The power of the mantram is occult sound through which the adept commands the elemental forces of nature. But mantram ignorantly employed can be a treacherous weapon, whose mystical power has caused it to turn and stab the user. Astrology, Mesmerism, and Homeopathy are far more scientific and true than the scientists of gross matter could ever imagine. The magnetic fluid projected by a living human body is Life itself. Indeed, it is the same life-atoms that a man in a blind passion throws off unconsciously, though he does it quite as effectively as a Mesmeriser who transfers them from himself to any object consciously and under the guidance of his will. The process of Hypnotism is a purely mechanical one, i.e., the fixing of the eyes on some bright spot, a metal or a crystal. The eye serves as a medium between that bit of metal or crystal and the brain, and attunes the molecular vibrations of the nervous centres of the latter into unison with the vibrations of the bright object held. It is this unison that produces the hypnotic state. In Mesmerism, i.e., the hypnotization by preliminary passes, it is the will of the operator himself that acts upon the nervous system of the patient. And it is again through the vibrations — only atomic, not molecular — produced by that act of energy called will in the ether of space (therefore, on quite a different plane) that the super-hypnotic state (i.e., “suggestion,” etc.) is induced. The source of the vital essence of Mesmerism or Animal Magnetism was located by the ancients between the earth and the starry sky. It is the Akasha-tattva of the Indians personified by the breath of Cybele, the Anatolian mother goddess, adopted and adapted by Greek colonists of Asia Minor. Between Mesmerism and Hypnotism there is an abyss: the one is beneficent, the other maleficent. Hypnotism is produced by the withdrawal of the nervous fluid from the capillary nerves which, being like the sentries that keep the doors of our senses opened, are anaesthetized and get closed.
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Complete Hypnotism Mesmerism Mind Reading And Spiritualism The Original Classic Edition

Author : Emereo Pty Limited
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Complete Hypnotism Mesmerism Mind-Reading and Spiritualism by A. Alpheus - The Original Classic Edition Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition. This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work, which is now, at last, again available to you. Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside: Soon after this Burdin, a member of the Academy, offered a prize of 3,000 francs to any one who would read the number of a bank-note or the like with his eyes bandaged (under certain fixed conditions), but it was never awarded, though many claimed it, and there has been considerable evidence that persons in the hypnotic state have (sometimes) remarkable clairvoyant powers. ...It may be stated that most English and American operators fail to see any distinction between magnetism and hypnotism, and suppose that the effect of passes, etc., as used by Mesmer, is in its way as much physical as the method of producing hypnotism by concentrating the gaze of the subject on a bright object, or the like. ...I hope to be able to prove, what I firmly hold, both from my own personal experience and experiment, as I have already related in the Nineteenth Century, that there is no such thing as a potent mesmeric influence, no such power resident in any one person more than another; that a glass of water, a tree, a stick, a penny-post letter, or a lime-light can mesmerize as effectually as can any individual. ...Luys, to the effect that the physical magnet and electricity may affect persons in the hypnotic state, and that certain drugs in sealed tubes placed upon the patients neck during the condition of hypnosis will produce the same effects which those drugs would produce if taken internally, or as the nature of the drugs would seem to call for if imbibed in a more complete fashion. ...This definition follows: An abnormal state into which some persons may be thrown, either by a voluntary act of their own, such as gazing continuously with fixed attention on some bright object held close to the eyes, or by the exercise of another persons will; characterized by suspension of the will and consequent obedience to the promptings of suggestions from without.


Author : Alison Winter
ISBN : 0226902234
Genre : History
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List of IllustrationsAcknowledgmentsIntroduction: An Invitation to the Seance1: Discovery of the Island of Mesmeria 2: Animal Magnetism Comes to London 3: Experimental Subjects as Scientific Instruments 4: Carnival, Chapel, and Pantomime 5: The Peripatetic Power of the "New Science" 6: Consultations, Conversaziones, and Institutions 7: The Invention of Anesthesia and the Redefinition of Pain 8: Colonizing Sensations in Victorian India9: Emanations from the Sickroom 10: The Mesmeric Cure of Souls 11: Expertise, Common Sense, and the Territories of Science 12: The Social Body and the Invention of Consensus Conclusion: The Day after the Feast Notes Bibliography Index Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.
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Hypnotism And The Doctors

Author : Richard Harte
ISBN : HARVARD:32044024629552
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Hypnosis For Behavioral Health

Author : David B. Reid, PsyD
ISBN : 9780826109057
Genre : Psychology
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Winner of the Arthur Shapiro Award for the 2013 Best Book on Hypnosis "The charm and value of Reidís book is that it is very personal... Reidís persona emerges as a warm, generous, and enthusiastic colleague, who is eager to share how he figured this clinical hypnosis stuff out and integrated it into his practice... [The book] serves quite well to introduce the uninitiated, and those who wish to guide them, about using the power of trance and therapeutic communication in practical ways to become more effective in helping those for whom we care. I wish I had read it in medical school." -- Laurence I. Sugarman, M.D., F.A.A.P., A.B.M.H., Annals of Behavioral Sciences and Medical Education "This is an excellent introductory book for any professional who deals with behavioralhealth issues and would like to add hypnosis to her arsenal of clinical tools."--American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis Clinical hypnosis has been proven through decades of rigorous research and practice to be an effective intervention in a wide range of mental, behavioral, and physical health issues. This highly practical text demystifies clinical hypnosis by providing step-by-step guidance for using its techniques to enhance the repertoire of practitioners in other psychotherapeutic modalities. It offers mental health providers with no formal training in hypnosis the requisite guidance and information they need to learn and confidently apply strategies to help their clients initiate constructive, health-oriented change in their lives. Chapters progress from initial assessment through the development of treatment plans and actual hypnotic techniques with clients. The author shows how to apply hypnosis to such clinical issues as anxiety, stress, somatic disorders, pain, and unwanted habits. In addition, the author shows clinicians how they can broaden their practice beyond mental or physical health parameters of treatment by applying hypnosis in areas of personal growth and wellness (motivation, athletic performance, conflict resolution). The text also covers ethical and professional issues related to clinical hypnosis, which does not require special licensure when it is integrated into a psychotherapeutic practice. Key Features: Offers clinicians who have no or little background in clinical hypnosis clear, accessible information on how to safely and effectively use basic techniques with clients Helps psychotherapists expand their practice by providing effective interventions with behavioral health issues that are also eligible for insurance reimbursement Includes sample guided scripts for specific problems as well as experiential exercises and treatment plans Provides case histories drawn from the author's clinical work and those of the "father" of clinical hypnosis, Milton Erickson Instructs therapists on the use of hypnosis for clinical and personal growth and wellness issues
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Braid On Hypnotism

Author : James Braid
ISBN : STANFORD:36105002467954
Genre : Hypnotism
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Foundations Of Hypnosis

Author : Maurice M. Tinterow
ISBN : UOM:39015001648891
Genre : Psychology
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Author : John Milne Bramwell
ISBN : STANFORD:24501746060
Genre : Hypnotism
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The Story Of Medicine

Author : Kenneth Walker
ISBN : UCAL:B4924431
Genre : Medicine
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